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Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:13 am
by johnsub
I have a new job

Where i will visit 6 to 8 homes a day.

So she wants a PA-5000 before I start, she has made the appointment.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:22 am
by MrCage

Well, we have been very busy with kids,school,sports, etc.. For Christmas vacation, the cage was off. I thought it would be a week. Mrs.Cage took it off for a few weeks. Then she put it back on for a few weeks, then off for three weeks, now it is on again. I recently was told it would be on until our vacation at the end of April. But it will be off for vacation only if I have been on good behavior.

So Mrs Cage has turned yet another surprising twist into the caged life. You see, having the cage off for a month resulted in me being incredibly horny and anxious to have sex all the time. To take advantage of the freedom! Masturbation started, and the freedom became normal. This resulted in my openess of touching myself. Once I became comfortable doing it, and seeing that it didn't bother her too much, I was more carefree. One morning she caught me playing with myself at the shower door. After the shower, the cage went on.

Being free for a month then being caged is like starting ALL OVER AGAIN! It was horrible. All the emotions, the painful erections, the daily consciousness of my appearance with clothes. Oh, it was grueling. So she has mastered the head game of chastity. The lesson is that she really is in control. It is really better for me to be caged all the time.
I think she needed a break from the cage, but I also think she toyed with how my :ugeek: behavior changed. That's why she made two rounds of on and off. Now that is what I call "teasing". Now I'm caged for a month,at least. This has made me develop a whole new level of respect for her as I really respect her as my keyholder.

Last night, she was brushing her teeth while I sat on the toilet to pee. She looked at me, smiled her sly smile, and winked. I sighed with exasperation. Knowing that I'm not allowed to ask about lockup duration, I couldn't help myself. Being free for awhile then going back in the cage was a real mental and physical challenge. I thought about how long this chastity life would go on for. Could I do it, do I want to do it for years? How long? So I asked indirectly as I wiped myself clean, "Am I always going to have to sit to pee?" Mrs Cage said with a confident and matter fact manner, as she spit her toothpaste into the sink,smiling,"Till you're 80!" That is a response of a woman who definitely loves this lifestyle, isn't it?

This week will be our second "chastiversary", we haven't talked about what to do, maybe a nice romantic dinner. I will be making a special mention of this newfound respect for her. Maybe I will have her read this post. In all, chastity has become a normal part of life. We both love it". The on/off trick was a reminder as to how integral it has become to our relationship. I'm sure I will posting on the fifth chastisversary as well.

So this explains my absence from the forum. Now that winter sports have passed, I will likely start posting more often again.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:48 am
by Jasmic68

I need to calm down a bit! I just read your journal and enjoyed the entire thing. Your Wife sounds amazing! My Wife is similar in that I never know how long I am locked for and she refuses to discuss release dates.

Amazing story.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:11 pm
by MrCage

So I have been locked for three weeks solid now. I was able to be released for a supervised clean and shave last Sunday. We are both looking forward to a great vacation in New Orleans for the jazz fest in a few weeks.

Three weeks straight lockup is driving me crazy! By the time we get to New Orleans it will be a month straight or a little more(reference the past post on her evil ways of a month on/off). I am so so horny for the incredible edible Mrs Cage that it isn't even funny. To top it off, I am getting blue-balls. They are swelling and blue. Tonight, getting into bed, I felt the familiar twinge of pain deep inside. The little se-men are abandoning ship !

Mrs.Cage is determined to keep me locked until we get to New Orleans. She has not been calm and restrained herself. She is desperate to not have an orgasm until vacation. I have offered service and advised the use of her personal electric massage instrument (vibrator), but she declines. As said, this has been a few weeks now. So this morning, I am putting my things together to go to work in my den/study and the beautiful Mrs Cage appears to me naked and fresh from the shower. Softly she says,"I just want to show you that I'm naked." Then she kisses me. Well, I wasn't really in the frame of mind to readily respond appropriately for a three week caged man. So she whispers in my ear, " I just want to tell you that I am naked." Ah-hah, now I get it. My brain switches channels from "get ready for work to "yabba- dabba- fucking-dooooo!" I embrace my warm sexy horny wife . Lips engage, cock tight in cage. "Sit down for a minute,honey. Let me lick you real quick." I say. She sits in my office chair. I kneel between her legs. Her knees are already open. Immediately I latch onto the lips of her vagina. Raging with adrenalin and testosterone I swell in the cage. It reminds me of my situation and turns me on even more. I relish in the delight as I watch her nipples become erect while I lick her. Her head tilts back, eyes close, I thrust my tongue deeper and suck harder. Her breathing increases and her lips swell. My god, I want to make her cum. While sucking, I gently place a finger inside. Upturned, I rub the surface of her G spot. Now she climaxes. Abruptly, her arms swing down, pushing my head away from her near orgasm. She saves herself. She wants to wait for New Orleans. I want her to cum now. I want out of the cage now. She is the keyholder and she says, "I want to wait.Not Now." So we wait.

