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Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:48 am
by Loxx
On Sunday I sat on the balcony reading the magazines. My wife also came there and she had her handcuffs and leg irons with her. At first she locked the leg irons on me and then she tied the chain of them to the chair I was sitting with the handcuffs. Then she went back inside and left me on the scorching sun and I couldn't do anything but keep reading. Fortunately my hands were free so I could still turn the pages. I was sweaty wet when my wife came back a lot later to free me. She removed the handcuffs from the chair, but left the leg irons in the place.

I followed my wife inside and my shackles made a loud noise when I walked to the bedroom. My wife ordered me to the bed. We started to kiss and she caressed my cock and balls with her hand and I fondled her neck and hair. Of course I was very hard in my cage and after a few minutes I asked:

"Do you want me to use my finger to you now?"

"No, I tease you first!"

Shortly afterwards, she took off her panties, so I knew it was my turn to take action. We continued to kiss and I inserted my finger deep into her, carefully of course. I also used my thumb on her clitoris. My wife was very fond of the last time I went really slow and let her enjoy it all the time. It felt really good when I saw my wife enjoying the situation, she was close to come many times and every time I reduced the pressure and the speed and I kept her on the edge. Eventually she came with a moan and she was shaking a lot doing so.

After her orgasm, my wife again took the key from her necklace and removed my cage. I entered her from behind and my whole body tickled when I started to thrust. She never let me use my finger in her clitoris (She couldn’t handle it) and after a long enjoyment I came inside her.

After some hugging and kissing my wife relocked my Looker, but she didn't open my leg irons. She remembered that I was still in chains, but she didn't care. We continued our normal life in and I rattled a lot when I walked around. I also took a nap on the couch and as I woke up, I remembered that I was still chained. A little later, however, my wife let me free.

On Monday I ordered a new credit card and it included a travel insurance. I told my wife playfully:

"Now I can take you to Paris"

"Or to London", she added.

"But I'm locked", I clarified and thought about flying.

"Too bad! There are others that are locked too!”

Somehow my cage seemed too small again!

On Thursday we were swimming in the lake for the first time this year and it was also the first time ever when I was wearing my Looker while swimming. Everything was tight down there because of the cold water, but eventually it went fine. I think there will be a lot more swimming while locked on this summer.

On Friday morning my wife looked at the phone and there was a message from her sister @MistressHupsutin . There was a picture of her lockee. She had handcuffed him and judging by the picture they were outside! We both were delighted with the picture and it was wonderful to see that they do like the handcuffs that we gave to them earlier this year.

Today is @MistressHupsutin's birthday. We sent her a present in the mail a week ago, but she isn’t allowed to open it until today. We designed and printed several chastity themed keychains for her and her lockee using a 3D printer. It included a lot of work and we went through a total of 18 unsuccessful plans and printings before we were satisfied with the outcome. I think we used more than 20 hours to design, print, paint and varnish them. We are particularly proud of the last item we made. It's a two sided tag that reads “Property of” on one side and “MistressHupsutin” on the other side. She can attach it to the lock of his cage and he will surely know who owns him every time he looks down!

Just a minute ago we called to MistressHupsutin. She hadn't opened her gift yet, but she did it during the call. Her first comment was:

Mmmm… Okey!

Then she laughed. She thanked us a lot and said that she will attach the tag to her lockee's cage. He will be surprised!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:49 am
by Loxx
I forgot to write one thing when posting the last update. After I had written the 14th of June text, we had just 3D-printed and painted the kinky keychains for my wife’s sister and we had sent them by mail to her as a present. My wife read my writing and said:

"You didn't mention the keychains!"

"I couldn't mention, she might read about them here and it ruins the surprise."

"Oh! I Forgot!”

As we mentioned last time, she got the keychains later and she liked them very much. We promised her that she could throw away the previous versions. Will we make the third versions too?

On Sunday I was napping and I woke up because I thought I heard some sounds. A few seconds later I felt something happening around my legs. I looked there and there was my wife putting the leg irons on me. She pulled the chain and it hurt like hell.

“Should I put these around the pipe of the bed?”, she wondered. “Just continue to sleep.”

I tried to continue sleeping, but I couldn’t. I got up and went to the computer and started to surf. My wife came after a while and saw me on the computer.

