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Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 1:54 pm
by Loxx
This week has been quite uneventful regarding the play time, but of course we have kissed, hugged and cuddled whenever possible.

On Tuesday, after my shower, my wife made some rattling noise in our clothes room, where we keep our handcuff collection. I tried to peek out the door, but my wife told me to go away.

"Go to the bed!"

I immediately obeyed and went to the bed on my back. My wife also came there with a pair of handcuffs, she had chosen the Smith & Wesson long chain cuffs from the collection. It didn't take long and I was cuffed to the headboard of our bed, naked (Because I had just got out from the shower) and without my chastity cage.

My wife was beside me on the bed. She played with my cock using her hands and mouth. She bit my nipples and the skin of my chest and my belly with her teeth, moving closer to my cock for a while and then went teasingly back to my nipples. My cock was raging hard and when she bit the root of my shaft, I lifted my head and tried to see what was happening there.

"What are you doing?"

"I... I tried to see what was going on there ..."

"Put your head back to the pillow! Or should I blindfold you?"

Nope! My head fell on the pillow again and looked at the ceiling when my wife took my cock in her mouth. She used her hand and mouth at the same time and it felt so good, that I knew I was doomed. I tried to lengthen the pleasure, but then I had to warn her that I would come in her mouth.

My wife signaled that she understood and she continued her hand assisted blowjob. I tried everything, but I couldn't avoid the inevitable. I exploded into her mouth and oh boy, it was a massive load! It was almost too much for my wife, but she swallowed everything.

"Thank You!", I sighed.

It didn't take long and my chastity cage was locked again and I was uncuffed. I told to my wife, that it would be her turn now, but she said that she didn't want it and she had done the whole thing only for my pleasure. She's so fantastic!

Next week will be really interesting. On Thursday we will visit my wife's sister and we have been waiting for it a lot. We help her with the housework, because she has a foot cast and she can't survive properly alone. We will make food for her, clean her apartment and maybe mow the lawn. She also gets a pair of handcuffs as a gift from us and I think that after her foot is healed and the cast is removed, her lockee will be in a big trouble...

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 5:17 am
by Loxx
On Tuesday we started packing stuff for our trip to my wife's sister. When it was done and my wife had showered, she called me to the bed. She wanted to play with me and of course I was immediately in. I started to finger her clit very carefully and she responded well. I was beside her on the bed and she gently scratched my back with her hand. It felt heavenly and I almost melted there. It didn't take long and she closed her eyes, her breath began to accelerate and soon she came audible.

My wife took the key from her neck and unlocked my cage, but let the base ring still in place. I was immediately ready and when my wife was kneeling in front of me, I entered her from the behind. She moaned when I started to pump her. Usually we have sex in this way or so that my wife rides on me. However, I decided to suggest that we should try the missionary position, because we haven't used it for years.

My wife immediately agreed to my request and we changed our position. I still remembered how it should work and she liked the fluctuation. I paused many times after a few strokes and we kissed passionately. It felt incredibly good and eventually I came inside her. My wife was almost came the second time, but she didn't let me finish her with my finger. As usual, she locked me back when we had cuddled for a while.

Yesterday we woke up early and then drove for six hours to my wife's sister. She really needed our help with her broken leg and she was very happy when we arrived. We talked a long time and then we started to help her. I completely rebuilt her computer setup with two monitors and rewired her TV setup and installed a new external audio system. We cleaned up her apartment and my wife baked sausage rolls. When we were hungry, we ordered some delivery food from the Taco Bell. We all loved it!

When all work was done, my wife told her sister that we had something to show. We went to another room, she unlocked my Looker and without a delay locked me back up with the A277 device. Then we went back to her sister. We handed Looker to her and she began to investigate it with interest. She was particularly fond of the integrated lock, because all her devices are equipped with a normal padlock. She practiced using the lock many times. Later we switched the devices back and she also studied the A277, even though she had seen it before. She immediately noticed the worse fit of the parts and the lower quality of the lock.

Nowadays we are able to discuss everything about the chastity belts and generally every sex-related issues completely naturally, like talking about food or books, for example. My wife and her sister told about their sex toy purchases or their plans for purchasing them and then we visited the websites of the most common custom cage manufacturers and went through all the pros and cons of their devices. Steelworxx, Mature Metal, Male Chastity Now, Rigid Chastity and Steelwerks Extreme, all were crawled through.

At one point my wife told her sister that she had kept me locked for 12 weeks today and the sister was disappointed that she could not lock her own lockee because of her broken leg (Her lockee doesn't live with her).

