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Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Sat May 21, 2016 3:19 am
by Afrinadian
It's been a little tricky logging into the site since the hack... too bad :(
A lot has changed since my last post, AJ has certainly taken chastity to the next level. She's starting to realize that I have accepted her as the dominant one in the house and she's starting to realize that she enjoys it. Things have been going slow for many years, but now that we have a JB that she really likes, she's coming into her own.
Although it's frustrating as hell to be locked up sometimes, it's been really enjoyable watching AJ grow in the area of our relationship. One thing we agreed on years ago was that while I'm locked up, she's the boss. AJ always found that tiresome and a bit of a burden till we sat down over the course of some months and talked it out.
She has come to realize that she doesn't have the highest libido and that she actually does enjoy being in charge and finally admitting it to me.
Evidence of this is starting to creep out through daily life where she'll just randomly tell me to do something. AJ's now starting to order me about, albeit subtly, in front of family. In front of her best friends, It's a lot less subtle, she just comes out with it. She's done negotiating with me about things and she's not afraid to use the key as a threat. Before, it was always a very sweet request. AJ's definitely loosening up.

Oh yeah, AJ wears the key 24/7 now she says it helps her remember who's in charge and finds it a turn on knowing it's out there for everybody to see but it's still the big secret. AJ's also admitted that she wishes someone would open up to her about living the chastity life as she has warned me that she'd spill all the beans to them too. I've tried to get AJ to join the forum or even read some material about the subject, but she says it makes her really uncomfortable. I've placed a Chastity PDF onto her phone which she knows about and I have promised never to bring it up again as it causes tension.

So, I was locked up for about month last time and let out so AJ could play. She enjoys PIV, so I got some mind-blowing orgasms too which was nice. :)
AJ ended up having me unlocked for a week and finally, after she'd had enough, I was ordered back into the JB on May 17th.
I'm still getting used to the new arrangement as we've always had calculated release dates based on behaviour. This time, It's loosely based on that, but it's more along the lines of no schedule, rather when AJ feels like it, I get used and put back in my cage. My behaviour just has an effect of how much teasing I get. The worse I behave, the less teasing I get... simple system for her really.
Since my last long-term internment before April of this year was at the end on 2014, This has been a harder re-entry compared to previous times we ended a break. I feel this time is different though. It feels a lot more permanent and AJ even wants me to call her Madam on occasion (her suggestion, not mine)
I think it makes her feel more powerful? I have no idea. I know she likes it though.

So I'm locked again
As of May 17th 2016
No release date on the horizon
I'm not allowed to ask, AJ gets angry about that
AJ now wears the key 24/7

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 12:30 am
by Afrinadian
AJ really found her groove, tonight, she instructed me to give her a good foot massage, booted me off the couch, spread out and fell asleep, but not before giving me a really great nipple massage as a reward for the foot massage. AJ REALLY knows what turns my crank.
I made a comment about how she's just doing whatever she wants. her response was something along the lines of, "Well, I'm allowed aren't I." More as a statement, not a question.

Somehow I feel like I'm being trained or conditioned. Well hey... I did ask to be locked up and enter into an agreement with her that she's totally in charge.

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:12 am
by Afrinadian
This week has been huge! I was having trouble coming to terms with not owning my own body parts last week, so i was told to draft a document outlining what I thought was expected of me. After a lot of thought I was done. Madame had me sign it and add a few items to it.

My new name is toy and I, as a person, reside within it. In order to reside 'legally' I have to adhere to a fair use policy. The short, short version is that I longer own my body, Madame does and whatever she says is law.
It's to the point now that I'm not allowed on the couch with her unless she invites me. I have to sit at her feet and cater to her every whim.

Without a doubt. It's been an interesting week!
Typing on my phone sticks, so I'm keeping this short.

If anyone's interested, I can post a copy of the agreement.

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:17 am
by FlyBoyCFI
I think it would be helpful to the Chastity Community to see what you're committed to. We would love to see your agreement.

Down & Locked...Check

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:37 am
by Afrinadian
Wow, time flies when you're busy. Madame has really taken to our FLR arrangement with the ownership agreement. In the beginning, she really didn't like the idea of having a slave, but since she's had a taste of the real good life after signing our agreement, she's now had me complete a slave registry. :shock:

That was a week ago. since then, Madame's taken to instructing me to do whatever. We have small kids, so she refreains from such behaviour around them which is a relief, but I can tell from the looks I get from her that her mind's really not wondering far from our arrangement.

One area Madame's had issues with is discipline. We have a very loving and affectionate relationship, so the though of punishment doesn't sit well with her... well most forms. In the past, we experimented with BDSM. Even then, I was usually the sub. Well, Madame found that she enjoyed torching me with clothes pegs on my nipples. She especially enjoying watching me try to deal with the pain when she removed the pegs after about 30min and re-positioned them. I have to admit it's got to be one of my least favourite things to do.

