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[fortunatehusbandp4] Under Her Lock and Key (in Married Life

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:19 am
by fortunatehusbandp4
I broached the chastity subject with my wife last week and she was keen although I think also a bit unsure, she is more on the vanilla side but we've experimented with rope and a few other light bdsm things over the past 9 years of our marriage. I researched between the Holy Trainer, CB-X and Birdlocker, all of which are available near where I live, the HT seemed like the best option. In the few days until Friday I was a lot more attentive as a husband (infinitely more attentive really). After finishing work early on Friday I went out and bought a Holy Trainer and brought it home, leaving it in a bag on the kitchen counter (I normally wouldn't have been so open)

When my wife came home I said that I'd like her to decide when it goes on and after some late night play I had manoeuvred my package into it. I put the cock ring on first and then pretty much shoved the penis itself down the tube, it didn't seem to sit right but I just left it as-is. It felt pretty comfortable and the lock took a few tries to fully engage.

I fell asleep around 11pm and woke up around 4am with a strong one, urinating sitting down was definitely a new experience that way but it worked and I went back to sleep to then wake up in the morning. I massaged my wife for a long time, it was a great feeling to think more about her than me.

The kids came in to our room and we got ready for the day. I took the tube off and readjusted, this time using moisturiser for a better fit. Took my son to soccer, worked at home and then with my family to a kids party, all the while knowing what I had and knowing no one else knew about it.

Back home and then a normal night except still a lot more attentive to my wife - massages galore. We watched 50 Shades and she mentioned I could take the cage off at 8pm Sunday night, movie itself was nothing special - Story of O is much better!

Sunday came and I woke up early to clean the kitchen and living room (possibly the first time in over a year), then continued to help with cleaning and packing stuff away for having friends over for a BBQ. We went to the mall and I hardly even noticed the HT there.

I'm already becoming a better husband and feel good about it.

After our friends left I cleaned a lot more.

At 8pm my wife said I could take the HT off, which I did while she ran a bath for us. I had to do some other stuff as well (turn off lights, arrange music and turn down bed), I washed the HT in soapy water and then got into the bath. True relaxation!

After the bath we went to bed and after not having a hard on for a short time post chastity the remainder of the night was truly magical.

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Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:38 pm
by fortunatehusbandp4
I should have mentioned at the time that I'll be locked in Friday to Sunday unless any infractions require locking any earlier. My wife and I actually spoke this morning before I went to work, she also commented that something had really changed for the better, firstly we're more open, I help more and for me I also now respect the limits and boundaries more. If men do think with two brains then turning one off makes the other one work a lot more efficiently.

Now at work I'm thinking of what effect locking-in will have, bring on the weekend.

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Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:20 am
by locked4her55
fortunatehusbandp4 wrote:If men do think with two brains then turning one off makes the other one work a lot more efficiently.
Love it. :D

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Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 3:12 am
by fortunatehusbandp4
Well it's been a massive week of work culminating in securing a massive (+$100M) deal today for the company I work for. It's been many months of hard work and the negotiation landed exactly where I'd planned, I felt so accomplished and met my wife at lunch today. We've been speaking all week about removing my hair so it doesn't get caught in the HT ring and after lunch she went and bought a beard trimmer thing (I don't have a beard).

Back home and she ordered me to remove the hair and get into the cage. Wow such an erotic feeling shaving the hair, then a quick shower and took quite a while to get into the HT tube. Initial tries were hard (excuse the pun) but after some ice and moisturiser I was in. Have been hard now for about 1.5 hrs, my cock pushing against the end of the tube and feeling good. Have handed my wife the key and don't know when she'll let me out, likely towards the end of the weekend but who knows.

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Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:26 am
by fortunatehusbandp4
Saturday came and went with lots of massages given and lots of helping around the house with chores etc. Felt really horny at night, watched a romantic comedy with my wife and then went to sleep (with a rule of no touching). The littlies came to our bed early in the morning but I persuaded them to stay downstairs watching tv. My wife wanted me to go down on her and she had a massive orgasm, then she said I should unlock, have a shower and that she'd join me. I washed her body and was in an almost animalistic state, using her hands she gave me an absolute earth shattering orgasm with spurts of hot cum hitting the tiles in the shower, I was on shaky legs for a while and absolutely loved it... Exceptionally mind blowing. Then locked up again throughout the day and planning to wear the HT to work tomorrow for the first time...

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Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:02 pm
by fortunatehusbandp4
Wow I've now been locked in for four days apart from a half hour release on Sunday (or does it mean two days as I've only been caged since Sunday). Either way it's becoming something I like - I didn't know at the start what it'd be like as I guess no one does.

I spend most of my days sitting and the HT ring can dig into my pubic bone area, combined with a hard on it can make for an interesting feeling.... I'm definitely not complaining about it.

Sleeping has been fine although I've been waking early in the morning with pinching around my balls - not sure if it's s pulled hair or something else but a small adjustment fixes the issue.

I did a proper clean in the shower this morning. Our shower has a hand held section and I firstly use it to clean the cage, inside and out including having water jets go directly onto the eye of my penis. It's a sensitive area for me (and probably most other guys too), but anything near there is a hard limit for me following an attempt at catheterisation quite a few years ago in bdsm play. That's something I don't plan trying anytime soon.