“You were supposed to sleep. I should have locked you to the footboard! Go to the bed!"

Without any delay I went to the bed. She sat beside me and removed my cage. Of course I was immediately hard and she started giving a wonderful handjob. She caressed my balls and shaft with her hand, cupped my balls and teased me every possible way and it felt wonderful. My member twitched and I scratched gently her leg, which was next to me.

“You know you don't have to let me to cum every time?”, I said.

"I know, but I want to do it", she replied.

"But sometimes you can leave me without out it", I continued sheepishly.

My wife decided that the time for it would be now. She stopped the handjob and told me to put the cage back on. It wasn't easy because I was hard as ever. Eventually I succeeded and my wife turned the key, removed the leg irons and smacked my butt with her hand quite hard.

Wow! What an experience…

On Monday I sat on the couch, when my wife came behind me and whispered to my ear:

"I want you there", pointing to our bedroom.

We went to the bed and she unlocked me. She caressed my member and the area around it. I scratched gently her back and neck and we both enjoyed the situation.

"I want you to make love with me", she whispered to my ear.

There was nothing I would have liked more, so I was free from my cage in no time. My wife was lying on her back and I entered her very carefully. We kissed passionately as I started moving back and forth. My wife hold the headboard with her hands and her eyes were closed. I couldn't help and I orgasmed inside her. After the relocking we continued kissing and she scratched my back with her fingernails. I was just melting!

On Wednesday I was again going to read some magazines on the balcony. My wife came after me and she carried the handcuffs with her. When I was sitting down, she locked my left ankle to the leg of the chair. She could only use the first notch of the cuffs, because they are really tight to be used on the ankle. I read the magazine and a little later my wife removed the handcuffs from my feet and normally locked them to my wrist.

Half an hour later I was freed from the cuffs and we went inside. My wife continued to tease me on the bed and I was bulging between the bars of my cage. Oh, it felt so good! Later in the toilet I noticed that I was oozing the precum…

Later on Wednesday evening my wife continued the teasing. She caressed my locked cock and touched me around my body. I tried to touch her too, but she didn't let me do it. Then she removed my cage and continued to caress it and after a while she took out a mini wand and used it to excite my nipples, balls and cock. She also dipped her finger into my precum and then she inserted her finger into my mouth. When it all began to feel too good, she stopped and told me to lock my cage back on. I fought for a moment with the cage, but I managed to assemble it and my wife locked me back up.

She's just wonderful!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:26 pm
by Loxx
On Thursday my wife teased me cruelly. She fondled my member between the bars of my cage and around the root of my cock. She didn't open the lock and I was left straining.

Later that evening she invited me to the bed. She cuffed me with two handcuffs to the headboard of the bed and she removed my cage, but left my base ring on. My wife continued to tease and she bit my nipples. She started a nice hand job, but then she stopped it. She got out of bed and was going to take a shower.

"Mmmmmm .... I wonder if that base ring is too tight for me when you're in the shower? ”, I asked with a concern as I looked at my rock hard and purple member.

“It’s not my problem”, she answered and went to the shower.

I tried to do everything I could to make myself soft, but it didn't work. I was still hard when she came back. She continued the teasing and hand job when she came back. Then the handcuffs were opened.

“Go to the shower. And you have to be clean enough to lick, when you come back!”, she said.

I took the base ring off and went to a thorough shower. As soon I was back, both of my hands were handcuffed again. My wife continued to tease me, she bit me around my body and she breathed very sexy into my ear. Sometimes we kissed passionately and she continued the hand job for that time.

My wife continued with a wonderful blow job and she got me three times on the edge.

"I can't hold on for a long time now", I announced.

"Who said you should?", she replied.

She continued to suck my cock for so long that I orgasmed into her mouth. Oh, how good it felt! She swallowed everything and continued to suck until I was completely in pain. We kissed for a moment and noticed my own taste in her mouth. When she had waited for my dick to go soft enough, she took the base ring and installed it. Shortly after that the cage itself went in. My freedom didn't last long, but I was so proud that she managed to do all that by herself. Then the cuffs were removed and I offered to help her to orgasm too, but she didn't want it, so we continued to kiss and caress each other on the bed.

