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Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:02 pm
by Loxx
On Wednesday, about a week ago, something nice happened again. I was free, because I had just done the weekly deep cleaning for the cage. My wife invited me to the bed and when I went next to her, she started playing with my cock. Of course it was completely hard right away, because the cage was not limiting it.

"Merry Christmas!", she said, referring to our Advent calendar, because one note was not redeemed before Christmas. The unused note had read "Blowjob", but we were both too tired and decided to postpone it. So now it was the time!

My wife took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She used her mouth and hands skillfully and sometimes she teased the knob with her tongue. It felt heavenly! I caressed her hand and back while she was next to me.

After a few minutes the blowjob was interrupted and I moved beside the bed and kneeled down. My wife took the handcuffs and locked my hands firmly behind my back. She herself sat on the edge of the bed and I buried my tongue into her pussy. Her scent was intoxicating and my member was in full length, but I couldn't do anything to it because of the cuffs. My wife was absolutely wet and I did my best to make her feel as good as possible. Of course I couldn't use my hands, but my tongue was free. I sucked and licked and my wife seemed to respond best, when I moved my tongue sideways. I heard her moaning loudening and her breathing accelerating and just when my tongue was completely exhausted and I didn't think I could last anymore, she came really strong.

My wife's juices were flowing out of my face when I pulled away, but I couldn't wipe them off because of the handcuffs. My wife ordered me to stand up and she removed the other half from the handcuffs. Instead of removing the other half, she told me to lay on the bed and threaded the handcuffs around tube of the bed and locked the other half around my wrist again. I was completely helpless while laying on my back on the bed.

My wife climbed on me and sank my cock inside her. She was so wet that it went into her effortlessly. She started riding wildly and used me as her dildo. It didn't take long before she came the second time. She closed her eyes for a short break and then continued riding. I lifted my torso to sink deeper into her and that trick worked, she orgasmed again. It is very rare for my wife to orgasm twice and not come by myself. My hopes for the third time for her seemed pretty distant, because I knew I was close. I did my best not to come, when my wife started moving again. Nothing helped, I exploded with a force and pumped the last drop into her. It was absolutely heavenly!

I was a little sad that I hadn't been able to give her a third orgasm, or actually a fourth, if the licking was counted. However, my wife did not get up and her eyes were still closed. To my amazement, ten seconds later my wife’s pussy began to pulsate and she came for the last time! I had managed to bring her the fourth one after all!

My wife got up and came beside me to cuddle. She removed my other hand from the cuffs and we lay side by side and caressed each other. After we had rested for a moment, she asked for a glass of water, so I got up and fetched it to her. It felt weird to walk naked to the kitchen, handcuffs hanging from my wrist and bring her some water. The cuffs were still dangling on my wrist when I cleaned my cock. She only removed them when she locked me back into my newly cleaned cage. It felt safe to be locked up again and to know my wife was completely satisfied.

Yesterday, by the way, was another milestone, I had been locked for exactly 11 months. One more month and it’s a full year…

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:24 pm
by Loxx
On Friday 17th of January my wife asked:

“What would you like to do after a month (Feb 14th), when we have our chastity anniversary?”

It’s nice to know that she keeps track of our development too, but I had no answer for her. I’ll have to think about it…

On Sunday 19th of January we had a nice play time. My wife played with my locked cock and twisted my nipples. I started to finger her clit gently and when she asked me to hold her hand, I wrapped my fingers around her wrist and kept her hand beside her head. She liked it very much and it didn’t take long when her breath accelerated and she orgasmed with her eyes closed.

My wife removed my cage and I climbed on her and inserted my cock inside her. We watched into each other’s eyes and I didn’t hurry at all. I was able to make her cum twice, but my wife had left my base ring on and it hurt her a little. I had to twist the base ring 180 degrees and it solved the problem. When we continued, I went over the point of no return and climaxed inside her. My body tingled everywhere, it felt incredible!

After some kissing and cuddling it was time to lock me back up and soon after that the key went back to my wife’s necklace…

The following weeks I felt a little depressed, but it was not because of my orgasm, I don’t suffer very much from the post-orgasm drop. We didn’t play at all, but we tried to be as close as possible. Lots of cuddling, kissing and a foot rubs for my wife under the pillow when watching Netflix.

