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Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:26 pm
by sirmebane
Wow. I took the summer off from doing updates to my journal? My last update is from June 15 so I'm nearly three months behind schedule. It got busy. I've been traveling... a lot.

I have attempted to take my plastic Nub knock off on the road but it is just a huge pain to deal with when trying to travel and do business. My work travel is such that I don't have a lot of spare time and when I do, it is about planning the next task or decompressing to be ready for the next day.

Being in the cage has been a little on and lot of off which does nothing for the fantasy in my mind. I had one trip that had me running ahead of schedule and with a little time on my hands. The brain begins to wander, the fingers count how many days it has been and suddenly you are deliberately working yourself into a solo session. She hasn't been asking me about being locked up, I have been on the road, I guess we're on a break.

When I returned from that very trip, she asked me this very question, "You haven't been locked up a lot recently... have you been good?"

The expression on my face gave me away immediately. How did she know? She smiled with my discomfort and noted inability to keep my self control.

The following weekend while she had no desire for sex herself, she wanted to treat me and gave me instructions on what would be happening after her foot rub. I was to have satin panties ready and she would work me over to drive my desire, when complete I would be locked up.

Travel has had me in and out of the cage but I have been better behaved when I'm unlocked for travel. Her confidence to lock me up, get what she wants and leave me locked is simply part of our marriage now. Last weekend marked my third straight week without relief and usually when she relents and sees that I am allowed to orgasm.

"You'll rub my feet. Lick me and then I'm going to sleep." I worked my tongue in order to give her 2-3 orgasms which had me really excited. I was leaking through the cage and wanted her in the worst way. When I had the chance, I climbed on top of her and thrusted a little which just made her smile. "Don't torture yourself."

It will be a minimum of 4 weeks before I get out to play and there is a little recreational travel scheduled this weekend. I'm not getting out until I travel next week and even then it will be just an overnight trip so in and out. Could this lockup go longer? I have no idea and I love it.

Now that I have hit that three week window of desire, I cannot keep my hands off of her and she just shakes her head and pities me.

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 6:27 pm
by sirmebane
I'm struggling a little bit with her being in control because I get to a point where I'm constantly horny and eager to be with her, but then she shuts it all down by requiring my orgasm.


At some point, I think she enjoys exercising her power to get what she wants. I have offered "alternatives" for the last two sessions where she ordered me unlocked and pleasured. She seemed exhausted by my resistance and I immediately backed down to do what I was told.

My last two orgasms followed this pattern and I was left to deal with a grumpy post O low like I've never experienced before. I can't decide if I'm pouting or if I'm really feeling a proper low. I'm constantly learning things about chastity that I thought I already knew.

She commented last night that I had been unlocked for two days and "not following my instructions" to lock back up. I laughed it off but promptly locked back up after she went to sleep.

As we approach four years of her keeping me locked, I think we've entered the "routine phase" but I still have so much to learn and she continually impresses me with her desire to play.

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:22 pm
by sirmebane
The holidays offered a gentle break from air travel and she has kept me locked continuously which is awesome. I am drawn to her physically, emotionally and in all other ways when I'm held chaste. I would hate to think that as an educated, mature man with significant life experience that I am held captive to my biological urges. Well boys and girls, I am most definitely help captive the biological imperative in the same way I am driven to eat and drink. These things can be deferred and contained but they are part of the human existence.

Last weekend she required a foot rub and as I finished up, she stuck her tongue out and waved it around. "I need your tongue tonight. I want you to lick me but you're staying locked." She moved into position to be serviced by me orally and dropped her bottoms along the way. I started to get undressed and very playfully says, "Why are YOU getting undressed?" I was so turned on by just that comment, I could feel my heart rate change. I gave her as passionate a kiss as I knew how and then slipped between her legs for what would be my only treat for the night. I love it when she allows me to go down on her and I become intoxicated when I'm giving her pleasure that way. Her aroma when excited is one of the reasons I'm happy to be alive. I provided her with sufficient orgasms that she could only talk to me with sighs

This weekend she decided it was my turn and during dinner when I asked if she "had a plan" she admitted she didn't but then just ask quickly, an idea came to her.

