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Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:23 am
by Tullyboy
I need to amend my last post. It didn't feel like love when I wrote that, but the truth is that it is. Sometimes it's mundane love, but it's love.

TullyGirl has been very conscious in the last few months about giving me regular sexual opportunities and at the end of each one, she has let me cum.

"I'm at an 8," I would say.

"Go ahead," she'd reply. And a week ago, she said, "You can cum in my mouth." With that rare permission, I was instantly transported over the top.

It's been very nice, actually. But during our last entwinement, while I stroked wonderfully inside her, I said, "I'm at a 9, but you've just been letting me cum anyway."

That may have been a mistake, as her face became moderately serious.

"Then STOP," she said.

"Too late," I smiled.

A few days later, I could see the glint in her eyes when, while we were kissing, she pushed me back against the bed. She began stroking me and biting my nipples. I didn't even need to say, "I'm at an 8." She got me there several times, perfectly edging me each time. And then kissed me goodnight with a little smile that said, "See, you got what you wanted."

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:15 am
by Tullyboy
"No, I don't think that you can be caged tonight. Then you get up to go pee, like 3 times a night, and it wakes me up. Take it off."

Those were my instructions. Outwardly I said, "Yes, ma'am." Inwardly I said, "Awww". But it's a gentle reminder that we're approaching chastity in large part for her pleasure - or at least for her convenience.

I was rewarded for my compliance, though! It made it much easier to make love :) It was a quick kiss and cum and it was delightful.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:38 am
by Tullyboy
This week I've been back in the cage. It was my idea. I sent a text saying, "May I lock up?" It had been several weeks since I was physically restrained.

She said, "Cage up!"

The next morning I asked again, "May I return to lockup?"

"Lock'er up!" was the reply.

This morning her text to me was,"Time to lock up!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Now I'm off to dust. It'll make her happy.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:31 pm
by Tullyboy
The dusting mentioned in the previous post carried on to sweeping and dish washing as well. It was all in preparation for our departure to attend our daughter’s wedding which was held out of state. Today we returned home after 2 great and tiring weeks of travel: we are one son richer than when we left. And we came home to a clean house which made everyone happy.

The night before the ceremony, Tullygirl came to bed late. She had been busy with last minute plans and had enjoyed talking with our friends and relations. I don’t like to fall asleep before she comes to bed, so I was groggy but awake when she came into the room to get ready for bed. I drifted off as she performed her ablutions and awoke as she crawled into bed and kissed me.

“You’re not asleep, are you?” she asked, knowing the answer.

I responded in a haze, “Of course not.” Even in the haze, I knew the right answer for sex.

And then she kissed me again, this time deeply and passionately. She tasted amazing. An amazing that I don’t remember before. And I pulled her close. In moments our underwear was off and I was in her, pulsing slowly to enjoy the sensation. I tend to have a hair trigger anyway, but the taste of her mouth meant that I was closer than ever and I warned her: “EIGHT!” I said forcefully.

In a moaning, sing-song voice she replied, “Go ahead!” And I came hard inside her in spasms.

She hadn’t wanted to cum, only to join together, and so we drifted off to sleep together.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging Reality

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:40 pm
by Tullyboy
A week later, still on the road, Tullygirl was laying next to me, hand on my cock.

“Please be mean to me,” I begged.

“Oh,” she said, and stopped - rolling away.

I was stunned. “Not THAT mean!” I cried.

She picked up her phone to continue her second reading of “A Keyholder’s Handbook”.

“I’ll just read instead.”


A few days later (last night actually), she was reading the Handbook and rubbing me to multiple edges. She looked at me.

“Ivey says that we should go for a month.”

“I’d like that,” I mentioned. She raised her eyebrows and turned toward me. She has been particularly kind lately and I’ve been cuming a lot so I was hoping for a little more time, but I corrected myself, “Well, maybe not a month.”

“No, I’ll remember that you thought a month sounded good.” She turned back to reading and I ramped up toward another edge.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:08 am
by Tullyboy
Here we are at 2 weeks. Certainly not the longest that I've gone without ejaculating, but long enough that I'm longing for intimacy... a lot.