My wife sister was clearly interested in the custom devices and we talked about many hours on the subject. Because the custom devices are very expensive, I promised to 3D print different sizes of sizing rings to her, similar to those of Mature Metal. We'll send them to her so that she can measure her lockee properly if they order the custom device for him.

Yesterday was a very nice day and today my wife's sister gets the handcuffs that she wished and a proper training lesson for the use... Of course!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 1:23 pm
by Loxx
Yesterday we had also very fun. The girls got to talk to each other and they had a blast. My wife's sister also made a big step forward. She had previously asked for this site's address for her lockee, so she knew the forum existed. Now she registered here, so welcome @MistressHupsutin! From now on, I call her an abbreviated as MissH.

We helped all day MissH, so that she could survive with her broken leg. My wife baked some more and made different meals to be stored in the fridge and I vacuumed the apartment and did other tasks like that.

The principle was: first work, then play. The fun began in the evening when we gave MissH the handcuffs she had requested and I hold two hours of training about the use of handcuffs and presented some of our cuffs collection to her.

I had taken many pair of cuffs for the trip and we went through all the quirks and features of them. MissH got a unused pair of Hiatts 2010 cuffs for herself to keep and the demonstration cuffs were hinged Hiatts 2050, Peerless model 300 and model 500, Smith & Wesson model 100 and model 300 (Hinged too), one pair of ASP cuffs and Hiatts model 1960 as a collectors item.

MissH tested the cuffs and I taught her proper use of them. She also cuffed my wife's hands behind her back, but fortunately she also got free later. We also gave MissH some chains of different lengths and three padlocks, so now she can use them as legs irons and choking collar and she can lock her lockee to a fixed object too.

MissH was clearly excited about the cuffs and she asked if she could take Hiatts 2050's for a loan. Of course we agreed and we gave the Smith & Wesson model 100's for the extra too.

Today we went back to home and we left MissH to test the cuffs. I wonder if she soon calls us and tells that she had lost the key to the cuffs and she have to call to the fire department to free her prisoner. Hope not!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 2:07 pm
by Loxx
On Tuesday I was going to the shower when my wife said that she would unlock me. That's what she did and she also said not to put the Looker back on after the shower. I was thinking of her plan all the time while I was there.

When I came out of the shower, I saw my wife outside our bedroom. She rolled our Hiatts long chain handcuffs around her finger. She pointed the bed and she probably didn't miss the starting erection when I went to the bed. I was on my back and at first the cuffs were closed around the other wrist, then wrapped around the headboard’s metal tube and eventually they tightened around my other wrist. Although the chain is quite long, the cuffs were so high that my arms did not reach the mattress.


My wife left and went to the living room. I was left alone in the bedroom, I was puzzled and wondered what had just happened. I heard her watching a soap opera on the TV. I had a raging hard-on and I couldn't reach my dick and I knew that I would feel very uncomfortable very soon. The cuffs would start to hurt my wrists and it didn't take long when I had to grab the tube with my fingers, so that the pressure on the wrists wouldn't get too big when my hands were hanging from the cuffs.

I listened to the sound of the program and the uncomfortable position made my erection disappear. Minutes went by and finally I heard the end credits start to roll. I thought I could get away and my dick jumped back to the full length. The program ended, but my wife didn't come. I listened carefully and she started to watch another program! Despair came to my mind and the well-started erection began to leave again. Eventually my wife came back to the bedroom.

"How's it going?"


She came next to me to the bed and slowly began to caress my chest, stomach and thighs with her hand. Needless to say, I was as hard as I could be. I had my eyes closed and I enjoyed her touch. She knows how to handle my body perfectly and she knows all the tricks to get me wild with a passion.

Next she began to touch my knob with her tongue and soon she had the entire penis in her mouth and she teased it with her tongue and lips. She used her hand at the root of my cock and sometimes she took it out of her mouth and started a vigorous handjob. My wife alternated with her hand and mouth and I got more and more excited. Every now and then she kissed me and the went back my cock again. Eventually her actions felt too good and I had to warn her.

"I will come to your mouth!"

My wife did not react, but continued her blowjob even faster. I exploded in her mouth with a full force and her mouth filled with my semen. This time, however, she did not swallow the load as usual. She started kissing me and at the same time as my lips met her lips, she dumped everything in my mouth!

This came as a surprise and I couldn't do anything other than swallow it with astonishment. The handcuffs prevented me to do anything else and the sperm taste spread to my mouth and stayed there. The hottest thing before my ejaculation, but not at all hot after it. Feeling submissive? You bet!

