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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:53 pm

Our foray into the chastity lifestyle is continuing at a pace and still seems to be going well. There's been teasing for me and 'worship' in equal measure. My hands are certainly getting used to administering foot rubs and massages on a very frequent basis.

On the practical side of things, the HT2 has been incredibly comfortable and not caused any issues at all. At three weeks of continuous wear, that is good news.

We had a fairly normal weekend with lots of the usual domestic and familial duties squeezed in, namely visiting my relatives on Sunday. Still, Mistress Jolie had the intention of making sure I couldn't sit down without wincing. On Saturday evening we watched the iconic eighties flic, Nine 1/2 Weeks. I started out moisturising and massaging Mistress Jolie's feet. As the film heated up, Mistress Jolie told me to strip and then get onto all fours in front of her seat. She popped her feet up on my back and let them rest there for a while.

When Mistress felt enough time had elapsed, she flicked and poured cold water over my back. I was quite taken by surprise! Mistress took her time, I think to allow my anticipation about what was to follow to build up. It wasn't long before she was working a dildo into my bottom and cropping me. In fact she cropped me repeatedly in the same place, with a long and quick succession of 'thwacks'. It hurt. Enjoyably. Mistress thrust the dildo in and out of me gently at first, pausing occasionally for some more cropping. Gradually she fucked my ass harder with it... and then she rotated it around so the curvature of the dildo did a fine job of stimulating my prostate. She started fucking me very hard with the dildo, Mistress wasn't taking prisoners tonight! I felt my body tensing up as the pleasure ran through me.. although it felt like I was going to soil myself when things really tightened up. I don't know whether or not I would have reached some sort of climax had Mistress Jolie continued, but in a way I was relieved she didn't because I was frightened about the outcome! I'm not yet used to being Mistress' anal slut, but I think this is the closest I've been to some sort of climax from such an experience and it was very different to anything else I have ever experienced. Pre-cum was pouring out of Mistress' cage during most of the time Mistress pleasured and punished me, I felt myself excreting quite a quantity at times when I involuntarily tensed up.

My punishment was undue, Mistress reminded me before hand what some of my transgressions were. I'd left the showerhead on the jet setting one morning after cleaning my cage in the shower. I had also left tissues on the sofa a couple of times where they'd fallen out of my pockets and also in bed when I'd fallen asleep holding onto them due to my hayfever.

Mistress seemed delighted after punishing me - I caught her smiling a few times. She was gracious enough to cuddle me whilst we watched the conclusion of the film. I have to say, that's the hardest I've been cropped and it did smart, but I would be happy to take more punishment if ever Mistress deems it to be appropriate.

And on the subject of punishment, I shared with Mistress the latest posts from CarolinaCyclists Journey. Mistress seemed very amused by them and hinted that she might need a thinking closet.

I had taken some vacation time from work, so whilst Mistress returned to work on Monday morning, I instead enjoyed a lie-in, a nice bath during which I took time to thoroughly clean Mistress' cage and then set about undertaking some domestic chores. I took pictures of myself naked cleaning the bathroom, hoovering and posing on the freshly made up bed. Mistress seemed very amused when she received them at work and even informed me that she showed her colleagues, albeit using a strategically placed thumb to keep my modesty.

Mistress seemed very pleased when she arrived home from work. I treated us to a takeaway dinner and later on Mistress rewarded me by letting me run her a bath and scrub her back. After Mistress had dried herself off, she unlocked my cage and told me to go and get cleaned up. I explained that I'd already thoroughly cleaned today with Q-Tips. Teasingly Mistress told me "I want my cock to be perfectly clean before I slide it into my mouth". I couldn't believe my luck, although I figured it could be a so I didn't take it to heart. After I returned to the bedroom with a freshly washed cock and cage, now removed. Mistress told me that I could pleasure her now.

I continued to worship Mistress by moisturising and massaging her feet. Mistress told me clearly that I wasn't allowed to get hard and that she was not to feel an erection anywhere near her, particularly whilst massaging her back. Before long Mistress started teasing and touching her cock whenever she could. I managed to prevent a full erection for most of the time, although when I did become erect I did manage regain control again relatively quickly. That wasn't easy!

I gave Mistress a through and firm back massage, after which she sat up, turned to me and said "I'm ready for some pleasing now". Mistress parted her legs and gestured down between them. I kissed my way up the inside of Mistress' thighs, slowing down the further up I got. I indulged myself a little, naughtily by teasing Mistress. I gently kissed her clit, and then went back to kissing the tops of her thighs and then eventually back to kissing around her clit. I worked two and then three fingers inside Mistress' lush, tight wet cunt and continued giving Mistress head. I actually felt more coordinated than usual, my tongue somehow more sensitive to the geography of Mistress' anatomy. Mistress then, bizarrely, told me not to make her cum. Which she did, less than minutes later!

Mistress then gestured for me to lie on her next to the bed. I kissed Mistress and she started playing with her cock, wrapping her hand around it and gently stroking it up and down. Mistress's cock was hardening in her hands until it reached a very erect state.

Mistress got up and instructed me to lie in the middle of the bed. She straddled me, kneeling up and just letting her cock brush against her wet lips and vagina. Mistress lowered her self down, just allowing the tip of her cock to slide inside - even that felt blissful having been caged almost full time for nearly three weeks. Instinctively I arched my back - an almost involuntary movement. Mistress told me off each time I did this and pulled up away from me. I was gasping with frustration by the time I'd trained my body to stay completely still for long enough for Mistress to lower herself all the way down, taking my (her) full length inside her. The sensation was absolutely amazing. Mistress rode me until she came. And then she continued, until she came twice more. From my perspective these looked like very satisfying orgasms. I was quietly impressed with my self control. I knew dearly as much as I would love to let myself go, in equal measure I didn't want to. This was about Mistress enjoying me as she wanted to and I didn't want to steal any of that pleasure away from her.

Mistress lay along side me and started edging me ... expertly. She brought me so close, again and again and again. She must have edged me at least a dozen times, sometimes keeping me so close to ejaculating for minutes on end. She asked me what I was thinking and I told her. I really wanted to take her from behind on all fours and fuck her until I came hard inside her. Mistress immediately got up on all fours and asked me what I was waiting for. I obliged .. although I felt guilty because physically it's the most pleasurable way for me to penetrate her - it's deep and tight. After a minute of permiting me to this, Mistress pulled away and gestured again for me to lie back down. And the edging continued for quite some time, culminating in a perfectly timed ruined orgasm. Mistress really is becoming expert at this, especially the way she now masturbates her cock. I was groaning and trembling the whole time, on a knife edge.

It was lovely ejaculating, after quite some time, even if it was a ruined orgasm. I felt very grateful to Mistress for the attention she lavished on me.

Although this post has been very sexual, I'd like to make some broader observations before I break off.

The most amazing thing about this experience has been seeing Mistress' confidence grow. She's now very comfortable just being naked in front of me and casually teasing me. I think I've always wanted this and it gives me a warm feeling inside. Mistress is much more of a participant now and I would happily continue giving up my sexuality (and more) to maintain this.

There's a wonderful synergy between the loving, nurturing and sexual sides of our relationship. They seem much more intertwined than they were before. Sex is no longer just something we do. Although it's much kinkier, it's much more wholesome, at least on my part and I hope that's somewhat true for Mistress too.

Sometimes I feel that I'd love just to take control of my own body again, just to have a cheeky wank but that pales into insignificance next to the satisfaction I get from my servitude. Seeing Mistress generally much more relaxed, smiling more frequently and frankly just a lot more comfortable around me is a lot more satisfying than making myself cum as/when I want to.

