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Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:38 am
by sirmebane
Not locked and having way too much solo sex.

My wife hasn't been neglecting me but she hasn't locked me up recently. We were traveling, the kids keep us busy with school about to start, life keeps busy.

I was locked for a brief window but I think it was just to check a box and make me happy. The entire month of July has been unlocked (except 4 days) and the first week in August is the same.

Not wanting to put pressure on her, I have not complained and at least twice in the last three weeks she has mentioned, "we need to lock you up." She hasn't followed through with it since she is constantly on the kids, her daily tasks and being a very focused Mom. She gives them so much of her time, she doesn't have much energy for anything else. In that aspect, she is very much like her own mother who put the family 10 steps before herself.

I have fallen into bad old habits with some business travel and working from the house, I have time on my hands. What I cannot explain is that she doesn't neglect me even when she's not in the mood herself. I'll have time and opportunity so I'll just masturbate because I can.

I can resist but I just don't. Maybe I'm just a guy. I do know that I was much happier when she locked me up and I'm not sure how much longer I can go without asking her to lock me up again. I probably should confess my activity at the same time.

Yikes, I've become addicted to chastity... no surprise there, I guess. I like who I am when she controls me. She likes who am I when she controls me, she's said as much.

I do love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:42 pm
by sirmebane
I have been unlocked for a while now and starting to think she has lost interest so I have begun to have solo sessions. A few of them and enough to think maybe I should let her know. She went to bed and I couldn't sleep so I spent some time composing an e-mail about my thoughts, my concerns and how I'd like to continue chastity.

I thought that I let her know that I was feeling a little disconnected, I thought I let her know that I had been masturbating without her, I thought I asked her to resume our chastity fun. I let her know that I didn't need to orgasm every week, that she could do more, go further and I was just fine. I wanted things to be more about her pleasure which she rarely seeks...

Being more of a night owl, I spent 90 minutes crafting a page and a half of what I thought was what I wanted, what I wanted for her and my observations about how extra busy our lives were at the moment. Life happens. I sent it along its way to our secret accounts and went back to bed. I realized at this point that I had been leaking a mere three days after my last orgasm simply from writing what I hoped our sexual relationship could regain again. I don't get so horny that leaking is all that prominent but nothing has made me leak so much as being in chastity and now I was dripping by simply sharing my feelings via e-mail.

I was awakened early the next morning feeling lousy as I hadn't slept well and at 4:50am I had a raging and still uncaged erection. I note that this may be one of the only times in memory that I have been woken up by my own nighttime lust when a cage wasn't causing an issue of discomfort. Later in the day she read my e-mail and replied.

Her response was that she felt like she had disappointed me and she was sorry... she accepted my premise but then explained her own lack of desire and fulfillment from my pleasure.


We need to find some quiet time to talk, e-mail didn't work in this instance (hard to gauge emotion in text) so the weekend may provide the needed opportunity to do that. The plus side is that she agrees that we can get back into a chastity rhythm which means she's not had a change of heart.

In my mind I would be caged later that night (Thursday). She didn't have the same idea. Each evening I expected there to be some "we need to get you caged" moment to happen which didn't materialize. It is now Sunday with no progress but my opportunity to talk to her will happen this evening.

As we got ready for the day, Sunday morning I had to show her my latest confession. I purchased a Hitachi Magic Wand for her which I wasn't sure how she'd take. She isn't one for sex toys and generally gets pretty uncomfortable about the topic. The packaging showed people using it to relieve sore shoulders which made her feel better since it wasn't a 'sleezy' thing for some dark purpose. I explained that this was one of those products that was manufactured for a purpose that people corrupted for their desires and became a female favorite. Truth be told, I found it on clearance and couldn't be happier that I saved so much money on something that isn't cheap at MSRP.

"So would you like to use it on me tonight?", she offered rather matter-of-factly and we smiled and I put it away until later. She only winced when I showed her the G-spot attachment that came as a bonus from the vendor in the box. I didn't order that part, I promise.

Relationships are hard. Sex makes things more complicated I have always lived by the motto that "a successful marriage is two people care more about each other than they do about themselves."