However, something was missing. I felt sorry that I had neglected my wife and on Wednesday 29th of January I suggested that I could try to satisfy her needs. It was 10 days from my last orgasm and wasn’t still in the mood of having another one. I asked my wife to not remove my cage and so I started to excite her clit with my finger and she fondled my locked cock. I was straining in my cage and after a while I made my wife to cum. She usually makes sure, that I cum every time we play, but not this time because of my request. I didn’t regret my decision and I got my satisfaction when my wife was glowing beside me…

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 4:02 pm
by Loxx
On Friday a week ago we had a nice playtime. My wife unlocked me and I fetched her “Satisfyer Pro 2” clitoris stimulator, which uses air pulses as its principle. She responded well when I started to use it and she scratched my leg gently with her hand when I was lying beside her. She hold her eyes closed and soon she orgasmed once and shortly after for the second time.

When she had gathered her strength back, she kneeled on the bed. I entered her from behind and tried to stimulate her clit with my finger, but she denied me. She felt so good and somehow I managed to make her cum twice before it was too much for me to handle and I exploded inside her.

“Thanks, I needed that”, she said when she was able to speak again.

She started to go to the bathroom, but her legs didn’t hold and she had to take support from the walls to be able to go to there. After some cuddling and kissing she locked me back up.

On Wednesday my wife was watching TV in the living room. I collected her long beautiful hair in my hand and pulled it when I kissed her. She loves when I pull her hair and this time was no exception.

I guided her to the bedroom while still holding her hair and asked her to stand beside our bed. I took a pair of handcuffs and tied her hands behind her back. Then I ordered her to kneel on the floor and place her chest on the bed. I took her magic wand and dropped her trousers, but left her panties on.

I started the wand and put it between her legs from behind. For a while I searched for the best spot and when she started to moan, I knew I had found it. Some speed setting later she came hard twice. I turned the wand off, opened the cuffs and she took the key from her neck and removed my cage.

My wife ordered me to the bed. She had removed the cage but left the base ring on and my shaft was rock hard. She climbed on me and her eyes rolled when she mounted herself around my cock. I held her hair and kissed her when she rode me. Her breathing thickened and then I felt her pussy starting to pulsate and she came with a force. It was the third time and after a while the fourth one came. Her orgasms feel heavenly when I’m inside her and I am still amazed by the fact that she is multiorgasmic…

She climbed off and kneeled on the bed. She didn’t want me to touch her clit with my finger when I entered her from behind. I started to pound her and managed not to come until she had her fifth one, but two seconds later I exploded too. There was a warp in the space-time continuum at that moment and I almost passed out…

I held my cock inside my wife for a while and pulled it out. When my wife had recovered, we cuddled for a while and I had to bring her a glass of water. After some kissing and cleaning the inevitable happened and she put the cage on.

She’s the best!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 4:58 pm
by Loxx
A couple of weeks ago this journal had it’s first anniversary. I never would have believed what had happened in a year…

Last Sunday after my shower my wife surprised me. She cuffed my hands behind my back and removed the cage. She sat on the bed and started to give a lovely blowjob while I was standing in front of her. She altered her hand and mouth and after a while she unlocked one side of the cuffs. She didn’t let me free, soon I was lying on the bed and she cuffed my hands to the headboard of our bed.

My wife continued her mission. She kissed and licked my balls and soon my cock was inside her mouth again. It felt so good that I couldn’t hold any longer and I came forcefully. It was a huge load and she struggled a little, but swallowed everything. She cleaned my cock with her mouth and came beside me. My wife hugged me and I wanted to hug her, but I couldn’t do anything because of the cuffs. She waited until my cock softened, took the cage and inserted it. When I was secured, she opened the cuffs and it was time to kiss and cuddle. She’s incredible!

Friday was Valentine's Day. It was a special day for us, because I had been locked for exactly one year! My wife baked a delicious chocolate layer cake and I wasn’t allowed to watch until it was ready. She had decorated it with a heart with a text “I love you”, a key and number “1”. I wondered if there will be cage on the next Valentine’s Day with a number “2”? I might be in trouble…

The cake was super delicious and we ate a huge portion of it, but I had no time to digest the cage. My wife had a special plan for me and soon she was restraining me with the transport cuffs made by Smith & Wesson. She locked the connecting chain around my waist with a padlock and cuffed my hands beside my body. Then she took a pair of leg irons and locked them on too.

