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Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:45 am
by cshorts
Another milestone today. Since my wife became my KH 4 weeks ago we've had our regular Sunday morning intercourse as she desired. I told her when she consented to give chastity a try that I hoped she would sometimes deny me orgasms. She's kept me locked 24x7 except for the Sunday morning playtime, but has told me to have an orgasm each time with PIV.

She hasn't seemed very interested or engaged in chastity so far. Tolerant, but hasn't wanted to talk or read about it. I gave her Male Chastity: A Guide For Keyholders but she said she wasn't ready to look at it yet, maybe in January (after she finishes the novels for her annual reading challenge). From my reading here and elsewhere I appreciated te importance of patience -- if I want this to be long-term, I should be willing to wait -- so haven't pushed her at all. Just being attentive around the house, pleasuring her more than she's used to, foot rubs, etc.

This morning, after a long foreplay session (with multiple orgasms for her), she climbed on top of me and rode herself to several more (with the always fun assistance of her Hitachi). A couple of her O's were extra special powerful, and after a bit she just seemed played out. And so she climbed of, snuggled up with me, put on an evil smile and said "not for you today, dear." Swoon! I was extremely turned on by then, my cock throbbing and aching for release, but I was thrilled to realize SL was going to deny me. And was genuinely enjoying it. As we lay there together and I kept twitching and rubbing myself against her leg (hmmm, maybe this is where the expression "horndog" came from?) she laughed at me some, and teased me some more, twisting my nipples and squeezing my ass.

I've been on cloud nine all day. (Also horny as all get out!) She said she had a great time having sex despite my not orgasming, and enjoyed watching the frustration and desire on my face instead of the grimacing and release that she sees when I orgasm. I feel like today was our first day of really being into the T&D part of this together, and that it was a big success on both sides. Really looking forward to seeing where we go now.

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:09 pm
by cshorts
On Sunday (2 days ago) SL and I had our regular Sunday morning sex. As she has done since she became my KH about 5 weeks ago, she uncaged me, at least in part because she really enjoys PIV. A bit of awkwardness: after she'd had several O's (both before and during PIV), she told me to come. It had been just a week since my last O, and I wanted to go longer -- I've been very aware of post-orgasm drop, and it seems to take me at least 4-5 days to get back to the heightened sense of horniness and attentiveness to SL that I crave). So I asked whether I had to, and suggested she not let me cum. She looked a bit annoyed and said that if this was going to work, with her in charge, I couldn't argue with her and try to control my orgasms. She's completely right, of course, and I apologized immediately. I don't *want* to top from the bottom, but I am a type A, and it doesn't always come naturally to me to submit, much as I crave the feelings that come with submitting.

Things finished up fine (and I had a whopper of a fabulous orgasm -- as I usually do when we get high (weed) before sex. But I was concerned that I had challenged her when we're still so early in navigating this new part of our relationship (and given her hesitation and uncertainty about participating). That evening I asked if we could talk about it, made clear that I *do* want her him charge, but that this is new for me too and I'm learning, and asked her to be patient with me as I get better at it. She was in a good mood and supportive, and we had a great moment of intimate connection (talking really *is* a good thing!).

Last night (Xmas eve), as I mentioned elsewhere, she said she wanted to have sex before we opened presents today, then amended to say *she* was going to have sex, maybe not me. What a turn-on -- dick instantly tried to get hard in my cage. (I did remind her later that when we fool around, even if it's only about her and she doesn't even physically tease me, we're both having sex, and I very much enjoy it -- just not having an orgasm. She acknowledged that.)

This morning as we started getting frisky, she said "damn, I have to remember where I put the key." (Yikes! But we have an emergency key :) I replied, "Not necessarily -- completely up to you." She paused, looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, and continued our make out session without going to find the key. She teased (tortured!) my nipples, and played with my balls, then let me pleasure her with tongue, fingers, and internal vibrator (with her using her Hitachi simultaneously). She had a half-dozen very wet orgasms before collapsing, satiated. I had a very frustrated and straining cock, trying to split open my HolyTrainer (no luck). Didn't help that I'd popped a Viagra in case she did free me. I've been horny and aching for the past 5 hours, with frustrated erections trying to pop up every 15 minutes or so. What a wonderful, exciting way to spend Christmas.

I love my SL. She is definitely becoming more comfortable with, and I think even starting to embrace my chastity. Yesterday she said that after the New Year (when she's finished this year's novel reading challenge) she wants to read Lucy Fairbourne's Male Chastity: Guide for Keyholders. Music to my ears.

Happy holidays to all!