She is a wicked lady!

About an hour later, we discussed what had happened. My wife told me she had been so soaking wet teasing me that the fluids had spilled on her thighs. I've never heard of it happen before. We were excited again and this time I had a permission to use my finger to her clitoris. We kissed all the time and she hadn’t had her climax when she removed my cage again. She was lying on her back and thrusted into her gently and eventually she came two times. Even though I had only cum one hour earlier, everything felt so good, that I orgasmed after her. I pulled out and finished her with my finger for the third time. When she had recovered, she locked me again promptly.

On Friday my wife warned me in advance that we would have something to do later. When the time came, we didn't hurry at all and I fingered her a nice toe curling orgasm. When the cage was removed, I entered her from the behind. Something wonderful happened and this time I felt I was able to go forever. I have probably never been able to bang her for so long and when it felt incredibly good, I just continued.

Eventually, I went over the border and pumped all my semen into her. She collapsed on the bed and told that she had almost lost her consciousness. It took a long time before she was able to move, but after the recovery, the cage went on again. She is very strict about that I have be locked after an orgasm.

The past few weeks have been really intense. You would think that using the chastity cage would reduce the amount of sex, but it has added it exponentially. My wife has taken her role as a keyholder very seriously and she hints and keeps doing everything exciting all the time. She may grab my package in the lift between the floors and in other public places and do more similar things out of the blue.

I can’t complain!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:38 pm
by Loxx
On Friday my wife got a new handbag. She moved the goods from her old handbag to the new one and when I was on the phone with my friend, she went loudly through all the drawers in the bedroom. When I asked her what she was looking for, she replied "The cuffs!". Luckily my friend didn't hear it on the phone. I took a certain pair of handcuffs from one shelf and gave them to her. She had carried those cuffs with her for many years, but they had been on the shelf for almost a year.

After the call I suggested buying her a Peerless Model 730C Superlite aluminum handcuffs, because they are much lighter to carry anywhere, but my wife said they were not as good as these Hiatts cuffs. She's definitely a keeper!

On Sunday, while we were walking, I wondered if I should try again the 42 mm base ring which was a little bit too small when tested earlier. About five minutes later, my wife suggested the same, even though I hadn't told her anything and we hadn't been talking about it for months. Can she read my mind?

On Sunday we had a very nice play time. My wife pushed me on the bed and tied me to the bed with two handcuffs. When I was helplessly on my back, she bit me around my body and brushed my chest with her long hair. Then he took my Looker off and rode me wildly until I orgasmed. I couldn't do anything but be almost like her human dildo and it felt so good! After the shower she locked me back up, as always.

On Thursday, my wife pushed me to bed again and bit and twisted my nipples. She also licked my cock between the bars of my cage and it felt incredibly good. I caressed her breasts and hair and when I had strained enough, she took my cage off and climbed on me. I continued to worship her hard nipples and she did the same for me. My wife rode me for so long that I exploded inside her.

I think she loves riding me and I have nothing against it!

Tomorrow we will see @MistressHupsutin at the family party and my wife has been waiting seeing her for a long time.

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:19 pm
by Loxx
A small and fast update...

Yesterday we saw MistressHupsutin at the family party. My wife was very happy to meet her and at the end of the month we will see her again, because we're going to visit her. It's gonna be fun!

Yesterday evening there was also a nice teasing moment when my wife caressed me with moving a finger around my chest, belly and balls and left me straining in my cage when she went away. Loved it!

Today I have reached a new milestone, because I've now been locked for exactly 150 days or 5 months. I would never have guessed that this lockout period would last this long!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:31 pm
by Loxx
Tuesday was my wife's birthday and we celebrated it with a little play. We laid side by side on the bed and I started to finger her slowly and gently. I wrapped my other arm around her neck and hold her hand with my own. I started to bite her lips gently and she obviously liked it. She started to breathe more heavily and after some time her moaning intensified and she orgasmed.

My wife took my cage off and I entered her when she was lying on the bed on her back. I wasn't in any hurry and we kissed each other a lot. It felt really good to be inside her and it didn't take long for me to cum. We lay side by side for several minutes and gently scratched each other’s backs. I was already soft when she locked me back up. She got out of bed and said only:

"Well served!"

