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Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:06 am
by cuyahoga
One week of denial ... no chastity yet.

The build up of all the denial feelings and emotions has been much faster. In the past, one week would barely have me feeling it, but this time, I'm already quite far along.

So far I've been perfect in my quest not to talk about it. I haven't asked for anything, I haven't mentioned how I'm feeling, I haven't suggested any actions on her part, and I haven't propositioned her at all. I'm not going to completely stop propositioning her; I know she doesn't want that. I just have to be careful about pushing my luck, and I'm noticing that by not propositioning her, she's actually being a little more attentive.

Don't know how long that'll last. I'm holding back a lot. I think during our last run, I got a little too clingy. I feel like if I let myself go with that desire to hug and cuddle and kiss her, it'll open a floodgate that I won't be able to control, so I'm making a huge effort to hold it all back.

And that's one way I know I'm much further along in those denial feelings. In the past, one week would be nowhere close to creating this much desire, and I certainly wouldn't have to be trying this hard to hold it back.

The other night, she was teasing me with her fingers before we went to sleep, and said, "It seems like you're trying .. like you're trying to get to the orgasm. You should just relax. This isn't going to go anywhere. You're not even close to getting to cum. And I'm not trying to edge you ... I'm just making sure you stay interested."

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:15 am
by cuyahoga
Not much to report, so far.

I'm doing so much better this time with regard to not talking about it. I'm actually barely suppressing a desire to talk about it. It's like it's become normal finally, and there's no need to elaborate too much.

The teasing has mostly been our sex life without my orgasms. There have been a couple of evenings where I've gone to bed before her, and she's come in to "tuck me in." These have involved dry hand jobs lasting a few minutes, and they're pretty awesome at keeping me in the game.

The other night we did try something new, something I've been wanting to try. She was pretty drunk, and when she's intoxicated like that, she does like to get a good hard one. Unfortunately, when she's denying me, that's not something I can really provide to the degree she desires. So I wanted to try a numbing concept.

I read some good and bad things about KY's delay spray, and it was relatively inexpensive, easily accessible, and seemed the least intrusive to an experience. Unfortunately, it did not do the job for me. Whereas I would usually be edging within a minute of sliding into her, with the spray, I was edging in about 90 seconds. That could just as easily be attributed to waxing and waning arousal as much as any effect of the spray.

There are a couple of things I may have done wrong. In an attempt to spread the solution around evenly, I may have inadvertently wiped a significant portion of it off. Also, even though I left it on for ten minutes before trying anything, I've read that it might be drying out much faster than that, and that covering it with saran wrap or a condom can keep it from drying out, so you get more of it soaking into the skin.

So really, don't take this as a bad review so much as a relating of a failed attempt. My wife has already mentioned that we should try it again before we discard it as a solution to that problem.

Lastly, no caging yet. There was a mention of the cage, and a comment from her that she felt it was too early in the denial to start the caging's yet. In the past, three to four weeks has been the spot for that in her mind, and of course beyond. I know that I'm much further along in my arousal rise and plateau than in the past attempts, but I've not really shared it with her. She has picked up on it. She sees that some of the things she likes about me have shown up earlier than usual. She's definitely right about that.

The much shorter break between my denials definitely upped the ante on this (I think that metaphor might be perfect there; I'm starting with a much bigger investment than usual).

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:22 am
by cuyahoga
Really good weekend with my wife, I did something very special for her, and she rewarded me with lots of teasing Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, I was begging for an orgasm (with her encouragement), and she was saying 'no.' Then she said that she didn't want cuddly, super nice me to go away yet, so I promised that wouldn't happen.

Finally she relented, with a caveat. She would let me orgasm once, on Sunday morning, but on Sunday night, I would have to put the cage on. That was perfect to me, super hot, exactly the kind of "compromise" I would love to "endure." I was so impressed with her decision, and her coming up with that on her own.

Then some things developed in our lives, and it made continuing our game bad timing. All activity on that front is suspended indefinitely, until we can get this particular stress out of our lives. Might be a few days, might be a couple of months ... it's hard to tell at this point.

I haven't had a second orgasm, though, and that's the one that really usually clears my system. I was still all cuddly this morning, so ... no idea what's going to happen here. I'll keep you posted.