Mistress hasn't really hinted at a release date and I've no idea how long it will be before I'm allowed a normal orgasm, but frankly I think I'd feel a bit sad when that day comes. I'm enjoying this uncertainty about when I'll next be allowed an orgasm - it's sort of keeping me on my toes and yet somehow taking tension away.

I've come to appreciate Mistress much more than I used to. I even find her much more attractive. I love how easily she can wind me up if she wants to. I love that we can also just cuddle naked and I have no expectation to worry about. I'm not just trying to get my end away whenever I can. Yes there are times when I'm incredibly horny and incredibly wound up, but over time my self control is winning out. And the fact I think Mistress is confident enough to tell me she's not interested, or at least I hope she is, is like a safety net. She doesn't have to do anything with me out of obligation, at least not as I see it. I am quite happy to be told that Mistress just wants to go to sleep and it's not like a personal insult any more. I don't feel that it's because she doesn't fancy me or care about my needs, which is what I probably used to think - born more out of paranoia than anything else. Instead I feel I want to be much more nurturing and caring. It's not all about me. It's about my Mistress. I think in many respects this is a healthy re-weighting, particularly as Mistress has a much more involving and stressful job than I do.

I'm in a very happy headspace right now, and it seems the more I do to please Mistress, the better that headspace is. I am worried that maybe she will tire of it, either the attention or the obligation she has to 'entertain' or 'control' her slave. I know Mistress will read this, and it seems an easy way to air the thoughts I have occasionally which are concerns.

Final observation then - in myself there's been a real shift. I can recall being let out when we went away, over a month ago now and I was bratty. Topping from the bottom and almost trying everything to get my way. In many ways, I think that reflect *some* of my behaviour outside the bedroom at the time. During this session, I had no desire to take control in that way. Being submissive was much easier, and much more contenting. Again, I hope that is spilling out into other aspects of our domestic lives and manifesting itself in my care and consideration towards my Mistress. After the way I've behaved in the past, being unfaithful, less than respectful etc. I want Mistress to know that I've changed and I'm continuing to change. I want Mistress to feel that I give her all the love that I can give and that I am entirely devoted to her.

I think today marks three weeks of being continually caged except for "play times". I'm more than happy for this to become the norm. The cage continually reminds me of my ownership and my devotion. I don't doubt that some of this change has come about because of the realisations I had after we broke up, but MC serves as a constant reminder. I suppose it's a bit like a crutch in that respect. In a way, I'd like to say I could be this devoted without it, but honestly it is hard to deny that being denied the ability to masturbate and take back control of my own sexuality is playing a part in keeping me focussed on what is important. And that is making sure that every time my Mistress thinks of me, she knows how much I love her.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:19 am

Well last week was a quieter week for Mistress Jolie and I, due to a number of external influences and, well, work pressures.

The prior weekend started well enough... on the Saturday I was tattooed with Mistress' real name in the shape of a key! And on the Sunday night, after some teasing and deliberate false starts, I was allowed to ejaculate into Mistress Jolie's sweet cunt. Which at the time was very blissful, even if it felt undeserved. Aside from being allowed a very rare orgasm, on the whole, things since have been fairly well normal.

The week itself passed with very little play. I didn't feel at submissive at all for most of it ... in fact, I became noticeably less aware of things I could do to help Mistress and less thoughtful. In fairness, it's hard to attribute it all to the orgasm. I was very tired for the most part of last week.

Additionally, Mistress has an interview on Friday for something very big and very new. It stressed her out quite a bit - in fact, the night before the interview, a long running unresolved situation blew up. I've never heard Mistress so inconsolably upset.

Needless to say, the interview didn't go too well and sure enough, on Saturday we learned that Mistress wasn't successful with it.

In a perverse way, I was glad that our new lifestyle was taking a back seat and that we were weathering some real life issues. It was a good test of the relationship and I was glad to see Mistress Jolie through something like that.

By Saturday evening Mistress Jolie had started teasing me and I before long I
giving her orgasms again. Straight away the feelings of subservience started flowing back and despite the tiredness, I really wanted to serve again. As Mistress started regaining confidence following the weeks events, things improved further still. And by Tuesday, I went to work longing and frustrated, having been teased for quite some time and also having given Mistress a morning orgasm.

The week has been significant for a few reasons:

1) remaining locked up with very little attention and no time out, not even for cleaning - which feels like an achievement
2) we dealt with our first serious 'real life' issues since reconciling
3) we've passed the two month mark. That's two months since Mistress Jolie first locked me up - and during that time, I've been caged about 75% of the time. Which is impressive, since most of the uncaged time was a two week stint will Mr. Dribble was recovering from the effects of the CB6000. (Still no issues in the H2T)

I just want to end by saying I'm really proud of Mistress Jolie for the way she's fought through this last week. She's a wonderful person to be sharing my life with.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:03 am

Mistress Jolie and I have been propelled along by the winds of fate in recent weeks. Mistress had been unsuccessful in an interview for a 'thing' that was really important to her. It would mean that she could finally progress in her career. Her career being something that she's been most excellent in and stuck at the top pay grade for quite some time. Mistress learned some days later she had scored equally as well as the successful candidates at the interview. They were chosen over her because they came across as more academic. One of the members on the panel thought that was a little unfair, as Mistress has more experience and showed more passion.

After nearly a week of putting the opportunity behind us, Mistress learned that a position had been opened up for her. This was indeed very good news, but it's made for a helluva U-turn in terms of where we thought we were going and the future commitments we're going to have to make.

Not only that, but since I've last posted we have had a visit to the outlaws to contend with and a lodger who's just discovered her 'step father' is just cheating on her mother.

That said, Mistress has remained very diligent and continued to tease me. On Friday we'd both arranged to finish work slightly early. I received instructions before I left work. I was told to enter the house silently, remove my clothes and then to make my way upstairs ready to wake Mistress up with a cup of Earl Grey tea. Which I've course I did, very willingly. I let Mistress enjoy her tea, and then helped her out of her clothes so we could spend some time naked-cuddling. Before long Mistress presented me with my key and lay back on the bed with her legs wide open. I unlocked my device, slipped the tube off and then the ring just before I got too aroused. I knelt between Mistresses inviting legs and kissed her. I was sure to give her one of those kisses that started soft and lingering but became fiery and passionate, as to let her how much I'd missed her, having spent the prior evening apart. Mistress writhed about under me, and I reciprocated, kissing her neck and firmly fondling her breasts. I felt the tip of Mr. Dribble slip inside her - Mistress asked me "What do you think you're doing" and then eased herself away. I apologised humbly, and then continued alternating between kissing Mistress passionately on the lips and on the neck. Mistress continued to tease for a while, allowing Mr. Dribble to slide inside her and then pulling away again ... and as a result, Mr. Dribble was throbbing.

Thankfully Mistress gave into her desires and wrapped her legs around me, pulling Mr. Dribble deep inside her very wet, very tight and pulsating cunt. It felt sensational. I started making love to Mistress - or at least that's how it felt. The very act felt so intimate, particularly as penetrative sex has become a once a week or even one a fortnight event. I remained acutely aware that I didn't have permission to cum, so I adopted a firm and rhythmic fucking motion whilst positioning myself to give Mistress the deepest penetration. I heard Mistress groan and pulsate - but she abruptly pushed me away right in the middle of what I can only describe as a rush of pleasure.

Mistress told me that I'd "had enough now" and asked for 'Bob'. Bob is a large black dildo that Mistress enjoys, I think because of it's sheer girth. I lubed Bob up and pushed him inside Mistress, watching with envy as he took my place. Almost immediately Mistress' eyes rolled back in her head as she relaxed into being steadily and deeply fucked by 'Bob'. Mistress even beckoned me to push him in harder and deeper - not something she often does due to 'his' sheer size. I saw Mistress writhing steadily, her chest rising and falling, her nipples growing increasingly erect. And poor Mr. Dribble was, in contrast just throbbing with nothing but sheer frustration. Mistress climaxed, hard. I could see her body shuddering. Her orgasm seem to last at least a minute.