Later she asked me to grab and hold her long hair the next time we will play. And of course I promised to do so.

On Sunday a female police officer stopped me while I was driving my off-road truck and asked me to perform a field sobriety test. Naturally I cleared the test, but later on I started to think it would be a bit difficult to explain the cage if I ran into problems with the law…

On Monday my wife had not slept properly and she was sitting beside me when I woke up. She noticed my morning wood and shortly after that I felt his little fingers working around my cock and I was free soon. Oh, it felt good! She started a vigorous handjob with my rock solid member and in a minute I dumped my load. As quickly as that I was locked in again and since she doesn't like playing in the morning, she went away. I stayed on the bed bemused for a while.

It was a great way to start the day!

Last week has been very nice. Lots of kissing, hugging and caressing. I could get used to this!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 1:19 pm
by Loxx
Wednesday was my birthday. First we went to see domestic and foreign animals on the farm and then we spent a lot of time in a hot tub. My wife unlocked my cock when we went to the tub and she started a nice handjob while we were in the water. I had to stop her so I wouldn't cum and spoil the water. We were in the water for over an hour and I gave her a nice leg massage which she liked. When we got out of the water, my wife locked me back promptly.

On the way home, my wife hinted that there might be some bondage play in the evening and that made me hard in my cage. We had been home for a while when my wife came next to me in the living room. I had heard some sound from the bedroom and when my wife took my other hand and locked the handcuffs around my wrist, I knew where the sound had come from. She pulled me into the bedroom using the handcuffs.

I was pushed to the bed and after that my hand was locked to the steel pipe of the bed. Moments later the other hand received the same treatment when my wife took another pair of handcuffs. I was completely helpless and I could only watch what she did. Next she went to take the blindfold and when she had put it on my eyes, I couldn't see anything anymore. I couldn't move and didn’t see a thing, I could only use my ears.

My wife was sitting next to me on the bed. She caressed me around my body and bit my chest and nipples. Then she moved down and bit my thighs and base of my cock around the cage. My cock twitched helplessly when she teased me. Then I heard her leave and then there was the sound of the freezer opening in the kitchen. She came back and started brushing me with the ice cube she had bring with her. I shivered as the cold ice touched my skin and after some time, she took a piece of ice in her mouth and continued to tease me with it. Sometimes the ice was between the bars of my Looker and it felt really special. When my cock got cold from the ice, she took the key from his necklace, opened the lock and removed the cage portion. My teased cock swelled to full length.

After some skillful handjob I felt her lips around my dick. Her mouth was still cold from the ice and when she sucked my cock for a moment, I knew I couldn't hold back anymore. However, my situation did not ease, because I felt my wife get up and in a moment I felt her descend upon me. My cock sank deep into her and I knew I was doomed.

"I'll cum right now!", I groaned.

"You can't come!", she ordered with a voice that had to be obeyed.

I tried to think of everything nonerotic that I would not orgasm. Immediately I heard my wife start her mini-vibrator and put it on her clitoris. She had never done that before when I was inside her and I was absolutely amazed. I tried to enjoy the situation and at the same time not to enjoy that I did not ejaculate. She enjoyed the situation tremendously and orgasmed hard as she touched her clit with a vibrator.

“When can I come?”, I asked desperately.

"Any time you want!", she answered and began to ride me fiercely.

I couldn't hold back anymore and exploded inside her. My whole body sparkled and my wife moaned as I pumped my sperm and my cock pulsed inside her. Then she leaned forward and gave me a kiss.

"Happy Birthday!", she wished and got up.

I heard her searching for my cage and when my cock had softened, she put it in place and locked it. Then she removed my blindfold and I squinted in the bright light. Finally my wife removed my handcuffs one by one.

We lay side by side for a long time, and my wife caressed my stomach and I scathed gently her back. When my wife went to clean herself, she said that she was so wet again that the liquids were dripping down her thighs.

I looked at my wrists hours later and they still had handcuff marks on them...

What a birthday!

On Saturday we went swimming again and my sack was just as tight as last time between the base ring and the cage. Only a warm shower after the swimming restored the situation.

Next week we will see my wife’s sister @MistressHupsutin again as we go to visit her. She is also into chastity with her boyfriend and we may see him for the first time!

