[tklh21] The journey begins

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[tklh21] The journey begins

Post by Tklh21 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:11 am

Greetings from the all year round sunny city of Singapore.

I don't know if there are any more folks from this country in this forum. Hope I am not the first, or maybe am happy to be the first and encourage others from here to join in this lifestyle.

This may not be typical Chastity journey, but I am living my dream of Chastity, and giving up my orgasms to the one I love has just begun. And to do so in a country like Singapore, it really is a dream.

Here goes:

On a whim and fancy, I chanced upon a CB in my travels years back and for shits and grins decided to buy it to add some spice into my marriage. It was always vanilla to begin with and with age catching up, (I'm 53 and she's 48, both Chinese), the pressures of living in a fast paced city, bringing up a teenager, sex had taken a back seat. (I am sure many have the same experience).

So I went ahead and bought a CB3K. Brought it home, showed it to the wife and she was so repulsed by the thought that she almost threw it out immediately. Luckily, the cost stopped her. So off into storage it went.

That was 6 years ago....

Life went on, and last month I chanced upon this bag while cleaning up my closet. Though I would give it another try. This was when I came across this forum and read as much as I could to equip myself to have the conversation with the wife again. I have come to realise that this is not some kind of kink that I had hoped for like before. It is a genuine need to control my urges and also to cut down on masturbation as it is becoming a little of an obsession for me.

Had a good long chat and brought her to some sites that posted the benefits of male chastity, not particularly Femdom sites. She is still not really into all this, but I did get a bit of a concession. She has not said NO, but "do whatever you like" I took that as a small victory in at least getting her somewhat interested in this whole journey.

So I locked myself in the CB after a few attempts to find the right sizing and fit. All the advice given here were spot on about easing into this and not trying to lock on and go for a month. It took me close to a month of trial and error to find the correct fit that would not hamper my daily activities and be able to wear it for longer and longer periods of time. I am up to 7 days so far and it is still ok. I've been able to keep everything clean without having to take it off.

With a fitting CD, I presented the key to the wife with a note that listed why I want to do this. Really, it is for me to stop taking her for granted. She has been the rock in this family through the thick and thin and its about time that we concentrated on HER needs instead. It may not be the typical reason why most people get into this lifestyle, but I feel that the CD is and will be a constant reminder (for me at least) to put her first whether it be in bed or in life. She deserves it.

I was expecting her to throw the key out the window and kick me out of the house. Instead, she calmly put the key into her drawer and told me that it would be there and any time that I grow tired of this game, I could retrieve it.

I have no urge to make her my Goddess or Mistress. Nor do I want a FLR. I just want to be kept reminded that she is the only person that matters to me and I would gladly give up fooling around and masturbating for her. I will let her be the decider of when we both get to cum or not. Having a CD on will also lessen the temptation to find pleasures of the flesh elsewhere. In this country where there are numerous distractions and temptations. I want it to be all about her.

So far its been a week and it has been comfortable. I do get horny sometimes and all I can feel is this plastic tube surrounding my cock. Frustrating to say the least. But the frustration is not without satisfaction that she has seen a change in my attitude at home. I am not so grumpy and stressed when I get home (and I am actually home more nowadays). I have some sort of ZEN about me and easier to talk to now she says. She even went to the extent of checking that the CD is still in place once in a while.

I tried cuddling up to her in bed and it pokes her and she does not like it. she keeps saying that she prefers the real thing poking into her. I offer to ease her tensions orally and have done that on a few nights not expecting anything in return. She offered to unlock me to ease my tensions, but I am sticking to my intent of letting her feel wanted and needed and making her satisfied. I told her that SHE decides she wants to use the real thing or be serviced by my tongue. I gave her control as to how she wants her orgasms to happen and not needing to reciprocate.

Then she dropped the bombshell. "Since our anniversary will be coming up on April 21, lets keep it locked till then and we will both have a great time TOGETHER".

What more could I ask for.......

I hope that this will last and we live our lives like this. We are at our happiest now, and I wish this to carry on.

I just went to the drawer and the keys are not there anymore.......
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Re: [tklh21] The journey begins

Post by Tklh21 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:45 pm

A small update: I think things could possibly work out. Last night, in the midst of clearing some stuff out of our closet, I accidentally brushed against the wife with the CD. Instead of being annoyed, she casually asked how it feels to be locked up like this. I told her that except for the occasional squishing of the balls when I sit, it is actually quite comfortable.