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:41 am
by sirmebane
We had our talk and she apologized again for letting things linger so long without playing "the game." I was very honest about masturbating when I wasn't locked which she didn't seem to have the least bit of concern over. We talked about being caged and what it meant for me, how it changed the urgency of my need to spend time with her.

"You only want to be near me for sex?" She was teasing me but I felt the need to explain anyway.

We talked about her being lenient and always removing the cage after a week, or two or three so "you can have a break." It isn't necessary to remove me from the cage unless there is teasing to be done or sex to be had. She was more concerned about me getting hurt and even though we discussed this topic over and over again, I let her know it wasn't a worry for me.

The biggest issue for me is travel when I have to pass through airport scanners and metal detectors, I'm usually away for 2-4 days. She always unlocks me the night before and nearly always sends me off with a fresh orgasm which is a nice side benefit of travel. Here is where she changed the schedule when I wasn't expecting it.

"I could let you have the key, if I can trust you." Wait, you are okay with me taking the cage with me when I travel? She has never offered or even hinted that would be an acceptable option. "Yes. I just don't want you becoming a spectacle and getting caught." That step alone is a major way forward for us, nothing jars our rhythm more than a quick business trip. I go away, get unlocked and it may be a day or a week or two before she thinks about locking me back. Sometimes I'm good and sometimes I'm not as good.

We had some alone time and I bought her a Hitachi Magic Wand which she seemed eager to try.  My next instructions were "get the wand and your cage.  We can use the wand on me, I'll let you come inside me and then we'll lock you up. I might as well let you come tonight because it'll be a while after you put the cage back on."

She tried out her new toy and even used the phallus attachment which seemed to put her off when I pulled it out of the box. It turns out she liked the penetrating vibration even better. Who knew?

When she was done, I was told it was my turn and with that show it didn't take me much encouragement. We got started and I found myself still wanting to talk to her about the cage and being denied. You are going to let me out THIS year, right?

Her answer, "well, there aren't many months left in the year..." I lost it after that comment. Now I'm sexually satisfied and locked up for whatever she wants me to be.

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:08 am
by sirmebane
7 Days locked
7 Days since last orgasm

She wanted me to come last weekend before she put me back into the cage and she held to her word, I wasn't getting out this time. We went to bed a couple of nights and she teased my nipples which make the cage too small. I have gotten back into the swing of things quickly, my desire for her is already pretty high. Yep, I'm horny and caged. All is right with the world.

It was a busy week with plenty to keep us running and the weekend usually provides us with time to be together. We went to bed and she knew what she wanted and there was no hesitation in telling me.

"You stay locked up tonight. I want you to rub my feet, you'll lick me and then I'll tease you for a little bit." She thought about it and then said, "Well, maybe I don't need to tease you since you get turned on by licking me." Ugh, she is making a quick comeback as a keyholder. Cage got too small again.

I did as I was told and spent about 30 minutes rubbing the soles of her feet. She would accept a foot rub twice a day, every day of her life. When her feet were happy, I moved between her thighs to pleasure her with my tongue. Her aroma always intoxicates me and now the cage was just painful but I had work to do. My work was rewarded with her tensing up and moaning, a little heavy breathing until she called me off; she couldn't take any more.

Now it was my turn and even though I knew she wouldn't open the cage, I was looking forward to whatever she would offer. She was in the glow of her own orgasm and eventually reached over to stroke my nipples. I encouraged her to pinch them which she did but never turned her head my way, she was fighting off sleep.

Sleep won. She rolled over with a dreamy "I love you" and I had to wind down from anticipation not met and near-complete denial.

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:49 am
by sirmebane
42 Days locked
42 Days since last orgasm

Each week, I expect how she used to be and how she used to behave and each week she seems fine with showing me no mercy. I get teased, she gets what she wants (maybe just a foot rub) and she makes it very clear that the cage stays on. Her take on chastity previously was more relaxed and any petition by me usually meant she would unlock me and allow an orgasm. Since I was locked in August, she has not allowed me out of the cage for anything but air travel and that was only two nights out of town. When I returned from business travel, she often didn't think about chastity and everything fell off the tracks... this time, she has two reminders for me to return to the cage when I get home. She has heard my concerns about how we play this game and she has changed how she plays it.