A little later I am at work. I grab my phone to mute it for the day. A text appears from my love. It says, "My wicked plan is working."

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:12 pm
by MrCage
Thank you Jasmic68 for the kind comment and reply. Enjoy Mrs Cage evil plan. You're right, she IS amazing. I love her so much.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:22 pm
by MrCage

Yesterday was our second "chastiversary" we both can't believe how this journey has been. We both agree that chastity is serving us well. This is definitely a permanent lifestyle choice now.

We celebrated last Friday with a nice home cooked dinner and wine. We talked a bit about our chastity decision and how it's been. Mrs Cage really likes having me caged, she absolutely loves the way it makes her feel. Not so much about the control of orgasms, but more owing to the fact that I can't get out and that I can't touch myself. We didn't get to review our contract or discuss any terms, I guess it really isn't important at this point since we both have the attitude and acceptance of the cage as a lifestyle. In her mind,it's never coming off.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:56 pm
by MrCage

This is the post I made from the general chastity topic"experience in spiked devices"by lockednut:

Well, Mrs Cage and I were looking for some plastic numbered tags and came across the large spiked cage on hot steel toys She saw it,"Hmmn, that looks interesting." and I said, "ooo, that is not something I want." She said, I can put you in that when you're naughty." I laughed and said, "yeah, it's the naughty cage" she said, "order it." I said NO. She said," order it right now."
So guess what, I found the plastic tags at CB-X and got those, and being an obedient caged man, I ordered the spiked naughty cage. SHIT! I hope she always and only uses it as a threat.

Now the "back-story":

I had to go to our kids state finals game. I was alone, the mrs stayed at home with the other kids. On the way I was talking on the phone to another parent who remarked that this year, the stadium was doing metal detector screening on everyone, knowing that I would be in line with other kids , parents, friends, etc, I panicked, I called Mrs Cage. She was sympathetic. She said she thought about releasing me, but changed her mind. We talked at length about possibilities. I searched online for the topic of passing metal detectors with a cage, the result was not encouraging. A few miles before reaching the event, I passed an auto parts store. I pulled over. Called home. I asked Mrs Cage if I could find a tool to try to get the cage off. Feeling confident that I WOULDNT find something, she said okay, I found a star driver set. Then I went to the bathroom and was able to remove my jailbird security screw, thank the Lord!

At the event, I parked and low and behold' my friends pulled in right next to me. We entered the event together. What would have happened if that cage was on? I can only imagine! Wow.

I went home feeing all kinds of things, happy that I was able to remove it, and guilty and sad that I could. Concerned also about how my KH would react. I would probably be locked for a month or more now. I got home and got the silent treatment,
So Mrs Cage was NOT HAPPY with the result. She was glad that no embarrassing situation occurred, however, the most disturbing thing is that now we know that I can get the cage off whenever I want, this totally negates the whole thing. Feeling guilty I placed a padlock on the second hole. We had the jailbird made with the screw and a second hole.
Eventually we talked about it. She is really upset that this occurred, she had texted me on my way home asking if I had ever removed it. I hadn't of course. Now I felt her concern. She said that I had better never remove the cage as that would be crossing the line, I agree,
So the solution is to get the plastic numbered tags, we only have two left. So Mrs Cage wants an ample supply now. I'm sure you can see why.
Online we go. I search for security tags and up comes the hot steel toy website. Almost by fate, really. There it is' the large spied cage is staring at us, and Mrs Cage, fresh off this new threat to her security and control says, " Hmmn , that looks interesting." And , as you have read above, we have ordered tags and punishment. Of course I had to obey her. She was still upset about the incident. Now, the last few days I have REALLY been on good behavior. I definitely do not want that spiked trap on my cock!

I am living in fear, on my toes. Mrs Cage will soon have another instrument of control at her disposal. I'm nervous. Uugghhh! What will become of this?
Will she keep it as a threat? Will she want to put me in right away for a trial? Will she punish me immediately for the incident? I don't want to find out. But something will happen.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:28 pm
by MrCage

it seems that Mrs Cage has escalated her game. She told me that I was going to be caged during our vacation if I was naughty. She ordered me to buy the spiked cage. It hasn't arrived yet, for that I am grateful considering what transpired this past weekend. She was impatient and annoyed by my behavior this past weekend.