Anyway, Madame has decided that clothes pegs are going to be her choice of punishment. to start, it's 30min straight time. then, depending on the severity of punishment, there will be one or more peg re-positioning. (I've nervous ever since)
The in-laws are here this weekend and Madame hasn't cooled her jets one bit. Even when they are in the same room, I'm getting told to do things. I may be a bit sensitive to our new arrangement still, but it's quite an interesting predicament to be in. One thing about this situation to know is that our entire family on both sides is very conservative and kinks of any kind are the devil's work.

Yesterday, I was asking Madame about something totally unrelated while she was in the shower when out of the blue she blurted out something to the effect, "don't think you are getting out any time soon, I like you like this."
The night before, Madame and I were having some intimate time. She wanted to allow me to get some sexual release so she had me fondle her privates gently. I really enjoy nipple play, so I asked if she would like to play like normal. The answer was an emphatic NO! This being out of character, I was surprised by the response. almost immediately after, Madame commented on how easy that was and smiled. After dinner today, I asked her about this and was told that she was just trying it on for size since she doesn't normally say no. Madame went on to say how she liked it, how easy it was and that she'll be doing that a lot more often.

Sorry for this being a bit disjointed. I'm not feeling all that well and I'm tired.
Also, I've finally uploaded the agreement we have

Hope to comment again soon.

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:18 am
by Afrinadian
Shortly after my last post, Madame decided that she wanted some play time. :D I was unlocked on Saturday and left unlocked as she wanted to play the next couple of nights. Unfortunately, life kicked in. over the course of three days, we were both only able to reach orgasm once. We were either too tired to do anything other than go to sleep, or our bed times had to be staggered.

Well, so it turns out that after the three days of freedom I had to lock up on July 14th and to use Madame's words, "You're not going to be unlocked anytime soon if I have anything to do with it."
Also, She's told me that I have some punishment coming. Madame says that I'm either going to be locked in our garden shed or she's going to play with clothes pegs on my nipples. I do enjoy BDSM, so I'm a little excited and simultaneously nervous as Madame knows what I can take, What I enjoy and exactly what my limits are. When I asked her when she was planning on following through on the punishment. "I'm not telling you, that way you have no control." was the response. After that, Madame turned over and went to sleep.

I also asked Madame how she was enjoying being waited on hand and foot, and if she's enjoying being in charge and owning her slave. As a rating, she gave an 8/10 and climbing as she's getting more used to the arrangement.

I'm still showering in our guest shower and have been told that I'm only allowed to shower in the en-suite if Madame invites me. I'm also still expected to be clean shaven all the time and It's become standard for me to be naked after the kids are in bed. Madame likes to see me locked up and I think it's a symbol of my servitude to her.

I think I'm going to be locked for a long, long time. BCWYWF
Locked July 14th 2016...

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:52 pm
by Afrinadian
It's been a very long time since I was last here. How time flies!

Let's see... The last time I was here was around the middle of July. A lot has happened and developed since them. Our slave contract got a major overhaul and I'm living in service as a result. Madame wan't satisfied with the original document, so she ordered a re-write. (I'll attach a copy in the next few days as time permits.)

It's been so long, that I'm going to have to summarise.

We live in BC and one of our holidays falls on the first weekend in August. We have a sailboat and so, we try to use it whenever possible. Being smaller, it is quite tender as you move about, so JB usually comes off for the duration of our trip. This time though, It was Madame and myself on the boat without the kids so I was locked.
We were out for 4 days and hit some INSANE weather, biggest seas we've every run into. I was instructed to be bottomless for most of the trip (mainly while at anchor) which pushed my limits a bit as there was a gale blowing and it seems as though us and every other boat in southern BC were crammed into the same anchorage.
Needless to say, Madame was amused at my predicament. At least she allowed me to have shorts on when I was walking on top of the boat /phew/
We returned home a day early due to weather and Madame ordered a 'Queen Day ' when we got home after getting unpacked. It was then that I realized how much I was in for it. Madame had decided that I had not been the slave she wanted, so half way through the day, she tricked me into going into our garden shed. Once in, she cornered me and had me strip naked and locked me in as a punishment. after locking the door, she let me know that I needed to think about who was in charge.
2 1/2 hrs later, she let me out and handed me some shorts.
It was then that I found out and was reminded that regardless about how I felt, I belong to her as property and have no rights. As a result, regardless about how I feel, as long as the kids aren't around, I am to be naked and serving her at all times.
A few weeks later, it was 17 deg/C outside. I made some comment about how fall was on it's way. Madame instructed me to put on some shorts and get out. I did, she followed. Madame led me to the shed again and said I needed reminding. It was around 8pm and twilight.
Again, I was locked into the shed, and again, I was stripped naked -- Madame was teaching me the same lesson. As Madame was leaving though, she thew me a t-shirt saying it was chilly and she wasn't heartless. I got quite cold in the 3 1/2 hrs I was outside in the shed in the dark. Eventually, when Madame came to let me out, I was lying down in the shed and the only way I was able to get out the door was by crawling as the lawnmower was in the way. Madame liked what she saw and made me crawl naked back to the house. As I was crawling, she said something along the lines of maybe now you'll understand who's really in charge.

