[Chastity4don ] Locked and Teased!

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[Chastity4don ] Locked and Teased!

Post by Chastity4don » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:54 pm

So, this weekend we went to a wedding of a family memeber. It was formal, so we had to dress up. This meant buying my sexy wife a new dress and heels! I love taking my wife shopping, she usually locks me up beforehand. To get the most out of me... Anyway, she chose a very short, sexy black dress and black heels to match. I'm really good at helping my wife find great clothes that make her look esquisite, so I suggested some sheer black hose to go with her outfit. She doesn't really like wearing hose, but will from time to time just to drive me wild! Once I convinced her to buy some and try them on, I was in euphoria! She still had me locked up from the shopping trip, so I layed on the floor while she tried everything on, including the hose. Oh Em Gee, did she look hot! I was bulging at my cage and
She knew it. That's when the fun
Began, for her that is. She had me lay on the bed while she rubbed her stocking clad legs and feet all over my face and caged package! I was moaning and whining like a little girl! I begged her to release me, but she said no! She told me I had only been locked up for one day and There was no way I was getting out! Also, she was on her period, which almost always means lock up for me anyway. Once she stopped running her feet all over me, she changed and it was time for bed. However, the teasing didn't cease. She came to bed completely naked and patted her bare ass. I knew what that meant. She wanted me to come kiss her ass, which meant my caged package would be at her feet. I kissed her ass for about an hour, while she fondled my cage with her feet. I was so horny I nearly cried. My balls hurt so bad I was wincing. Once she fell asleep I was told I could stop, but of course with the straining cock I had, I was unable to fall asleep for several hours. She kept me locked up during the rehearsal dinner, but was generous enough to let me out for the wedding. But only because the clothes we chose showed my bulging cage. After the wedding I was right back in my cage. She knows about Locktober, so I may be spending most of the month under lock and key. It was a glorious teasing that left me as turned on as ever to be the chastity slut of my goddess!
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Re: [Chastity4don ] Locked and Teased!

Post by Tom Allen » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:14 pm

Is this a forum blog that you're starting? If so, please make sure that you look through the suggestions at the top:
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