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Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:32 am
by Loxx
The events of last week were very nice. On Thursday I gave my wife a nice foot massage and she liked it a lot. On Friday, I was told to shave her pussy and I was happy to do it. I was very careful because I hadn't done it for a while and accidents didn't happen. Phew!

My wife called me to bed on Friday night. My fingers had a task to do and the results began to appear soon with the help of lubricant. After some minutes her orgasm was very intense, as it always is. I was straining in my cage next to her and waiting her to recover.

The session was not over yet. My wife got up and picked up the handcuffs. First one hand and then the other, I was safely locked to the headboard of the bed. Then the key to my cage appeared and shortly after that my cage part of my device was removed. My cock was as hard as ever and after some lubrication my wife climbed on me. Slowly she lowered herself and surrounded my member with her moisture.

Right then I knew I wouldn't last long. She looked into my eyes and moved up and down and it was too much, I came with a force. My wife got up and said to me "Wait there, don't go anywhere!" as she went away. How could I have left, I was still handcuffed with police grade handcuffs to our metal headboard.

Soon my wife came back, cleaned my junk with paper towels very carefully and took the cage, put it on and locked it tightly. I couldn't have done it faster by myself, I was very proud of her. Then she grabbed the key to the handcuffs and opened them. There were marks on my wrists...

Weekend was very nice too and on Monday we woke up late and cuddled a long time. My wife caressed my package nicely and made it throb. It was a very nice way to start a new day!

The Tuesday's session was Friday's copy except this time we didn't use the handcuffs. She pinned my arms beside my head with her own hands and her eyes literally rolled in her head when she moved her body. This time I managed to hold several minutes but then the inevitable happened and after the climax I was caged again.

Today is the 13th day of being locked...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the estimated production time for the Looker was approximately 5-6 weeks when it was ordered last week, so now it should be 4-5 weeks plus shipping. It's a long time to wait!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:42 am
by Loxx
On Thursday there was a time for me to shave my wife's pussy again. There was still no damage to her property, so I was very pleased with myself.

I felt a little sick on Friday evening and at night I vomited. It was a terrible night and the morning was just as bad. I had to wake up my wife to help me, so I didn't fall down and hit my head somewhere on the way to the kitchen. Every place was sore and my head seemed to be able to explode. However, my wife did not say anything about unlocking me.

On Sunday I felt a little bit better and on Monday I was fine again. I had a doctor's appointment again and my wife said that she wouldn't like to unlock me, but she did. I was lucky because there was a removal of stiches, so lying on a hard platform was already really uncomfortable, so it would have been really unbearable when locked. My wife locked me promptly up when we came back home.

Sad things happened on Monday evening. I had infected my wife and she also became ill. She had all the same symptoms as me, so i tried to help her in every way.

My wife healed faster than me, so on Tuesday evening she called me to the bed. I didn't expect the play time so soon after her recovery, but I rushed to her. After some passionate kissing and some skillful finger work from me my wife orgasmed. We caressed each other on the bed until my wife had recovered enough to continue. She grabbed the handcuffs, locked my hands behind my back and removed the cage. After many acrobatic movements I succeeded to insert my cock inside her without using my hands. It felt heavenly and in a minute or two I came with a moan. The cuffs came off only after I was securely locked back up. My wife really knows how to handle me!

Today's statistics: Locked for 20 days and our new Looker should be ready in 3-4 weeks...

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:57 am
by Loxx
On Wednesday there was a time to shave my wife's private area again. This time I used a electronic shaver for the first time and the vibration caused some interesting reactions when I held the device at particular points. Hmmm...

After the shaving my wife said that she has a surprise for me, but it's not going to happen today. I started to think what it was, but she didn't want to reveal it. I'll have to wait.

We went to the restaurant to eat on Friday, because it was International Women's Day and I wanted to delight my wife. She was very happy and the food was delicious too. Totally worth everything!

On Saturday morning we had some nice cuddling for about half an hour and I was straining in my cage. Then we started our day, but it was a wonderful way to do it.