Well, I admit, there was poor communication on my part. There was an incident with our children and my reaction was not at all agreed upon by my wife. She really was mad. This was Friday. Then Saturday, everything I said she was defensive and angeed by. I was on tiptoes, I knew that she would definitely follow up on her stance of good behavior or be caged for vacation. Nonetheless, I guess she was still mad on Sunday. She is not a yeller, she's a silent treatment type. So I knew that she was upset. She put the kids to bed and went to bed herself. But she wasn't ready to sleep. I went to work at my desk, bills, calendar, etc. she came in and asked me to put some icy/hot muscle cream on her back. Hoping to get to her good side, I kindly obliged. I massaged in a goodly amount. Then I flashed back to when I used it myself, washed my hands and went pee. This was in the pre-cage days. Well, my penis reacted to the minuscule amount of cream on my hands and I spent about 10 minutes in the tub trying to clean it off. It was excruciating. After rubbing her down, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands off.
She came to the bathroom, surprising me. She wasn't happy. She wasn't sexy or fun. She was a woman with a purpose in mind. She said,"put your hands on the sink and bend over". I looked at her with surprise."what?...why?" She firmly says,as she pushes the back of my head towards the sink,"I mean it. Bend over now. I am tired of all this behavior." With that ,I felt the smack of something on my bare bottom. I don't recall how my shorts came off. She must have dropped them as I bent over. The smack was not her hand. I didn't even see what she held. But at the second and third quick strikes, I knew right away that it was her riding crop.
She worked my ass from one side to the other. Striking me. I looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was stern. She was determined. As I felt the strikes, looking at her, I knew she was mad and that she had resorted to this as she didn't know what else to do. Another strike. Her other hand circled around the last strike. Feeling the swelling reaction. I saw her studying the results of her fury. Watching this, I had confused feelings. I came out of my disbelief, then I realized her true anger with my behavior, then I felt sorry. Very sorry. But watching her carefully and determined to discipline me, it turned me on. I grew slightly in the cage. After more strikes, more caressing, my ass became hot. I felt a few welts. I looked, she was deciding if it was enough. She examined the whole area, she whispered to herself," some more here-smack- and another one here-swat- that's better". Then satisfied, she commanded me to stand.

In shock and pain, I did as I was told. She said only,"put out your hand". Putting out my hand, she squeezed a lot of the icy/hot rub into my palm."Rub your hands together." After a few good rubs into my hands, she said,"now wash it off." I had no idea where she was going with this. "Take off your cage, now." I knew that if I touched any part of that cage, I would be burning in a minute. I said,"I can't touch that! You know what will happen." With some resignation and disgust,she took the key, unscrewed the screw and removed the cage."the ring stays on tonight. You go to the morning I want you washed and shaved, then you put it back on." I know Mrs Cage really means business. This is no joke. This is not part of the sexy-time chastity game. This is punishment. "You know you can't wash it all off." She reminds me. I knew. I became fearful.

Paranoid that I would not be able to not touch myself in my sleep. I knew that I would likely awake with a hot cock and pain. I thrashed and rolled around. Mrs Cage told me to be still and come closer to her. I slid by her side. I kissed her, said I was so very sorry. Then I rubbed her back. I was massaging her to gain favor. Then she started laughing. "What?" I said. Laughing,"You know that the cream is all over your hand,right? It's still on my back." This apparently was an added benefit to her of my punishment.
I awoke the next morning, with great relief that I made it through the night. My ass was still a little sore. This was a good punishment for me. "You know you deserved it,right? You know I was mad at you." She felt satisfied with my punishment. "Yes, I guess I did." I said. But now, I am living in a cloud of uncertainty. Will she make me wear the "naughty cage when it arrives? Will she make me travel to New Orleans caged through the airport? Will she cage me partway or all the way through vacation? The physical consequence has passed, but the mental consequence is very much on the front of my brain.
My behavior has changed immediately, I am a quick learner. Or so I'd like to think I am. However, my behavior is determined by her evaluation of it.
Living the chastity lifestyle has enabled Mrs Cage to have a different avenue of asserting herself and administering her anger and punishement. I have learned that consequences are real in this lifestyle. This was my first punishment of this kind. I don't want to make it a habit.
I must give her credit to her calculated and planned punishment. She is smart and crafty.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:59 pm
by MrCage

It seems unbelievable that we have had a chaste-cation!

Mrs Cage has had me unchanged for some time now. I think we use had it off and got busy with the kids and life. But yesterday, she had me put it on as she had to go away for the night. I was worried about the first night sleeping, and it didn't bother me at all. I guess it's like riding a bicycle! Back in the saddle. Let's
See what the weekend brings. I hope to have a good update soon.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:45 pm
by MrCage
still in the off-season

Well, the freedom remains. And I am feeling s bit weird. It is strange in a way that I miss the cage and the weight of it all. Meaning not only the actual weight of the steel but the whole emotional/psychological aspect as well.

For so long, Mrs Cage always said that I will always be locked up. Recently she told me that when I am locked she feels a distance. I, on the other hand, feel closer when we are locked. So I am a bit confused. But alas, that is the eternal quandary of man and wife, is it not?

So here I am, enjoying my masturbation while I can and yet longing for the comfort and security of the cage. Perhaps, she has some plan. I don't know.

Sometimes I awake in the morning with such a forceful erection that I am glad I am not caged, then I remember that it really does inhibit the erection. Ironic as it may seem, I feel weird not being caged, and yet, the whole caged lifestyle is weird to the common population.