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Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 6:11 am
by MrCage
weekend get away but not away from the cage

Well, Mrs Cage and I had a much needed weekend getaway from the kids and life. We made our way to Montreal. It is such a nice city. We went dancing till three in the morning, the next night we saw a very fun and hilarious burlesque show. But during the day we went to the Erotika sex shop. We have been talking and joking about a strap-on for awhile, and when we got to the section of strap-ons, Mrs Cage's eyes lit up and she was asking questions to the sales person. We ended up spending a lot of money there. Mrs Cage was very excited with her purchases and I became a bit nervous, with good reason.

So we went to the burlesque show after the sex store. When when we got back to the room, fully inebriated and horny from the show, Mrs Cage changed clothes to a very sexy fishnet bodysuit. To which I have no memory of her wearing because I was fairly drunk. We teased and played with each other. I asked Mrs Cage to take off the cage, she laughed, shook her head and said,"not a chance" after which she got her new strap-on fitted, and then proceeded to peg me hard. It was a very good thing that I was drunk for this first time experience. My ass is a bit sore now. Wow, she loved pegging me. The next morning, I tied her down to the bed and totally had my way with her. Of course, the jailbird was on. I was able to get the strap-on to fit over my cafe, then I fucked her while she was tied to the bed. It was so erotic, a fantasy come true. Mrs Cage was turned on by seeing me with the strap-on on while being caged. After cleaning up' and when we were in the bathroom, we talked a little and I had the realization that I may never get out of the cage now. She said, "you just fucked yourself." "What? What do you mean?" I said. "Well, I don't need your penis now, and I have your ass,so you just fucked yourself cuz I'm never taking the cage off." Shock and disbelief ran over me. Then a sinking feeling but knowing this could really be true."how long will it be before I am unlocked,honey?" As my beautiful and sexy wife curled her hair in the mirror, she said matter of factly,"not for a long long time."

A new stage of chastity has been entered.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:56 pm
by MrCage

Well, that long long time that I'd be locked up for didn't last long.
Last weekend, the cage came off for a weekend of sexy time! Mrs Cage was suffering from a horrible case of hysteria. The only cure was quite a few orgasms from her penis while inside her. what can I say? She is the keyholder and in charge. It was a good thing too, as I was developing a sore on the underside of the testes right where the ring sits. I have heard others complain of this before. I used a triple antibiotic ointment for a few days and suffered a little. When the cage went on on Monday, I complained that I wasn't healed totally. Mrs Cage took a look and said,"that little sore isn't so bad. you'll be fine." So the cage has been on all week. I think that sometimes using lube is worse than going dry. When it's dry the ring doesn't move so much. When it's lubed the ring moves and pinches a bit more. It's a balance,I guess.

Today, I remarked that she is horrible and torturing me by running around in her hot pink lace G-string underwear. It is torture! Being caged and having to watch the most beautiful woman run around the house like that! So I guess my predicament was enough to arouse her. While shaving at the sink, face full of shaving cream, she stood next to me, dropped her pants and underwear and stared at me. Staring with the sexy eyes meant one thing : it was time for me to Queen her. I finished my shave and did my duty. She came and I raged in my cage. After my work was done, I was squirming horny. She giggled and smiled at the fact that I was so turned on and so unable to do anything about it. In her usual form, she changed the subject of conversation. Then the kids came home from school.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:28 pm
by MrCage

Back in the cage you animal. I have been blessed by having a very kind KH. I had to drive 400 miles for sports with my kid last weekend. As many of you will agree, driving causes friction on the ring. Thanks to Mrs Cage, she let me go free for the weekend. Tonight, she locked me back up. She said she feels much better having me locked and safe. Here's how it went down (not sexually):
I was on the phone, she texted me from the bedroom and told me that she wanted to talk to me when I got off the phone, I was on a landline. Then she sent a flurry of emoji's. I sent them back, assorted kisses, hugs, lips and such. Thinking that I was going to go to the bedroom for a little sexy time, I lay down next to her. She said, "put this on please. Right now." Ahh man! Really? Right now? Don't you want a little play time? "No I don't". She said. She is tired. She just wants me locked. I have a meeting tomorrow night that she won't be at and will be getting home late. So naturally, I get locked. She duped me!