When the evening came and I was going to shower, my wife revealed that it was time for my surprise!

"Take the cage off before washing, including the base ring. Wash them well, but don't put them on when you come out."

Then she opened the lock and I took the whole device off. While I was showering, I wondered all the time what my wife's surprise was and I couldn't do anything to prevent an raging erection. I was totally naked when I came back to the bedroom. I received follow-up instructions:

"Choose one pair of the handcuffs and one pair of leg irons and give them to me."

I went to see our collection and looked at the wall full of restraints. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe... I chose one pair of Hiatts 2010's and one pair of American Handcuff L-100's and handed them to my wife.

"On your back!"

When I was laying on my back, my wife locked the first half of the leg irons to my left ankle. Then she wrapped the chain around the pipe of our bed frame and then the other half of the leg irons ratcheted around my right ankle. Then I was ordered to raise my hands and shortly after that I was handcuffed to our headboard. I was completely helpless.

My wife started teasing me. There I laid naked and restained and I had a huge boner and she mercilessly kissed and licked my knob, cock and bags. Sometimes she took the whole cock in her mouth and started to pump her head up and down and then she calmed down again and started to tease with a minimum contact. This continued for a long time, but then I felt that I was not going to last this way much longer.

"I'm gonna cum, if you continue like that", I informed to her when squirming on the bed.

"Not going to happen", she informed and slowed down.

After some licking and kissing my throbbing cock, she took it again on her mouth and the pace accelerated. Again I was very close to ejaculate.

"Are you going to let me cum? I can't hold it very long!"

"Maybe, maybe not".

Oh no, I haven't had a permission to come and I was right on the edge! What can I do? My wife didn't stop her movement and she didn't say anything, just raised her shoulders. She just continued her blowjob at an accelerating pace and then I went over the border.

With enormous pressure I came to her mouth and it felt like my entire body had been drained into her mouth. There were sparks everywhere in my body and I saw stars! My wife swallowed all my liquids and then cleaned my shaft with her mouth until I was absolutely clean.

What had just happened? I just couldn't believe it...

After everything has calmed down she took the device and started to install the base ring. It was not a easy task, but it went on and the cage was put on right after that. Then one more movement with the key and I was locked again. I was still bound to our bed, so next was time to take the handcuffs and leg irons off.

"Take these and put them back on the collection" she said and gave me the restraints.

"What about you?", I asked when I was able to move.

"What about me? It was your surprise!"

She didn't want to have anything more on that time, so we cuddled and kissed each other for a while.

It was a surprise worth to wait, I'm so lucky! What a woman!

Today's statistics: Locked for 27 days and our new Looker should be ready in 2-3 weeks...

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:29 am
by Loxx
On Thursday my wife asked me to shave her pussy again and of course I started the work right away. I'm getting better every time and with the electric shaver the fatal error is easier to avoid. The end result was worth the effort, as always.

Later that evening my wife took my hand and directed me to the bed. After some caressing and touching I gradually moved down to her pussy using my finger with some lubricant. My wife responded well and her breathing tightened. She put her arm over her eyes and I continued to stimulate her at a variable rate. It didn't last long and she orgasmed with moan.

My wife wanted to unlock me after she had recovered and asked me to stand by our bed. She took the key, removed my cage and I was ready to enter her with my growing cock. My wife was on her knees on the bed and I slid inside her wet tightness from behind. It felt so lovely and I started to move ever so slightly. Earlier I came pretty fast after locking period, but nowadays I have a lot better endurance. My wife didn't want me to use my finger simultaneously, she thinks it's too much for her to handle, so I continued only with my cock. My wife became louder with her moans and eventually the inevitable happened and I exploded inside her pussy with force.

After some cuddling and cleaning, I was locked again tightly, as she always wants nowadays. No extra freedom for me!

Recently we have been very intimate, caressing and kissing much more than before. We're like teenagers again. I really like it and my wife also likes it too, if I don't misunderstand her. On Friday and on Saturday we couldn't keep our fingers off from each other and on Sunday morning we woke up very early and my wife gave me a lovely handjob while I was still on the bed and of course she locked me up right after that. What a torture!