She asked to see how it looks like all squashed up!!!!!

Without hesitating, we went to the bathroom and I pulled my pants down to show her. She said it look absolutely comical and laughed at how small the thing (thats what she calls it)is. Feeling a bit embarrassed, but excited at the same time, I asked if she would like to be served. She said maybe later, if the mood comes. She then also showed me something that I completely did not expect. She unbuttoned her blouse and there dangling from her neck on a nice gold chain was the KEY. She IS WEARING MY KEY!!!! (or should I say HER key now)

She said that she had been doing some research on her own about this whole chastity lifestyle and she would like to give it a try. We both agree that I am not looking for a FLR or to be dominated. I just want to make her happy on my own free will. She has the power to decide when she likes to be served or when she wants me to be released for more fun. We also agreed that I have the final decision to call this all off if I lose interest.

Later, she asked for some fun and I readily complied. When she was done, she held out the key and asked if I would like some release. Now which dummy wouldn't? Of course I said YES. She said: "Not till the 21st" you shall have to endure for a few more days and I promise you a night you won't forget....

What more could a guy ask for.....

Stay tuned for more updates after the 21st
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Re: [tklh21] The journey begins

Post by Gymgenius » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:27 pm

Awesome account. We're tuned, and it's after the 21st!
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Re: [tklh21] The journey begins

Post by Tklh21 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:34 pm

Sorry for the delay.

Here the account of all that happened over the weekend. May be a bit long.

Well, came the 21st and I had all the anticipation, much like the wedding night. I couldn't keep focus on anything at work all day! Finally came time to call it a week and I rushed home to find a well cooked dinner prepared and the house empty. Hmmmm expectations of things to come?

Happy Anniversary Dear was all she said. Dinners getting cold. please eat quickly and go for your shower. The celebrating is just beginning. Can you imagine what thoughts were running through my head at that moment. Dinner was pretty quite, making small talk and general talk about our work days.GOD! the anticipation is KILLING ME!!!!!!. Dinner done and I jumped into the shower quicker than I ever did. Got scrubbed clean (as can be with a cage on) and came out naked.

"PUT ON SOME CLOTHES!!!, YOU WANT THE NEIGHBOURS TO SEE YOU NAKED?" was the response I got. Not quite what I expected. "Get dressed, we're going out for drinks with friends".

What? with the cage on?? wouldn't it be a little uncomfortable? Maybe we could have a little fun first, then go out with our friends without the bother of the CD? Well, she isn't having any of that. "I know the way you look at Jolene (our friend), and I want you to stay a good man and not have thoughts since I know that you will be having fantasies of her while you are having sex with me."

So the drink date was pretty uneventful. with a caged monster raring to go, not so much as having thoughts of her friend (who was seriously hot, by the way), but about what could happen later.

We got home, a little tipsy and she goes for her shower. She hasn't given me instructions to unlock. Strange... I wait for her to finish and she is out the shower in her usual sleeping clothes. Whatever fantasy I had of her in a sexy lingerie and looking hot evaporated. "I had a little too much to drink and I think I will just go to sleep. thanks for a wonderful anniversary date. I enjoyed it a lot." With that, she promptly jumped into bed and went to sleep with me nursing a throbbing cock well secured inside the CD dying to get some relief. Just trying my luck, I start to feel her up and stroke her where she likes, but she would have nothing of that. "GO TO SLEEP!" I was more of a command than a request. Ok Ok, I get the message. There's still the weekend.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, I was awaken by stroking of my chest and moving south towards my crotch. She was awake!!! "You have kept your promise and I will keep mine. I said you would be released tonight and so you shall, but first I heard that it is better that you make me cum first and I will make sure you won't regret it. But the cage comes off ONLY if you give me a satisfactory orgasm."

Did I need any more prompting? I dove right in and licked her to a screaming orgasm. Something I have not seen since our dating days. After she came down from it, she said:"Its been such a long time since I had such a big one. Thank you. Now is this where I roll over and go to sleep just like the stories on the net that I have read?" NO this can't be happening. As much I there is a thrill of denial and the frustration of not being to cum, I did not sign up for this. I tried to explain that she promised to take care of my needs after I had taken care of her. She just said "its your fault for letting me get so much information from the net. I am so tired out by the big O, that now you have 3 choices: go back to bed and perhaps tomorrow I may unlock you and you may be able to take care of business yourself, or I can unlock you now and take care of business yourself right now and get locked right back up cos' I am too tired to be doing anything. The last option is for you to go to sleep and maybe I will unlock you and make you happy sometime over the weekend, but I don't want to be pushed into it. GOODNIGHT!" Whatever the option, she meant me taking care of business with my trusty five friends tonight if I wanted some relief or hope that she will keep her end of the bargain and do the necessary if I don't whine.