I was then ordered to get myself re-caged and told it would be a least a week before I was allowed back out. I took Bob to the bathroom with my cage and some toy cleaner. I cleaned Mr. Dribble first, then the cage and finally Bob. There's something very demeaning about cleaning Mistress' secretions off of Bob after she has 'used' him. I returned to the bedroom where I moisturised Mistress' testicals, lubed up the device and re-inserted myself. With that, Mistress locked the device back on. We dressed, packed and headed to her parents for the weekend.

I must admit, it was an enjoyable session and four days later I'm still enjoying the frustration and subservience. During the course of the weekend I was the perfect boyfriend too. I cooked breakfast for Mistress and her Mum, made coffees, cut slices of cake and dog sat. I applied myself subserviently anyway that I could, desperate continue pleasing Mistress and hoping for her approval.

Mistress has raised a couple of shortcomings post-weekend. I was not the best company on Monday night - slightly due to exhaustion but also because it looks like I've got an event to deal with rearing onto the horizon which is going to stir up some very mixed emotions. Having cooked a nice tea, I distracted myself by scripting up a file backup solution for someone and writing detailed instructions as to how it could be set-up as a scheduled task - primarily as a distraction. As Mistress has commented elsewhere, she was less than happy with my grumpiness so I understand I'm to face punishment tomorrow night. Whatever happens maybe detailed in the next instalment, subject to Mistress' desires....
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:17 pm

Well, briefly, I'm still frustrated following my punishment nearly 24 hours on.
Last night we got ready for bed, Mistress gestured for me to lie down beside her and then tied by wrists to the headboard. Mistress took a small glass dildo and the magic wand (which she had me plug-in earlier) and brought herself to orgasm. She slipped the dildo into my mouth to lick clean and then took a short rest, before retrieving Bob from the drawer where our toys are kept. She lay back down beside me, lubed Bob up and then slipped him inside her ... the look of pleasure on her face was... well something. I can't find the words to describe the level of frustration I felt, especially as it was the first time I'd seen her use Bob without my assistance. She took the wand again and applied it to her clit. This time she gradually turned the power up and brought herself to what looked like several earth shattering orgasms.

When Mistress was finished, she teased my mouth with Bob for a while, before slipping his thick head inside my mouth for me to suck clean.

I of course had the duty of cleaning the toys again the next morning.

Mistress has also developed a new rule. At bed time, I'm to wait patiently by the bed to be acknowledged. When I am acknowledged, I'm allowed to ask permission to join Mistress in bed.

It pleases me to see Mistress enjoying her superiority. I have to confess that at the start of all this, I just wanted to crawl into bed and close my eyes, but that's not what Mistress wanted. The way she frustrated me lifted my mood several notches and today I've been back to wanting to see how far Mistress can push my subservience (.......all in good time)
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:15 pm

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since my last post. I'm slacking. And Mistress Jolie has noted it too. In fact, I haven't given her quite enough attention lately and I'd understand if she was disgruntled with her slave. Life has been getting in the way a bit. I've been creeping into late nights at work again, and some of the on-line hosting I pay for was expiring sooner than I'd remembered. Within the space of a week I've had to build a new mail server on a VPS and migrate a metric ton of eMail.

All that is over now. During the mail server migration, I set-up email for a new domain and created a new email user that Mistress Jolie and I share. Mainly due to privacy concerns, I didn't want to do this until I had the email hosted myself. The good news is that means we will be finding our way onto Twitter shortly.

During most of the period since I last posted, Mistress has kept me caged. The device hasn't even been removed for cleaning. I've enjoyed it because, although I've been busy, it has served as a constant reminder about my state of ownership. Previously, during periods like this before discovering chastity, I've become very stressed and probably not the nicest person to be around. Last Saturday I had some family business to attend to over 250 miles away (500 miles of driving in one day). I had been dreading it due to various unknowns and reminders about some horrible past experiences. I'm glad to see we came through the experience very much together. I must admit to being worried about how this event would affect my mood, and whilst it wasn't an exceptional week in any respect, I think I was much more personable than I would have been uncaged. I think the level of communication Mistres and I have now has really helped. Not to mention that I know, in my mind, she could impose her will on me in respect of the situation and what I/we should do at any moment and that I would just have to accept it. It comforted me in some way to know that she had that power over me, even if she didn't use it. A bit like having a Nuclear arsenal in the back yard.

I'm relieved now that all this is out of the way. This is also one of the last nights I spend on my own before officially moving back in. Most my belongings are packed and loaded into the car, if not moved already. I feel like this last fortnight has been a little bit of a purge, in terms of getting things out of the way. I'm looking forward to concentrating on being a good slave again and showing Mistress just how eager I am to please her.

I've also come to appreciate a little bit more, how wonderful and supportive Mistress is. The way she has stood by me and made time to listen to me over the last week are a testament to that. I'm one very, very lucky slave.

On Sunday, after the dreaded trip, which as it happens actually went far better than expected, Mistress started the day with a demand for an orgasm. She had let me lie in prior, so I felt it was certainly the most appropriate way to repay her. Mistress lay back and relaxed. I set to work, using the wand to bring her to an intense climax. Then I made Mistress a cup of Earl Grey, we spoke for a while and whilst I slipped outside for a cigarette, Mistress ran me bath. Mistress instructed me to tell her five minutes before the I was ready to get out of the bath, so that she could come and remove her cage from her penis for supervised cleaning.

During my nice relaxing bubble bath, I heard the distinct sound of the wand being switched on. And then some soft moaning. Mistress called to me, "Slave, can you hear that?". I heard the wand being turned up and then the moaning getting louder. I lay in the bath, feeling quite powerless. Mistress' penis grew swollen and filled it's confines right up, the ring growing tight against her testicles and stinging. I just concentrated on my breathing, trying to regain control whilst I could hear Mistress groaning more and more loudly until I recognised the noises she made during an intense orgasm.

Mistress left me in the bath for a little while longer, before coming into the bathroom dangling the key. She unfastened the lock and I removed the tube from her device. Mr. Dribble was standing immediately erect. Mistress instructed that I should also remove the ring. With all the will power I could muster, I got her penis into a semi-erect state and with some gentle persuation, that was enough to slide the ring off over each testical and then Mistress' penis. It was an unusual feeling, being completely unshackled for the first time in what felt like a long time.

Misress watched me intently as I washed her property, showered and then dried. She instructed me to go into the bedroom and lie on the bed with my arms and legs outstretched, face up. When I arrived in the bedroom, Mistress Jolie had already removed the restraints from under the bed and set about strapping me down nice and tight. She teased me for a while, stroking my skin and then scratching hard with her nails. She kissed me and then pulled away, making me strain to try and continue kissing her. She stroked Mr. Dribble teasingly, and then knelt down between my thighs and let her lush full breasts hand down either side of her very erect penis. Every touch, brush, stroke and caress had me writhing against the restraints, shuddering and moaning. Mr. Dribble was so sensitive.

Mistress teased the tip of her cock with her tongue, slowly took it it into her mouth and started to give me what could have been the best blow job ever. Feeling her wet lips form a seal around the head of her cock and then glide slowly up and down was just simply heavenly. There were no other words to describe it. Mistress continued until she decided I was getting far too much pleasure, popped some porn onto play and left the room to take a shower. I was so frustrated by this time, it took all my strength not too beg her for more.