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:39 pm
by cuyahoga
No real update ... just checking in, more for my sake than anything else.
That stressor that has suspended our play time looks to be resolving itself sometime around early to mid September, so I'm holding on patiently and wondering what will happen.
The chastity cage is not in use, and I'm free to orgasm at will, so I almost feel guilty even posting here.
... but, so much progress and understanding was achieved at the beginning of this year that I'm fairly confidant something will happen again.

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:08 am
by cuyahoga
I'm struggling a lot with waiting this out.
After having such a successful taste earlier this year, I'm just not interested in being perfectly vanilla anymore. Unfortunately, I've also become very aware that solo play in this arena holds zero appeal for me.

I really need her to come back to this on her own, but I don't know if I have the patience to wait that out. Our problem will be resolved very soon. It's been hard because it's not the kind of thing that affects me as much as her. I'm praying that were not so far away from our successful adventures of the spring that she's forgotten about some of the progress we shared. I don't want to have to talk about and analyze all of this stuff again.

And whether or not she comes back to this on her own is like a test. Whether it's accurate or not, it will send a message to my subconscious about her feelings on this kind of play. And I'm not sure how to deal with how sad I'll be if nothing develops.

Reading back over the posts here ... one month ago I was confident. That's gone, and I'm not certain why.
Going back even further ... I was really happy, and she was happy, learning, playing, developing. I really want to remind her of that, but again, a big part of me needs it to come from her.

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:26 am
by cuyahoga
We had an encounter last night that came very close to ending in denial, and I have no idea why it didn't. She kept saying it was 'almost' time, and maybe we should, but then she didn't.

Maybe our next encounter ... maybe not.
I'm definitely in the zone of wanting to be denied.
It's even more important to me that she wants it enough to do it.

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:38 pm
by cuyahoga
Last night, we had a very normal sexual encounter, but my wife started it with mentioning the possibility of denying me. It ended with my asking if I was or wasn’t allowed, and she said, “Go ahead. I hope it’s a good one, because it’s the last you’re going to have for a while.”

So ... on the road again ...

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:58 am
by cuyahoga
Two sexual encounters since my denial started. Neither involved any question of my orgasm. She’s definitely interested in a long haul here.

And last night, with no prompting from me, she decided it was time for the cage. After I put it on, we were both engaged in separate activities, but met up at bedtime. All I wanted or needed was the cuddling, but her hand on the cage as she was wrapped up in my arms was wonderful. She fell asleep like that, and I almost did.

It’s absolutely amazing to me, the differences, small differences, after such a short time denied. I can’t normally handle cuddling that long, or come even close to falling asleep with her wrapped up in my arms like that. And that is one of my favorite parts of being denied, enhanced by the cage.

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:59 am
by cuyahoga
... and then unlocked this morning ...
Must’ve just been a trial run ...
Oh well, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I’m sure there will be more cage time.

Re: [cuyahoga] Chapter Two

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:20 am
by cuyahoga
A long time ago, our use of the cage was limited to evenings, rarely beyond going to bed, and only for a couple or three evenings in a row.
The other night, she told me to put the cage on, and then we cuddled, slept, I woke up and showered, and then she told me to take it off. She must’ve sensed my disappointment, because she added, “Don’t worry. You’ll get it back.”
I asked if she was uncomfortable sending me to work in the cage, and she replied, “No, it’s just pretty early (referring to where we are in the denial period).” I let it go quickly; I want her in charge.
Last night, she ordered me to put it back on, and then later she asked if my work environment was conducive to wearing the cage. I responded that there was no need for me to ever take it off, there was only one situation where I would be uncomfortable (public restroom with our kids, so alone in public with the kids; they aren’t old enough to leave alone while I go pee). She understood the concept, and I knew she’d be leaving me in it now.
Later, she didn’t want to play completely, but she did fondle the cage for a few minutes, and then started squeezing my balls. It was more intense than she’s ever done before. She’s definitely still learning the ropes on that. It hurt ... alot. On the last one, I actually moaned pretty loud.
“I can’t tell if that’s a good sound, or a bad sound,” she commented.
Five minutes later, I was able to tell her it was a good sound.

I remain caged ... for the time being.