What did I get myself into?????? So I made up my mind to respect her wishes. stay locked and hope that tomorrow will bring some relief.

Saturday morning, woke up and did the usual household routines. When our daughter left for her meetup with friends, we had the house to ourselves again. I've read enough from this forum and other sources, not to keep asking for release and tried to play it cool, but the wife had decided to tease me even more. She called me into the bed and asked for another licking. Now this is a HUGE surprise for me because she usually doesn't want more after a big one and especially one as huge as last night. But who am I to complain, I would do it gladly anytime. So after taking her to another huge orgasm, she finally calmed down to say "its your turn now." She took the key off her necklace and unlocked the lock. I now know what relief is when you see the lock turn and the shackle unlatch from the lock. Never have I been so relieved to have it opened cos' it signals the end of the lockup period and the possibility (BIG Possibility) of relief.

My wife is not the most sexually adventurous of people. All she did was to have me lie down and stroked me to orgasm. And what a HUGE orgasm it was. Why only a stroking? She was starting on her period and will never have PIV sex when its that time of the month. Nonetheless, it was relief and in the hands of the wife, it was marvellously enjoyable. I think I must have cummed all over the bed and the explosion was something I never felt before. All the things everyone says about earth shaking and mind blowing is TRUE!! It just kept going on and on and on. I was totally drained. If this is the reward for abstinence, I gladly take it anytime and for any period of time.

All done for now, we clean up and spent the day doing the usual things couples do. No mention of how it felt, when would be the next one or lockup. Its as though we were back on the old routines. She hasn't mentioned anything about future lockups and I think it would be a good idea not to broach this so soon. Let her settle into this herself and let her be the initiator. She may have been trying to humour me and playing along this time and this could be the one and only time we get to play with Chastity and Denial, but I am hopeful that there will be more.

So I am unlocked for the rest of the weekend and here I am updating the board. Apologies if it sounds a bit anti climatic, but my life doesn't exist in the fantasy realm I guess this is real life.

Thanks for reading. and I will update again when she decides to lock me up again or after we get a chance to sit down and have a conversation about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Male Chastity and its many implications.

Would love to hear from all, what you guys think. Do I have a chance for the wife to be part of this journey and what her response and action are actually saying. Go or No Go.....
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Re: [tklh21] The journey begins

Post by TwistedMister » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:30 am

Tklh21 wrote:Would love to hear from all, what you guys think. Do I have a chance for the wife to be part of this journey and what her response and action are actually saying. Go or No Go.....
Positive reinforcement- let her know how much you liked/loved how she acted when she refused to unlock you, how excited you were to pleasure her while locked & knowing that you were not going to get the same, how much she turned you on by denying you. Tell her how fantastic she was as your 'Keyholder', how you loved the build-up and anticipation she gave you (like an extended form of foreplay), and how great the orgasm was that she finally gave you. Tell her how much you enjoyed being there for her pleasure while you had to wait for yours. Tell her how being locked for her made you feel as though she was with you all the time, and how much you enjoyed that feeling.

You don't necessarily want to tell her all of this all at once, or the same things as I wrote them, in the same words. Only you know her well enough to know what to say and how to say it, but the general idea is that you let her know how great she was and how excited *she* made you feel. Build her up, and her accomplishment, and she will probably want to do it again. you might not want to come right out and ask her to do it again, but you could let her know that you wouldn't be opposed to it.
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Re: [tklh21] The journey begins

Post by locked4her55 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:35 pm

Totally on board with TM's advice. Just remember, while this is forefront in your mind it's just "life goes on" for her. Try not to overload her with the subject. I did that with my wife and it almost destroyed the whole thing. Let it grow like a flower. The flower will die if you just dump a whole bag of fertilizer and a gallon of water in the pot. It could take many months or even a year before she's sold on it. When the opportunity arises ( :lol: ) talk about it but don't let the conversation smother her.

I believe you are off to a great start. Just getting her to wear the key is big time. Continue to put her first and do those little things that puts a smile on her face. My wife is a great KH now and professes that this is one of the best things that ever happened to our relationship. Win/win.
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