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:50 am
by TwistedMister
Didn't help that I'd popped a Viagra in case she did free me. I've been horny and aching for the past 5 hours, with frustrated erections trying to pop up every 15 minutes or so.
Damn, I've been wondering how it would feel to have been given a Viagra while still caged.

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:13 pm
by KittensBoyToy
[quote=TwistedMister post_id=123068 time=1545828627

Damn, I've been wondering how it would feel to have been given a Viagra while still caged.

I have been told to take it before being unlocked but, luckily, Kitten has never left me caged after I took them. Stimulation can cause some extreme testing of the cage strength before it is removed!

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:14 am
by cshorts
I came home early from work today, unexpectedly. SL was out so I did a bit of work. When she got home she said "you don't come home early often"; I replied "I know, I think we should go upstairs" (our code for "to the bedroom, for sex"). She smiled and immediately agreed.

I expected I'd "just" be going down on her, but she stripped completely and as I gazed at her sexy body with a quizzical expression on my face she showed me she had the key -- what a surprise (she'd unlocked me for PIV just on Sunday)! She asked me to read her a story (erotic) to get settled into the mood and we cuddled naked while I started reading. Hands roamed -- including her stroking my cock and teasing my nipples roughly -- and after a while, still reading, my hand was stroking her labia and massaging her clit. She grabbed her Hitachi so I shifted position to have easy access for my fingers to get inside and stroke her g-spot -- one of her favorite things with the wand doing its thing outside. I continue Jed reading, trying not to be too distracted by her increasing volume and writing. Big O for her ... yummmm.

To my surprise, she set the wand on the floor --she usually continues for Hal's a dozen orgasms or so. "I'm done she said, thank you." Ummm...... "Done done? I asked?" She gave me a slightly evil smile and said "yup, done." And rolled over so we were spooning, in preparation for a nap.

She couldn't get to sleep right away because I was moaning and thrusting my cock against her ass, horny as all get out. To no avail. She sleepily said she loved me, and that was it.

Jeepers! That's only the second time since becoming my KH that she let me out but didn't bring me to orgasm, just teased me. She may be starting to catch on to the tease-and-denial thing :?

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:46 pm
by cshorts
Hmmm…things seem to be progressing. (Patience pays?)

We woke up nice and late on this Saturday morning. I rolled towards SL to snuggle and give her wake-up kisses, pretty standard since I’ve been locked. I was pleasantly surprised to find her a bit more frisky than usual — seemed to want more than just cuddling. I fingered her to a blindingly quick orgasm (I really am still astonished, after 26 years, how fast she can come!), then went down on her for another couple, and figured that would be it. She told me to go feed the cats…but then added to be sure I came back!

When I did she unlocked me and then started deliciously abusing my nipples until my moans were escalating to whimpers and nearly crying out (I’m a bit of a pain slut -- she has yet to find my limit). Then she grabbed her wand, spread her legs and said “get to it!” After her next (PIV) orgasm, she more or less collapsed, breathing hard and looking pretty satiated. But just a few minutes later she started to stir again. With her so randy, I thought the opportunity was ripe to introduce her rather large (about 9 inch; I’m about 7.5) dildo — my fantasies include her at some point keeping me locked and having me strap it on to give her PIV while caged. She was quite amenable to my using it hand...mmmm, more than amenable after a minute or two. She was literally screaming, and with her O squirted copiously (only a sometimes occurrence). After she rested for a while I slid myself back in for some gentle thrusting, loving and slow, which we both seemed to enjoy… but then she pushed me out and closed her legs. I was way on edge by now (had almost come inside her) and couldn’t help but thrust against her thigh while lying by her side. She smiled, laughed a bit, then as I started to get close to the edge pushed me away: “enough”. And that was that.

Though things are still hesitant and she hasn’t expressed a clear commitment or high level of comfort with my chastity, she definitely seems to be starting to embrace the opportunity to get more sexual attention for herself (which I love to give!), and to be tentatively starting to explore tease-and-denial. Yes, progress.

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:01 am
by Norcalguy09
Awesome update!!

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:19 am
by Yumbojones
Awesome update.
Patience seems to be the order of the day!

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:59 am
by cshorts
Very special day in what is increasingly becoming *our* journey.

Sunday morning, for years been our weekly scheduled sex time. Sometimes, but not too often in recent years we'd have sex another time during the week. Now, since I entered chastity, I pleasure my SL at least one other time during the week, and sometimes even three other days (including the past two weeks). Me? A couple of teasing sessions, but otherwise I'm limited to Sunday. (Works for me :) But so far, every Sunday SL has wanted PIV and has told me to orgasm too.

This morning, for the first time, when I brought her breakfast in bed (part of our ritual for many years) she did *not* unlock my cage as I came back to bed naked. Hmm.