Fast forward to the first weekend in October, I'd been locked up for a little over 2 months and was going out of my mind. I had to get ready for a business trip, something we both hate. Madame allowed me out and had me climax by PIV for the first time since July. It was awesome and embarrassing! I came within seconds of starting. I've never finished that quick before and it drew a very amused giggle from Madame.

Since then, I've been locked. Madame has also upped the ante, The naked thing is now standard fair and I get into a lot of trouble if I try to stay clothed (I mean, who wants to be naked ALL the time)
Also, I'm no longer allowed on any sofa after the kids are in bed or are away, I have to do ALL the dishes in the house and see to Madame's every need. More recently, I have been forbade from touching my nipples, I'm not allowed to ask for pleasure at all, I am to be a foot stool for her upon demand, I am also to be in a 'waiting position' which often meaning kneeling while I wait for her to instruct another want or need.
Also, Our dynamic doesn't end when in the presence of others. Madame has stated that her delivery will change, but when a request is made in the presence of others, is is an instruction and must be obeyed. Upon delivering the request. Normally in the presence of others, I may call her by her name except when delivering on her request at which point I am to address her by her title.

The day she issued this decree, we were going to visit my family. That night, Madame randomly came up to me and started playing with my nipples in front of my Dad. He thought it was just a long hug and smiled, but it was soooo much more. It was horrible trying to retain my composure.

I had a dream the other night that somehow my JB got an upgrade and based on the will of Madame would detach my scrotum. I'm extremely thankful that was a dream, but when I told Madame about it, her response was a giggle. When I asked what was so funny, I was surprised when she came back with, "well I don't need it anymore, I have your hand, you don't need it anymore except to pee... well, maybe you don't, and it's tiny." :shock:

So to Summarise:
1: Always naked
2: Kneel while waiting, If Madame is going to be a long time, I may sit.
3: Not allowed to sit on the furniture, It's for Madame and the cat
4: ALL dishes are my responsibility
5: Madame doesn't have to do anything, It's her time to be served whenever the kids are away or asleep.
6: I am not to request pleasure or I get punished
7: I am not to touch my nipples or I get punished
8: I am furniture on demand
9: plus all other rules from previous decisions she's made.

What blows me away is my wife was once vanilla. she wanted nothing to do with any kink of any kind. Even during the 7 years that we had a CB6000s, she was only happy to use it maybe a week a month during 'that time'. Since we got the JB, it's like a beast has been let out and she's totally changed. She's even playing with the idea of having me tattooed with my slave#

When we fist started along this road, Madame said her enjoyment was around a 3/10 and she didn't care whether or not we kept going to stopped. I offered to stop at that point and she declined.

This week, I asked the same two questions, "Out of 10, how much tdo you like your new lifestyle?" The answer was 9/10
"Would you consider going back to the way things were?" I got a paragraph as a response, but the sentiment was essentially, never!!!
I asked a third question this week, "Do you think I'll get to cum sometime?" her response (and I quote), "I like things how they are, I don't know, maybe. You don't need to anyway, It's all about my pleasure right? you ARE my property and my slave after all" :shock:

My advice is to be careful about what contracts you get yourself into. Make sure you are not horny when you write it.

For me, I have found this experience to be fun as I've always been into BDSM and I've always had sub tendencies, but I never dreamed about doing it full time, It was always a bedroom game. It's been hard and I see it getting harder as Madame becomes for comfortable with her role and as it becomes for 'normal'. After all, it's been a huge shift in our relationship.

Locked since: Oct 6th
A host of new rules.

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:55 am
by Afrinadian
After writing that long post yesterday, I had to ask Madame the question why I wasn't allowed to ask for pleasure, what was the reason. The response shouldn't have been so surprising, but it was... "You don't own that body, it belongs to me, so why do you want to pleasure it? I said no, it's my rule, I said so. Leave it at that!"

Um I think i got told off. Just a hunch ;)
Seriously though, it's a hell of a mind trip realizing that I don't have control of anything anymore! My vanilla wife no longer exists!!!