Back to the cleaning. After washing with water I put some liquid soap into the cage and then wash it out with the shower water, also making sure to retract my penis (could be called to do a turtle) so the soap goes all around and cleans the whole area. After getting out of the shower I use a hair dryer to completely dry it inside and out.

Getting a hard on at work is different when caged. Previously (BC or Before Chastity) I could be sitting in my office or in a meeting and get a hard on for no reason, standing up would mean having to conceal it. Now I can get a hard on and it doesn't show one bit, something which I'll get used to... The sensation is the same but no one can notice. Yes the bulge is different too but I doubt anyone is actually looking at it.

My wife/KH hasn't said when I'm getting out and I sent her some blog links to read so she can get some ideas. Am aiming for the end of the week.

Writing this and continual thinking about it is giving me a hard on causing my boxer shorts to hike up my arse. Need to get back to work. That's it for now.

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Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:07 am
by fortunatehusbandp4
It's insane the amount of power that a cage has on a man. After forwarding a few blogs to my wife (which she read), she has started to act on some of the D/s role play including:

- bring me my phone
- asking if she wants a foot massage and she responds with a forceful yes
- when I'm adjusting for tightness she says don't touch or time will be extended

I'm learning not to pester her with constant touching, massages and requests. Also I'm settling into her way or the highway, giving up control of that vital part of my anatomy. Last night I cleaned the kitchen while she relaxed on the couch, something unheard of in our house just a few weeks ago.

I'm waking up at night with raging hard ons and feelings of stretching or pinching in my balls. Am also reminded constantly that the HT is there due to the pushing it does on my pubic bone. I also realise no matter how much discomfort there is within my pants that no one else knows what's there.

Tonight I taught a class that I do each week and spoke for 2.5 hrs in front of audience, no one would have known any different.

I long for a good word or even criticism from my wife, I love her more than anything.

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Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:00 am
by fortunatehusbandp4
It was a big week and by Friday I had reached five days locked. In the morning I did a big clean of the HT including soap from the top and bottom of the tube but was also feeling heat within it and around my balls that I couldn't properly explain, it was bordering on uncomfortable but no pain involved.

Friday night came and went and we then went to sleep with my KH saying that there wouldn't be any release that weekend and that I wasn't permitted to touch her before going to sleep. Anyway we both woke up around 4am and she requested a massage which I was happy to provide.

About an hour later she turned over and said it was time for release from the cage, to put a condom on and we had PIV sex. My erection was definitely lower than previous and I didn't cum whilst she did. It was them back to sleep until the morning.

I worked the whole day with no permission to touch myself and then after dinner in bed my KH played me with and gave me an orgasm by hand. Geez it felt good! Sunday morning I still had a hard on and enjoyed another orgasm in the shower together.

Back into the HT throughout the whole day and was apprehensive about being locked in, the one day of freedom was enjoyable but I realised that it's also very enjoyable being locked and the benefit to our relationship is also great. Our marriage is way way stronger than it ever was.

Back to work today and enjoying sitting down to piss, it's such a good feeling to see/feel it flow out of the tube and to dry the tube with toilet paper. I don't feel too horny today, probably expected after two orgasms on the weekend, will see how it feels later on the week.

Re: [fortunatehusbandp4] Under Her Lock and Key (in Married

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:16 am
by fortunatehusbandp4
Day 2 of week 2 after release on the weekend and the feeling is vastly different. You think the urge has gone away whilst your cock is soft in its cage but soon it can get hard again and it's like nothing has changed. Definitely a mind game.

Post "O" in chastity feels different to regular post "O" in that the desire does seem to come on slower, I'm also finding that my cock is staying softer in the tube more than it did before and I'm noticing it less and less during the day.

Tonight after getting home my wife asked how it was going (she's given the HT a cute name so we can talk about it in front of the kids). The mere talking about it made me fill the tube.

I mentioned the feeling was better than the last time but also that I wanted more restrictions that now include:
- all my clothes to be put away including shoes from the living room
- I'm to help in the kitchen after dinner whenever possible
- No waking her up in the night, ever. Eg not putting my arms around her when she's awake

Massages to be given freely whenever possible and then I'll also probably add more over time too but not wanting to put it all out there at once.

Re: [fortunatehusbandp4] Under Her Lock and Key (in Married

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:30 pm
by fortunatehusbandp4
Am feeling "comfortable" in the HT throughout the day and with some discomfort at night although I'm not complaining. Am four days in and have no wish to be released this weekend at all.

My KH and her good friend were discussing how much of a better husband I'd become (regular flowers, massages etc) and was pushing her to know why. I think they'd been talking about other sexual related things and my KH said that it was something bedroom related but that it doesn't leave the bedroom. The intrigue is definitely there and I know it has now perked a level of interest to find out what it is we're doing....

This morning my KH stated a new rule:

- that I have to open and close the car door for her every time

It's an area of chivalry that I was definitely lacking and deficient in previously. It makes me so happy that she is training me to be a much better husband and making me do things her way. It's what I've wanted throughout our whole marriage and with out nine year anniversary approaching I feel it's stronger than ever.