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Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:22 pm
by MrCage
Thanks wishful4 . That's a relief to hear. Especially since you have so many MM's.
I did make sure that the diameter will be good. My CB-curve diameter is a little tight, so I end up being caught in the base part of the cage and always pulling myself down with a q-tip. So I am hoping that I won't have to do that every time I pee in the JB.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:43 am
by MrCage
So, I was caged 18 days straight. Almost three weeks. Last weekend,Sunday, I got out of the shower and Mrs Cage was in the bathroom with me, getting herself pretty and dressed. I stood before her, kissed her. Twice. Then we kissed slowly and passionately. Dartin g delicate tongues and sultry eyes. Her hooded and erotic eyes met mine. I grew and pulsed in my cage. Her fingertips, glazed my flanks and slide smoothly down around my waist. Dipping feverishly to the caged pulsing member inside. She reached for her necklace. With desire in her touch she unlocked her caged cock. "Wash it up and make it clean. NOW! " without hesitation, with fumbling desire I made myself clean. Washing my cock, sudsy hard. We kissed in front of the mirror and stepped together to the bed. She lay with legs apart. My god, her lips were swollen. I couldn't resist. She laid on the bed, fondling her breasts and waiting for the anticipated penetration. I bent down, gently tonguing her lips. They became moist and more enlarged. Pushing her hooded clit upward, I thrust my tongue onto the swelling clit. Touching, tantalizing the hardening sensitive spot of her sex with my ever-heating tongue. She squirmed. Grabbing my head with both hands, she pushed it hard into her. I sucked. Sucked harder and massaged my tongue all over her. Savoring my treat, I raised myself above her. Slightly dizzy from the taste of her and her writhing body. I thrusted my cock into her. Feeling her vagina spasm and cloak my cock inside her, she came quickly. Her orgasm fueled the fire of my drive. I grew. Pounding hard inside her. My freedom became overwhelming. I slowed. Then removed myself from the heat. I went down and slowed her passion with gentle kisses on her lips and clit. I swallowed the energy of her sex. Feeling her rise again, I rose in turn. Incredible hormones flowed through us both. The connection was strong. We were one body, one soul and the passion came strong. She came again. Thrusting, crying out loud, I told her I was ready. "Where do you want me to cum?" I begged. "Anywhere", she moaned. I penetrated again. The heat coursed from my balls and rose through the base of me. "Suck it. Suck it out!" I screamed. I removed myself from her.She wrapped her lips around the head of my swollen and sensitive cock. Sucking with the force that sped my semen into her mouth and throat at the very instant that I came. 18 days of being caged rewarded me with the most intense, explosive oragasm. I fell back and onto the floor. Dizzy and shaking. My face went numb. I writhed in ecstasy. She smiled, giggled, and she was fulfilled. She gets great pleasure in her orgasms, but even more when she experiences mine and knows that she made me feel that way.the connection becomes cemented between us.That, my friends is why we are caged. The days of longing. The fantasies that rage as we are caged,culminate to the event of our love for our key holder, our mate. The intense sensations made more-so by the seclusion of our chastity make the sex and love beyond erotic, beyond anything we have experienced. It's good to be caged.

I was rewarded with a day of freedom, the following day I was caged. I asked, " How long will it be?" Looking proudly at her cock and clicking the lock shut, she smiles confidently and looks at me,"A few weeks, at least".

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:07 am
by MrCage

Being caged only a few days since that last nearly out-of-body experience orgasm, this incident played out:
To preface the story, whenever Mrs Cage is desiring the pleasure of her penis and the need for sex, she will remove the necklace and leave it on the sink in the bathroom. This is her subtle message to me that I can "remove the cage and engage". Mrs Cage enjoys the subtle, silent messages and keeps to herself the amusing incidents of her KH life. This is great for her, and I feel great knowing that she is getting her own type of pleasure and amusement from this lifestyle.