On Monday my wife had sore soles of her feet after our jogging session, so I suggested to rub her feet. It was a nice session for both of us, she really should ask me to do it more often.

A week has passed since the last update, so here's the statistics: Locked for 34 days and 1-2 weeks to the completion of our brand new Looker device. Oh the wait!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:29 am
by Loxx
On Wednesday it was time to shave my wife's pussy again. I shouldn't have been so confident about myself last week, now I managed to make a bleeding wound to my wife's skin. Luckily, it wasn't severe and she wasn't angry. I need to be more accurate next time anyhow.

On Friday my wife received a WhatsApp message when we were watching a television. She laughed while reading the message and when I asked what it was, she replied:

"It's my sister. She wants to know if we have a unnecessary pair of handcuffs that we could give to her!"


"And they should be decent ones and not furry toys!"

"Double wow!"

She refused to tell why she needed the cuffs and said that we didn't need to know everything. Of course not, so we promised her one pair from our collection. My wife's sister is also interested in chastity and she knows our situation and has seen all of our handcuffs, if you have read this journey before. Last time I offered her a pair of cuffs for a loan, but she didn't want them then. What has changed her mind? We agreed that she would get the cuffs the next time she comes to visit us.

Oh! I forgot to write earlier, that my wife's sister also asked my wife about the address of this site for her lockee to read. This happened about a month a half ago, when I had asked for permission to write about her here, so she is very aware of this site.

On Saturday my wife told me to take my clothes off and come to bed. So in a minute I was totally naked, only wearing my cage. She laid on her back and I joined her and slowly began to caress her. I fondled her breasts and gently nibbled her nipples with my mouth. At the same time I used my finger in her pussy and her nipples hardened quickly. I saw how she reacted to touch and my soft biting and I felt very pleased. She closed her eyes and her breathing became heavier. She fondled my cock which was hard in the cage and kissed me to various places. I continued with my finger and saw how she enjoyed the touch more and more. I started to bite her nipples tenderly and when she started to be close, I bit a little harder and she orgasmed moanfully with my mouth around her nipple. I just love to see her enjoying!

When she had recovered, she told me on my back, took the key from her neck and opened the lock and the cage. Then she gently climbed on me and lowered herself around my cock, which was hard as a stone because of the tight base ring. She started moving slowly up and down and pinned my hands with her own hands. It felt so good that I knew that I wouldn’t last long.

"You know, you don't have to let me come every time?"

"I know! But I like it!"

Who am I to argue her and when her long hair brushed so stimulatingly my chest when she leaned forward, I exploded with a force. After some hugging, kissing and much needed shower I was promptly locked up again.

On Monday my wife started to give me a nice handjob and when her hands were around my hardened shaft, I asked:

"Would you like to give me a ruined one?"

"Nope. I like to watch when you cum properly!"

And so she did! Two orgasms in two days. No complaints here!

Later that night my wife surprised me again. She had signed up for an online sex shop and had three products in the shopping cart. She wondered if she should order the products. I encouraged her and soon we paid for the products. They should arrive today, but more about this later...

For the record: Recently I have enjoyed greatly the little things, like when my wife scratches on my back when it itches. It feels so heavenly, like I could melt away. Small things, but they make a life so much better...

Today it has gone five weeks since we ordered the Looker from Steelworxx and the production time was announced as 5-6 weeks when it was ordered, so it should be ready within a week!

Stats: Locked for 41 days

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:58 am
by Loxx
The package from the sex shop did not arrive on Wednesday, but it came on Thursday. We opened the package immediately, but we didn't have enough time to explore the content of it until in the evening. The first toy was for my wife. It was a waterproof and rechargeable clitoris stimulator called "Satisfyer Pro 2". We charged it during the day, so it was ready for use later that day.