We kissed for a moment and then my wife to uncuffed my other wrist and told me to stand next to the bed. Then I was commanded to turn around and soon I heard the familiar sound when she locked my hands behind my back.

My wife picked up my Looker and started to put the base ring on. I was still pretty big and I'm very proud of that she managed to install the base ring. The shaft was still far too big for the cage and there was no hope that she would manage to install it and the handcuffs didn't help me to go smaller. She released my hands and I put the cage portion back. The key twisted in the lock and soon I was helplessly locked back up.

I thanked my wife for the session. She didn't want me to do anything for her, so we continued with kissing, hugging and caressing.

Can anyone hope for a better partner and keyholder?

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 11:27 am
by Loxx
"Can you come here?"

It was yesterday and I was writing my previous text to this journey. I stopped the writing and looked at my wife. She was on the bed and clearly waited for something. What could it be?

I went to the wardrobe, looked at the wall-mounted collection of the handcuffs for a while and chose one pair from there. After that I returned to my waiting wife, took her first hand and locked the handcuffs into it. Then I lifted her hand over her head, put the chain of the cuffs behind the pipe of the headboard and locked her another hand.


I started to go towards the living room as she had done for me the day before.

“You can't do that! Only I can do that! ”

Of course I wasn't really going to the living room, but I thought I could tease her a little. I returned to the bed next to my wife and started to caress her gently. I put some lubricant to my finger and I put my finger to her clit. My wife reacted immediately and she moaned when I moved my finger. Shortly afterwards, I took her nipple between my teeth and squeezed gently. I used my finger all the time and licked and bit her nipples. Sometimes I whispered to her ear things I knew she liked. She got excited about the things I did and we kissed very passionately.

My wife's breathing began to accelerate and her moaning became louder. She got a shattering orgasm that continued and continued. She couldn't stop me from using my finger because she was handcuffed, but she began to turn sideways so that I couldn’t no longer reach her clit.

I removed the other half of the handcuffs and my wife got up. She pulled my clothes off, took the key from her neck and opened my Looker’s lock. She then took the cage off, but left the base ring on. The handcuffs in her hand dangled all the time when she moved and it was a very stimulating sight. When we were visiting @MistressHupsutin last week, we went to a local sex shop and bought a package of “Hot Moments” warming condoms. Now it was a good moment to try them, so we rolled one rubber on me.

My wife went to her knees and I penetrated into her from behind. She groaned and told me that I was bigger than usual. I started moving back and forth and after a moment I grabbed her hand and pulled it behind her back. I locked her handcuffs, that swinged in her other hand, to her free hand and she so was helplessly in her knees in front of me. I continued to move and felt how my wife got more and more excited. I leaned forward and held my hands next to her hands on the bed. Because my wife's moaning increased and the situation was so exciting, I knew that I'd be cumming soon. So I did and oh boy, it felt so incredible! And by the way, the warming condom was a pleasant surprise!

My wife was lying on the bed with her hands behind her back. I took the key of the handcuffs and when I opened the cuffs, they had left red marks to her wrists. We hugged and kissed and after that it was time to clean up and the cage went back on soon after that. Then I remembered the text I was writing and returned to it. This was a pleasant interrupt to my writing session.

When we went to bed in the evening many hours later, my wife showed her wrists. There were still visible marks on them…

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 12:38 pm
by Loxx
On Thursday it was again my turn to shave my wife's pussy. It went without any problems and the result was neat. Soon it will be time to shave myself too, I haven't done it for a while.

We had a big birthday party on Saturday. Almost all of my relatives had been invited there and at the opening ceremony I had to be careful, because I hugged all my female relatives, my cousins and my aunt. I tried not to bump into them with my cage and I think I succeeded, nobody noticed anything.

On Monday my wife surprised me after the shower. She started to play with my uncaged cock and used her hand and mouth to arouse it. When my cock was hard, she picked up her handcuffs and locked my hands behind my back. Then she continued her blowjob and soon I came to her mouth. The cuffs were then removed and my Looker went back on. No extra free time for me!

Today my wife tested our Hitachi Magic Wand clone with my cage. I was on the bed on my back and she held the wand against my caged cock. It didn't take long when it started to feel good and soon I orgasmed helplessly. It's a shame that everything changes after an orgasm, but fortunately my recovery time is nowadays really short after my ejaculation. Initially after the orgasm I felt a little bit blue as always, but after a quick cleaning I felt almost normal and when we went for a little walk outside I had recovered completely.