It is Sunday afternoon and there are things scheduled for a relaxing day of rest. I'm taking my son to the movies and she is going to finish some laundry and take a nap. While she completes some other tasks she tells me, "I have one load in the dryer, one in the washing machine and I already have plan for you tonight but I'm not telling you what it is so you'll have to think about it. Enjoy your movie."

You can tell me... what do you have in mind? "No, but I think you'll like it." Every possibility ran through my mind and then I settled on the thought that she was going to let me out to orgasm tonight. Yea! No, wait she was going to let me out for some hands on edging. Yea! I was going to be having old fashioned sex with her and be allowed an orgasm. Yea! I was going to have sex with her and not be allowed to orgasm. <shiver> I cycled through the options over and over but she has provided me what I had asked her to do, keep me out of the decision making process and don't tell me what's coming. I had no idea and couldn't wait until later. What did she have in mind? I was going to like it. That's a great start.

When we retired to bed, I assumed she wanted a foot rub for her efforts and I was right. She gladly accepted the foot rub which was complete when my hands were exhausted. I awaited my fate and was presented this question, "How can we edge you while you stay in your cage?"

Wait. What? I'm not getting out? At all? Oh crap. How can I be edged in a cage? This is new territory. Uh, uh... your vibrator. We can try your vibrator. She got up to secure the bedroom door and told me to get the vibe. At that time, I missed that she didn't suggest that I get it or ask that I get, she told me to go get it.

I retrieved it from the master closet and met her at the door. My ask for a special request? She is always leery of my requests so get the "what now?" look from her. "What do you want?" I'd like to put my head between your legs while you edge me. You can leave your underwear on if you don't want me to lick you but I just want my face down there.

I wasn't sure how this request would be received but I have repeatedly told her how much her scent turns me on. She didn't agree to it outright but asked how we'd pull it off, who goes where? I stripped down so that all I had on was my locked cage while she climbed into bed. She took off her bottoms but didn't seem to be getting ready to let me between her legs. She laid on my chest, turned on the vibe and applied it to my cage. I had to breathe when I felt the vibrations but the cage was already full so there was no other outward reaction. She moved it around to my balls, the tip of the cage, the top by the lock, around the sides and my breathing become more deep while I thrust the cage at the vibe.

The vibrations were pleasing but I was in no danger of orgasm because the cage dampened the sensation. I wanted more. Let me move, I'll figure out how I can get between your legs. She removed the vibrator and I flipped so we were in a 69 position. I put my head between her legs and he scent was already working on me. The cage felt very tight and putting the vibe back on it was pushing me into a sexual frenzy. I pushed my nose into her panties and inhaled deeply while she worked me. This lasted for approximately three minutes as I was about to comment the she was getting wet, she says "if you're going to do that, you might as well lick me."


I was profoundly excited but nowhere close to an orgasm, the vibe was constant but not strong enough. I couldn't see if I was leaking, would she notice? She stripped off her panties and I started licking her at an unusual angle, I was more perpendicular that normal. She had one leg over my chest and licked her from the side while she manipulated the cage moving the vibrator around, pausing and then moving again. I thrusted instinctively which did add some sensation but just not enough. I kept thrusting when it felt right because it was all I could do.

She has been very squeamish about touching the cage but tonight was going to be an exception. My wife lifted and shifted the cage to put the vibrator just where she felt it needed to go. I don't know why she feels that way but I suspect she can't get over the cage as some medieval torture device (it must hurt). Her hands were fully on my caged manhood and believe me, I noticed. I praised her later making sure she knew how much I appreciated it.

I licked, she vibed me and finally she was done. I had been breathing hard for a while so I was gasping while I finished between her legs. She admired her work as I strained against the cage and commented, "You need to take some deep breaths. I wonder what your blood pressure is right now?"

We lined up again next to each other and rested. She enjoying the orgasms I provided and me marveling that she has kept me completely caged for six weeks. I was NOT prepared for the rigor she was providing so far. I told how proud I was of her efforts, how much she had caught me off guard and how much I was enjoying everything.

"How was the vibrator?" It was pleasing but thorough unsatisfying, just not strong enough. "Well, I am satisfied and that's all that matters. It's all about me, Isn't it?" It has been six weeks, when do I get an orgasm or at least get out of the cage again?

"When do you fly again?"

