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Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:52 pm
by Tullyboy
[Curtain opens to interior, bathroom]

Boy: “Hmm, since we’re on vacation, this Bottom would love to make love every morning.”

Girl: “Pretty sure that Bottom has over-stepped his place.”

Boy: “Even bottoms can have dreams.”

Girl [with evil mirth]: “Well, THAT bottom is welcome to keep his dreams to himself.”

[Short kiss]

[End scene. Curtain.]

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:56 pm
by _lj_
sounds familiar...

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:03 pm
by Tullyboy

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:50 am
by Tullyboy
Felicitations of the New Year! My household has returned safely from our journey abroad.

Our trip began fairly uneventfully. Traveling to a third world nation is often frought with inconveniences, but all of our flights and buses and connections went well. We ended up in a desert oasis where my brother was to be married. Was it a real desert, you ask? Well, when you have to water the cactus, it’s probably a desert.

We had visited once before, a number of years ago, and during that trip it had rained for the first time in 30 years. This time it rained on my brother’s wedding day - good luck I’m told. In any case, they’ve asked us to return periodically and to bring the rain with us again.

The wedding was wonderful. A large group had gathered to celebrate the day. My brother and his fiancé are well known and loved in the community and many wanted to join the festivities. They had even rented 2 buses so that those without cars could make the journey from the city.

While the ceremony finished as planned, there was some additional excitement. We had moved to the reception site and were being served dinner when a powerful gust of wind lifted the wedding tent off it’s moorings. We watched as the wind flung the tent down the road, where it landed with a crunch, blocking everyone’s way home. It was several hours before the steel columns and beams could be relocated.

Unfortunately, our intestines were not used to the flora of the area. One by one, my family began throwing up and succumbing to bad diarrhea. This wasn’t totally unexpected; we had invested in zithromax and Imodium, but it did slow us down a bit and one of my daughters left the wedding only to be bedridden for another 2 days.

Following the wedding, our plan was to visit one of the Wonders of the World. This is where the inconveniences begin. Our flight was cancelled. The airports and planes of that region do not have the instruments necessary to take off and land in rain or overcast conditions, since they so rarely need to do so. After a twelve hour wait at the airport, we were told that they would be putting us on a bus instead. After eleven hours of curvy breakneck travel, and too many vomit bags to count, we arrived at our destination. Mental note: bring Dramamine next time.

The site itself was every bit as amazing as I had dreamed and the Imodium that I had taken did its job that day.

Our final days were spent in the region’s largest city where we enjoyed our time as tourists - visiting museums, parks and sites. Not to be outdone by the smaller airports, our flight home from the regional airport was also cancelled, supposedly because of the weather in the Northeast, and we spent two more enjoyable days learning the city. Exausted, we arrived home yesterday.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:23 am
by Tullyboy
Now, about chastity. Tullygirl had released me for travel, so I’ve been unlocked since Christmas Day.

Sadly, there is one thing that diarrhea accomplishes very well... it enforces chastity. Neither Tullygirl nor I had any inclination to touch the other person’s juicy areas. In addition, we were staying with my wife’s parents and our children in the same paddock so most of the trip was spent not only chaste but decidedly unapproachable.

Finally, toward the end of our trip, Girl and I had a room to ourselves. And on one of those days both of us were feeling well. She had decided that I would not cum during our vacation, so this day she engaged in some wonderful teasing and she used her mouth to bring about several lovely edges.

I had mentioned that we arrived home yesterday... but it was actually late the night before so we woke up late yesterday. I was still without cage. Several days before I had mentioned that it might be fun to continue this time without cuming. Since we had gone so far already, why not experience a longer cum free period? Apparently she had agreed with the suggestion.

“I want to ride you,” she commanded. “Think you can handle it without cuming?”

My eyes rolled doubtfully.

Not to be thwarted she continued, “Ok, I’ll just have to ruin you first.”

And that she did. She then mounted me and I used the Hitachi on her clit as she leaned back experiencing multiple waves of orgasm. Well worth the wait.

Last night I was still feeling the need for love and was perhaps expressing it too obviously.

“Ok, tomorrow morning you go back in your cage,” Tullygirl remarked. “It’s clear that you need to be reminded who is in charge.”

The vacation is over.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:18 am
by Tullyboy
I am struck once again by how having an orgasm so depletes Tullygirl’s sex drive. I suspect that I had not previously noticed this pattern because I was also happily depleted. With the advent of chastity, I now either don’t cum or I do but then continue to have stimulation from my cage. Not being depleted myself, I continue to long for contact that is not forthcumming. It helps to recognize this as I feel less hurt and needy. It helped yesterday :)

On another topic, I’ve noticed that many of us like to research chastity. We do this through porn or books or online forums and I suspect that our hope is that our spouse comes along for the ride and learns from them. Likely, we want our spouse to perform according to our fantasies; this is certainly true for me.

As you may recall, we’ve been reading through Mistress Ivey’s book and I’ve mentioned how our approaches to chastity aren’t exactly aligned. But still, it has been good to work through it with Girl and discuss what our approach should be. Girl’s joke is that she’ll read something about orgasm denial and tease me, “I’m hearing you say that you never want to cum again.”

Now that we’re done reading Ivey, it felt like we needed to look within our relationship to find an approach that was more compatible with our relationship. Novel idea, huh?

One thing to know about my wife is that she is a list maker. She’ll make a list AFTER she’s completed a task, just for the joy of crossing it off the list. So we’ve decided to make a list of tease activities that she enjoys doing and that I enjoy receiving. This way she doesn’t need to feel the pressure to be inventive and I’m more likely to be sustained by teasing. “Ruined orgasm” was the first thing on the list and was what lead to our tease session on Sunday morning.