After breakfast I gave her a long foot rub. Then slid up to cuddle and kiss, still no key. But after just a few minutes she went hard after my nipples (her favorite tease) and after I started squirming she began teasing my penis through the bars of my cage. And still no key.

After she tormented me for a while, she let me start paying more attention to her. Rode my face to her first O, then some mix of my fingers, tongue and her Hitachi for the next couple. At this point, darn clear I was not getting released so I lubed up her large purple dildo, and helped her enjoy PIV without me. She rode the purple dildo to two more really loud, really explosive orgasms ... I'd been worried that she might not enjoy the dildo that much anymore (she hasn't suggested we use it in ages) and thus demand my penis weekly (she loved PIV) and make me come often. But this time -- and a couple of weeks ago -- she has *really* enjoyed the dildo (even squirted two weeks ago) -- giving me some hope that it can provide her enough PIV fun that at least some weeks she'll not let me come.

Like today. Whoa! First time since she became my KH in November that she's made me go more than a week. (No idea how long it will be -- I haven't asked and she hasn't offered.) And it was delicious frustration, being caged, straining to get hard (with extra boost from Viagra), while she is coming all over the place. Straining against my cage again now, just remembering it.

Re: [cshorts] My (our) journey

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:43 pm
by cshorts
Oh my.

Context: My last orgasm was on 6 January, 20 days ago. Two weeks ago SL denied me orgasm during our weekend sex for the first time. A week ago we were on a long weekend vacation with our grown kids in a lovely but cozy cabin with no soundproofing, so no sex of any sort. SL wasn’t denied: during the weeks she was enjoying my attentions to her, bringing her multiple Os with fingers and tongue but as usual making me wait for the weekend. This week she was away on a business trip, but let me help her get off once by reading her a dirty story over the phone.

This morning we lay in for a long sexy morning in bed. I got up early to shower and shave for her, then went out for her favorite pastries and latte for breakfast in bed. After munching and cooing and talking about our love and how much we missed each other while she was gone this week, I gave her a head-to-toe back massage (the baby oil gel I got for my ring chafing came in handy 🙂), with an “acoustic love” playlist from Spotify setting the mood. Then I read her a yummy lesbian erotic story while she lay half on top of me, cuddling each other and caressing here and there. Well, a bit more than caressing on her part: as the story got hot, she started playing with my pierced nipples, first gently, then raising the torture to the point where I could barely read. As the story was winding down she unlocked me and removed the tube. I immediately sprung erect (thank you Viagra), and it was evident that the ring was *not* coming off.

Passionate making out and squirming together followed, then she climbed up on my face and let me bring her to her first shuddering O. She then lay on her back with me on my side next to her, and draped one leg over my hips, spread open so I could bring her wand into play. Tease, back off, tease some more, back off… she grabbed the wand from me and brought it home. After her panting settled down, she firmly informed me it was time for my penis to be inside her vagina. With the ring on I was harder and more purple than usual, and more than happy to oblige. She wielded her wand while I angled my cock to rub and press against her G spot — we’ve perfected positions for this that drive her wild with combined clitoral/vaginal orgasms. Sure enough, she moans rose into yelps and cries as she reached her climax. She hadn’t told me whether I could have an orgasm yet, so I held back. I usually have excellent control, but sheesh, it’s been three weeks and she was wild and we’d been playing and teasing and fucking for over an hour now….I had to pull out at one point and replace my cock with my fingers to keep things going for her without crossing the point of no return. After she had some rest and cuddling, I started moving inside her again, the wand was switched back on, and twice more she reached intense Os.

“Lie on me”, she commanded. Still inside her, throbbing and urgent, I settled down on top of her, chest to chest, resting my face against her shoulder. Her breathing settled down, and she made gentle sounds of satiated pleasure. “Are we done?” I asked. “I’m afraid so,” she said.

21 days. And no indication when she will let me come again.

As we lay sweet talking (I was about to write in “afterglow”, but that only applies to her!), she talked about how happy she is that in our love we don’t try to make each other into someone other than who we are, but that we each try to adjust ourselves to accommodate the other. In her case, she mentioned how she is learning to accept and embrace my desire for the chastity kink.

I am so grateful that I learned — from the experience of others, shared in forums and other writings — how important it was to be patient, even over months or longer. My SL is not enthusiastic about my chastity at this point for herself — she’d still rather I were more vanilla. But she is learning to accept and even embrace it for me and for us, and I am so deeply grateful. For me, our sex life has never been better, and my passion for her burns brightly every day with a sustained excitement unknown since our early courtship. I feel so deeply fortunate that we are finding a way to journey this path together.