Mistress Jolie took, what seemed like a very long shower. All I could do during this time was look down at her poor deprived penis and contemplate the situation I was in. I felt very vulnerable and completely out of control. And I very much enjoyed it. I was getting off on being so frustrated. Being right where Mistress Jolie wanted me. Longing and lusting. I could see my erection, the first one I'd been allowed in weeks and for all that time I could not do anything with it. It was useless. Like having bricks to build a house but no land to build the house on.

Eventually Mistress returne and continued teasing me just where she left off. I reacted to her every touch as if it was lke a mini climax. I was putty in her hands and she very much enjoyed it. Eventually Mistress straddled me and lowered her tight, dripping wet cunt down, letting it slowly envelope her penis. This was sensational. My feelings at the time had a duality. I really really wanted this. Much more than ever before. At the same time, I didn't feel worthy of it, because I'd been much less subservient in the week prior. And Mistress had been teasing me about making me wait until my Birthday. I was genuinely wondering how it would feel being confined for so long. How subservient I'd become in the long run. How the dynamic of our relationship would continue to change. And oddly, very arousing. I'm dribbling precum just as I contemplate it.

Anyway, Mistress continued fucking rodeo style, really very hard. I hadn't been given permission to cum, so I concentrated hard on not doing so. Quite effectively given that I could feel her wetness running down between my legs and her cunt felt so devine. Mistress looked down toward me from her position of power and told me that I could cum. I stopped concentrating... straight away I could feel the pressure building up inside me as climax started to build, I felt like a fire hydrant about to be released. Thirty seconds later Mistress said "No you can't cum. I've changed my mind". I put the anchors on and started concentrating again, whilst Mistress continued to fuck my (her) rock hard throbbing cock. I'm not sure what kind of look I must have shot her, but a minute later she made another u-turn telling me I could cum. And, I even surprised myself, I actually willed myself to cum half thinking perhaps this is a new game. Maybe I'm supposed to try and cum in the short time that she allows it. And boy did I cum. It felt like I ejaculated a gallon of fresh seman into Mistress. It was a wonderful orgasm, not solely on intensity (I was tired after 10 hours of driving the day before) but also in terms of how my whole body and my mind felt.

Mistress climbed off my (her) now soaking wet cock and released my restraints. She told me to move so that she could lie on the bed. She opened her legs wide and told me that I was to finish her off with Bob (the very large black dildo) and the wand. And then lick her clean. I love sliding Bob into Mistress, both in terms of it's visual appeal - Bob has tremendous girth - and also in terms of how easily Mistress accommodates Bob. It's quite something given how, moments ago, she felt so tight around Mr. Dribble. I think I also like it because it slightly indulges my fantasy of Mistress taking another sexual partner to fill her sexual desires, whilst she relies on me to cater to her every other need and clean up afterwards*.

I brought Mistress to a very intense orgasm with Bob pushed deep inside her and the wand placed firmly against her clit. She moaned much more loudly that I've heard in quite some time and her body continue shuddering for quite some time. I then set my self down low between her legs and diligently licked and suck off every drop of cum that I could find, before kneeling up and hugging mistress.

Reminding myself of this Sunday's playtime, I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of being the perfect slave to my Mistress. I do love her very much and as a result of what we're doing, in turn I feel very loved. Every time I glance down at her caged cock or feel it twitch, I feel very very loved up.

*Involving someone else in the relationship is a hard limit for Mistress. And I respect that. Actually, much more than that, it's not might place to have desires and certainly not to impose them. However, I kind of wanted to explore how I would feel if Mistress were to hypothetically take on another sexual partner. I have been having these thoughts for a while, and I just wanted to air them. It's not my will that she should and neither is it my opinion. I'd just like to say if she were too, I don't think now I'd have a problem with it. I know I'm loved and I feel much better about the relationship when I'm meeting all of Mistress Jolie's other needs. Probably because I feel appreciated when I am being subservient and making Mistress smile inovoluntarily. In an emotional way, this is much better than sex. And I enjoy making Mistress realise just how much I value her superiority over me. I think I would be more jealous of another slave than a sexual partner! That said, if Mistress were to obtain another slave, again, it wouldn't be my place to object!

In a way, I guess I just know I'm much better I am when I'm caged, teased and denied. I feel much closer to Mistress Jolie than ever this way. At the same time, Mistress Jolie expresses how she enjoys 'meat' and I don't like depriving her of that. I think she values the intimacy of our sexual relationship and feels another person involved would threaten that. Which I do understand completely. Even so, what we have now is so much more than just a sexual relationship and so much more fulfilling. I don't think anything compares to the intimacy of being teased and denied. If another man was ever involved, I know I'd be on the better end of the deal, by some order of margin. (I can't believe I'm writing this!)
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:44 pm

Today marks a turning point. It's my last night sleeping away from Mistress Jolie, well unless she instructs otherwise. I figure that that's one of the aspects that keeps things exciting. I'm never really sure what Mistress Jolie has in mind and I'm learning not to second guess her.

We're now officially over three months in. And it's been even long since I've brought myself to any kind of climax. It's hard to believe that I've gone from wanking several times a week to now, with only one exception, never. That exception was the occasion when Mistress instructed to me edge myself in the car.

I really feel like that Mistress Jolie and I are closer than we ever were. I like how I've got much more patience when she is telling me about her day at work - her job is very challenging and paying attention to the details she tends to and even needs to off load used to actually stress me out. Now it's easy to be much more patient and just actually listen.

We had an enjoyable weekend that involved a good deal of domestic engineering (for me) and some rewarding play time.

On Saturday I got up to let the dog out and make morning coffee. I nipped out to buy pastries, bacon and muffins and then provide Mistress with some breakfast. Naturally, I toasted the muffins and made sure Mistress had two muffin tops whilst I had two muffin bottoms :) I then went on to cut the grass (with the lawn mower I'd recently fixed, replacing the even more knackered lawn mower we had before). Whilst I was mowing the lawns, the post arrived. Taking inspiration from a scene out of Secretary, I held the mail gently between my teeth and delivered it to Mistress Jolie on all fours. This seemed to tickle her.

Early afternoon I went shopping with Mistress Jolie and laboured for quite some time in the kitchen cooking a nice dinner - a posh meat loaf served up with jacket sweet potatoes and mange tout.

At bed time, after I'd tended to the bedtime routine and knelt beside the bed awaiting further instruction, Mistress Jolie pushed her feet out from under the duvet. I kissed her toes softly at first, and then sucked them. I kissed my way slowly up her feet.. ankles... shins and thighs. Savouring every inch of her soft supple flesh. Mistress opened her legs wide in front of me, revealing her state of arousal and ordered me to turn her on some more. I took the liberty of kissing Mistress on the lips, sensuosly. I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her neck, whilst she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled my (her) cage nearer. Mistress then stopped kissing me, and pushed me away far enough so that she could reach for the key.

Slowly Mistress brought the key towards the lock of the device, paused and looked up at me to say "I have a new rule, you're not allowed to touch your erect penis.". Mistress slid the key into the lock, turned it and withdrew the locking mechanism. Mistress slid off the tube and told me; "You better hurry up and remove that ring, i don't want you touching my hard cock". As hastily as I could, whilst trying to control myself, I removed the ring. Within moments, almost surprising myself given that I'm spending about 99% of my time in Mistress Jolie's device, her penis was engorged and raring to fuck.