"You're getting unlocked, teased and then locked back up. I mean right away, no delay." I had to live with that set of directions for several hours and stayed keyed up at some level until the house was quiet and her foot rub began.

Her feet having been fully relaxed and moisturized she left me briefly to retrieve the key from her secret hiding place. She returned and threw the key toward me while I undressed and laid on the bed with nothing to cover me but the cage. I was instructed to unlock the cage but she did it in a teasing way.

"I won't start until you can get out of the cage. I know it makes it hard, er, difficult for you to get it off." Her playfulness wasn't lost on me the minute the lock came loose, I was growing. I became erect so fast that I couldn't get the base ring off so we moved on with it in place. She made sure I had satin panties to stimulate me and then laid out the details.

"I'll take care of the top." She gestured toward to my chest meaning she was going to work my nipples. "You take care of the bottom. You are NOT ALLOWED TO COME. When it is over, you get locked back up." She gets better at winding me up with each successful tease and she checked every box tonight. My physical excitement was evident and she moved right into getting my heart rate to go even higher. I didn't delay in running that satin around my privates since physical stimulation of this sort is rare these days.

She would take me into a deep series of stimulation and heavy-breathing only to slow to a stop to wait for my furious rubbing to end. When I could recover a bit and evaluate how close to the edge I might be, I'd feel her claws rake across my chest and it would begin again. It was heaven.

Since there was no obvious end to the experience, she decided it needed to stop and ended her stimulation. I was so excited/stimulated/horny that I just kept going but at a slower and more deliberate pace. She patiently waited for me to stop but when I didn't she eventually said...

"You need to stop and lock back up or you won't be allowed out next time."

Who is this woman?!

I finally stopped everything and let my excitement fade as I was told to do but when I put the cage back over my excited member, it just didn't fit. I waited. I moved a little further away from her. I watched a little TV and the cage sat at the end of my penis with a solid gap between it and the post on the base ring. I pinched the head. I squeezed the length to move the blood back into my body. It wasn't going down and the base ring was acting like a cock ring.

Time and patience worked its magic and I squeeze the cage back into place but then she had issues getting the lock to thread the hasp, so she shook the whole assembly. He's BACK! It doesn't help when you shake it. "oh, sorry."

She brought a cold wet wash cloth to me and laid it across my excited skin. It didn't have as much of effect on me as I was hoping but it did eventually do the trick. This time I made sure to thread the lock for her and she only had to close it and assure it was locked again.

"Did you enjoy that?" Best day ever! "Hmm, I like that. Best day ever? I'll remember that."

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:08 pm
by sirmebane
August 3, 2020

15 days since last orgasm
15 Days Locked

It has been well over six months since I made an entry to my journal and I have completely fallen apart on logging my experiences. I was on the road a lot and the cage was coming off and going on as I had a flight scheduled. It just wasn't sexy without the persistent reminder of her authority. I really appreciated her when she would ask me to "behave" on the way out and asked "did you behave?" when I returned.

I feel the need for an update and some discipline to return to my tracking. The last several months with all of this virus stuff has put a major cramp in our fun. The kids rarely leave the house... well, I don't have to say more, we all lived through it. We gained weight, did some stress eating and waited for the next headline. Now I stayed locked for most of this time but she had varying enthusiasm for teasing me, providing orgasms and making sure I locked up again if I was allowed to be free. We just sort of wandered about with chastity being the default that would eventually become the norm again.

The last month has seen a noticeable change in her interest which gives me hope that we may be about to slide into a new phase – whatever that looks like. Her willingness to unlock the cage and see that I had an orgasm became predictable, sometimes two weeks, maybe just one. I love orgasms and I certainly can't tell her no and live up to my goal of leaving the decision up to her. Her permissiveness was ever welcome when I had an erection but would turn to disappointment when it was all over. The psychology of chastity is so complex, I wish I understood it so I could explain it to her.