I have tried to tell my wife that she doesn’t have to make me cum continually, but she wants to make me feel always good. I'm a little bit sad that she doesn’t want to have an orgasm nearly every time I come. It feels so wrong that I use the cage all the time and still she climaxes less frequently than me…

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 7:48 am
by Loxx
On Wednesday after the last update to this thread, I talked to my wife about not having to give me orgasm every time and that I could satisfy her and she wouldn't need to do anything to me. She promised to consider this.

Later on Wednesday my wife invited me to the bed. I came next to her and began to gently caress her. I held my head on her chest and used my finger on her clitoris. I heard her heartbeat in her chest and they began to speed up. My wife scratched my back carefully with her other hand and it felt really good. Then her breathing began to accelerate and she started to hold the headboard of the bed with her hands. Soon after her back arched and she orgasmed audibly.

When my wife had calmed down, she opened my cage and I entered her from behind. It was able to hold on for a surprisingly long time and when I began to feel the inevitable happen, I also felt that she was close to orgasm too. Eventually we both came at the same time! This happens very rarely, but I thought it was probably because I had orgasmed once earlier in the day and my endurance was better. After some cuddling she locked my Looker back on.

On Thursday the same thing happened again. I received again some unbelievably good back scratching and when my wife had ejaculated, she unlocked my cage again. This time we tried three positions. At first we used the reverse cowgirl (First time ever!), then she rode me normally and finally we tried the missionary position. It felt really good to be on top of her and we kissed with passion for a long time when I was inside her. This took me over the edge and I came inside her. It was the third time in two days!

On Sunday we tested the 42 mm base ring. It was on for several hours, but I didn't dare leave it overnight, because I wasn't sure if it was too tight. In the evening we watched the Ice Hockey World Championships finals together, although I don't like the ice hockey at all. However, I decided to sit next to my wife and give her a foot massage. I rubbed my wife's legs for many hours and she said that her legs were incredibly soft after it. My hands were sore after hours of rubbing and it was a torture to watch ice hockey for so long, but at least my wife was satisfied. After the finals we changed the 43 mm ring back for the night.

Yesterday we changed again to the 42 mm ring. It may have been a mistake, because we talked earlier that day, that I wouldn't have to come every time when she comes. So my wife tied my hands behind my back with the handcuffs, when we were in bed in the evening. She took her clitoris stimulator and put it on her pussy. I couldn't do anything other than take her nipples between my teeth. I was straining in my cage with a maybe too small base ring, hands cuffed behind my back and tried to bite and lick her nipple. My wife was clearly excited about the situation and it barely took a minute when she orgasmed, she newer comes so soon normally. I continued to handle her nipples with my mouth and she used the clitoris simulator on her pussy again. Soon she orgasmed the second time!

My wife got up, showed her clitoris stimulator to me and said:

"You can clean this up!"

Then she took the key of the handcuffs, released my hands and left the bedroom. This time she really did not give me an orgasm! It was certainly a different feeling, but at least I didn't feel myself down.

In the evening we replaced the 43 mm ring back again. I think I can use the 42 mm base ring at some point, but it may take some time.

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:55 am
by Loxx
On Wednesday my wife came to me as I was lying on the bed. She sat next to me and opened my cage and as soon as my cock was free, it popped into the full length. My wife began to caress it with her hand and as always, it felt incredibly good. I also tried to touch my cock by myself, but my wife slapped my hand. I also tried to touch the second and third time and always she hit my fingers. I didn't dare try the fourth time…

My wife used the Mini Magic Wand all over my cock and balls, tested all the possible places and altered the speed of the wand. She was not in a hurry to satisfy me and after half an hour or so, I began to feel that the inevitable will happen and soon after that I orgasmed my load. After a quick cleaning my wife locked me back up.

On Friday we bought new mattresses for the bed, as the old ones were many years old. When the mattresses were changed, my wife said with a sly smile:

“We should test ‘em! ”

We didn't test them that day, but on Sunday I decided to fetch two pairs of Hiatt 2010 handcuffs, which were firmly attached to the headboard of the bed years ago. We took them out, because of the window repairs, so that the repairmen would not have seen them and never managed to put then back. To celebrate the new mattresses, I locked the cuffs to the headboard of the bed to wait for some use, one pair for each hand. After that I decided to make an inventory of all the chain cuffs made by Hiatt in our collection. I managed to make the following list:

- 2 pairs now hanging on the headboard
- 1 pair we normally use to play. Used for hundreds or even thousands of times…
- 3 pairs, new in a box, never opened
- 1 pair with a long chain
- 1 pair with a gold plating
- 1 pair, from which I cut the chain apart, now they can be connected with the custom chain
- 1 pair of 2010C, where the double strand is filled in with a steel insert. A very rare item.
- 1 pair, which my wife always carried with her in her handbag for many years. A lot of weight to carry everywhere…

We gave one pair of similar cuffs to my wife's sister @MistressHupsutin about a month ago, so we had 12 pairs of similar or slightly different kind of Hiatt chain cuffs, but we now have “only” 11. Smith & Wesson, TKS and Peerless are the next most popular cuffs in our collection.