And just like that my daily life had just become very tricky! It took about ten minutes and a lot of acrobatic movements just to put on socks and I had to forget my breakfast, because I didn’t reach the fridge…

My wife didn’t have to ask where I was, she could hear me jingling around the house. My wrists and ankles hurt, but it was worth it. Every time we kissed, my cock hardened in my cage, it was very passionate.

We ordered some food for us and I managed to eat it with my limited ability to move, but just barely. Fortunately the delivery man didn’t see me cuffed…

Later in the evening we had a nice playtime. My wife pushed me to the bed and removed my cage. She bit and teased my belly and I tried to reach her breast and tummy. Then she took her mini wand and climbed on me. She vibrated her clit with the wand when she rode me. I have never seen her coming so fast! It didn’t take more than 10 seconds and she was pulsating around my cock. A little break, more wand action and the second orgasm!

I was about to cum too and I asked her to continue riding and couple thrusts later I exploded inside her! She moaned when that happened and after some recovery time she got up and relocked me.

I spend over 12 hours cuffed and in the evening my wife removed my restraints. My wrists and ankles were bruised and my step counter showed over 6000 steps. For some reason my steps were shorter than normal…

We cuddled on the bed and the situation escalated. My wife fondled my locked cock for a long time and removed my cage again. I entered her from behind and fingered her clit with my finger. I don’t know how many times she came, I lost my count, but I managed to orgasm one more time too. We were exhausted but happy and as always, my wife locked me back up as soon she had recovered.

It was a day to remember!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:39 pm
by Loxx
Thursday the 20th of February: My wife hadn't been able to sleep and she got up and baked some buns before I woke up. She was beside me when I started to open my eyes and we cuddled a little. Things started to progress further and soon I was cuffed to the headboard of our bed with the long chain handcuffs and my wife was trying to remove the cage.

I was so excited that she couldn’t slip the cage out and she had to fetch some lube. She poured the lube between the bars and it still was a major task to get rid of the cage. She managed to free me and my cock grew to its full size. The base ring was still on and my wife started a lovely handjob combined with nipple twisting. Her heavenly touch and now unrestrained morning wood made me to launch my load in no time. My wife cleaned the mess and started to wait for my cock to soften.

When I had lost my erection, she put the cage back on and locked it. She freed my hands and we continued to cuddle on the bed. After a while we tested the buns and as always, they were excellent. We joked that it wasn’t a Steak and Blowjob Day, it was a Bun and Handjob Day…

Sunday the 23th of February: We had a nice playtime. We were lying on the bed and I started to finger my wife’s clit. She loves when I pull her long hair gently and she came two times with her eyes closed, when I massaged her swollen clit. I just love the sounds she makes when I do it!

My wife unlocked me and I entered her from behind. I continued to pull her hair when she was kneeling in front of me and altered between pumping her pussy and fingering her clit. She came two times more and forbit me to touch her clit. I continued to pound her and I tried to make her to cum for the fifth time, but I couldn’t hold myself long enough and came with a force.

It was so close and I was a little disappointed when I came just too soon. I waited for a few seconds and was amazed: She started to pulsate around my cock and there came the fifth orgasm! I pulled my cock out and she collapsed on the bed. I smacked her butt gently with my hand, got up and kissed her. After some cleaning the cage went on. She made me to turn around and smacked my butt too!

Monday the 2nd of March: We were lying on the bed. My wife caressed my locked cock and neck with her hand. It felt extremely good and I started to stimulate her clit. I wasn’t in a hurry and let her enjoy the situation properly. I kept her on the edge for minutes and watch her enjoying with her eyes closed. She moaned and her breathing intensified and then she came.

When she had recovered and removed my cage, I asked if she could not let me cum. She promised to consider it, but she said that she just loves when I come inside her and then she kneeled on the bed. I entered her and started to pound her. She came many times and as many times I had to pull out to not cum too. Every time I was calming down, I fingered her clit and inserted my cock inside her only when it felt safe.

“Pound me hard!”, she asked and I tried to do my best. Then I was sure that I couldn’t hold any more.