My wife has never been very enthusiastic about stimulating herself without me, she finds it uncomfortable. I was honored to start testing it with her on Thursday evening. I put some lubricant to her clitoris and started using the device carefully. In addition to vibration, the device has a suction function too, so it is very effective. I followed my wife's reactions when I was looking for a suitable spot for the device. With a little search, the right place was found and it could be interpreted from my wife's gestures! My wife enjoyed it greatly when I used the device in her. When the bottom work was done, I asked my wife to test it by herself. After a little embarrassment, she agreed and took the device in her hand. She looked for a suitable spot and when she found it, she twitched and closed her eyes. I watched her as she moved the device back and forth and soon she got an explosive orgasm. This was the first time ever she got an orgasm while playing without my help! I think this device will be used in the future ...

On Sunday after a nap, we rested on the bed and caressed each other. My wife stroked me around my chest and rubbed the root of my cock and I caressed her with my hand around her body. The cuddling lasted a long time and I was straining in my cage when we stopped. It was a good way to continue the day.

In the evening, we continued to cuddle and my wife took another product from the package. It was a pink feather tickler and she started caressing my chest, stomach and legs with it while I was lying on the bed. Oh, it felt so good! A few minutes later my wife asked me what I would like to do next. I suggested using her clitoris stimulator and my wife immediately agreed and she went to find it. This time she started using the device herself, but she couldn't find a suitable place for it and she said it would not affect her like the last time. With a little frustration, she moved it around and she was already ready to hand over with it. I had touched her all the time with my hand, but when I decided to lick her breasts and bite her nipples, everything changed. She started clearly to get excited and she started to make sounds and it didn't last long when she came. I continued to bite her nipples until she pushed me away.

When my wife had collected herself, she told me to get on my back and opened my cage. My cock was in full size almost immediately and she mounted herself on it. She searched for a good position and when she found it, she held my chest with her hands and fingernails. I may have never been so big, and at the same time as I came, my wife collapsed over me. When she got up, there were clear marks from her fingernails in my chest! After some kissing and caressing, she locked me mercilessly back into my cage.

On Monday, it was time to shave her pussy again. After the accident at last time, I was more cautious now, so this time there was no further damage. A sigh of relief!

Dietmar from Steelworxx told us at the end of last week that our new Looker is ready and he would send it in this week. We can't wait!

Today I've been locked for 48 days and the end is not visible. And I don't want this to end!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:22 am
by Loxx
On Thursday morning we received an email from Steelworxx. Our new Looker was shipped to us! Dietmar's schedule was exactly right, 6 weeks to finish, as he promised.

On Thursday evening, after my shower, my wife called me to our living room. I stood naked in front of her as she began to brush my cock with her hands. Soon she took it in her mouth and began to suck it with enthusiasm. She cupped my balls, then she gave a vigorous handjob for a while, then kissed my balls and shaft, then kept my knob on her mouth and continued her handjob with the root of my cock. She altered her technique one after another and it felt so incredible. I brushed her hair and her neck with my hand and she just continued her blowjob. When she scratched my belly with her nails, I almost came.

My wife continued her blowjob at least for 15 minutes and then the inevitable happened, I came to her mouth. She swallowed everything, cleaned my cock with her mouth (And gave some post-orgasm torture too) and then she locked me up again. I just love my wife!

After the situation had normalized, I rubbed her feet when we watched the TV. Recently we have cuddled a lot and we give a kiss almost every time we pass each other. I can't complain.

On Sunday, we used the clitoris stimulator again. I laid next to my wife and search for the perfect spot and speed for the stimulator and soon my wife started to react. After her orgasm with the stimulator, I continued to finger her. Then she ordered me to stop, unlocked me and then she rode with me when I was on my back. She held my hands on my chest when I came. We kissed for a long time when she was on top of me and then she climbed up and locked me again.

"Well served! Thank you!", she said. How hot is that?

The beginning of the week was very busy and today I've been locked up for 55 days.

Oh! One little thing more. Our new Looker arrived yesterday...

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:47 am
by Loxx
I have good and bad news ...