Mistress took two pillows and positioned them under her lower back, tilting her cunt and pelvis up nice and high. She again pulled me near, wrapping her legs around me and writhing in front of me. The angle was such that my (her) penis could just glide over her wet slippery cunt and just touch her clit. I couldn't penetrate without touching her penis and pushing it in. And Mistress had already forbidden that. She continue to writhe, teasing me with her glistening and perfectly formed pussy. I was so close to penetrating, after what seemed an eternity of being confined. Yet it was nigh on impossible without risking further denial. Mistress Jolie had judged the angle perfectly so that the visuals and sensation quickly became almost tortuous. I was so aroused I thought some sort of explosion or implosion was imminent.

Mistress Jolie eventually, slowly, reached a hand down and fleetingly pushed her penis down, but just as it was pointing the right way quickly pulled her hand away before the penetration I was now so deeply craving occured. Her cock was now so rigid it could only point in one direction. Mistress Jolie did this a few more times, more slowly each time increasing the infuriation and desperation that was welling up inside me. Eventually Mistress Jolie gave in to her own desires and reached down down again, pushing her penis inside her. I arched my back, penetrating deeping, gasping, savouring. It was such a relief to feel the sensation of Mistress Jolie's tight cunt pulsating around my (her) engorged and desperate cock. And to think sometime before, I didn't even want to be let out for fear of losing some subservience.

I naturally assumed at this point Mistress Jolie wanted me to fuck her, and so I started thrusting slowly and firmly. I enjoyed the sensation of her cock gliding up and down inside her and I must have let on a little too much. Mistress Jolie ordered me to stop fucking and stay still. "Clearly Slave you are getting too much pleasure. Even putting your own pleasure before mine" she said. And with that, Mistress Jolie began rubbing her own clit, Mr. Dribble still buried deep and hard inside her. She brought herself to a very poweful climax very quickly, pulsating, shuddering, trembling and letting out little moans of pleasure for quite some time after her initial orgasm.

Mistress Jolie told me I'd better kneel back down beside the bed and calm down. I was so frustrated at this point, it was all over so quickly. But Mistress had the pleasure she had desired. I was her human dildo. And now it was time for her penis to be cleaned and put away safely until next time.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:02 pm

It's been a good while since my last update. I'd like to apologise to anyone who's been eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Things got a little stressful with work and although I remained locked up, things dwindled slightly. It doesn't help that we share our home with a friend who escaped an abusive relationship and she's here until she gets back up on her own two feet. So finding time when we're on our own and we're not too tired was, for a while at least back there, quite difficult.

Despite of that there's been some interesting and wholly positive developments. In my last but one post, I to all intents and purposes expressed my desired to be cuckolded. Mistress Jolie had already joked about me licking another man's ejaculate out of her bum and off her body, but it was very much a hard limit. Almost out of the blue, and to my delight, Mistress told me that she'd reconsidered. She's happy with the notion, once we're married. I asked her about the motivation for changing her mind - it's not something I want to coerce her into. In short, her answer is seeing how aroused I got every time we discussed it. She did often mention it during a tease session or when she was close to climax herself. The early signs that the idea excited her were there.

And then a bad thing happened. The Holy Trainer 2 broke. A particularly fierce attempt at a morning hard-on caused a split to appear in the tube, near where it was secured to the ring. Immediately, with Mistress Jolie's agreement I switched it out for the CB6000, but unfortunately after a couple of hours it was excruciatingly uncomfortable. I spent two weeks unlocked and in that time we'd turned into a practically vanilla couple - having good regular sex - but with cumming so frequently, although I was a good boyfriend and a good lover, the zest and dynamic of a relationship changed.

One morning I woke up with an erection that just would not go away. I had the day off work, so after seeing Mistress Jolie off I took myself back to bed and enjoyed a really pleasant wank. Knowing that it wouldn't be long before I was inhibited again, I videoed it. And showed it to Mistress Jolie when she got home. She warned me that would be the last time and that evening the CB6000 was back on. It's been four days now and I've been aroused ever since - more intently than before I was first caged. Mistress is back to receiving regular multiple orgasms as I service her - and I'm more submissive than ever. Although it's not as comfortable as the HT2 was, it's been bearable this time. I'm hoping that it remains so until the replacement HT2 arrives.

We had another surprise too - Mistress Jolie received a small but not insignificant windfall. So today we've been out and bought Mistress Jolie an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. I can't stop smiling. And neither can she.

We've set a provisional date for the wedding - we both really like the idea of a subtle low-key affair with no friends or relatives. I dislike big weddings and there's enough happening in the rest of the family on the wedding front. I've also been married before, and I want things to be different this time. Intimate and personal. Special to us and only us. A date has been set for the end of Febuary.

I am absolutely delighted. Mistress Jolie has made me a very happy slave.

We've still got a lot to discuss, but there are going to be some distinct differences in this marriage. Mistress Jolie doesn't only seem comfortable with it, but occasionally when we're discussing it she lets slip this look of childish glee which gives me a very warm feeling.

She's joked about there being no sex after marriage and never releasing me. It's a huge commitment, but I honestly can't wait. We've discussed a few scenarios and fantasies - and I'll admit I enjoy discussing them as I'm so aroused and frustrated by the conversation. My restricted erections serving to remind me about my status and subservience.

I have questions - but I'm sure with time they will be answered. Mistress Jolie is in charge and I want to surrender to her completely. I want to be a loyal caged slave, deeply craving something I can never have. I love the way so far it leaves me completely obsessed with her. Mistress has let me know she's intent on enjoying herself and getting her needs met - which feels liberating. I can fulfill her every material and emotional need and select suitors can fulfill her sexually - I desperately don't want her to be deprived of physical pleasure.

I anticipate I will feel some jealousy - I think that's healthy. But for someone to be happy taking on my perversions and kinks and literally making them her own is a blissful feeling. I'm expecting that any jealousy I feel will be abated by the strength and trust we have in each other, as well as the arousal and frustration from hearing and seeing her conquests.

I'm loving the dynamic in our relationship. I'm a very privileged and fortunate slave. I know cuckolding isn't for everyone, but I'm proud to have this level of devotion to someone I truly love.

I've run out of time now, we're going to a Halloween party.
In my next post I'll tell you about our last session :)
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:51 am

Apologies for the time elapsed between this and the previous month. Time is a precious commodity of which we've both been short. I awoke early this morning with enduring horn and frustration so I thought I'd put the energy into writing.

Superior Mistress and I are still very much enjoying the chastity lifestyle and there have been some very significant developments. The headline news is that 7 weeks today, we got married in a very simple and private affair with just two witnesses. It was a very special day. I love the fact that we marked the occasion by treating ourselves to a posh fish finger sandwich and a glass of proseco at a gourmet pub. The day was very much about making a lifetime commitment to each other, rather than putting on a show keeping a medley of guests entertained.

It's hard to rise above the trappings of everyday life, but the commitment we've made to each other seems to go from strength to strength. We've both been time pressured and at times tired and stressed with demanding jobs, family and third parties just generally being dicks. Yet I don't ever see the bond between us breaking down, largely because of the dynamic in our relationship. It's hard to think that less then a year ago I was literally dicking around when, right now I couldn't be happier.

Superior Mistress Jolie shows now wavering in her commitment to deny PIV for the remainder of my life. We last had full sex on the night before our wedding. Mistress seems to delight in reminding me now and then that she owns my sexuality and that I'll never get to use my languishing penis again. Indeed, I was allowed out a couple of weeks ago and it's erect size has shrunk from a not insignificant 6.5 - 7" to easily less than 5. Superior Mistress has even delighted in teasing me a couple of times about having a small penis - even to other people. It's weird but I kind of enjoyed the hummiliation, mainly I think because I see it as an assertion of her power and control over me.

Mistress has given me a handjob and two blowjobs since we wed, the net result being two ruinned orgasms and one absolutely sensational but totally unintended full orgasm. I think we were both taken aback at how sensitive I was and how quickly I came. Mistress enjoyed how pathetic I was practically fucking her hand and cumming hard within a few seconds. We both know I wouldn't be able to satisfy her or anyone with a performance like that.

