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[jawwwbreaker] our adventure

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:17 am
by jawwwbreaker
Been into chastity some form or another most of my life got more serious when we got the internet. My wife of 21 years interest in my chastity and bdsm seemed to rise and fall and basically turned vanilla in the later years
I was at a point where I wanted a divorce because I was not getting what I felt I needed was also depressed and suicidal.
I found an article online about chastity and let her read it a couple months ago (if I find it I’ll post it) it changed her view of chastity to where she bought my first chastity online
A Khd espresso plastic knockoff which I completely fell in love with but the wide base ring was causing testicle and hernia pain making 24/7 wear impossible and eventually broke anyway
Tried a metal cage with eurethral attachment at the end but couldn’t get it in the urethra (wife later told me no to that anyway) wearing just the cage caused a urination nightmare
Tried a more open ended A271 version with a spiked security ring but caused severe pain when getting erect
Next came the HT nano knockoff which I really liked for the erection prevention but even with the nano I was having shrinkage problems making urination a problem
That and the pinching was a problem at work
So now I’m back in the A271 without the security ring once in awhile he turtles out the back but I just push him back in

My wife as I’ve mentioned is very vanilla and actually enjoys PIV sex. She seems to have adapted to a real feel strap on loves her hitachi and really loves my increased oral skills and has adopted an every 28 day release schedule for me
I feel happy again we both feel loved again
My current record is 5 days in chastity
But 35 days without orgasm

Re: [jawwwbreaker] our adventure

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 3:19 am
by jawwwbreaker
Currently wearing my chastity for 11 days straight (a new record) and have been orgasm free for 26 days. I said that I’m really enjoying it. She says she’s really enjoying me. She seems to enjoy the ball slapping and the constant drip from me and asks if I wanna “go for a new record “
Even enjoying the no “sex” nights of back rubs and cuddling
She’s been working out and dressing sexier for me. I’ve been working out to be more appealing. Seem to be enjoying each other’s company a lot more
She seems to be teasing more and more nipple play. Trying to take it slow. One day at a time but we’re definitely on the road to something we can both be happy with

Re: [jawwwbreaker] our adventure

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:09 pm
by Norcalguy09
@jawwwbreaker that’s awesome! A bit jealous of the added teasing. Keep on rolling man. Great to hear it’s working out!