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Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:47 pm
by MrCage
I'm going crazy with desire!

Mrs Cage is a sexy, beautiful woman. She knows she is. What does she do? She wears her underwear all over the bathroom and bedroom while getting ready in the morning. I can't keep my eyes off of her. This morning I told her, "I am so lucky to be with a Victoria's Secret model!" She smiles, "Yeah, Right! Thank you honey for thinking so." She could be a model. So I have to wait all day to see that underwear again. I told her to not to take it off too quickly tonight!
Now that I was denied my orgasm after intense teasing, I have been so horny, I can't stop thinking about Her. Of course, I can't think about sex all day long' so I think about sex, then about her, then about sex, then about our relationship,then about sex, then about how I love her and she loves me, then I think about sex again, then about how lucky and happy I am. And I really must say that I have always loved her,but being caged and teased just puts me in the place where I keep thinking about all those things. This is how chastity makes the relationship better,I guess.
We are going away on vacation next week. I hope she lets me out to cum and have some great sex before then! I am also wondering what her plan is for wearing the cage over vacation and the flying. I bet she hasn't made up her mind yet, but it is certainly on my mind! She might make me wear the CB Curve on the plane and switch to the Jailbird when we get to our destination, or she will take it off for the whole week. It's not my choice and,as she has said, it is not my place. So she has planted a seed of anxiety and uncertainty. Exactly like she loves to do. She knows it drives me crazy. How do I know that she knows? Because she gives a distinctive sly smile of satisfaction that she has never had before the days of chastity. That's how I know.Aaarrgh! Wait and see, wait and see.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:08 pm
by MrCage
We leave tomorrow. I have asked Mrs Cage her intentions for the airport security. She smiles and says that it's not my decision and she will let me know. Crap! I have come to the conclusion that it is not a weapon, it is "genital jewelry" and I will just ask for a pat down search instead of the X-ray . She has got my head spinning. Wish me luck.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:13 am
by Caged55
She probably will let you pass through security with the CB Cuve and back into the JB when you get to the hotel.
My KH has made that very clear, CB3K with a number plastic lock while we fly (to Europe), which is hard for me as I am used to the comfort of the JB, then once we checked in to the hotel and had a shower, its back into the JB for the duration of our holiday. I am dreading the CB3k after about 24 hours its starts getting uncomfortable. Flying "naked" as she calls being uncaged, is not an option for her idea of chastity, which is 24/7.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:59 pm
by MrCage

We arrived at the airport and Mrs Cage offered me the choice to go through security with a pat down in the jailbird or take it off. I took it off. When we made a transfer in Atlanta, she made me put it back in. I guess I was in need of an "attitude adjustment" so on it went for the rest of the trip. Got to customs in Mexico and didn't realize we had to go through security again. Big anxiety attack as I stared down the metal detector. I tried to tell the security woman that I didn't want to go through because I had "metal on me" she didn't understand and she put me through... and the detector didn't go off! Whew, lucky me. I will be nice when travelling from now on!

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Sun May 17, 2015 9:05 pm
by MrCage

HAd a wonderful vacation. Lots of sexy time! We had great conversations, awesome pools and adventures. Food was fantastic. We had a pool on our balcony. There was a sign above the pool that read, "no clothing allowed in pool" haha, not really, but that was the rule we followed. The cage went back on when we got home. But,we did talk about how long she could go without sex and how long she thinks she could keep me locked. Any guesses here? .....a week,? Two weeks ? ....three weeks? I can't do that. But the answer is FOUR WEEKS. LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS NOW. So far it's been a week.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:54 am
by MrCage

So it has been a bit since my last post. Cracked screen on the iPad and took awhile to get a new one. Also, Mrs Cage wanted to take a break from the chastity. I was freed for about a month. Now I am back in the cage. I think it was good to have a little break. However, I started touching myself all the time and she kept warning me not to. Last Monday I was locked. This is mostly due to her tiring of seeing me with my hand on my penis and the cage was expedited because she caught me in the shower! What can I say? I'm a guy. So Monday morning she said, "It's TIME".

Here's the scary part, I have no idea what her intentions are!
I asked on Tuesday, "how long am I locked up for? A week?"
Mrs Cage smirks, "NO!"
Two weeks?
Three weeks, a month?
"Something like that, maybe longer. We'll see."

