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Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:54 pm
by Yumbojones
Brief update.
Took most of the week off from chastity due to one of the kids being sick but apart from that our chastity journey is still going strong. I am now wearing a stainless steel clone of a jailbird since Sat morning. Super comfy.
My wife is very much on board with the whole thing. We even rolled a dice last night to determine the length of this lock up.
She rolled a 3 so I get to be unlocked Xmas night. (I was secretly hoping she'd roll a 6). She hasn't said if she's allowing me to cum or not. Lucy Fairbournes book arrived Wed morning so I'm assuming she's been reading it and has taken on board some of the ideas in it.
She has spoken of how empowered she feels and that she's becoming very turned by the idea of the control she has over me.
Life is good!

Happy Christmas to everyone... And again a big thanks for the advice and support received.

Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 4:58 pm
by Yumbojones
I was unlocked as planned Xmas morning. With santa being a big thing in our house we didn't get a chance to have any adult fun until later that night. I didn't ask for and I wasn't offered a chance to cum when we were fooling around. All the focus was on my KH. Which was very horny indeed!
No release again on the 26th and again all the focus was on her that night. I was left unlocked until the morning of the 27th. It was a bit of a relief to be back in chastity. I felt very content again. Weird feeling!
We went out for drinks that thur night and she insisted that I remain locked for the evening. We spoke at length and in great detail about the situation and agreed that it was working out. She even gave it a score of 9.5/10.
We had fantastic sex that night when we got home. I was allowed to be unlocked and allowed to cum as well. One of my better orgasms I must say!
I felt very low on Friday. Almost depressed in a way. My KH noticed this and we had a good discussion about it. We're putting it down to the post orgasm drop, that seems to be a normal thing apparently! We agreed that I'd stay unlocked for a few days and we'd look at it again Sunday morning.
Sunday arrived and after a quick chat about my head space KH decided that I'd be relocking that night after we had sex with me being allowed to cum.
The sex was amazing again. With my KH really getting into the sex talk and even a little role play. She spanked me a couple of times on my ass!
We also decided on a new dice game to establish the length of the lock ups. We roll a dice twice. If the second roll is an even number we double the first number rolled and if its an uneven number then we add that number to the first rolled number. Meaning that it's a lock up time of between 2+12 days.
I rolled a 2 first and then a 5 so a 7 day lock up is on the cards.
I had a quick shower after we finished having sex and locked up as ordered.
I didn't experience any post orgasm drop today which is great!

I'm absolutely delighted with how this is going. I'm trying to let her dictate the pace as much as I can but I do find myself prompting her on occasion. This is something that I'm trying to stop.

Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:11 am
by Norcalguy09
@Yumbojones awesome update!! Really enjoy watching things unfold for you and your kh. Very exciting stuff.

Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:03 am
by Yumbojones
It's been almost a month since my last update here. We took a small break in early Jan due to my KH having a small elective operation that laid her up for a week or so. But aside from that we're still very much on board with chastity. While I was unlocked for most of her recovery time I tried to maintain my no cum without permission pledge. She encouraged me to masturbate should I require to do so. Which I did a couple of times alright.

During this time I also ordered a second smaller steel cage. It's an a273-1 device. Very comfortable and does not really allow much room for growth but its a lot lighter than my jailbird clone and it looks good too.
We've also began using a wheel of fortune type app to decide on the length of lock ups. My wife likes this as it takes the pressure off her to decide on a length of time for lock up and it's more exact than the dice rolling game we had been using. At the moment I'm 2 days into a possible 10 day lock up. She has said she may allow me out at her discretion. I'm cool with that!
We've been having lots of fun and our play has started getting really kinky. I used a dildo on her for the first time last weekend and while I think she prefers the real deal inside her she came quiet loudly with it in her. Our wand is getting lots of use too. It's out almost every night now. She's also taken to basically torturing my nipples when we're in bed or when I'm pleasuring her. Which she knows drives me wild. She has begun to like sitting on my face and grinding until she cums. This drives me absolutely insane. I suggested this morning that I use a strap on on her sometime. While she didn't jump around with delight, she didn't come out and say no either. One for the future 👍
We went away for a night last weekend and stayed in a fancy hotel. Lots of fun during the night!
It was also the first time that I was consistently naked around her while locked. I found this very horny. She gave me lots of little glances and smiled frequently 😉
Outside of the bedroom she has started writing me up a list of chores that she requires to be done. At present it's happening maybe twice a week but it's a fantastic start. I get hard when I get home from work and there's a list pinned to the fridge.
We've also began discussing rules and regulations around my behaviour and what she expects from me. We've complied a verbal list at the moment that consists of
1. Always do as she says
2. No back answering
3. A minimum of 5 orgasms a week for her
4. A minimum of 2 full body massages a week for her
5. I have to compliment her at least once a day

Failure to do any of the above will result in me being punished. The punishment hasn't been specified yet but spanking has been mentioned. Although she said I'd probably enjoy that too much. I'm hoping we can get these rules written down and develop some kind of a contract.
I've gently suggested this but she's a bit hesitant to go to that level. I'll just let it sit with her now and hopefully she can take ownership of it in time.

She must be taking on board a lot of what Lucy Fairbourne has wrote in her book as when I said I might try a few runs with the cage on she swiftly said no way was she allowing that and that Lucy Fairbourne explicitly says not to exercise with a device on. Who am I too argue with that.

