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Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:54 am
by sirmebane
69 days without an orgasm
23 days remain in current lockup

This week wasn't a sexual odyssey of discovery and we had plenty to keep us busy but that didn't stop me from thinking about my situation. My cheap Chinese cage has been pinching, poking and chewing me in various places for the year I have been wearing it. When we started this 18 months ago, we were trying to find a cage that works... it took four cages to get there. The cheap cage route was the best way to try on various sizes and styles without burning through 100's of dollars and failing utterly.

The constant advice I have read is find a custom maker and spend the money, it is completely worth it. One of the other points frequently made is to buy the Bird Cage from Mature Metal. It is the best of the best without question, the most comfortable and so on and so on. I had suggested that as an option to my wife when we started but she was put off by the price and I wasn't ready to say this was worth it either.

This week I made my case and made it clear that if we wanted to continue to play with chastity, we needed to make an investment. She wasn't enthusiastic but agreed we would likely continue and "I want you to be comfortable. How much is it? Wait, don't tell me... I don't want to know." My wife approved the purchase and I ordered it the next day. Now I get to wait for 6-8 weeks to see if I screwed this up. My Chinese cage is about as close to a perfect fit as possible and I copied the specs with some slight changes for a little better, more snug here and there. I'm excited and terrified all at the same time.

Jail Bird cage was ordered on October 5th so I'm hopeful that it'll be in hand by Thanksgiving. Now we'll have to decide where to go from there.

Sunday night my expectations weren't very high because there was a lot going on with the family, kids were in motion everywhere and I wasn't getting the "sexy time" vibe from my wife. I had determined that I would keep my eye on football and other distractions so I wouldn't get disappointed. The weekend is about the only time we get to play and things were too busy, then... she brushed my bare leg with her clad in my favorite leggings. Hmm... I noticed but still wasn't sure she was just trying to get around the couch. When she returned, she brushed me again but more deliberate and slowly this time. She's in a mood to tease. YES!

During the evening, she used some comments on the phone that had double meaning but looked straight at me while she said them. YES! She gave me her eyes a few times and I get so lost in her eyes, she uses them as a weapon.

I thought that was the end of it but when we went to bed for the evening she tells me, "I have a plan." That is very good news. "Do you want to hear it?" Of course I wanted to hear it but I kept my mouth shut and started at her with my full attention.

"You're going to give me a foot rub because I really enjoy those more than anything else. I am going to unlock you for the purposes of teasing. You'll edge yourself for 3 minutes with a pair of panties and then I'm going to lock you back up." That's not very long. "That is what I have decided and it isn't up for discussion."

My cage was full and my heart was jumping for joy. She was going to get and give exactly what she wanted tonight. Her feet got the full treatment and then it was time for her to open the cage. I had been stiff during the discussion but now I had gotten limp and I worried if I was going to have a problem. When the lock opened and the cage came off, she handed me a pair of satin panties while my cock grew to full mast. It felt wonderful without anything even touching it yet, I miss erections.

"This seems like torture to me." I didn't disagree but I did smile. She held out her phone and brought up a timer app, set it for three minutes and then asked, "Do you want to watch it count down or not?" I wanted to watch it, please. "I'll work up top and you work down below but remember that you're not allowed to come." I was trying to catch up from that amazing concept when I looked at the phone to see 2:57... she had already started it while staring deeply into my eyes which got me going quickly.

My wife went to work sucking and pinching my nipples while I carefully worked the panties up and down my shaft. One minute in things started to feel so good but I knew I could go even further so I kept up the pace and so did she. Two minutes in I had to slow down but she didn't hold back and by the time the timer was 30 seconds I had to stop, I had to stop her stimulation to keep from coming.

I felt everything in me pulse, I was sure I had gone too far. *PULSE* *PULSE* *PULSE* It was the spasms of an ejaculation without anything coming out. She counted down the seconds while I concentrated hard on not coming.

"25 seconds. 20 seconds. 15 seconds. 10 seconds. 5 seconds. That's it." I couldn't do anything for fear of ending up with a full orgasm. It turns out that I didn't need 3 minutes. I only used 2 minutes 27 seconds before I couldn't handle anything else. She'll remember that.