I love this woman so very much.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:05 am
by sirmebane
49 Days locked
49 Days since last orgasm

7 weeks of being caged! This isn't a record but it the longest she has taken me when it was her idea. I set a goal of 90 days when we were trying out chastity but it felt hollow since I set the goal and she just enforced it.

This morning didn't start out well as my wife was getting dressed, she had that 'guitar string break feeling' in her lower back. I've been there and I have felt that pain, it hits you out of nowhere and you're in pain for the next few days. She was able to function but moving from sitting to standing was a chore and it took a toll all day long.

Knowing she didn't feel great, I offered to take her out to dinner and enjoy one of her favorites. Comfort food is just what the doctor ordered when she isn't 100%. On the way back home, she polled me on what I'd like to do tonight for our 'sexy time.' She was out of commission with her back but still wanted to get a foot rub. I assumed that being allowed to cum wasn't an option. My first thought and every thought this week was to petition to get out of the cage, rub down with numbing cream and make love to her with a numbing condom over the top. I really need to have an erection and the thought of thrusting into her was my whole world.

Her back being what it was, I asked for a reasonable compromise. I'd like to be let out of the cage for some proper edging. "Oh, that just seems so cruel. You don't fit in the cage when we're done. It is like trying to cage an animal." I rather liked that comparison and assured her that the stroking sensation I got would more than make up for any discomfort. She was down with the plan. YES!

As the house settled down, the foot rub was given and she brought out the very seldom seen key to unlock the cage. "How do you want me to do this, I don't want to disappoint you. Well, I mean you're not going to cum but other than that..." I'd just love to get out of the cage and have you stroke me with a little lotion. "Easy enough." She unlocked me while I reached for the lotion and set the cage aside for the moment. Her first touch was so amazing I let out a noise that required us to turn on a football game with plenty of crowd noise. "You need to try and be quiet." She resumed her attention and I did all I could to breathe and not scream.

Her efforts were slow and methodical but not continuous. She very deliberately made sure I couldn't build up to orgasm or get anywhere close to it. There were moments when she would come to a complete stop and just let me throb. I was really excited and started thrusting into her hand which she permitted and stroked some more. When she paused again, I started thrusting but she moved her hand with my hips which made my efforts useless. It didn't stop me from trying but she foiled my attempts consistently thereafter.

When she was done stroking, I was disappointed and horny so I waited for the next step. I was not prepared for the next step to be her single finger to work my glans and her thumb to stroke the top of my cock. I was so turned on this caught me by surprise and fired nerves that hadn't been lit up yet. I wanted to cum so badly I asked her jokingly if she would just finish me off.

"And waste 7 weeks of chastity?! I don't think so." Do you know when you will let me cum? I was floating in endorphins and getting brave. "You might catch me some night when I have a weak moment, but that's not tonight." She worked me for a few more minutes and then told me to lock up. I protested mildly and suggested we could do that in the morning. "Nope, I let you out and you're going back in tonight." I grabbed the cage and put on my throbbing cock but it didn't fit. "You're going to have to take some deep breaths so we can get that back on."

So here I am, headed to what will likely be week 8 of being frustrated with a wife who has resigned to keep me locked. God, I love her.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:02 pm
by sirmebane
56 Days locked
56 Days since last orgasm

8 weeks today... I'm struggling. I have been locked this long in the past but I was the one who set the goal and decided how long the lock up should go. She made the decision that she wanted to embrace my chastity and she has had me on serious lock down since August. I'm not allowed out of the cage for nearly anything. Last week was such an exception it made an impact on me.

This weekend, I was dealing with some general grumpiness from the previous week and my hope of being let out for anything else died when her period started. I was more reserved than normal and didn't feel so needy that I had to be by her side all weekend. Whether it was a bad attitude, sexual frustration or something else lurking... my world was off kilter. It hasn't been a tough week from a standpoint where I have been so horny I can't think, it was just... meh.