I mentally crashed two nights ago. I couldn't sleep; I couldn't keep my mind off of sex and related topics. Finally around 2am Tullygirl said, "Are you STILL not asleep?" She had denied me earlier in the evening, not T&D, just D. And I was feeling a bit lonely and unwanted. We talked.

You might say that I topped from the bottom; emotionally blackmailing her into intimacy. You might say that. But I think that I'm going to say that she decided to meet my need after she saw that it was a need. So I received a few edges and then used the wand through her jammies and menstrual pad. It was a back arching orgasm. Her release was enough for me. It quieted my mind and I fell right to sleep afterward.

I'm a believer in vicarious orgasm.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:21 pm
by Tullyboy
No other way to put it: "Last night rocked."

It's that time of month. Between that and traveling, I haven't had the joy of touching any intimate female parts for a while. As I was heading to bed last night, Tullygirl said, "I don't have my menstrual cup in." And she flashed a coy smile. "You can get out of your cage."

I did so while she went to get ready for bed. After a while she came out of the bathroom in her keyholder tank top and pink penguin underwear. Not that it's germane to the story, but she was cute. In her hand, she had delay cream.

I disrobed and she stroked it on me until I had to ask her to stop. I dripped a puddle on my stomach. Not a full ruined orgasm but enough pre-cum to fill my belly-button.

"We'll just let the gel do it's magic for a few minutes," she said as she went back into the bathroom. She returned with some more delay cream which resulted in another edge.

Finally she deemed the time right. "I get to cum," she instructed as she grabbed her Hitachi. "Think you can handle this?"

I shook my head dubiously as she mounted me cowboy style. I warned, "If you rock I can't guarantee the outcome."

She smiled and started up the wand. We have a speed controller for it and I began her at the lowest setting. I slowly built the power up, would get her to the edge, and then I'd power down. Several times, I showed her the edge until she commanded lustily "Leave it on!" and I turned the power all the way up.

The delay cream was working. Without it, the vision before me and contractions against my penis would have sent me over. As it was, I barely held on. She fell forward onto me but I had to pull out; the shift in position was too much stimulation.

She laughed a breathless laugh as she snuggled into my shoulder, kissing my neck.

When Tullygirl had caught her breath she sat back up and shoved me inside her. She rode me hard until, even with the cream, I had to pull out. In the end, she gave me 6 long edges before jumping off and declaring, "I think that's enough for one night."

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:43 am
by Tullyboy
Still on a month long denial - mostly caged. I've enjoyed 2 ruined orgasms during this month and in addition to the encounters that I've already mentioned, there have been several other playtimes. In one instance Tullygirl described her orgasm as "synapse ripping." Sounds like a thumbs up for the "Satisfyer Pro 2" which did most of the work after I had warmed her up with my tongue.

The month ends in three days. Of course, the end date is entirely up to Tullygirl so MAYBE it ends in three days. If she were to say something like, "I think that you need a little more time," I'd be incredibly turned on by her dominance. But Tullygirl isn't one to be intentionally mean. She likes to play the game by the rules; it gives her a framework within which to work.

And so I also won't be disappointed if the denial ends. I've said before that my purpose behind chastity isn't to limit myself, exactly, but to give room for the full expression of Tullygirl's sexuality on her terms. So I'll be glad for the intimacy when it occurs.

I mentioned that I've been mostly caged. The pattern that Girl has fallen into is to put the cage on in the morning after a workout (a real one, not a sexy one) and take it off in the evening before bed. In the beginning I encouraged her to have me wear it all night because I wanted to feel like I was "doing it right". Now I feel like "doing it right" is doing what she wants. This has the added benefit of feeling much nicer when she does reach over to play a bit before bedtime.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:17 pm
by Tullyboy
Just received this text from Tullygirl: "One more day!!!!"

Do I dare get excited!?

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 8:20 pm
by Tullyboy
I think that I’ve answered my own question by remembering back to the beginning of our adventure. Over and again I would get my hopes up about sex only to be disappointed because Tullygirl doesn’t mentally invest like I do... or plan like I do. She might surprise me, but it’s pretty likely that she’s just thinking that I’ll get to cum. Probably not a big setup or fantasy fulfillment. So I think that I’ll just treat tomorrow like a normal day. (Can you hear the excited hope behind that statement, however? Who am I fooling.)