"Time to lock it up." I put the cage back on, she slid the integrated lock back in place and took away the panties. I was still breathing hard and struggling to understand how I had not come or even had a ruined orgasm. I guess I stopped at the right time.

"Did you enjoy that?" Talking wasn't a skill I had regained yet but I grunted my approval while I tried to catch my breath. She had invested maybe 10 minutes from end to end and I was a quivering happy mess more in love with her than I could say.

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:34 am
by sirmebane
76 days without an orgasm
16 days remain in current lockup

The week was another busy one with work and family, getting caught up with things at work before a short weekend trip a few hours away. I got ready for the trip on Thursday morning only to discover the cage was digging into my skin again. Grrr. The weekend would have to been unlocked.

I was hopeful of some playtime since we wouldn't have all the kids and the one we had would be with others for most of the weekend. Yeah, that didn't work out. We stayed in motion nearly all four days we were gone and both pretty tired by the time we went to bed. No playtime. Sigh. Life sucks when you're horny.

We rolled back into town and got things settled down just in time for Sunday evening to blossom with all the "homework forgotten." Sigh.

I had given up on any excitement to check on work e-mails when my beautiful wife said, "Don't get too comfortable, I want a foot rub." When all toes and carpals were massaged she utters the words that make my heart skip a beat. "I have a plan."

She wanted to repeat the timed panty tease from last week. "This time I'm going to give you 5 minutes." I wasn't comfortable with this plan as I had nearly come from the 3 minutes she gave me last week. It was all I could do not to let it go. I'd have to pace myself carefully.

I grabbed a pair of satin panties and assumed the position. She set the timer on her phone but had a wrinkle for me tonight. "I'm not going to let you watch it this time." So many things going through my mind and she reminds me, "You are not allowed to come." Off we go.

My erection was ready to go and the soft satin felt sooooo goooood. I would have to take this very carefully. She worked my nipples and we kissed passionately while I regretted thoroughly asking for a 90 day lockup. Curious, she checked the phone and then showed it to me... 3:30 done with 90 seconds to go. "Wow, that went fast didn't it." My whole masturbatory world was now in chaos. Stay on the edge but don't go over, time is running out.

The clock struck zero and I kept going while she watched and waited for me to stop. "You're pushing it there mister." I let go and she continued to rub my chest and tease me a little. Woof. I asked her why I had asked for 90 days without an orgasm. Why?

"I don't know. Because you're crazy?"

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:37 pm
by sirmebane
83 days without an orgasm
7 days remain in current lockup

My original goal was 90 days and I made it easy for both of us by simply saying the 90 day goal would be done on November 1. It was somewhat past 90 days but it was easier math than actually counting the days until...

"Would you be disappointed if I unlocked you before November 1?" I wasn't sure where she was going with the question when she said, "I was thinking about your birthday." Oooohhhhh. I knew there was some excess in the dates and I told her I would count the days, it might work out that both goals can be met.

"Okay, I want a foot rub." Yes, ma'am. I worked the knots out of her tired feet while she formulated the plan for the evening. "Tonight you'll get five minutes just like last week, unless you think you can handle six." Gulp. Umm. I think I can handle six if I'm careful. She unlocked me and told me to get a pair of satin panties. I was unlocked and I stripped down.

Like weeks prior, I was teased without mercy while I stroked as gently as possible. She took one nipple in her mouth and alternated between sucking hard and biting lightly. Her hand had my other nipple which she pinched and pulled alternating between medium and very rough. In times past she would make this motion to hurry me up and get me to come. I was in heaven and working the satin over nerve endings that were eager to fire.

She checked the clock... 1:30 expired, 4:30 to go. Her technique had gotten ahead of my pacing and I was in trouble. I went as slow as I could but at this rate it wasn't entirely impossible that her nipple tease wouldn't be enough to push me over without aggressive stroking. We continued as I breathed through some spasms. I had to stop all stimulation twice to keep from going too far. This is awesome and challenging all at the same time.

She checked the clock 4:00 minutes gone, 2:00 minutes left. Crap. She upped her game while I limited my touches to the head alone until I had to take yet another break. Eventually the time ran out and we continued kissing as I thought how wonderful it would be to penetrate her at the moment. She called it quits and locked me back up. I offered to pleasure her but she wasn't in the mood, maybe in a few days.