It's going to be a great trip!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:30 pm
by Loxx
On Sunday I had the opportunity to fulfill my wife's wish!

She called me over and pushed me to the bed. Then she started to tease me with biting my chest and nipples and handled my cock with her hand. I caressed her breasts and tummy while helplessly straining in my cage.

"Do you want to have sex with me?", she asked and of course she knew the answer before asking.


“You can decide what we do…”

I thought for a moment and because she had a special wish earlier, I suggested to her that I would like to enter her from behind and to my delight she agreed. My wife unlocked me and when I started to bite her nipples and stimulate her clit, she stroked my cock with her magic touch. It felt too good and I had to make her to stop or I would have exploded before we started our PIV.

My wife likes when I bite her nipples when using my finger and it didn’t take a long time for her to come. Then it was my change to fulfill her wish. I sank my hard cock to her pussy from behind and soon I collected all her long hair in my fist and started to pull, as she had hoped before. I've never seen her turn so excited about anything and I kept going back and forth and pulling her hair. She moaned and came so many times that she lost count.

I couldn't hold myself back for very long and when I felt how my wife enjoyed the situation, I went over the border and orgasmed with a great pleasure. My wife was lying on the bed on her stomach exhausted, so I got up and walked around the bed and gave her a kiss. My wife glowed with happiness and after some cleaning she locked me up again.

I was happy that I had been able to fulfill her wish and I was proud of her because she had told me her wish. I hope to hear more of her wishes, at least she will hear enough of my wishes…

Tomorrow we're going to visit my wife's sister, who lives across the country. We've been waiting for it for a long time and we have a lot of fun things planned.

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:08 pm
by Loxx
Yesterday we went to visit my wife's sister. The girls told the news and we had a lot of fun. We ate together, went shopping and sightseeing and we met one of my friends, who lives in the same city as my wife's sister. All in all, the day was really great.

We also had a surprise for @MistressHupsutin. Six weeks ago we noticed a pair of American Handcuff's rather rare leg irons on eBay. They were misspelled as a different brand and almost no one else noticed them. We decided to buy them for my wife's sister, so we placed a bid and won the item. We were lucky! The leg irons arrived quickly, so we tested and oiled them and carefully repackaged them in the same postal package to complete our surprise.

We gave the package to my wife's sister yesterday. She rolled the package in her hands and said:

"There must be some cuffs inside!"

We smiled at each other and the sister continued to open the package. When she saw the content, she burst into nasty laughter and said:

"He will hate these!", meaning her boyfriend.

I told her about the history of American Handcuff Company and more about the leg irons. We also lent her two Smith & Wesson handcuffs, one with a chain and one with a hinge. She also has her own Hiatts cuffs, which we gave to her on our last visit. Now she probably has enough restraints to keep her boyfriend in control.

Today is our wedding anniversary day. We went to the restaurant (All three of us) to eat and then went together to the local sex shop to check out the products. There was a pretty good selection of chastity cages, also metallic. We didn't buy them though, because both we and wife’s sister already have enough of them. Fortunately stores starts to keep them in their selection to increase people's awareness, however.

Tomorrow we'll finally see the boyfriend of MistressHupsutin! We can’t wait…

Today I've been locked for exactly 24 weeks or 168 days. Two more weeks and then half a year is completed.

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:20 pm
by Loxx
On Friday my wife said she has had a nightmare at night. I had told her in her dream that I no longer wanted to play with handcuffs with her and it hurt her feelings really bad. I assured him in the morning that it was not going to happen and my wife was relieved. It looks like we're not ending our bondage activity anytime soon…

During the day we went shopping and after eating we started waiting for the @MistressHupsutin’s boyfriend to visit. He came on time and we were all a little nervous, because me and my wife have never seen him before and wife’s sister was afraid that we wouldn’t like her boyfriend. I think that her boyfriend was still the most scared of us all. The fear was unnecessary, we got along really well and we had a lot of fun. Her boyfriend got our approval!

Yesterday was the last day with my wife's sister and we returned to our own home. We were sad to say goodbye again, but fortunately we will see her again soon. It is her turn to come to us again, but it will take some time. We can’t wait!