First, the good news. Our new Looker arrived on last Tuesday and we tested it quickly in the evening. However, I didn't dare to sleep with it until I was sure it was the right size. So the swapping happened finally on Wednesday morning.

As expected, Steelworxx's quality is incredible. Everything was done perfectly according to the dimensions we ordered, each of the four base rings fit perfectly into the cage and the lock went on without any hassle with each base ring. The finishing was extremely good, there was no bad welding and the device was so glossy that it almost needed sunglasses to watch it. I'm very happy with it!

On Wednesday the new device went on and the A277 went to the closet. The round base ring is so much comfortable than the arc ring of the A277. I am currently using the biggest base ring and it may be a bit too big, but I have 3 smaller ring in reserve and I can change them anytime I want. I'm now using the 44 mm base ring, there are 43 mm, 42 mm and 40 mm rings waiting for use. The 40 mm ring might be too small to wear ever, but it's nice to know that it is available if needed.

Looker has felt good when accustomed to it and cleaning of it is much easier than the A277. The looker is a bit narrower and the length is suitable, so the grill marks are visible when the cage is removed. Not much room to grow!

Then the bad news. The wife's sister has planned to come to visit us today and my wife and I have been waiting for her. We were supposed to give her the handcuffs as we promised and we would have introduced her the Looker. However, she broke her leg last Wednesday and it is now casted for two months. She can't travel anywhere and we are very disappointed, because we waited for her visit. What a bummer! However, we have agreed that we will visit her soon, so my wife can still see her. My wife's sister lives on the other side of the country, so the visits are rare.

There was a play time again on Friday. My wife ordered me on my back on the bed and told me to undress. This time she introduced the third product from a package she had ordered, it was a black blindfold. She put it on and when it was covering my eyes, I didn't see anything. However, my hearing was still ok and I heard some metallic sounds. My wife had taken the handcuffs and locked my wrists to the head of the bed.

When I lay helpless and cuffed without seeing anything, my wife picked up a feather tickler. She used it around my body and brushed my chest, hands, balls and cock with it. It felt incredible when I saw nothing and shivers went on my body. Sometimes she scratched my chest with her nails and sometimes she teased my cock with her hands. I was just lying there and enjoying it!

Then I heard her take the key from her necklace and soon I felt her hands working around my cock. She didn't get the cage portition off at first because I was so aroused, but eventually I was free. There was no hope to remove the base ring however.

My wife jerked my cock and it was enormously hard. I was worried, that the jerking felt too good and warned my wife that I'd cum if she continued. She again teased me that she would not to let me to do it and kept working with my member, but slower this time. Then she decided to stop stoking, lubed my cock and climbed on me. There I was, I couldn't move my hands because they were cuffed in the metal frame of the bed, I couldn't see anything because of the blindfold and I couldn't move my body because my wife was sitting on me. My cock was extremely hard inside her and when she started moving, I was sure I'd come immediately.

This didn't happen for some miraculous reason and my wife continued to ride me. I could imagine her expressions, but I didn't see anything. She twisted my nipples, scratched my chest and changed her positions. I felt the pressure rising inside me and then we went over a point that had no return. I exploded in her and pumped my sperm into the last drop. Just incredible! When my cock had softened, my wife locked the Looker promptly.

We kissed for a moment and I was left restrained to the bed when my wife went to clean herself. When she came back, she removed the blindfold and opened the handcuffs. My wife didn't get an orgasm when riding with me, so I asked her to lay on her back. I used my finger in her clitoris and held my head on her chest. She scratched my back with her hand and it felt better than anything. Sometimes I watched her expressions and she closed her eyes on and her breathing accelerated. I knew she wasn't far and soon she orgasmed with a moan. We laid there next to each other and calmed down. I just love my wife!

After that miraculous Friday we haven't played so much, because it has been quite busy with normal life, but we have remembered to kiss and hug each other at every change. Love it!