In the morning as she applied her makeup, I slipped in behind her and hugged her. I did the math and the 90 days is technically complete the day BEFORE my birthday. She acknowledged the information with just a simple, "Ok."

Now I don't know what will happen and I have learned not to ask. She doesn't know what she'll do but for the first time she's giving it some thought more than a day in advance. I can't wait for this to come to an end and yet I don't want this to end. I have a week to consider my fate.

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:35 pm
by sirmebane
90 days complete.

Actually, 92 days complete.

Wife asked if I needed to go to November to make 90 days or when did it end. I let her know (after careful counting) that 90 days would be the day before my birthday. That worked perfectly with her plan to have me released and pleasured for my birthday.

Having placed that idea in my head I was prepared and eager to go on my birthday. We didn't have a day that was too busy but after the cake and the running around, we went to bed and she fell asleep. It was then that her comment the day before struck me, "You better hope I don't make you wait another day."

No, she isn't that person even though I would love for her to become that person, she isn't. She just fell asleep. I didn't say a word even though it was my birthday, even though she hadn't teased me all week, even though I was thinking how awesome it would be to get out and orgasm. I said nothing.

Next day we did our regular schedule and I was wrapping up the day watching the World Series when she says to me, "I have a plan. You lick me for a little while and then I'll let you come." She then asked me if I wanted to remove the cage before or after I licked her which I didn't want to decide. We elected to leave the cage on until AFTER and I went to work on her.

She was unusually quiet but seemed to enjoy herself and then it was my turn to go. It has been so long and everything felt so good, I told her I wouldn't be able to last very long. "We'll have to work on building back your stamina."

It has been one month since I ordered my Jail Bird... counting the day.

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:41 am
by Tullyboy
I’ve enjoyed reading your journey. It’s very encaouraging; thanks for sharing it with us.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:06 pm
by sirmebane
After the 92 day lock up, my lovely wife decided it was time to put the cage away for a while. I welcomed the break and it would give me a chance to catch up on my orgasms since I was loose. Time and opportunity don't always work their way toward me at the same time so it was after some yard work on Saturday when I had my quick pull. While it was pleasurable, it wasn't intense and was fairly mechanical. It satisfied and cleared the system which is all I wanted it to do.

I said nothing about chastity, I expressed no disappointment nor elation at not being locked up right away. She didn't tease for most of the work and we went about our business. I didn't hint, I didn't whine, I went about the business of being me and let her be her. I wasn't really sure if she planned to wait until the end of November when the Jail Bird arrived. I had no idea when or where or even if she might discuss the cage again but I left it up to her.

As is her habit, she started giving thoughts to sex during the weekend. During lunch with the kids she leans over to me and whispers, "I have a plan." She was impressed with herself because she knew what she wanted long before I would expected it and wanted it known. She didn't let on to her plans but had a big smile knowing what she knew wouldn't be something that I knew anytime soon.

The night held an adventure for us and only she knew what was going to happen.

That evening we did our running around, she finished off her chores and went upstairs. I was trying to finish up things and realized I was the only one left who hadn't gone to bed. When I went to our room I found her posed for a foot rub and a little irritated that I hadn't caught on that she was waiting for me. "I called you twice." Ummm... okay. Never heard it.

When I brought her feet a relaxing massage and cleaned up she let me know what the night would hold. It was late because we had started shutting down the evening late and I had slowed us down even more by being slow-witted. "I'm going to use the vibrator, after that I want you inside me and then we're going to lock you up."

Yes, ma'am!

She had pre-positioned the vibe but was immediately disappointed to find the batteries were dead. We have more downstairs, I offered helpfully. "You go get them." It wasn't a request. I went down and returned with the batteries in hand to return to the bed.

"You better get your cage while you're up. We have things to do and you're right there." I pulled the cage out of the drawer and put it close by on the headboard. Fresh batteries in the vibrator and she was off. I participated as best I could while she enjoyed the sensation.

"Mmmmm that was good but it's your turn now. I love how this feels." She was getting exactly what she wanted, exactly how she wanted and she was talking to me about what she enjoyed. I was excited. We kissed, she groped, she nibbled my nipples and then it was time.