I provided no pressure on her knowing that she was unavailable and just waited for her to initiate what she wanted to happen. Her first desire was a foot rub which I made sure lasted longer than normal although I'm not sure if she times them. She started to tell me what would happen next and then stopped and considered between two different options. She seemed torn as to which was to go. "I think tonight we'll use the vibe on your cage. Is that okay?" I smiled at her to remind her that my opinion wasn't truly relevant or she'd be getting the key right now. She understood immediately and said, "Never mind. Forget I said that. I have to let you out to travel this week and I don't want to let you out tonight too. That's too much freedom and I have to trust you'll behave while you're traveling." My business trip is just two days with one night in between to be tempted. I'll be busy nearly the whole time. I can abstain that long, right?

She got the vibe while I stripped down to nothing but the cage and we climbed back into bed. The buzzing of the motor stimulates me but doesn't give me what I need through the bars of the cage to get anywhere. I flexed muscles, I trapped the vibe between my thighs, I thrusted into the vibrations and the cage got smaller but I could feel no orgasm building. She sucked and bit my nipples which took my breath away as I struggled to find some peak in all the stimulation. It was all wonderful and welcome but I could find no way to advance it and eventually she removed the vibrations from the cage. To my surprise she continued working my nipples and my very sensitive rib cage for another 10-15 minutes which I appreciated.

She checked to make sure I enjoyed myself, snuggled in tight and went to sleep. I slid out later long enough to put away the toy, get dressed and turn off lights. Yep, I was leaking which is a milestone since this lockup hasn't had a lot of that even when she teases me.

Like I said in the beginning, I'm struggling... I have no idea when I'll be permitted to cum again. I have no idea when I'll be allowed out of the cage again. I have no idea what she'll permit anything at any point again. Her admonishment about sending me out of town tells me she will break with her long standing tradition of sending me away with "an unloaded gun." I'll just have to behave while I'm unlocked.

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:23 am
by sirmebane
63 Days locked
63 Days since last orgasm

9 weeks

This week included some business travel which meant being unlocked for the duration away from home. I was released from the cage but told that I needed to behave. My explanation about staying busy with travel and work didn't seem to soften her caution to keep my discipline. The trip was hectic and full of unexpected turns that aggravated what should have been a routine visit. I had to adapt and adapt and adapt but the purpose of the trip was eventually successful. There were a few hours in the hotel room where I had the opportunity to 'be bad.' I wasn't about to break her trust but I did spend some brief time enjoying an erection and some self-teasing.

When I returned from the trip it was really late and my arrival had already woke her up so I didn't continue to bump around any more than was necessary to get home and into bed. The next day she went to work and recovered from the trip. It was a Friday and my schedule was light so I caught up with some work tasks and then it occurred to me I was free and alone in the house. I took the opportunity to shave what had been locked and difficult to maintain for a couple of months. Hair and steel don't mix as well as you'd hope so it was time to neaten that up. I gave the cage a thorough scrubbing and then locked up. It always amazes me how much I miss the cage when it is off, I was back home and safe. I dropped the keys into her vanity drawer as was the custom when I locked up alone.

Our weekend began as was the normal with me going to martial arts class on Saturday morning, she got something accomplished so the afternoon would be open for college football. One of the kids had a game that night about 45 minutes away so the evening became busy as we went from cheering the local college team to cheering the kid's team. We went out to dinner with some of the other parents (and kids) and returned home late. As we got ready for bed, she pops out of the bathroom while still brushing her teeth. She holds up the keys with her head tilted and her eyebrows raised. Yep, I'm locked up. She gives me a "ooohh, I see" sound of approval and returns to brushing her teeth. I climb into bed while she finishes changing and washing her face.

My heart skipped a beat when she emerged wearing her new leggings and a t-shirt. She had worn them only once before several weeks back but I had made my approval known by touching her legs at every chance that day. I had all but dropped to my knees and begged her to wear them again but they stayed on the shelf. They were dark blue, medium weight nylon/spandex with a smooth and shiny surface that fired my fetish for such things. Tonight she wore them intentionally to make me happy and I was very happy indeed. I rubbed her smooth legs while she snuggled in tight to go to sleep. My need to touch her had to be reeled in or she wouldn't be sleeping that night. I distracted myself with other things and we made it to sleep with my hand on her thigh, of course.