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:58 pm
by Loxx
The past few days have been eventful. On Wednesday it was again my turn to shave my wife's pussy and it went without any hitch. The result was quite good and I was very proud of myself.

On Thursday my wife invited me to the bed when I came from the shower. We rested next to each other and she began to touch me with her fingers. Her hands went on my cock and it began to harden. My wife took it in her mouth and started giving me the finest blowjob. She used her hand every now and then and after that my shaft went back to her mouth. I hugged her with my hand and touched her neck, head and chest. My wife really knows how to handle me and it didn't take long when I was at the border and then I went over it. I came to her mouth and she swallowed everything. She continued to suck me and it was a torture, but thankfully she stopped when I begged her. Then we kissed each other and I noticed a little taste of my own sperm when our lips met. I said that it would be her turn, but she just announced:

"No thanks, I just wanted to do that for you!"

Isn't she wonderful? We continued to cuddle and kiss and after that she locked me up again.

Today I took a short nap and when I woke up, my wife was next to me. I put my hand around her neck and I caressed her chest. She rubbed the root of my cock and it started to harden in my cage. She opened the lock and took out the cage. My dick jumped to the full length and my wife started to give a lovely handjob. Again, it didn't take long for me to know, that I was right on the edge and then I came. It was the second time in two days! After relocking, I asked again whether it would be her turn and again the answer was negative. She just asked:

"Was it a nice wake up?"


A couple of hours later, her mind had changed. She ordered me back to the bedroom and said:

"I want you to bang me properly. No extra fondling!"

I was a bit insecure about my performance because I had orgasmed a couple of hours earlier, but I promised to try. When the cage and the base ring were removed, my wife went to her knees on the bed.

"Fuck me hard from behind!"

My cock was rock solid and I thrusted it to my wife. She moaned and continued to moan when I started moving back and forth. The orgasm couple of hours earlier had made me less sensitive and I lasted much longer than usual. I used my finger many times to arouse her clitoris and then continued with my cock. After a few minutes I knew I'd be close and then I came. My wife collapsed on the bed and stayed there, when I pulled my cock out.

When her breathing had normalized, I asked her:

"So, was it hard enough?"

"That's just what I needed!"

After a while I was locked again. There will be a couple of short trips on weekend, so there isn't much time to play then...

Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:07 pm
by Loxx
The Looker arrived two and a half weeks ago. For the first two weeks I used the 44 mm base ring with it. The base ring started to feel too loose, so I replaced it with the 43 mm ring on Wednesday. The size difference wasn't huge, but it was noticeable. There are still 42 mm and 40 mm rings available for the future, but the 40 mm ring may be too small to ever be used, but the time will tell.

On Wednesday evening my wife called me to play again. I used my finger with her clitoris on the bed and when she had warmed up, she asked me to bring her clitoris stimulator. She almost never asks for toys, so I was very pleased at her request. This time she almost immediately found a good spot and when I caressed her stomach and her breasts while she was using the stimulator, she came in a few minutes.

My wife put the stimulator out and unlocked me. She went to her knees on the bed and entered her from behind. It felt so good and it didn't take too long when I came too. After some quick cleaning, she locked me back up. Just as it should be!

Later on the Wednesday evening my wife called to her sister. As I wrote earlier, her sister broke her leg and she couldn't come to visit us last week, as it was originally planned. Now my wife and her sister agreed, that we would go to her for a visit and this would happen in about two weeks. My wife is very eager to see her and her sister is happy that something new happens to her and she doesn't have to be in the bed all day long.

We asked my wife's sister whether she wanted us to bring her gift handcuffs now or would she want to wait for her next visit to us in next few months. She wanted the cuffs now, even though she can't use them with her lockee yet with her broken leg. We will also show her to our new Looker when we are there. The trip should be really fun and we expect it every day.

The smaller base ring has now been on for 5 days now and I have to say that the Looker is a really nice device. It cannot be compared to the A277 when talking about comfort, cleaning of it is much easier and all the abrasions caused by the A277 have disappeared with the Looker. Fits like a glove, I couldn't be happier with it!