Lately, one of her two week intervals became interesting when she preceded the fun with a strict instruction, "when we're done, I want you locked back up. No excuses." Uh, okay. This is new. We had our fun, I had an orgasm and as usual she fell asleep. A few hours later there was some interruption that woke her up and she went to visit the restroom; on her way back she asked, "Did you lock up?" Well.... "I said I wanted you back in your cage." She knows I HATE being locked right after but she made her point known and went back to sleep. I eventually caged back up and put the key where she expects to find it for it to be properly hidden later.

The next day she greeted me in the morning and told me that she had found the key while she showed me a satisfied grin. She praised me for doing as I was told with a quick, "good boy." OK, that's kind a hot.

I started the counter in my mind and expected the next interval to be a week so I expected another encounter to happen sooner rather than later. I got a teasing so hot that my cage felt two sizes too small for nearly three hours after she stopped.

Hot and bothered, I extended the counter another week and KNEW that I had to wait just one more week. My target date blew up when we all had a busy few days and there was simply no energy to do anything by the time we got to bed. One night she let me know that tomorrow night would be the night, be prepared. Score!

Like nearly every other encounter she got a foot rub and when that was done she let me know the plan. I'm going to let you lick me and you're going to stay locked. I did my playful complaining about never being unlocked and she dropped a bomb on me.

"You complain when I unlock you, you complain when I don't unlock you. I'm just going to leave you locked." Cage. Is. Too. Small.

Getting her warmed up, I was kissing her deeply and rubbing my hands around her stomach and thighs but moved down between her legs. "Do you want to finger me? I thought I asked to be licked." Well, no. No. I was just... "Get down there and start licking." She then used my own lips to show my how it should be done. She licked my lips from one end to the other as I would do for her between her legs. I was shocked but so very turned on. This is not what I am used to seeing from her in bed. She is much more subtle and demure about these things. Wow.

I gave her all she could handle over the course of about 45 minutes struggling not to be in pain with my erection trapped in the cage beneath me. We both had a great time and snuggled close when it was all over. Not able to forget my own arousal, I suggested that perhaps I could get a favorite toy of mine.

Do you want me to get the (nipple) clips? "No." Zzzzzz.

The next day she made a point of finding me when we had a small amount of privacy and gave me a quick kiss. "I wanted to let you know I enjoyed last night." Well, I did too but you fell asleep before I got teased. "That was my plan all along. what did you expect, it is all about me."

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 8:37 am
by sirmebane
August 16, 2020

30 days since last orgasm
30 Days Locked

She has pressed me further than she's had an interest in going lately. One week or two weeks, orgasm/reset and then lock back up. Now she's going two weeks, three weeks and when she wasn't going for the key – where is this going?

Turns out she decided that she wanted to go a month and now she has the key and tells me I'm going to be unlocked for an orgasm. I always of two minds when she says it is time but I'm locked because I cannot say no.

I am handed the key and told to unlock which I proceed to do but the hasp won't open. This is a Master lock with the vinyl cover which has served us well for over two years but now there is no click when the key is turned. The key moves freely in the lock but there is no movement inside the lock that releases the locking lug and hasp. She is very concerned and I am annoyed. I work through a variety of ad hoc tools that I could find in the bedroom to help move things along. It wasn't getting better.

She offered to go to the garage for better tools and I thought about what I'd want to have near my nether region that might help. Two sets of pliers and the can of WD-40 seemed like the best bet. She came back with just the WD-40. "I couldn't find any pliers."

What I didn't know at this point is that she was rolling scenarios through her mind about a trip to the E.R. to get this lock removed. I knew it was just a luggage lock and it couldn't stand up to me best efforts but that may not be until I could get the garage and a bit of privacy. Of course the timing sucks for now.

We applied the WD-40 into the lock and down from the top to help break up anything that may have accumulated. Pffssst. Turn, pull. Turn, pull. Jiggle. Turn, pull. Pfsst. Pfsst. Turn, pull. WAIT! Freedom!

Examining the lock when it opened, there were serious signs of corrosion on the hasp that seem to be coming from the internals of the lock. I was out of the Jailbird, I had a groin full of WD-40 and the lock was headed to the trash. I cleaned up and headed back to bed where I was greeted with...