Sunday night ended a peaceful day of rest when she announced it was bed time by telling me she wanted a foot rub tonight. It was her code word that I had work to do and then some fun may follow. She emerged from the bathroom in the same outfit for bed that she had worn the night before; the leggings and a t-shirt. I rubbed her feet while she caught up with social media and directed my hands to sore parts of her soles. My mind raced as to what could be happening next since she was dressed to tease me (again) but I wasn't to know her plan until she wanted it known. Would she let me out of the cage? Would I be permitted to cum? Maybe I could go down on her? I didn't want the foot rub to end as the anticipation for me was wild foreplay. The lotion was finally rubbed into her skin and my hands were tired so the next phase would begin. What did she want to do?

"Maybe I should just let you rub my legs tonight, would you like that? You could just run your hands all over me and I would get a leg massage too." I was immediately aware that there was not enough room in the cage and she was in a rare mood to verbally tease me. "Don't worry, I'll rub something of yours. Well, not that but something else."

I was not getting out of the cage so orgasm was not on the table but she was confident tonight in a way she doesn't normally get in our experiment with chastity. She snuggled in tight and ran her fingernails along my inner thigh. I rubbed her legs and kissed her before offering to satisfy her orally. I really wanted to get between her thighs but that wasn't going to happen. She moved her hand to my nipple and began what might be teasing on any week night. I wanted more and let her know I would be willing to do anything for her. "My favorite way isn't available right now unless you're saying you're willing to take one for the team." I was honestly willing to be unlocked for conventional sex but she didn't seem to think that was necessary tonight. I kept rubbing her legs and suggesting things that I could do while she cheerfully rejected me while we kissed off and on.

My tactics changed to more of a whining reminder of how long it had been (9 weeks now) and how good I had been on my trip, I even locked myself up without prompting. She had really gotten into character as the cruel lockatrix and deflected my every attempt with some wonderful verion of "no" so I had to come up with another way to ask for what I wouldn't be getting. I took it too far when I invoked the 'I have needs and you are my wife' tactic, she let me know that was a line that was off limits for playing around. Message received.

I really, really, really want to have some relief. "No." More petting and leg rubbing as my desire grew and my breathing became more labored. My jailbird was just too small for all of this teasing and I had to shift some things to relieve some uncomfortable pressure. This happened not once but twice and she took exception to this in the best way possible.

"What are you doing? Why are you touching yourself? You're supposed to be touching me." I was exasperated, I couldn't think of anything to say there. Any discomfort I had would just have to wait while I groped her spandex covered legs. I was in complete heaven. She grabbed my nipple HARD between her fingers and made me gasp at the intense pain. She didn't let up for what seemed like a long time but was under a minute. My wife was pushing every button I had while I struggled with my desire for her that wouldn't be fulfilled. I kept making requests and offering suggestions while she delighted in turning me away and then went about making my breathing increase. At one point in our sexy back and forth she simply said...

"You created this monster, now you have to live with it. I hope you're happy."

I was in a cycle of desire and never ending stimulation which she seemed willing to continue for as long as I could go. Her day started earlier than mine and I knew she needed sleep so I started to lessen my intensity and acknowledged fact. This doesn't end until someone stops it. I checked the clock and she had me wrapped around her finger for nearly an hour. There was a football game on TV, I needed a distraction while she went to sleep. I didn't stop rubbing her legs, I couldn't if I wanted to. I just slowed down the intensity with which I moved my hand. She nodded off while I waited to calm down.

God, I love this woman!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:43 am
by sirmebane
70 Days locked
70 Days since last orgasm

10 weeks

Friday night my wife announced her intentions to give me an orgasm. I have a choice to make because she doesn't want to have the responsibility.

"I'm going to unlock you, we're going to have sex where you are permitted to orgasm and then I'll lock you right back up. The choice is whether you want it this weekend or next weekend for your birthday. If you choose this weekend, you will stay locked on your birthday. Your choice."

I wasn't prepared for how difficult it would be to make this choice. I was immediately flush with excitement and struggled to decide how and when I would receive her gift. Now the thought of sex this weekend was awesome and the thought of then being intentionally denied on my birthday was... kinda hot.

The other option is that we'll play this weekend, I stay locked and she'll offer up sex next weekend for my birthday. What should I do? I spent the next 36 hours thinking about it; she has no idea how much of a spin she put me into with that simple question. It seemed that the thing to do was put it back in her hands and trust her judgement. When she asked, I told her that I was under her control and I would accept her decision.