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:23 am
by Afrinadian
As promised, I have attached a copy of the revised FLR agreement. If you choose to use it, be careful as your KH might take it and run with it as mine has.

I had an interesting week. I started getting really itchy at the base of my shaft and it wouldn't subside. Then, I started noticing mild pain. Since I'm in a JB, this is very unusual and tried for 2 days to inspect the problem. Eventually I tried to have a look while in the shower and realised that I could pull out the back of the JB with the cage just hanging there. I didn't know this was possible! It's both a blessing and a curse though as I quickly found out that trying to get erect was uncomfortable and even if I allowed myself to get erect, it takes a couple of hours to get small enough to get back into the cage. Given that I'm always to be naked, Madame would find out quickly that something's amiss and I don't want to know what punishment would follow.

The advantages; it keeps me honest and I'm able to get to all those hard to reach areas and ensure the are clean. I realise this is kind of cheating, but being able to pull out enough to carefully clean and inspect without getting an erection is a huge benefit in my eyes. I'm almost at 2 month locked and am also finding that I don't want to pleasure myself down there as the teasing that Madame gives feels way better.

We haven't had a lot of time to spend alone recently as I'm busy with Christmas at work, come home late now and Madame is working a lot of night shifts. It's not ideal, but it's allowed us to keep our house and keep our kids in a stable environment. One thing's for sure... I have NO idea when I'm going to be unlocked next. The strange thing is that it's starting to seem less important now.
This year is turning out to be quite lean for orgasms in my world. I've been locked an averege of around 2 months at a time and have only had 3 orgasms. Madame has made it clear that I'm her property and I don't really need a penis except for the occasional teasing and having a pee. She has assure me, maybe twice, that I'm not going to live a life of celibacy though which is a huge relief for me.

One rule has changed though. We found that being naked ALL the time when kids aren't around was a bit impractical (obviously this rule applies when indoors only), so Madame amended it. It is now decried that I am to be naked when alone with Madame at all times and on command unless slave's veto applies.

I'm happy with this rule as I was finding that I was getting rather tempted to play and look at porn again when naked and alone which is a really bad idea of course.
So, not too much going on

Re: [Afrinadian] Our new lifestyle begins

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:18 am
by Afrinadian
Interesting week.

a couple of nights ago, Madame was feeling frisky, so I was instructed to be unlocked. It was made painfully clear that I wasn't allowed to orgasm or cum, so I didn't bother taking off the base ring.
I have yet to figure out if it's fortunate or unfortunate, but Madame know EXACTLY how to excite me. After receiving an AMAZING nipple massage and a hell of a tease down under, Madame abruptly turned over and said, "I'm done. Go lock up." -- Yet another first!!! :shock:

Yet again, in my extremely aroused state and obviously not thinking clearly, I was idiotic enough to ask the dumbest question on the face of the planet, "I know I'm locked for a long while so do you want me to use lock-tight?" We only ever use blue lock-tight as a punishment and it's a bitch to get loose!
Without skipping a beat, I got a resounding yes.
It was totally my own fault and now, I've been locked since the beginning of October, only let out once for a tease, locked back up immediately after and I basically asked to apply Lock-Tight! :?

Last night was date night so we hit our favourite Greek Restaurant. Boy, were we stuffed!
Anyway, shortly after dinner, I suggested we go to Home Depot and window shop. I know, kinda strange for a date, but hey, different strokes...

Anyhow, we had been talking about mounting an eye-screw in our storage room in the basement as an anchor when Madame wants to discipline me. Now, I've been married almost 9 years and I'v teased Madame many times this way by talking about getting fixtures for the house. It always ends up with her changing the subject and 'forgetting' the conversation. Well, this time she called my bluff! :shock:

After looking at some pastille basins for the bathroom renovation we are dreaming about, Madame wanted to see these bolts we were talking about.
She found them before I did, picked one out and said, "Let's get this one!" She wouldn't even allow me to hold it!
When I got home, I worked on installing it. I knew Madame didn't want the eye-screw in the centre of the ceiling... so I thought. I was corrected and directed where to mount it so she could get better access to me while I was tethered. This particular version also has a steel loop through the eye-screw around which Madame instructed me to wrap electrical tape to prevent rope chafe. The by product though, is a ring that looks positively ominous. After completing the install, I truly got shivers down my back and a sense of "what the **** have I done! What am I in for now?!"

Tonight, on her way home from dance with my daughter, I got a phone call. "I want Coke when I get home."
After my daughter went to bed, it was, "<daughter> is restless tonight so you have 10 min before I expect you to be off my couch and naked."

In a separate conversation, Madame also let me know that Thursday (tomorrow) should be the day I'm going to be breaking in the new 'ring'.
I'll follow this up once I know what's going on... I'm going to take this opportunity to say an 'ouch' for the future.