Right now, “Ruined orgasm” is the only thing on the list since we haven’t had opportunity to add more. Maybe I’m ok with that. :P

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:27 am
by Tullyboy
Last night we began talking about the list and adding ideas.

After dinner, the kids had wandered off to their rooms and we were left at the table. Tullygirl was being flirty so it seemed like a good time to talk. I was reminded how fortunate I am to have a wife that truely cares about my pleasure. It definitely makes it easier to give up sexual frequency knowing that she cares for my wellbeing*.

I made a fire, we snuggled onto the couch and we started our list: Ruin O., Pegging, Edging, Visual teases, Prostate milking...

“I don’t know how prostate milking works,” Tullygirl said.

So we looked up an article on prostate milking. We managed to get through most of it and then a cluster headache hit my Girl. I felt so badly for her. They hit her hard, a bit like a migraine, but fortunately go away fairly quickly. This one lasted longer than normal and so I scooped her up and carried her into bed.

Tullygirl was apologetic for ruining our night, but I explained to her that I really am trying not to set expectations so I didn’t have any “plans” for the evening. I was just happy to get to hang out with her. And I went to bed genuinely content**.

*When I have doubts about this lifestyle or start topping from the bottom, it’s usually because I forget this and try to secure the pleasure myself. I get scared that if I don’t assert myself, it won’t happen.

**with the exception of wishing that I could take her pain away. Thankfully, not long after getting to the bedroom the headache went away. It had still killed the moment, but I was ok with that as we drifted off to sleep touching each other.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:25 am
by Tullyboy
Sexual satisfaction. It’s something that I’ve always yearned for. It’s also something that has rarely lasted beyond the day that I came. My appetite is immense. I can imagine that this has frustrated Tullygirl over the years. It must have seemed a bit like Sissyphus to her. Not sooner had she pushed the ball to the top than it rolled back down. It’s a lot like the laundry in that way.

It’s been frustrating for me, too. Not wanting to be a nag but needing that physical touch to feel loved. Hoping that she can read my mind and my need. And feeling discarded and unloved when she couldn’t. “She must not find me sexy. How can I be more for her? Why can’t I turn her on like she turns me on. She must not need me.” These are haunting thoughts that bury me in feelings of inadequacy.

Not last night, though. Yesterday I had suggested that, “Coming to bed naked,” would make a good addition to the list of teases. Apparently she liked the idea, because as I put my head on the pillow in walked Tullygirl in her robe. She smiled and the robe slid from her shoulders baring her beautiful body to me.

Girl slid in beside me and began with slow, loving kisses. Her hands found my nipples and I moaned. Then she went lower and teased my flesh through the cage. I was delirious. “I don’t deserve you,” I whispered.

She opened her legs to me and allowed my cage to rub against her mound.

And then it was over. I looked up with sad eyes.

“Yes?” she asked.

I sputtered. I wanted so much more. “Um”

She raised her eyebrow, questioning.

I whimpered, “Um, can I beg?”

“Can you peg? No you can’t peg? I don’t like that.” She teased.

“Beg. Can I BEG?!”

“Sure. What do you want?” She was playing coy.

I wanted to say, “Please please please will you edge me!?”

What came out was, “Would you like to be pleased?”

“Yes I would. You can use the clit sucker.”

I started with my tongue and worked her clit until her hips began to buck. I switched to the clit sucker and ramped it quickly to high speed. She melted into orgasm. I rested my head on her thigh until she pulled me up to lay against her nakedness. The lights went out.

And today I’m satisfied in my frustration.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:08 pm
by Tullyboy
I am away from home.

And unlocked again :(

I’m on an adventure, which is too specific to detail, but is very incompatible with being caged. Before leaving, Tullygirl told me to take the cage off. And it’s a good thing, too. It would have been ripped off otherwise. I had asked whether I might bring it along anyway, but she didn’t feel that it was necessary. So here I sit... free.

I’ve been with a great group of friends but have had very little privacy. Even had I been allowed to initiate phone sex, it would have been impractical. I was still hoping for some teasing. Finally today I received a text with a picture of a Victoria’s Secret store. It was in a slightly different context than, “look where I’m shopping” so we’ll see what it might mean for my return trip. Here’s to hoping. I may have mentioned this before but one of the things that I’m no longer allowed to do is to buy products that have any sexual connotation. This means no lingerie shopping for me.

I somewhat outted myself to my good friend. I provided details on our shift of sexual power and the rules associated with it. I didn’t mention my normally locked status, however. I want to think that I don’t really care if people know but at the same time maybe that secret is worth keeping ;)

I’m looking forward to returning home soon where I hope that Tullygirl makes it clear once again how much control she has in that hot body of hers.

Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:04 pm
by Tullyboy
I had an unintentional Tease and Denial session last night. A few minutes after going to sleep I was awakened to the sounds of sex. I’m staying with some friends and their bedroom shares a wall with the guest room. It was clear that they were trying to be quiet but it was unmistakeable. Since I’m unlocked still, I considered helping myself to a little relief, but I didn’t want to disappoint Tullygirl. And it’s a good thing that I didn’t; here’s what she texted me after I admitted to being tempted:

“Good thing you didn’t. I wouldn’t have trusted you to willy nilly be free again. It might have meant a cage for the rest of your life. That would be a long time... If you come home, I’ll tease and deny you in person.“

I was so turned on by it all that later, as I was finishing peeing, I let down some cum. That’s the second time that has happened since beginning chastity. I don’t remember that happening before during other times of chastity, but I’ve also never been actively teased.