Damn it. I should have whacked a little today. But I never even had a chance, no time. And honestly,I didn't even think of it. Until, of course, the cage was being slipped on. Now, with my KH expecting "that time of the month" this week, I'm locked. It is a rule that when its time for her, it's time for me. The reality is that I'm pretty much locked all the time anyway.
In addition, we are celebrating "Locktober". I expressed my sincere gratitude to Mrs Cage for last weekends sexcapade. She agreed that it was great. She also told me that that wasn't happening this weekend. So I am sure that I am locked till the end of the month. Likely for some time after that.
That's the update. I am hoping to sleep soft tonight.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:46 am
by MrCage
just a reach away

I've been so horny this last week. Every day I'm trailing Mrs Cage around like a horndog. I don't know if it drives her crazy or if she like it. It may be a little of both.depending on the time. She is so elusive about it, and I know that she knows that her elusiveness drives me crazy. So she stays elusive. Anyway, I have become better about not taunting her to let me out of the cage when I'm horny and hot for her. I said, "better". She really gets annoyed when I pester her to be out. After last month, being caged for practically the whole month, going through a merciless bout of bluebells, I have resigned myself to just always being locked and really not having any say as to when I would be free. It only took what, a year and seven months!

Well, Mrs Cage isn't really big on teasing. She is happy just to have me locked and not think about it until she wants it. How can women do that? Why do I think about it all the time? That is a fundamental difference between men and women. I digress. So, she's not a big teaser.

So last night, we got into bed and said our good nights, then kissed' and kissed a little more, and a little more, then it got to be a tight squeeze. It was a beautiful full moonlight coming through the window and shining on her beautiful face with her sensuous lips. Oh my god, so hot. I fingered her while kissing. I reached for her hand and put it to her cage. She grabbed it. Then smoothly stroked my balls. They rolled and swelled. Being caged and getting that sensation is really a turn on. I kissed my love. Unable to to be released from the cage, sometimes moaning with desire to be out and be inside her. She kept kissing me" then I put her head down to my cage, taking the cue, she worked me over. Hard. Sucking and stroking my nuts. Then she gave some licks to the cock which was bulging through the jailbird. She was really teasing me. I couldn't resist. I asked her, "is it time?" (Our reference phrase for being unlocked). She smiled demurely, "No, it's not time yet honey. You can't come out now."
I went down on her. Wrapping my arms under her legs, around her butt and resting my hands on her lower tummy, I talked to her. I told her what I was going to do. How I was going to touch her, then lick her until she came. As I spoke, I gently touched her nipples and they were already hard. Then I did what I said I would do.

This morning, Mrs Cage had awoke and got her coffee before I awoke. I got up, walked around the bed to get her cup and refill while I got mine. And to my surprise what did I see? Use a reach away from her. THE KEY. I thought, oh, maybe she wants me to make love to her this morning. Wait. How long was it there? I asked her, "hey, did you have this out last night?" She looked up from the novel that she's reading,smiled,"Yes, it was out all night long." Just a reach away. It was there the whole time. Wow. "You didn't let me out. That's hot. I can't believe it was right there the whole time." She smiles, shakes her head a little, keeps her eyes on her book as I grab her cup and go get more coffee.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:50 pm
by MrCage

