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Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:00 pm
by cshorts
Note: There's been some recent discussion in Chastity Mansion about how many fake / porn fantasy postings there seem to be. FWIW, everything I write here in my journey blog is true. Probably that's not a surprise -- we don't do anything that is outrageous or fantastical compared to many of you. But it might seems like all we do is have sex! Not at all (though frequency has increased since I entered chastity (while frequency of my orgasms has way decreased!). Most of our life is regular day-to-day routine: work, cooking, laundry, managing the house renovation project, visiting relatives.... When I started chastity, in an effort to improve some balance in our sexual relationship and open up some kink possibilities that weren't finding expression, I decided to keep a journal of our sexual journey and experiences with, so that's why this is only covers our sexual encounters (in the early days when chastity was newer, I wrote more about our discussions -- and difficulties -- around my being in chastity, but we don't talk about it a lot anymore -- it's just what we do).

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:37 am
by cshorts
SL seems to be exploring the idea of longer denial periods. She noted a couple of days ago that Friday (today) would be November, making it clear that she was marking the end of (our slightly incomplete) Locktober. I raised an eyebrow and said, just with intonation, "you mean NOvember?" She immediately caught on and said "oh, is that what you call it? I'll take that request under advisement."

Then yesterday when I joked that maybe she should punish me for some misbehavior, she said "you're right, NOvember it is." Quite possibly joking herself, but at least the idea of longer denial seems to be on her mind as a possibility. And with her finding that she very much enjoys my strapping on and using her vixskin, so that she isn't denied much - any? -- of the PIV pleasure she enjoys, who knows?

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:39 am
by Chastityat60
Was toying with the idea of getting a strap on. Nothing crazy, just something to try so she can enjoy herself more fully than I can provide on my own. Seems she might be open to it if presented right.. she is about vanilla as they come.. which overall is a good thing.. she provides a certain balance to our marriage.. when I mentioned locktober, she just smiled and said what ever you want to do honey is fine with me.. Not sure If I even want to mention November.. lol.

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:41 am
by cshorts
That's very much my situation, @Chastityat60. She's very vanilla, but pretty tolerant of my aberrations as long as she doesn't have to do much. She never would have suggested a strap-in, but when I did she was willing, and now that she's discovered it pretty much accomplishes what my cock can do, well...ok. Maybe don't need the cock anymore.

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:07 pm
by Want2B_Locked
Thank you @cshorts ts your journey is giving me hope. Lady S has been stressed a lot from work so the "talk" hasn't happened properly yet but it's coming.

You're giving me hope.

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:22 pm
by cshorts
Something for which I’m very grateful since starting chastity: new things keep happening, things are changing. Not always in the direction my fantasies would steer things, and not necessarily in big ways. But still, there is a new dynamic to our dynamic. The mere fact that SL seems to be increasingly comfortable with things not always following the same routine is exciting.

Today was, in part, routine: we have had a relatively lengthy sex session on every Sunday morning for at least six years now. But today, after I served and we ate breakfast in bed, SL let me kiss and snuggle her only a minute or two before she pushed me onto my back and enthusiastically went down on me, through my cage. An uncaged BJ is not uncommon from her, but with the cage on it's rare. And she went right for the most sensitive areas, quickly arousing me into squeals and my cock into its almost scary super swollen pushing through the bars state. And *then* she attacked my nipples, with her teeth.

This was followed with her climbing onto my face for her first couple of Os, at which point she flopped onto her back, grabbed her wand, and told me she was ready for "something more”. For most of the past year, when we are having anticipated sex, she has brought the key out of hiding and set it on her bedside table, whether or not she actually released me. But for the past month or more…the key never even makes an appearance. So “something more” clearly meant one thing and one thing only: time to strap on her vixskin. She had me help her hips up onto her wedge pillow to get the best angle for her new “boyfriend” against her g-spot, and we want at it, she with her wand, me using her boyfriend.

Something else new: we’ve recently learned that, if I start slowly and stay near her entrance to maximize g-spot massage, winding her up, she then goes wild if I switch to quite deep thrusting. Her vixskin boyfriend is just about the same length as me so it’s not that something different is possible. But in the past she hasn’t seemed to particularly like deep thrusting, at least not aggressively — I’d hit her cervix and that was uncomfortable, even painful. But today and last week she nearly passed out from pleasure once we got going with the deep thrusting. As much as she’s always enjoyed PIV and has smashing Os, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen quite this expression on her face.

After two rounds with the boyfriend, and some oral to bring her off one more time, we cuddled for a while. As she was getting up, she asked, “did you get enough?” I answered, honestly, “I never get enough, unfair question!” But smiled and didn’t whine. She smiled back, and continued on, heading to the shower.

After she showered we talked a bit about how much she enjoyed it. I mentioned that I did hope she was going to give me “some of that” one of these days — she’s been hinting she would peg me since August, but hasn’t gone past hinting. She, again, acknowledged that was coming, but this time, a few minutes later, she followed up, asking if I wanted pegging with cage on or off. (I said I didn’t know, since I had no experience with this — she pegged me once about 15 years ago, long before caging. “Either! Both!” were the best I could answer.) This was the first time she indicated that she was thinking seriously about it and starting to plan.

And another first approaching: four weeks (just about) since last time she uncaged me (I can wash through the bars, and more or less shave except the shaft, so no need to take the cage off for hygiene). Close to the record, and no indication that she has been tempted to release me, or has any plans to do so anytime soon. Indeed, during our conversation after the shower she said, “getting the strap-on means I’m less denied now, while you’re still denied. That was a good idea.” She has no hesitation or embarrassment about wanting the boyfriend, and seems to get off just as explosively as with me.

With the various changes and new developments, I don’t know what to expect day to day, week to week…and that is very exciting.