“Are you sure about the denial?”, she asked.

I thought for a split second and said: “Yes!”

And that was it! She ordered me to stop and I pulled out for the last time and got out the bed.

“Well served!”, she said, when I was standing next to her with my rock hard cock.

It wasn’t an easy task to fit inside my cage…

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:54 pm
by Loxx
Friday the 13th of March: I was sleeping on the couch and I heard someone asking me something. I opened my eyes and saw a pair of handcuffs dangling in front of me. Just a second later they were around my wrists.

“Good night”, my wife said and went away.

I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. My cage felt just too small. After a while I got out of couch and spend the rest of evening cuffed. Everything I did was very challenging, especially brushing my teeth. I was a little worried that I had to sleep cuffed, but at last my wife freed me for the bed. It was a nice little surprise from my wife!

Saturday the 14th of March: Another milestone, I had been locked for exactly 1 year and 1 month. It’s been a long journey…

Sunday the 15th of March: I was browsing the web when I sensed that my wife was next to me. I heard a familiar sound when she took my right wrist and tightened our handcuffs around it. She pulled me to the bed and when I was lying on it, she took my other hand and cuffed me to the headboard of the bed. She started to tease my belly and nipples. After some kissing she moved to tease my locked cock. She freed my left hand and locked my right hand to the pipe of the bed.

“Prepare me!”, she ordered.

I used my free hand to stimulate her clit and I was able to reach her long hair with my other hand. I pulled her hair and with my finger I managed to made her cum. She settled down for a second and cuffed my hand back to the headboard. She removed my cage and started to ride me. Then she stopped and I wondered what she was doing. She managed to reach the drawer of our nightstand while I was inside her and she took a miniwand from there.

My wife turned the wand on and directed it to her clit. She was in heaven and enjoyed with her eyes closed. In a few seconds she came with tremendous force and her orgasm just continued and continued. I felt her pussy pulsating around my cock and I didn’t know when the previous orgasm ended and when the new one started, they just combined. I was afraid that she would have a heart attack and would fall on me. She turned the wand off and started a wild ride. This was too much for me and I exploded too!

My wife kissed me, pulled herself off and started to clean my softening cock. Then she went to clean herself, took the cage and locked me back up. Only after that she removed the cuffs.

“That’s all what I think about you”, she said when we started to cuddle.

Monday the 22th of March: I was unlocked after my weekly deep clean of my cage. We kissed in the living room and soon my wife led me to the bedroom. She twisted my nipples and kissed my belly and I caressed her neck and back. I proposed to lick her, but she had a better idea.

“Let’s try the 69 position!”

I was amazed! If I recall correctly, we have never tried it before. I hesitated for a moment, because I wasn’t sure if I would I be flexible enough. We decided to try and I climbed on her. It was a success and I licked so long that my tongue got tired. When my wife had had her third orgasm, I had to warn that I couldn’t hold no more and then I exploded to her mouth and she swallowed everything.

Wow! I had no idea why we hadn’t tried that before!

After some cleaning the deep cleaned cage went on again and it was time to cuddle…

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 2:42 pm
by Loxx
Saturday the 28th of March: We were lying on the bed and my wife bite my nipples and my belly gently. She moved to lick my cock between the bars of the cage and I scratched her back and used my fingers to her clit. After a while she twiddled my pack and started to lick my balls.

When my wife had warmed up enough, she got up and fetched our long-chain handcuffs. After she had secured me to the head of the bed, she took her miniwand from the nightstand. This time she took them before action, unlike the last time when she was already riding me. She did not waste time, she unlocked my cage and climbed on me. I was instantly hard and she lowered herself and I was inside her.

My wife took the wand and turned it on. She kept her eyes closed and directed the wand to her clit, she didn’t move at all and just enjoyed the wand. I felt the vibration too and it didn’t take many seconds when my wife came hard. She didn’t stop and soon she had orgasmed couple times more. She turned the wand off and started a wild ride. It felt so good that I couldn’t prevent myself and I exploded too. She rested for a moment, cleaned my cock and locked it back up. She made sure, that the cuffs weren’t removed until I was securely locked again. Talk about being used!