Wow, last weekend, I got excited and horny, so I went to the bathroom to watch the sexy Mrs Cage take her shower. We have a glass shower door. As I watched her, I sat naked and was playing with my cage, she was turning me on just by watching her. So she flirted, then spread her legs and rubbed her vagina as she pressed up on the glass. Holy shit, what a show! I am so lucky, lucky lucky!! After her shower, she sat on my lap, kissed me till I "raged the cage" then went and got her key. I sat on the toilet seat she placed her swollen lips around my hard shaft and rocked my world. She was totally deriviing the greatest pleasure from her cock. I told her I was ready to cum in case she didn't want me to. She was in her moment and just kept rocking me. I came so hard and forcefully, it was an incredible orgasm. I find that when you don't cum for awhile and are in chastity, the orgasm is waaayyy more intense than anything else. After our "encounter" or " the service of my Key Holder" she locked me back up.
Chastity agrees with us. :D now to make it through the end of NOvember.....

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:19 am
by MrCage
STILL in NO-vember

Well, my balls are raging and I awoke this morning to the slight swelling and rolling. They are screaming for release. I feel the beginning of blueballs. So there is not much to talk about right now. I did tell Mrs Cage of my pain and dilemma,asking not for relief. She casually looked up from her book and said, "No! It's still NO-vember".

So what will happen in the next 10 days? I will probably suffer through another bout of blueballs. I am not looking forward to that. Will Mrs Cage milk me for relief? Not likely. She told me that she has pain and swelling every month(her period), so I should be able to manage through the same.

"Mrs Cage, what are your intentions for December then?"
Answer: "We'll see.. It's going to be Christmas maybe you'll get a nice present. We'll see."
"And what about me getting bluebells?"
Answer: "It will go away", she says.

So wish me luck....

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 8:31 pm
by MrCage
NO-vember is OVER!

So NO-vember is over and I'm anxiously awaiting this weekend! will Mrs Cage let me out and take me into her loving vagina? I don't know. But I will say that I did have an orgasm just 2 1/2 weeks ago and she may just leave me in until Christmas. Aside from her desire to have me a few weeks ago I have been cage for at least a month and I must say that I have really lost urge and desire to masturbate. In a way, I would like to be locked up until the beginning of the year without any release, just to see if I can do it. We will see what this weekend brings,stay tuned.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:35 pm
by johnsub
Wow sounds great

But makes me worry, we also started of just looking for a new thrill.
Found the thrill, for me and a lifestyle for her.

I used to play with myself daily, and often brag to her about it.

But right now its 01:00 AM and i have had three spoiled orgasm this month.

And one on the outside of her pussy that i had to clean up, while that is not my turn on.

Guys be be careful what you ask for, i am highly frustrated madly in love and some more emotions.

But she is now considering a prince Albert just because i got out once.

Yes it turns me on, but also scares the shit out of me.

this i not how far i expected this to go.

Sub John

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:02 pm
by MrCage
hello DECLINED December!

Well the first weekend of December was great. I was free! I got released for the weekend, but Mrs Cage declined to welcome me into her fine wet vagina. Damn. She was toying with me all weekend. "Too much to do." She says. She fondled me a little bit. But I think she is waiting for Christmas. After the weekend, I was back in the cage and back to work. That's where I have been since.

But the other morning, after a shower, she waited for me in the bathroom. She had her "KH eyes" on. She grabbed my hand and made me kneel down as I was pulled from the shower by her. She put one leg up on the tub, pulled my head into her vagina and made me lick her to orgasm. I surged in my cage, still wet from the shower, I dripped dry while licking her and tasting her sweet juices. Her head tilted back and she moaned as she came. I stared up as she made her sounds of satisfaction. I stared at her hard nipples. I was submissive and serving my Keyholder. I was bulging with desire.When she was done, she kissed me. The raging hormones inside of me made me love her and crave her even more. She declined to let me out. It was time to go to work." It's good to be caged", I said. I told her to say it too, she did, then followed up with , "It's FANTASTIC to be caged, I love it."
Now I wait. What will this weekend bring? It's a month caged and without sex. But being caged, I feel like I have had sex every day. Happy holiday's everyone.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:03 pm
by MrCage
Like Johnson says, she has found a lifestyle for her and the thrill is mine.