As the weeks and days pass by, Mistress has shown considerable restraint - for instance, after allowing me to take a bath last weekend, Mistress gave me the key so I could let myself out of the HT2 for a good clean. When I showered and went into the bedroom to get dressed, Mistress was laid on the bed legs wide apart. She invited me to join her and teased me, allowing the head of her penis to graze on her soaked cunt as we kissed tenderly. She writhed against me and squirmed but at no point allowed me to penetrate her - at least not until I'd donned the 8" strap-on anyway. Superior Mistress is clearly very cock hungry now - she openly speaks about finding a bull to satisfy her craving for flesh.

I'm loving the intensity created by being so aroused and frustrated. Mistress seems to even encourage me to browse through the "filth" that appears in our twitter stream - her thinking seems to be that I can look, get frustrated but never indulge. Superior Mistress comments on the large penises and how she would like to feel them deep inside her - and flirts with our followers. I don't think it will be long now until she cuckolds me. She knows she has the freedom to do what ever she wants with whomever she pleases. We're going to a cabaret tonight (Friday) and I've been instructed that I'll be indulging her every whim Saturday and Sunday evening so that she's in the mood to find a man she can take to bed. I find myself being generally very aroused by the prospect but at the same time quite laid back about it. I know it will happen at some point - even in our muggle life Mistress has never been shy to me about how much she enjoys cock and it's crystal clear she's never going to be using mine in that way. I'm looking forward to seeing her fulfilled and satisfied by a well endowed man. I'll be envious, but I don't think I'll even be jealous at this point. It feels like there's a certainty about our relationship that was never there before chastity and I guess some of that stems from having completely surrendered my sexuality to the woman I love.

We've had some issues with our second HT2 - it seems they're only good for four or five months of continuous wear. The fitting between the tube and the ring has worn so the tube moves up and down quite a bit - and that means when Superior Mistress's penis tries to become hard it can force itself upward far enough for the back of the tube to start digging in and actually restrict blood flow - a bit like wearing a cock ring. I physically have to hold the tube down to allow blood to escape the penis. It's still perfectly comfortable when flacid but "psuedo erections" are more of a problem than they used to be. A Mature Metal Jailbird is on order with the security screw fitting. Once it is on, I very much doubt it will be off unless there's a medical reason for removing it.

So all in all, I'm one very lucky and content slave. I'm more in love with Mistress Jolie than I've ever been and I'm ultimately very grateful to her for making this commitment with me. I've been married before and I have to say, things are very positively different this time around.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Sat May 14, 2016 3:50 pm

The postman brought us a special something today. Sort of. It was the customs demand for a MM Jail Bird - a wedding gift to ourselves. We took a quick trip to the depot to pay the customs charge and brought the device home.

This is the first time Mistress Jolie has allowed me out since before my last post, so nearly two months. Mistress lay across the bed on her back with her head hanging down and her mouth open... she took my (her) cock in her mouth and sucked it until it was hard... I was so sensitive and just having a full erection after so long was sooooo good. I gave Mistress a couple of orgasms and then she edged me a few times before treating me to a ruined orgasm. Mistress stopped at the critical point and still, surprisingly, I shot my load all over both of us. And although I ejaculated, I didn't cum - there was no sensation at all - I just needed that little bit more to climax. I stayed hard for a long time afterwards - it took an age for the erection to die down before Mistress could supervise my re-caging it in the Jail Bird. Mistress insisting I licked my cum off her didn't help matters.

The novelty of the new device has already spiced things up a little bit and re-focussed us. It's too early to say whether it's more comfortable than the HT2 - it's taking a bit of getting used to actually. For over 10 months I've been locked up in a plastic device - I certainly haven't been out much at all this year. My skin is very sensitive to even the abrasion of my underwear and so things have been stinging just a bit. Thankfully after a few hours it's happily starting to settle down.

I can't get over how small I look - I've always been a grower anyway, but in the Jail Bird my penis is dwarfed by my testicles. It's a look I'm getting used to and something I'm sure Mistress will enjoy humiliating me over. Yes, humiliating - this is fairly recent but Mistress has started teasing me about my small penis. It's erect size is now certainly a lot less than it was - I used to be comfortably over 7" but now I'm guessing at around 4.5" - the girth reduction is even more significant. Even if I was allowed PIV, I think Mistress would be asking me if it was in yet!!

The one time I've looked and been totally non-aroused today, the fit has looked good. It's an immense piece of craftsman-ship and if it weren't for it's function, could totally be passed off as an item of jewellery. I think I'd almost be proud to show it off!

Married life is good. In fact, very good. We've had our fair share of trials already with difficult family members but we've absolutely been a team and I feel very connected with Superior Mistress. I do think I have to remember she is in charge and learn to be a bit more submissive - but I think things are moving in that direction all the time. I couldn't imagine life being any different and for all the sex in the world, I wouldn't want it to be. If being chaste makes married life this good (and I've been married before) then I'm happy to make that sacrifice.

Mistress has made it clear on at least two occasions now, that even if I wanted to move back to leading a normal life without chastity, it wouldn't be an option. She's told me straight that I don't have a choice. I love that she is feeling that empowered to make those sorts of statements and mean them.

Entirely giving up sex - it is huge. It's still at times a head fuck. But I think it makes a huge difference - I have made a huge commitment I think it helps underline how serious I am about our marriage. I think this makes Mistress feel very secure and confident in herself and our relationship.

Mistress Jolie surprised me a few weeks ago - she took a bath during which she signed up to a no strings attached dating site. Various messages have been going back and forth between Mistress and her potential matches. Nothing has come of it yet, but there are some hopefuls. Mistress has me vetting the matches and dismissing the ones I know she won't be interested in, and taking care of the initial conversations with those who do measure up. I've become her date administration slave. I'm guilty of becoming very distracted with it - although Mistress does enjoy many more orgasms than she did before we entered into the chastity lifestyle, I know she likes cock and she hasn't had any in nearly three months. I will feel happier when we/she have found a suitable partner who can please her. I'm also impossibly turned on at the thought of Mistress enjoying a full sexual relationship whilst I'm fully and eternally denied.

If the Jail Bird meets expectation, I don't think Mistress will be letting me out again unless she absolutely has to. The 7 week stint in the less than perfect HT2 (I got quite good at keeping it clean) shows the potential for near-permanent lock up.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:30 pm

A week ago, Superior Mistress and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. And save for a single lapse whilst on holiday, Superior Mistress (SM) has denied me the entire time. SM has kept my (Her) cock locked away for almost every single day of our marriage. The longest continuous period of time spent in the MM JB without removing the device was five months. I'm very proud of SM for this achievement.

The lapse in concentration took place on holiday. I was still unlocked from the flight and left out for a couple of days due to slight soreness. We didn't pack SM's preferred dildo and She wanted something more than fingers inside her. Permitting me to slip inside her was a mistake. Thanks to all the time in chastity She barely knew I was there. My erection size, on the very rare occasions that it's witnessed, has dropped from comfortably above average to significantly below average! Not only that, but I was so sensitive I prematurely ejaculated within a few thrusts. A woeful and disappointing experience that I've no doubt SM will risk again.

I'm in a very happy and content place with respect to our marriage. All the sexual frustration in the world is worth it to have such an emotional connection with the woman I love. Just this morning I told SM that I wouldn't change anything for the world, and kindly She repeated the same words back to me with just as much feeling. And that really is something given that, yesterday SM became a Cuckoldress and I, of course, her cuckold.