My main issue at the moment is ball burn at night. At this point I'm waking at least 3 times a night with a sharp pain at the base of my scrotum. A quick trip to the loo solves it but it's just the inconvenience of it really that's annoying.
Apart from that the device is extremely comfortable. For the most part I don't even know I have it on and when I do realise it I find myself straining to get hard.
Another issue is finding the right underwear. I had traditionally been a tight boxer shorts man but with a 150 gram piece of steel hanging off my cock I needed some support so I have been wearing regular briefs. While these are better than boxers I still need some more support down there. Any advice appreciated here?

What a whirlwind few months!

Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 5:07 pm
by Yumbojones
I was released 3 days early on the Tuesday evening from my planned 10 day lock up. My KH wanted me inside her so I duly obliged. We had really good sex!

I was left unlocked for the rest of that week and into the weekend. I had began to think that she had grown tired of chastity. I even put the device out of sight to the back of the shelf in the wardrobe. But she surprised me on Monday morning. As I was walking back across the bedroom after my pre work shower, she called out from the bed. 'it's time for you to lock yourself up again'.
I was completely taken aback by this. I think my mouth was even open in shock.
She asked was that OK. I quickly said of course it is, that I was not expecting it at all and that I thought she had lost interest. She said no, she was just busy with other stuff.
Cue a massive erection which made getting the cage on a challenge to say the least.
We did a quick spin of the wheel before I left for work and rolled a 6. So I was to be locked until Saturday night.

I'm not sure if she knew it or not but when I got in from work she informed me that her period had started so there would be no fun for most of the week for anyone. We did cuddle a lot and enjoyed just being closer to each other.
The week went by quick enough and by Fri night she told me she was OK for fun again. I gave her a couple of huge orgasms with both my hands and tongue. She commented that I had become very good at this.

I was allowed to unlock Saturday around 4pm and she instructed me to shave and have myself ready for her for later. That night (last night) we had the most amazing sex. Proper passionate sweaty tingly sex. The sex you remember for ages afterwards. We fell asleep in each others arms with me kissing her neck.
It was fantastic. I've never felt closer to her than I do at this time.

This morning I asked when was she gonna be locking me up again. She said she'd think about it and let me know in due course. To be honest I was thinking maybe we'd have sex again tonight and she'd lock me up tomorrow before I left for work but she surprised me again by saying that I was to lock up today when we get back from our afternoon walk with the kids. Which I duly did.
I came down the stairs with the wheel of fortune app open on the phone and said shall I spin.
She quickly informed me that she'd decide herself how long I'm to be in for! It might be a few days or even a week or more.
Major escalation in proceedings!
The spanking has become more of a thing now. If I lean forward to go down on her she takes great pleasure in spanking my ass with both her hand and a paddle I have left over from a free bondage set we got from lovehoney a couple of years ago. I'm really enjoying this aspect of the journey. Where this will go to I don't know. I'd like to try a whole scene around it but again I'm gonna let her lead and I'll follow.

We've summer holidays booked for Spain later this year and she's queried as to whether the device will be suitable for me to go swimming in whilst we are there. Another big escalation as this is in 3mths time. She obviously sees this as becoming at least a medium term arrangement.

The ball burn issue has lessened also. Lately I've been waking once around 5am to use the loo and maybe once more after that. That's definitely manageable.

Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 10:39 am
by Yumbojones
It's been a while since my last update here.

My beautiful wife and I are still partaking in a chastity lifestyle. While she was initially quite hesitant around certain things she's slowly embracing it. With each passing month she gets more into it and expects more from me.
Her pattern at the moment seems to be locking me up for 8-10 days after her period is finished. I'm then unlocked. We have full sex where I'm allowed to cum. Then I'm locked back up straight away until a day or so before her period is due, we have full sex again. I'm then allowed to be unlocked for the duration of her period. Once her period is finished we have full sex where I'm allowed to cum. The cycle then repeats itself. I'm averaging 3-4 orgasms a month l. While I would like to be kept locked for longer. I'm extremely happy with this setup. She controls things to her liking and as I said earlier every month she gets deeper into the lifestyle.

Once I'm locked I give her as many orgasms as she wants. Usually every day but sometimes she's not in the mood for a few days at a time but this is a rare occasion.
We either have sex before we go to sleep or first thing in the morning. I'm usually pestering her at either time to be honest but she's well able to put me back in my place when she doesn't want me.
Again the sex when I'm locked is all about her. I use my tongue or hands to get her off. We haven't used many toys of late but it's all about her so I don't mind at all.
The teasing side for me primarily is her pinching my nipples or getting me to wear clamps and an occasional strong squeeze of my balls. She had been spanking me on a rare occasion for a while, but early last month I asked for her to incorporate discipline thru regular spanking into our relationship, while she didn't say no, she didn't say yes either. It's not off the agenda anyway. I won't bring it up for another month or so.

Outside of the bedroom I try my best to be as helpful as possible around the house. My wife is a stay at home mum so for the most part a lot of the house work is done when I get home from work. I usually do the dishes when dinner is finished or I'd do the laundry if there's any to be done.
We don't discuss chastity a whole lot apart from when I'm told to lock or unlock. It's quickly become a part of our lives. You could call it normal maybe?
She has commented that when I'm allowed to cum that I'm less attentive in the days following the orgasm. This may be a precursor to less frequent orgasms. I'm gonna let her decide this herself.