"Mmmm the smell of oil."
:D :shock: :D

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 10:29 am
by sirmebane
September 21, 2020
21 days since last orgasm

I have been going through a lot of fantasies in my head lately. With so much time off the road and plenty of time to reflect on what I'd like to do if given the chance. I want to do things that she has tried and decided "meh, not my thing" which is such a disappointment for me. Part of my own chastity journey is to nibble around the edges of my fantasies without putting her off.

I want her to be a dominant wearing leather and eager to bind me up and cause me gentle and loving pain. Nothing harsh but a cute little power exchange so that I can experience an absence of control. It is not an uncommon fetish but it something just doesn’t want to do. I had steeled myself to beg her to play this game but at the last moment arrested that impulse to hear what she wanted to do. Letting her have her way during sex has been a way for her to grow her confidence in the bedroom.

Tonight she offered one of three choices for me:

1) I'll tease your nipples and you stay locked.

2) I'll tease you unlocked but you're not allowed to... explode.

3) I'll tease you unlocked and you can orgasm.

"No matter what we do, you'll be locked back up. Which do you want?"

I don't like decisions like this because I am NOT a disinterested third party so I cannot make a dispassionate choice. I want to be unlocked and I want to come but that isn't what should happen so I'll choose to be unlocked and teased with no release.

"Ok, I'll get the key. Get ready."

There was teasing. There was edging. There was panting. Any fear of erectile dysfunction was eliminated when she called an end and it took a while for the cage to fit again. She closed the cage and locked me back up. The click of the lock caused a new and painful surge of blood that had nowhere to go.

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 1:13 pm
by sirmebane
Has it been six weeks? No, not yet but it'll be six weeks tomorrow since she has allowed an orgasm. It was her idea to keep me locked this long, I have praised her diligence and discipline but I have made it plain that I'm willing to come out and play whenever she'll allow it.

I have only been unlocked once for some teasing but was promptly locked back up when we were done. Yes, I miss orgasms but I miss erections even more. This is not an original thought for me but it is a struggle to not be allowed an erection. You don't know what you'll miss until you miss it. Be careful what you wish for.

Last night's activities started as it always does with a foot rub for her. I might have been a little pouty (on the inside) knowing that there was no way my chastity would continue; it has been too long, she would unlock me tonight and that would be the end of this run. She is just not someone who feels the need to push me beyond a couple of weeks. Yeah, it is been over a month but she hits a point where the cage has to come off and she puts me out of my misery.

Yep, she's headed into the closet to get the key. I cannot wait to cum but I really hate that I have to cum – it will be awesome and awful. She emerged with a sweatshirt she had retrieved to keep her warmer and asked, "Where to you keep the nipple clips?" The cage got really small as my excitement grew.

Nipple torture used to be a bigger part of our sex play but like other kinky things she tried, it just wasn't something she felt strongly about participating in with me. Her initiating the really pinchy clover clamps on her own was a huge thing in my mind. Torture is really about sexual excitement through light to medium pain... no needles, no blood, no bruises... nothing hardcore. She clamps both nipples and my breathing gets heavy while she wraps the connected chain around one of her fingers and lightly pulls while she runs her nails over my chest.

I strained to break through the bars of my cage, I kissed her passionately, I offered her a good time if I was unlocked ("No thank you" - grin), it was heaven. She varied the intensity, she allowed me to catch my breath and then took it away. It was a very sensuous form of play and she didn't really have to do much more than smile and provide a gentle caress.

What is difficult to decide is when she is done with me and the teasing session. I'd happily be teased for hours since there is no "finish" but we both have work in the morning. She tried to slow things down but trailing a single finger around my highly sensitive clamped left nipple to discovery she had a new super power. She doubled my heart rate and I had serious thoughts that she could get me to bend the bars on my jailbird.

It all slowed down and she carefully removed the clamps to bring my tease to a close. She showed no signs of remorse nor interest in unlocking my cage. What's next? I have no idea and in reality, she probably doesn't know either. My privates remain locked up and lots of nerve endings are buzzing.