I might have lasted as long as I had the week before which was surprising since I had just come a little over 24 hours before that at my own hand. I thought I would have more trouble and take longer but that just wasn't the case.

We cleaned up, dressed, I put on the cage which she promptly locked. She put away the key and we both fell asleep pretty fast after that.

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:35 pm
by sirmebane
Off with the cheap, on with the custom cage

A week locked up after the 90 day run was no big deal but her desire to tease wasn't there. We're adults and lead busy lives but I do crave her touch when I'm locked. I have already proven to myself that NOT being locked doesn't necessarily mean I handle everything myself but it does make it easy when I have the time. Being locked means I no longer have that option and then I have to carefully play a game of showing her attention without getting annoying. It is a dance that I still don't have all the steps figured out.

Her regular routine of Sunday sex was due and since I had set no limits on her with a date to make, she was probably going to unlock me for some fun. We retired to the bedroom, she got her foot rub and then I waited for the plan to be laid out. The plan was that she got what she wanted and was going to bed. I knew she was going to take care of me, I knew it. She wasn't and I had to deal with it. The key didn't come out, no tease was offered, good night.

I was disappointed but she was doing what I asked her to do. "I feel bad." No. No. I want you to be in control and it is bedtime. I thought I knew her and there was NO WAY she could let me go after I had been locked up so long. Guess who was wrong? It took me a while to get to sleep but I was locked away when I slept that night.

We went another work week with minimal interactions and me locked up. My cheap cage was chewing on delicate flesh and I needed a break. Getting her alone enough to have that discussion is a huge pain so one morning after she left for work with the kids in tow, I went looking for her key. Not my brightest moment perhaps but it needed to happen. I had heard zippers when she retrieved the key in the past so I had limited places to search in the master closet. Bingo. I was out and the chewing was done. I took a break on my own for a few days to let skin heal. She didn't notice that I wasn't wearing the cage and I didn't bring it to her attention. As the weekend approached, I locked back up and put the key away.

I had mistaken her lack of attention to my situation to lack of attention to anything, she notice the key had been moved. She was annoyed. "I had a good place that took me a while to figure out. Why would you do that?"

Like I said, not my brightest moment. I was more worried about annoying her with cage care than I was with annoying her by seeking out her hiding place. To be fair, I heard zippers.

Jail Bird Arrives: There it was sitting on the table when I got home.

My wife and I had an event to attend so we had to leave when I arrived at the house. On the trip over, I asked her 'did you see what came in the mail?'

She answered, "Is that what I think it is?". Yes it is. The topic didn't go much further than that.

When we got home I started opening the box. "You might as well put that away because you can't play with it until I say so. You're locked up. I guess I have to come up with a plan to unlock you, have some fun and lock you up again."

Who am I to disagree?

She tapped in her phone coordinating something that only a mom understands and stopped, "you're just dying to get into you're new cage aren't you?"

I had said nothing but I had drawn closer to her which was what gave me away. 'It is beautiful isn't it?'

"Very shiny. Now let me put it away."

She found a new way to deny me.

Several days later she wanted a foot rub. She let on that she would be changing out my cage with some fun in the middle.

She gave me the option of putting it on late Sunday night but I had some grooming to do so I held off. My cheap Chinese cage came off, the fur removed and I presented myself for the jail bird.

I was excited at the prospect, I was nervous that I got the sizing wrong (so much money, it can't be wrong) but my wife was waiting. The base ring was followed by cage over the post. Not expecting it to be such a chore to line up the holes for the lock, I learned that new skillset.

My wife worried that the hasp of the lock wouldn't fit through the hole but it slipped through when everything was lined up.

Jail Bird is locked and it fits perfectly. The adventure continues.

I love my wife!

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:32 pm
by sirmebane
A week in the Jail Bird and being locked up has never been so comfortable. There is no discomfort like with the cheap cage for simple things like leaning forward in a chair, walking up-stairs, sudden movement from left-right that pinches something. None of that is a problem now. I was very worried that spending the money would not result in a major difference or I'd get the sizing wrong. The size is great and the comfort is so good that I keep forgetting it is there.