"You need to make the decision. If you don't decide then you'll just stay locked." Gulp.

I chose that my birthday would be the option that I prefer and she let me know that I would stay locked for this weekend. She brought out her vibrator and really didn't offer to involve me at all in her self-play. I stroked the inside of her thighs and passively watched her work the vibe to her own satisfaction. I love to watch her back arch as she comes which happened a few times.

When she was finished she got ready for bed and then snuggled in tight to me. She worked my nipples for a while and then fell asleep while I was left to calm down. Now I have the entire week to look forward to next weekend and based on her recent behavior wonder, 'Will she actually unlock me for my birthday or is she planning to mess with my head?' I don't think she'd do that but lately, I don't know what to expect and it is wonderful.

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:46 am
by sirmebane
77 Days locked
0 Days since last orgasm (after 11 weeks)

I had an unfamiliar issue that had to be dealt with regarding my cage. After trying a variety of cheap knock offs, I bought a Mature Metal Jail Bird about this time last year and it has been rock solid for me. It is comfortable and until I get excited or reach between my legs, I just don't know it is there. Earlier this year, I resumed training in the martial arts and every now and again, the cage would slip after some jumping kicking motion. A ball would slip out, I would ask for the key and fix things which didn't happen all that frequently but suddenly it happened more and more.

My wife really hates getting out the key so I make sure she is a few steps away when I make the request but now it was getting silly. It seemed that nearly every time I went to class, the cage would slip and need to be fixed.

I reached out to Mature Metal by e-mail and had a helpful response in a few hours. I suggested it might be a gap issue (between the cage and base ring), they asked me to check the slack in the base ring. I know it couldn't be that since I had sized everything when I got the cage but did as I was instructed by "Mistress Mature Metal" to find that the ring was too large. I was surprised but reported my results and we discussed sending the cage back to get an adjustment. I was very happy to find out it would only be $15 plus shipping to make the change.

I discussed it with my wife and she unlocked me from the Jail Bird only to accept the key to the cheap chinese knock off we left when the Jail Bird was purchased. I have been in a 44mm base ring with the Jail Bird and for comparison, I tried the 40mm base ring that was WAY TOO TIGHT in the knock off. Where it was agony before, the 40mm was now something I could live with in the interim. Something about my anatomy has changed or adapted to wearing cages in the prior year. My order with MM is to adjust the base ring to 42mm which should be a sweet spot for my size. I cannot wait to get it back since the knock off is just not as comfortable.

This week had not been especially unique since my wife had given me a choice of last week or this for my release and orgasm. I wasn't very confident that she would (for sure) let me out to play on my birthday since her resolve has been so very strong since August. There was a hint of doubt that she might want to toss a grenade into my head and deny me for my birthday after giving me the option. There was no build up, no major teasing sessions, just life as life tends to be some times.

My birthday arrived and with all the cards and congratulations, my wife reminded me that today was the day. This was the present that I wanted and she knew it. She got ready for bed and emerged with the key to the cage.

"You'll lick me for a little while and then it will be your turn."

I eased into some hurried foreplay kissing her but eager to get my head between her legs. My cage was too small from the moment I saw the key and I would struggle with it until she let me out. I serviced her orally through 3-4 good orgasms when she finally could take no more. She was spent so know it was my turn. I stripped off what remaining clothing I had on and walked around the bed to make it easy on her to open the cage. She removed the integrated lock and I struggled for a minute to separate the cage from the base ring.

Once the cage came free, I put it on the headboard and climbed into position. I let her know that based on her recent willingness to deny me, I was never really sure this was going to happen. She seemed a little hurt by that and said, "This is a special occasion, I'm not going to make you miss it." She then proceeded to touch me in every loving manner to encourage me forward.

"I guess I shouldn't work your nipples too much since you don't want this to be too short." I nodded my appreciation but she didn't take her hands away from my nipples, she just eased up on her efforts. My stamina was really pretty good for as excited as I was but then she flashed me her baby blue eyes. She stares into the well of my soul and there was nothing I could do at that point. Her eyes are a turn on for me and she focused her gaze into mine. I was done, it was amazing and she smiled.

"Time to lock you up again."

I love my wife.