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 11:37 am
by sirmebane
I don't mention things like Locktober to my wife since she is easily creeped out by "artificial" efforts to do things in the bedroom. She just isn't all that adventurous so I have to gently guide her to things I'd like to do without making her run away. We're both white people in the suburbs who lead very ordinary lives, I just have more of a thirst for exploration.

Last weekend we went to the beach for a quick weekend with friends, it was busy so we didn't have much time alone. When we were having a tease session a couple weeks prior, I asked if I could be let out to play and she said, "our trip to the beach is next week." She firmly set the expectations in my mind. I was ready. Did you bring the key? "Yes, but you'll stay locked but maybe I'll let you out when we get home."

I tried to remind her that it has been 7 weeks and I'd only been allowed out of the cage one time for some proper edging. She wasn't budging. She did run her nails along my ribs and tease my nipples so I would become uncomfortable in my cage.

We returned home from our long weekend and I was again eager to get some of her attention so I offered to make myself available to pleasure her before she put the key away in her hiding spot. "No, it is getting late and I'm tired, maybe tomorrow night."

I'm horny and I want to play but she is clear on what she wants. We get ready for bed after the luggage is unpacked and I get a little leg rub and some more nails along the ribs but she drifts off pretty quickly.

The following night she is clear that 'tonight is the night' and we'll start with her foot rub. When she is happy with her feet being relaxed she tells me, "I'm going to unlock you and you're going to come tonight. You will then lock up by the morning, do I make myself clear?" She then slips out of her bottoms and lies down on the bed. I am unlocked and go about warming her up and getting as much skin contact as I can on my recently caged parts.

We kiss. We caress. We escalate and after sliding long the outside of her just to feel the warmth, we get ready to go inside. It is amazing and I have to carefully measure my efforts while she works my nipples and spends time dialing up my blood pressure. I have found a pace that I can maintain so I'm in heaven. I'm thrusting for a several minutes and she starts working more deliberately to get me to come.

I can feel the build up and not wanting the 7 weeks to end, I slow down and stop panting as I try to recover. She looks up at me to gauge where I am so I tell her 'you need to lock me back up.' <pant> <pant> "You haven't finished yet." Please lock me up. Her only response is to shift her hips and pinch hard on my nipples. I have to resume because she knows I cannot hold back.

My next minute or two is spent on the razor's edge and I again stop and beg her to lock me up. Please! I can't go any further without coming.

"I want you to come. You don't get to decide because I told you this is what I want and who gets to decide what happens?" <pant> You do. "That's right."

She has my complete attention and pushes all of my buttons at once. My nipples are pinched hard and the mix of pain and pleasure had me working to go beyond the edge. The orgasm seemed to last forever and I couldn't stop thrusting. Just amazing. She wanted nothing else I just got a "good boy" and she got dressed.

I locked up the next morning as instructed even though I really wanted to masturbate first. I was working from home and had a perfect opportunity for some alone time. I thought about it, I came up with some ideas for masturbatory fantasy and yet somehow I didn't do it. I really wanted to feel another orgasm. I returned to the cage and put the keys where she would find them with my purity intact.

Fast forward a week later...

I had her attention and she was telling me that we would do something tonight. I had it on my mind that I might be able to go down on her and maybe even have a repeat of the previous lovemaking session.

"How long have we been doing this three years? I know it started in April." It is actually four years and we're working on year five.

It started with a foot rub as it always does. When the last of the lotion had been absorbed by her skin, she announced "last week was all about you, this week you'll stay locked. I'll give you some attention and just a little teasing but that's it."

I pleaded my case. I had been good and locked back up. I didn't do anything alone when I could have and really wanted to since she had left me unlocked. I'd love to just go down on her and lick her to a number of orgasms.

I really want to have a repeat of last time. "Listen to yourself. What is wrong with that statement. What word doesn't work in that sentence?" This is the most confident she has ever been in denying my request and I was stunned. Uh, the use of the word 'I.'

"Right. This is about what I want, not you. You'll stay locked up and you'll get some attention but I'll decide what happens. You need to stop using that word."

I'm still shocked.

I love my wife.