It took us some time to arrange a meeting with Man Toy (MT) but it was more than worth the wait. In all that time I felt guilty that SM wasn't getting any real cock and I longed for her to be satiated by a suitable man. We tried a few different places to find a suitable gentleman and had a few false starts with men who lied about their relationship status, were too pushy or simply didn't appreciate that SM deserved treating with respect. Fortunately weeding them out was relatively easy, but when added to the fact we still have a house guest and real life getting in the way, our search for someone suitable was somewhat hampered.

SM found MT on an adult dating site and after some on-line conversation, passed on her phone number. They had been in contact for about six weeks and the first scheduled meet came and went without him turning up - as it turns out for a credible reason. Surprisingly (and pleasingly to me) Mistress had arranged to meet him during the week when I was at work. I very much liked the idea of hearing all about it whilst She made me lap her used cunt clean.

After the first meeting was missed, I was sorely disappointed but tried to put aside those feelings and just continue serving Mistress. Then on Valentine's day we were having a conversation in the Kitchen, as I prepared dinner. SM was resting with her forearms on the Kitchen Worktop, her lush bum sticking out invitingly. I walked by SM and turned to rub her back from behind, standing with my crotch pressed against her derrière - She often likes to tease me this way - I softly almost involuntarily dry humped her and groaned under my breath with frustration, recalling lunchtime kitchen 'quickies' and how I enjoyed filling her cunt before she went back to work. Pulling me away from my fantasy, SM casually dropped into the conversation that She has 'someone coming to do that properly, the weekend after next'. SM let slip so casually that it took a few moments to realise what She'd just said. I do love how SM will from time-to-time surprise me like that. My frustration immediately ebbed up a notch or too.

The week and a half that followed felt like an eternity, but I was happily frustrated and more servile than usual. The days prior to the meet was testing for both of us as I was on-call and SM had a number of crisis cases to deal with in her work. Saturday finally arrived - the day of the meet. I made coffee and breakfast for SM before tidying and hoovering the house from top to bottom. I recall cleaning up the Kitchen and I asked her if She was excited. Mistress responding by standing with her legs a shoulder width apart, wearing just a dressing gown and suggested I check. I knelt down and slipped a hand up her thigh and brushed her cunt with my finger tips. SM was certainly excited judging by how wet She made my fingers. I gently caressed her clit for a few seconds, enough to make SM moan softly before She pushed my hand away and told me sternly, "That's all you're getting".

Mistress cleaned the bathroom and enjoyed a nice long bath, shaving her legs in preparation for MT. I finished up my house tidying activities whilst SM dried her hair. I popped fresh sheets onto the matrimonial bed. SM fished some condoms out of a drawer and popped them on the bedside table for ease of access. SM then picked out a sexy and flattering bodice and some black knickers to wear. SM flaunted herself in full view, teasing me. I lusted heavily. Then over the top She threw a simple, short dark blue dress with low cut 'wrap over' cleavage flattering Her beautiful and full breasts.

Watching my wonderful Wife prepare to please another man was an interesting experience - if there was any point at which I felt any regret or uncertainty about what was happening, that was it. But even those terms are too strong - I really really wanted this - for SM to enjoy a new man's company just the way She enjoyed mine the first time She enticed me into the bedroom.

The house was prepared and so was Superior Mistress. There was an hour to go before MT arrived. We were both a little nervous. SM was uncharacteristically quiet and we were both a little uneasy. SM was advised that MT was going to be a little late - he'd been stopped for speeding. The time passed very slowly - it was our first time doing something like this as a couple, we were in effect bringing a stranger into our homes and I think we both felt uncertainty about how this experience would leave us. SM was concerned about her confidence too - it's the first time she's been with someone new since we met over four years ago.

Eventually MT arrived, I opened the door to him the moment he knocked, showed him to the living room where SM was seated and offered him "Tea, Coffee, or a Blow-job" - intended as a bit of an ice breaker but it fell flat. MT was nervous too! I made him a coffee and when I returned to the living room, he had sat on the same sofa as Mistress. We chatted nervously for about half an hour. I think it was a relief to us that he was clean, well dressed and very normal. When MT asked what we wanted from today, SM said quietly and casually 'Why don't we go upstairs and find out where it goes?' and before either MT or I could process what She had said, SM was on her feet and leaving the room. I held the door open and gestured MT into the hallway and up the stairs, sauntering up behind them.

By the time I reached the top of the stairs, SM and MT were kissing passionately, his hands caressing her whilst she frantically unbuttoned his shirt. My pulse raced - She was giving herself up to him and he was eager. I was all over the place and had to regain composure - all sorts of things raced through my mind momentarily. Even with over a year to prepare for it, for a brief moment all my uncertainties surfaced. There would be no way of undoing this, if I felt differently after the event and was I really happy to give up sex? Will my Wife still love me as much afterwards? Will I feel differently towards her knowing she has been with another man? I pushed my fears to the side and I undressed behind them and as I did so, SM gestured for me to step in behind her and lift up her dress. And so I did. MT appreciatively uttered 'fucking hell' at the site of Mistress in her bodice, her ample breasts drawing his gaze. SM and MT continued kissing passionately, his hands were already in SM's knickers and she was already groaning with pleasure whilst she was fighting to unfasten his trousers. Before long they were off and SM had his cock pulled out from the top of his boxer shorts, giving it long strokes. It was the first time I'd been this close to another mans cock and my Wife was eagerly working it with Her hands. I knelt behind SM and slid down her knickers, double taking at how they were already soaked. I stood up and kissed SM's neck as I unfastened the back of Her bodice so MT could take a firmer hold of SMs beautiful breasts. SM worked her way out of the bodice - she was now bare for him. He was man handling her ample breasts and sucking her nipples without any encouragement. Clearly by the way Mistress was moaning, MT was either still working her clit or slipping his fingers in and out of her divine and responsive cunt. I imagined her divine pussy pulsating around his fingers - realising with the sound track Mistress had let go - she was in his world now, not so much mine. I was left with no doubt that MT was finger fucking my Wife as she came, loudly.

MT gave my Wife lots of attention, and I could see She was really enjoying it. I could never begrudge Her this - and deep down I knew that I never appreciated her enough when I was fucking her, always thinking too much about myself. This was a good arrangement, SM has told me so many times she's been much happier in our relationship since we started experimenting with chastity and undeniably I was too. If I had control of my penis, we wouldn't have the trust we do - SM would always be wondering if I was playing away again and I probably would be playing away again. At the least, I'd still be acting selfishly and not giving this wonderful woman the service She deserves. This was the right thing to be doing, giving Mistress full control of my sexuality whilst she uninhibitedly enjoyed Hers. I turned my focus back to SM's pleasure.

Mistress dropped to her knees and guided his cock into her mouth, gliding her lips up and down it with long strokes. She caught my gaze briefly from the corner of her eye - since SM has started keeping me chaste I've often fondly recalled our first sexual encounter and how within seconds of enticing me upstairs with a proposition she dropped to her knees to pleasure me.

Things turn into a bit of a blur as so much was happening so quickly and my entwined exhileration, frustration and emotions were all over the place. It wasn't long before he had Mistress flat on the bed, our bed, and I could hear him eagerly sliding his fingers in and out of her - I could hear her wetness as he pumped his fingers vigorously in and out of her. MT alternated between sucking Mistresses tits and giving her head, all the time I think his fingers were inside her. Three or four orgasms followed in quick succession, I was alternately kissing SM and caressing sucking her other breast - and then in one long and filthy kiss three more orgasms followed in very quick succession. Mistress shuffled around the bed so she could reach his cock again and she started pumping it in Her hands, MT eagerly continued working Her lush cunt with his tongue and her fingers - SM couldn't keep her eyes open and for a while it's like I wasn't even there - She was so into him. The foreplay continued and it became clear that MT was struggling to maintain an erection - visibly frustrating him - I reassured MT and told him not to worry, there was plenty of time. Besides, he clearly knew how to please a woman, judging by the number of climaxes SM had experienced already! I've never her seen her so flushed.