Oh, so frustrating for me not having any idea when I will be released. I think to myself and say to her, "Are you changing the game and locking me for as long as I was unlocked?"
She laughs and says, "You think about it too much!"
Of course I do! I'm locked and horny. Why does she do this to me? I think I would feel better if I had SOME idea how long I will be caged.
She has gone for a couple days to her girlfriends to go shopping. Naturally she won't leave me alone without being locked up. So here I am, home alone, unable to masturbate. Missing her like crazy, realizing that she has the key. I am sure that she is very happy holding that key!

I told her that it was funny that in the month unlocked, I had sometimes wanted to be locked. That I missed having the cage on. It's jewelry in a way. It's like wearing a watch or a ring. When it's off, you miss it. You feel more comfortable when it's on. My body is used to it and comfortable with it. Maybe that is one reason why she took it off for awhile, to make me realize that it belongs on me all the time. It was off chiefly because she got a scare one day because it was obvious (to her) that you could see the cage through my pants. I told her that no one probably noticed, because people don't usually stare at some guys crotch. She sees it because she is looking for it. It was obvious that I had something there, but I also reminded her that most people don't even know about chastity or the devices. So now, I wear two pairs of underwear to work. Any ideas on what to wear to make it less obvious? I told her that we will go buy some baggy-er pants in the crotch. That will probably be the best thing to do. Two pairs of underwear is really confining and uncomfortable.

So let's see how the week goes. I start "crawling the walls" at about a week. She will definitely keep me locked 24/7 for longer than 2-3 weeks now. So I hope that she will be generous enough to give me some teasing. In light of that, I will be very busy this weekend doing everything around the house so that she will reward me when she gets home. Wish me luck!

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:10 pm
by LockedandLoved
Good luck

Sounds like she is taking control which is what you want right?

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:18 pm
by MrCage

Well, had a free week but Mrs Cage is going out for the evening. She didn't lock me up this morning, thought she forgot. Was so excited that I would have the evening to myself! She played me BIG TIME! All day long I was thinking that I would have the night free, but she showed up at my work at the end of the day before she left, holding the black bag! Duh duh duh!!!! She said, "go lock up right now, I have to leave." I'm sure the look on my face was priceless. Like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar right before dinner. So here I am, locked up and attending to the chores. Woe is me. Man oh man she played me.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:23 pm
by MrCage

Still locked. Probably in for two weeks. I was supposed to be punished with five weeks but Mrs Cage got horny and let the beast out. She is not ever going to tell me my length of stay in the cage. I asked her when she just locked me this last week. She gave her usual non-committal response, " you're locked up until it's been a sufficient amount of time." What the heck does that mean? One , two weeks? A a month ? The answer is; until she wants it again!

Meanwhile, since I have been in and out of the cage recently , I have had a difficult time sleeping for the first few nights. I told her that it is easier for me to just be locked all the time. What the heck is wrong with me? But alas, this is probably her grand plan in the works. She is brilliant.

Wicked wicked key-holder she is!

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:25 pm
by MrCage

This past week I picked up on some interesting comments by Mrs.Cage. I think she doesn't want me cum! I have been locked for a week, teasingly asking for release and sex, or some time to cleanup in the shower, all requests were denied with the sly smile from my beautiful KH. The first clue was when she hinted that she thought I didn't need to cum. She said,"I'm not sure you need to cum anymore." Then a couple of days later, I said I was horny for her and that I couldn't wait for release so that I could explode inside her. She said,"well, I don't think THAT''S going to happen. I said,"What do you mean by that?" She just smiled and turned away, changing the topic of conversation. This is her way of saying that the topic is not for conversation or debate. I know not to push it when she does this. Then we got drunk, and she was so horny, she had me take off the cage. We had sex, but I was way too tired and exhausted and had had a few drinks. I knew that the likelihood of great sex was impossible. But she is way too beautiful and sexy, and her being horny, well, of course I was able to squeeze my cheeks for a little stiffy. I wasn't able to have peak performance or an orgasm. When she was done with me she passed out. I put the jailbird back on before I crashed. When I awoke, I was surprised to see the cage on. With a foggy memory, I realized I had put it on. When she woke, her main question of the night before was whether I came or not. Hmmm , she really is interested in that fact. Tonight, she was wearing a simple sexy stretchy black pant.. Oh man, it really turned me on. I told her she should go change those pants because they were causing the cage to fill up tightly. I said I can't wait to cum inside her. She looked at me, smiled, thought silently for a moment said,"hymn" and...changed the subject. So with this and with the other comments of the past week, I am thinking that she has it in her head to keep me from my orgasm! What do you think?