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Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:49 pm
by LockedByBD
Serious Discussion

Last Saturday morning, lying in bed after we slept in, I started a discussion with my sweetheart about the state of our sex lives. I wanted to know if she really liked having me locked in steel. She does. She likes the control of how and when, and the total lack of pressure to have sex. Like a lot of couples, she has a lot lower sex drive than I do. I told her about how I get to hug her more, kiss her more, snuggle on the couch with her more, all without her shying away because she thinks I just want sex. With her in charge of the key (which I haven't seen for a while) there's no pressure. For me, even though I don't get to make love to my wife anywhere near as often, I get to be closer to her all the time. Even her sexual teasing of me in the morning (practically every morning) is a plus. It's what she defines as sex for me now. The consensus: we both agreed that our sex lives are better than they have been for years.

After our discussion she asked me about plans for this week. I told her what I wanted for this coming weekend and she interrupted me. She said "What was it you said? What were those first two words?" I had said "I want..." I knew what she was getting at, and quickly changed my tune. You see, it's been since September 4 that I've been in almost continual lockup... and the "hearing aid" I'm wearing on my privates is really getting good! So I promptly apologized, took back my suggestions, and proposed a few things she might enjoy more. She smiled, but denied me the little "sex" I usually get (her teasing me around the bars of the cage). She sent me off to warm up the shower instead.

I've been sentenced to a strict LOctober this year. As I mentioned, we started this lockup on September 4, but I had some problems with the old cage. The new one was finally ready on September 28, and since then I've been 24/7 locked, and will be until sometime in November... unless, of course, she prefers me locked longer.

Yesterday morning she asked if it really took me 10 to 14 days after making love to get back to this "head space" of always trying to please her. I had to agree. I think she's considering keeping me locked longer.

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:34 pm
by LockedByBD
It's Getting Tough

I've never been under lock and key this long. 41 days since it started. About three weeks since the new cage came and I was put in 24/7 lockup. How do I know it's getting tough? The new cage has less space between the bars, meaning there's much less stimulation. Nevertheless, I had an unplanned emission this morning. This is the first time it's happened in this cage, and it took three weeks!

This morning in bed I suggested I could be unlocked on November 1. She replied "I doubt it!"

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:51 am
by LockedByBD
Vicious Cycle

Yesterday morning, as my wife was teasing the daylights out of me, I thought it was going on for maybe 20 minutes, but it was probably only five. I think she was giving me extra time because she is now gone for several days. I took her to the airport very early this morning, no time for play. And wouldn't you know it, I had a slight emission anyway. The second leakage this week.

This is the longest I've been under lock and key, over six weeks now. And for over half of that time it has been with the new cage, the one that doesn't let my testicles slip through, the one that has been on me snug and tight, 24/7, day and night, since she locked it on. The one that has raised my frustration to the point where I'm periodically leaking.

It's a funny thing, isn't it, how the more we think about her, the more we want to please her. Last night when we went to bed I told her about the vicious cycle I'm in:

- the more I please her, the more she likes it
- the more she likes it, the more she wants me locked
- the more she keeps me locked, the greater the frustration
- the greater the frustration, the more I think of her
- the more I think of her, the more I want to please her

She said it must be tough for me... but she smiled.

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:11 pm
by LockedByBD
Code Orange

- no orgasm since August
- locked September 4
- now leaking daily
- hormone levels sky high
- wife still away
- no emergency key
- brain turned to mush

must... refocus... brain... aaaargh!!

:o :shock: :o :shock: :o

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:47 pm
by LockedByBD
Simple Question

Well, she's back. It was low key today as we both had a lot of errands to run. Just before bed tonight I asked her "What's the best thing about having me locked in chastity?"

Her reply... "Having you at my beck and call." :D

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:36 am
by LockedByBD
When Will It End?

I'm getting really frustrated. I'm way beyond my old record of days locked. I've been locked pretty much 24/7 since September 4. My wife agreed to keep me locked all October. I thought that meant I would be unlocked when we hit November.

But now my wife told me not to ask about when I would be unlocked. She said she likes me this way. :|

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 4:19 pm
by LockedByBD

I read somewhere that it takes 60 days to form a new habit. When November 4 rolls around it will have been 61 days since I started this lockup. Well, I looked it up, and my wife and I may have to go longer! According to a scientific study it may take 66 days... or longer (see and the study in the footnotes).

My wife had been teasing me each morning when she wakes up until recently. I love that habit, but she hasn't teased me for the last few days. I hope that habit restarts tomorrow morning when we sleep in. What she has done occasionally, and did today, was to give me some housework to do. I had to get home early today to clean toilets before she got home. I like pleasing her, so that's another habit to cultivate.

I'm leaking again today. That's not something I have a lot of control over. It's been 52 days since this lockup started, 28 days in 24/7 with the new cage. I'm just plain frustrated.

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:38 pm
by LockedByBD
What Else Did She Say?

Well, since we got to sleep in this morning my wife took an extra long time in tickling and teasing me. Even when I'd roll over she'd come up from behind with those light fingers... The cage got really tight for quite a while. She had me so distracted I can't remember most of what was said. I do remember two things however. First she asked me "When is your next doctor's appointment?" I told her February. And later she said "You'll have to obey me even when you're unlocked."

Does that mean I'm locked till February... and then I don't even get to touch myself? :o

I have to stop thinking about stuff like that. Doesn't do me any good. Just remember, you wanted this, so keep the wife happy. :)

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:01 pm
by LockedByBD
Morning Talk

Leaking daily now.

This morning after we woke up and my wife rolled over to press her body against me, we had the following conversation:

"You know, we're into November and I'm still locked in inescapable chastity."
"That's too bad."
"It's like your steel fingers are constantly gripping my privates."
"Must be tough."
"It's driving me crazy."
"I know."
"I'd do just about anything to be unlocked."
"Maybe, if you're good, you might get out this weekend."
"I'll be good!"
"We'll see..."

The count: 59 days since the start of this lock-up; 35 days locked 24/7

Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:32 pm
by LockedByBD

Saturday morning I was led on, teased, made to believe I might get out right away...
That continued throughout the day. She had me guessing.

Sunday morning the key magically appeared! She was ready for some playtime! I was finally unlocked and we did the horizontal momba! Wow! You know how after a long time without an orgasm that final one you've been waiting for hits you like a tsunami? It felt like all logical thinking in my brain was switched off for a while. Amazing.

We blew the old record of 35 days away. It was 61 days locked up with only occasional short releases for cage adjustment in the beginning. The end of the lockup was 37 days of continuous 24/7 cage time.

Am out for a while... but will let you know when she wants her toy under lock and key.