I took a small nap after that on Sunday and when I woke up, my wife came next to me. She raised my hands up and handcuffed them with the cuffs I had attached to the headboard few hours earlier. She took the key from her neck and opened my Looker. I was already hard in my cage, so she just barely managed to take it off, the base ring stayed on. She started to give a lovely handjob and she twisted my nipples and caressed my tummy while doing it. I would have liked to caress her too, but I couldn't do anything with my hands. Her touch is simply magical and this time it did not take too long when I ejaculated.

She wiped all the sperm away, waited for my cock to soften and relocked my Looker. Only after that she opened my cuffs. When my hands were free, I offered her a counter-service, but she didn't want it, she had done again all this to just please me! After some kissing and caressing we continued our day.

She's just wonderful!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:13 pm
by Loxx
Today my wife called her sister. MissH told her that she had taken the cast off her foot with the doctor’s permission, so she can now walk carefully without the crutches and start to practice a normal life. We are both really happy for her! Congratulations @MistressHupsutin!

One month has passed since we visited MissH. We don't yet know if she will come next to us or will we visit her again. In any case, we will see her next month in a family party. Hopefully MissH will now be able to play with her lockee too when she can walk around normally. We think he will have tricky times ahead…

Nothing very special has happened to us in recent days, but fortunately we have had a lot of kissing, cuddling and hugging. We can’t keep our fingers off each other!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:02 am
by Loxx
On Sunday we had one of the best sessions so far. My wife lay naked on her back on the bed when she called me to join her. I went next to her and slowly began to fondle her around her body with my hand. I caressed her belly and my other hand held her breast and I took her nipple gently in my mouth. I used my tongue to lick her nipple and gently bite it with my teeth. It hardened between my teeth and I knew my wife was enjoying the situation. I was naturally locked, so I strained in my cage.

I continued to bite my wife's nipple for a while and then I tied her left hand to the headboard with the handcuffs I had installed there few weeks ago. Then I continued to caress her. I pushed my fingers carefully deep into her pussy and she let out a satisfied sound. I felt how her vagina pulsated around my finger when I moved it. When I was able to get a good position, I could excite her clitoris with my thumb while I held another finger deep in her vagina.

My wife kept her eyes closed and held the headboard with her hands. I continued sucking, chewing and licking the nipple. I have received a feedback, that I always seem to be in a hurry, when I’m stimulating her. This time I didn't rush and whenever my wife seemed to have an orgasm, I slowed down and eased my grip. I kept her at the border for a good ten minutes and then let her to orgasm. And what orgasm it was! When she had recovered, I removed her left hand from the handcuffs.

My wife got up and took the key from her neck and opened my Looker. I had been hard inside the cage, so I was ready for action in no time. My wife returned to the bed and I climbed over her. I inserted my cock into her and it felt incredibly good. After a while I pulled out and cuffed her hands again to the headboard, this time both hands with separate cuffs. When I was again inside her, we kissed passionately and I also managed to bite his nipples in this position. My wife clearly enjoyed the situation and I knew myself that I would not last long. My wife was near getting another orgasm when I came into her! I pulled out and tried to finish her, but she didn’t want it. So I opened both handcuffs to let my wife free and then it was time to cuddle and kiss.

The whole session seemed incredibly good and I didn't feel myself down at all when my wife locked me back up after some cleaning.

On Thursday we were walking outside when I told to my wife:

“Nowadays my Looker fits so perfectly that there can be several hours when I don’t remember wearing it at all.”

She said suddenly:

"It's so easy to get your cage to feel too small!"

Then she said a few things she knew would excite me and finally she squeezed my cock with her hand (We were out and anyone could have seen…)

And lo and behold! I was straining in my cage like never before! My wife knows me so well and she’s a tease!

Finally a little statistic update to keep track:

Today I've been locked for 120 days, it's exactly 4 months since February 14th, when we started this current lockup session.