The construction is so much better than anything else I have tried. Getting comfortable and well-made that fits was way beyond my expectations. It was such an indulgence that I was regretting spending the money the minute I hit the order button.. I don't anymore.

My only concern was the unexpected difficulty of sliding the cage over the post and getting it aligned. It is a tight fit which is a good thing, I guess since it doesn't shift at all.

I was eager to play having been in the cage for a week and it occurred to me a little too late that our normal sexy day on Sunday would be complicated by travel and staying with kids in a hotel room. It was pushing 11pm when I voiced my new-found concern to my wife hoping she would be up for it. She was sleepy and not willing to give in to my request.

"Eh. You'll be all right." I was eager for play but that comment felt really hot at the time. I wish I could explain to her how deeply stuff like that stirs me up.

We did our little trip out of town and things got back to normal a day or so later so I tried again. You know I have been locked up for a week and I'd love to play. "I know you would, you always want to play. I'll tease you a little bit." She made no effort to retrieve the keys and gave me an easy nipple massage as she drifted off to sleep. I love the attention but I always want more.

The following evening she made it clear that there would be fun but wouldn't elaborate on what she had in mind. These are the times I enjoy the most, the uncertainty of what she wants or what I might be treated to or what she might ask for. My anticipation for what was to come was a bright spot in my day. When we finally got upstairs and alone she detailed what she had in mind.

"I'm going to unlock you. You'll rub yourself with panties, I'll tease you while you do that but you aren't allowed to come. When I say it is over, it is over and I'll lock you back up."

I love her so much. My attempt to play the chastity victim didn't go as planned. It's been so long since I've had an orgasm, a week in this new cage. She gave in right away which WASN'T my intention.

"Okay, you can come but you're getting locked up when we're done." She feels guilty when I say that and her dutiful wife persona comes out. I want her to tease, I want her to deny and most importantly I want her to decide when and if I'm allowed an orgasm. I explained that to her and she rolled her eyes as she went back to her original plan.

"Okay, you aren't allowed to come." Hmmm. Maybe I should have shut my mouth and discussed it afterwards.

She unlocked the cage, threw a pair of satin panties my way and joined me on the bed. I grew up and through the base ring into a full erection and proceeded to stroke while she sucked hard on one of my nipples and let her hands roam. I managed to edge and had to let go of everything to keep from going over, she saw my reaction and just rubbed my chest. When things calmed down enough, I resumed stroking and as I built up again she announced, "We're done. Time to lock it up."

My disappointment was manifest in a few more strokes and some heavy breathing but then I stopped everything and reached for the cage. It took several minutes for the erection to die down and then another minute to get the cage aligned and for her to slide the lock into the hole and then the satisfying 'click.'

I offered to return the favor for her and she just said, "Yeah well the weekend is coming and you need something to look forward to."

I love my wife.

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:45 pm
by sirmebane
I have been remiss in my posting and part of that is her decision to put things on the shelf for a little while. I have done all I can to keep my mouth shut and not guide her through what I want. No wearing the cage without her command, no hinting, no suggestions. Just stay quiet and let her decide.

When we put the cage away (about two weeks ago) she declared it "the holiday season" and time for a break. We have been busy with so many other things but we had our fun alone along the way. Christmas has come and we went out to dinner with daughter and her boyfriend. Boyfriend gives daughter a lovely necklace as her Christmas present.

It is a key on a silver chain. Mom praises the gift and genuinely appreciates the kindness shown to her little girl.

Fast forward to later in the night when we have a moment alone. She asks, "Did you see the necklace? It was a key!" I quickly admitted I had but was NOT going "there." She laughed while completely enjoying my awkward deflection of her suggestion.

She followed with a firm, "We need to lock you up. It has been too long and I have been too generous."

Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:15 am
by PervParadox
Hey smb, this thread is amazing! Read it start to finish by now. Even made an account just to say this: thank you for writing and sharing!
I haven't told my wife about my interests (yet) but you're personal story and sharing of your struggles (what to tell, when and how or if) are inspiring. Really, it's given me an achievable perspective from 'just another man' with family, a job, and in general a decent human being. Makes think 'hey this may actually be applicable to me'. Thanks for that :)