SM moved around the bed so that her head was closer to MT, her legs wide open and her devine cunt aimed towards me. SM instructed me to keep her warm before lying back with her head hung back off the other side of the bed, her mouth open, SM drew MT toward her and took his cock deep into her mouth. I dutifully slipped my fingers into her cunt and lapped her clit, SM was soaked and pulsating hard around my fingers. After a few minutes she was pushing me away, repositioning her self and trying to pull MT on top of her.

MT pulled away - I knew SM was aching for his cock. MT pulled away and I could see he was still struggling, so Mistress returned to kissing him and gently playing with him. MT again started paying attention to her cunt, and again Mistress launched into a series loud and unadultered moans accompanied by another series of orgasms. I kissed her hard, caressed her tits and sucker her hard nipples again for a while, and then as her eyes literally rolled back in her head, knelt at the side of the bed for a while holding Her hand. I'm not sure what MT was doing, but there was no doubt in my mind he was doing it well! Mistress, flushed again and involuntarily grinning turned towards me for a few seconds and asked me to give them five minutes.

Obediently, I left the room - a little bit pleased at Mistress taking control. I think I left them for about twenty minutes, during which time there was a lot of groaning, laughing, bed rocking and skin slapping. I've no idea what happened in that time, but judging by the loud and intermittent moans Mistress was having a good time. And my frustration was driving me wild. I could scarcely keep track but I'm fully confident Mistress was up to a total of at least twenty orgasms about now.

After about ten minutes, out of overwhelming curiosity I took a few steps up the stairway which afforded me a view into the bedroom - Mistress was taking control of MT, lying him down on the bed and straddling him. I loved the image and as SM and MT were clearly busy returned to the living room. I didn't want to crowd them in case I was the reason MT was struggling with his erection.

Then another ten or twenty minutes later things went quiet. Treading softly, I made my way upstairs - Mistress was laid on my side of the bed and MT laid on the other, they were casually chatting. I knelt at the far side of the bed, So that Mistress was between us - she was still naked, legs apart, comfortable. As I joined in the conversation, the earlier nerves and tension had all dissipated away. Conversation was free flowing and MT made Mistress giggle periodically. SM was almost glowing radiantly at this stage, and although I was uncertain as to whether MT had managed to maintain an erection for long enough to satisfy Her cock craving, I could see that the events so far had pleased her. MT started to wonder what the time was given the darkness that had fallen outside. SM and I had left our phones down stairs and there wasn't a clock in the room. I volunteered to go and check - I had barely reached the bottom step of the stairway and Mistress's loud moans continued.

Again I took a few steps up the stairs, just far enough to glimpse at what was going on. Mistress was laid on the bed with her legs wide open and MT was between them, I could see his buttocks clenching as he thrusted into her. What followed were short periods of moans interspersed with giggles. For a few seconds at a time I could hear frantic sex noises - skin hitting skin and the bed moving underneath them - this seemed to go on for quite a while.

Eventually, of my own accord I re-entered the room and notably, the condoms on the bedside table were still unopened. I had timed it well because MT was climbing off SM and I could see his cum glistening on her cunt. I noted how they had screwed on my side of the bed! And just as my mind was catching up with what was going on, I heard Mistress say 'Slave you have a job to do, I was bad!'. Mistress followed up by me telling she clamped his cock (involuntarily) and he came before he was ready to. MT said apologetically how much and how hard SM pulsated and how he was so sensitive. Diligently a put my head down between SM's thighs and lapped her salty cunt clean - the taste of SM and MT sent shockwaves through my body and I was almost dry humping the bed. I licked Mistress to one last O. This was followed with more casual conversation between the three of us - I could see my greedy Wife was pleased to have his cum. I told MT that I didn't mean to be rude, but I wondered if we could wash and freshen up so I could take my Gorgeous Wife out to dinner. He dressed and pulling on our bath robes, SM and I saw him to the door. SM gave him a long, passionate and lingering kiss goodbye. We agreed not to wash, so I could take Mistress out to dinner as she was, with the remnants of his cum dripping out of her. All through the meal Mistress was glowing, clearly very satiated. And I was exceedingly happy - basking in that glow. All the frustration in the world is worth this!

During dinner, Mistress took the time to fill me in on some of the detail, telling me how good it was to feel a warm cock inside her and how she wanted to feel his hot cum fill her - she was dismayed (only slightly) he'd shot his load on the out-stroke - almost pulling out of her. SM absolutely loved losing herself in it, especially at times not knowing which of us groping, lapping, sucking or fingering her.

When we returned home from dinner, at Mistress's request I changed the bedding. The scent of sex in our bedroom was unmistakable and very hot.

I'm proud of the confidence SM found, seeing that sexy Woman taking what she wanted, uninhibitedly enjoying orgasm after orgasm and greedily lusting for MTs cock. As we sat, drank and ate that evening we were beaming at each other, my aching testicles testament to how hot the experience was. I feel even more in-love with this woman and even more content in my position as her slave. I'd willingly do anything she asked of me. I keep having 'wow' moments, I can't quite believe this has happened, but I'm so glad it did. I still have moments of disbelief - we are finally a cuckolding couple. I'm still surprised recalling how this chastity journey started (recovering the relationship after my infidelity) and where it's taken us (so far).

I'm honestly, despite airing some of my heat-of-the-moment concerns a very very happy man. I feel closer to my Wife then I ever have. I feel more loved than I've ever been. And most of all, I feel secure.

That night, I was so frustrated and horny as my wife slept, I had to cable tie my own hands together before I could relax. Otherwise, I knew I'd wake her up with unsolicited groping or humping at some point. Unbelievably, at 6am Mistress woke from a dream and realizing what I'd done, opened her legs over mine and started writhing - initially I think just to tease me. I groaned, squirmed and trembled involuntarily - which turned Superior Mistress on to the extent I was lapping her clit and fingering her wet pulsating cunt within minutes. Mistress pleaded that she was too sensitive for the licking and asked me to use the wand with my fingers - it was delightful feeling her pussy pulsate on them with knuckle breaking intensity and hearing SM moan again, echoing all of the moaning she did the day before. All throughout that experience, I could still smell his scent on her, adding immensely to my frustration.

This morning after my shower SM was kind enough to, at my request, crop me quite hard (harder than she ever has) and then let me plug. She insisted if I plugged, I remained so whilst we did the grocery shopping and in the event, I was still plugged during my Father-in-Law's afternoon visit.

I found the adrenaline rush from being cropped hard actually gives enough of a release for me to focus for a little while - SM has cropped me 3/4 times today when I've asked for it and I've been really very grateful. I know we've both had a very positive experience that has resulted in our re-affirming our love for each other and in some respects re-ignited the relationship again. I'm looking forward to the day our house guest leaves and we can indulge in such play at our own whim.

I can't describe how elating it was to see SM rediscovering some of her sexuality. How exhilerating it was to clean up my first 'cream pie' - really rather more so than I expected. How hot it is to hear my Wife describing how she enjoyed herself (and another man’s cock). How re-affirming it is when SM tells me how happy she is with our relationship and our alternative lifestyle. I'm actually crazy to the point of being totally obsessed with my wife, how wonderful she is and how much I love her. To the extent I worry about smothering her - but SM has reassured she finds it quite amusing and rather enjoys it. I am so eager to serve her and be attentive during each waking moment.

I have a lovely hotwife. And for that I'm very grateful.
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