Wednesday the 1st of April: I have tried to switch to the 42 mm base ring more than once, but it has felt too tight and I have always had to go back to the 43 mm ring. This time it was very tight for the first hours too, but then I felt that it might be possible to finally make the change. I never switched back the larger ring and the smaller one has been on ever since. It took almost a year to switch from 44 mm to 42 mm…

Monday the 6th of April. After the shower and the deep cleaning of my cage, I stood naked and unlocked in front of my wife in the living room. She reached my cock and started to play with it. As usual, I was hard in seconds and she took my package in her mouth. Her lips felt heavenly and I tugged her long hair and I fondled her neck when my cock was in her mouth. She used her hand and mouth simultaneously and this time was no exception, I couldn’t prevent and I came to her mouth. It felt so good that it blurred my vision!

“Thanks”, I gasped.

“It was my pleasure”, she replied when she had swallowed my load.

It was time to put my clean and shiny cage back on…

Tuesday the 7th of April: We were cuddling on the bed. My wife licked and bit me all over my body and I fondled her hair and neck. She removed my cage and started to ride me. At first I was lying on my back, but then I switched to the sitting position. It surely made a difference, but after some time my wife's legs began to go numb, so we switched back. She came once and when we switched to the doggy style, she came two times more when I used my finger on her clit while I was inside her. The smaller 42 mm base ring was still on and I was little worried that it might be too tight for me to cum, but I orgasmed without any problems. After some sentimental moments it was time to lock my cage back.

Thursday the 9th of April: One year since the arrival of our Steelworxx Looker and it’s been on since that. It came with the 44 mm, 43 mm, 42 mm and 40 mm base rings. I’m not sure if I'm able to use the 40 mm ring ever…

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:08 pm
by KittensBoyToy
Loxx wrote: Tue Apr 28, 2020 2:42 pm
Thursday the 9th of April: One year since the arrival of our Steelworxx Looker and it’s been on since that. It came with the 44 mm, 43 mm, 42 mm and 40 mm base rings. I’m not sure if I'm able to use the 40 mm ring ever…
Happy Chastiversary! ;)

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Fri May 01, 2020 9:54 am
by Tessasissy
Congratulations, looks like it fits well enough to be perminent!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 2:35 pm
by Loxx
KittensBoyToy wrote: Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:08 pm Happy Chastiversary! ;)
Thank you!

Tessasissy wrote: Fri May 01, 2020 9:54 am Congratulations, looks like it fits well enough to be perminent!
Thanks! It certainly fits well, most of the time I forget it’s on. Several Chinese cages before Steelworxx ensured a good fit…

Tuesday the 14th of April: I had been locked for 1 year and 2 months. I used Chinese cages and my older Steelheart for the first two months before the Looker, so actually my “Chastiversary” was on the 14th of February.

Monday the 20th of April: We had showered and my wife started bit the root of my locked cock. She licked my meat between the bars of the cage and when we had warmed up, she fetched our cuffs and handcuffed my hands behind my back. She sat on the bed and I knelt in front of her. I sank my tongue in her pussy and started to lick. It wasn’t easy without hands, but my wife enjoyed it a lot. I gave her two orgasms, but I couldn’t continue because my tongue was numb.

I stood up and my wife opened the cuffs and removed my cage. We went to bed and my wife started to ride me. It didn’t take long for her to cum for the third time and when she had her fourth one, I came at exactly the same time. It felt so good and my wife moaned when I pumped my load inside her. She rested for a while and climbed off. After cleaning and long cuddling she locked my cock up. What a torture!

Thursday the 23th of April: We were lying on the bed and my wife played half-heartedly with my cock for half an hour. I caressed her neck and hair and asked if she wanted some fingering. She accepted my proposal and I went to work. I wasn’t in hurry and let her enjoy properly. After her first orgasm she removed the cage.

I inserted my free cock inside her from behind and started to finger her clit simultaneously. She loved it and came many times until she denied my fingering. I pulled my cock out and rubbed her clit with the tip of it and she came almost immediately. I knew that I was right on the edge and went inside her again. After a couple of thrusts I exploded inside her and she was very vocal during my ejaculation. You can’t beat the feeling!

This time my wife didn’t want to wait for a long time after cleaning and she slid the cage back and locked it. The key went back to her necklace and we started to cuddle on the bed. Her touch felt heavenly when she scratched my back gently with her nails…