Mrs Cage and I enjoyed a movie, a nice dinner at home, then went to bed. For the duration of the day, I was feeling aroused constantly. This was made worse by her flaunting around the hose all day in her tight yoga pants/sweats that accentuated every feminine and beautiful curve. As many of you know, the first week of being in a cage after a break is a mental mind fuck that rages your hormones. So, I couldn't think of anything else but how beautiful and loving my KH is. When bedtime came, I was horny as a buck in the rut.
After washing up and brushing, I climbed into bed with my sexy wife. She nestled and snuggled me and didn't say a word. We kissed. Then exchanged amorous words. Then kissed again. I swelled in the cage. She caressed my thighs and reached for the cage. I noticed that she smiled to herself. I caressed her breasts, panting like a hungry wolf, I kissed her again. Desperate to get out of the cage and have sex with this beautiful and incredible woman, I thrust myself against her. Feeling the non-sensation of her pussy wrapped on my cage, I dismounted. Between kisses and while fingering her to orgasm, I asked her if she wanted to have my tongue or her vibrator. "My vibrator. Get it please." I reached across her, opened the bag,and fetched the pink rabbit. So aroused and so into the passion. I engaged the rotating, vibrating rabbit into the swollen, throbbing pussy. She immediately grabbed her cage, squeezed the balls that dangled. Intense thoughts flew threw my mind. Thoughts from, "wow, I wish this cage was off." To "I am so turned on by this. Fucking her with a vibrator while caged' and watching her get off is really hot." Simple thoughts,not so articulate,because I was in a primal sexual drive state of mind. She rose to climax, whining and whimpering. I kissed her neck. I noticed the necklace was not on her neck. Hmm, where is it? Oh well, keep going. She was writhing and I was holding her vibrator and kissing her. She became overwhelmed, and grabbed the vibrator to take control. I was straddled across her. Totally turned on by the sight of this. She had a second orgasm, and then relaxed. We cuddled. She turned to me, brought her finger to my lips. "You can't cum!" Smiling, she reiterated,"I'm sorry you couldn't cum,honey." I smiled. For some reason, the idea that I cant cum and that I'm locked is almost as satisfying as cumming. Weird.I was hoping for release but the time had passed. She went to the bathroom. I found the prostate stimulator in the bag. Moving fast, I lubed and inserted. I needed some stimulation and I didn't care how. She watched me from the toilet. She was smiling. Perhaps smiling that I was in such a state of frustration. she returned and lay next to me. She watched like a voyeur. Silently. I reached a climax and my hand was tiring. I rolled over. Mrs Cage took control of the stimulator. She made me reach a second climax and held me there for the longest time. I felt a burning hot sensation rise from the inside and travel down my cock. I leaked. I couldn't take it any longer. I bagged for her to stop. She did. This was the first real "tease and deny" session that we've had. It wasn't meant to be a tease and deny' it just happened. Frenzy of passion, lasting arousal from her day of sexy flaunting and my caged state, led to this.
We lay in bed, eyes closed and holding each other. Feeling satisfied and spent. Before I drift off, I ask," hey, where's your necklace?" A smile replies first. Then, "Didn't you see it? I left it on the sink." I can't believe it. "What? When? You mean I could have taken it off and had sex with you?" She replies, "I thought you saw it and didn't want to take the cage off." After our episode, I don't think either one of us was dissatisfied with my not seeing her silent message. What a night.
Sleep soft, my friends.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:27 pm
by MrCage
I'm in trouble!

Well, we are off for a ski trip tomorrow for the weekend. Mrs Cage told me that she will unlock me tomorrow morning for the weekend. But I will be locked tonight.Yippee, I really wasn't looking forward to miles of Nordic skiing with the cage.

Well, she had taken her necklace off for a workout.and she left it on the sink. I asked if that was the "message" she said no. She had taken it off to work out. so I grabbed it and pocketed it. She saw me take it and wanted it back. I stalled and changed the subject. A few minutes later she wanted the key back. I left the room and quickly unlocked the lock, returned and then gave her the key. Unfortunately for me, she is too sharp. " Give me the key." I handed it over and tried to walk away. "Hey, let me see the cage". I had to show her. The unlocked lock lay open and obvious. There was no hiding it. She had a look of disbelief." Now lock it. And you just got locked for the weekend.its not coming off.thats your punishment."
That was the only time I was going to try to escape. I thought I could do a little rubbing after she went to sleep. Now, I'm afraid it's going to do a lot of rubbing while I ski. I feel like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy when he says, " I'm so STUPID!"

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:49 pm
by MrCage
return to the cage

Well we have returned from the ski trip. 25 miles of Nordic skiing......cage free! It was Valentines weekend and Chastity Day (February 15). Although we didn't know about the chastity day, we did make some comments that were veiled in front of our friends. That is a very erotic and inside humor that only we can enjoy. It makes our lifestyle special.

So we had a great time skiing and hanging out with our friends. When we got home we were tired . But Monday morning getting ready for work, all was back to the routine. "So is it time?" I asked Mrs Cage. "Yes. It is time. Back in your cage." And here I am. It's good to be caged.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:37 pm
by MrCage
The Jailbird is here!

The Jailbird is here. Wow, sleek metal design. Long strong curve, perfectly balanced rings. "It's beautiful, it looks like a piece of jewelry. I like it." Says Mrs Cage.

The box arrived sometime during the week. I don't know, because Mrs.Cage got it and hid it from me. She would smile and change the subject when I asked if we got anything in the mail. So finally she relented and told me,"I have your item". That was Wednesday. On Friday afternoon,yesterday, we had a few minutes before the school bus came by. Mrs Cage was going to her moms for the night with the kids for a visit. So I asked if we could take a look at the Jailbird. I wasn't expecting to try it on, just to look at it. So we took it out of the black velvet bag. Mrs Cage went to work organizing the parts. I put the base ring around my balls, she was on her knees in front of me watching. Then I crammed the head of my penis into the ring. She watched and said with some surprise,"oh wow, that looks like it hurts a little. You have to do all that?" So yeah, it was a bit of a push and scrunch, but everything went through just fine. Now, the BEST PART was that the cage went right over my cock. I was so happy to see that the measurement was good and relieved to know that I finally have space. The CB-Curve was not wide enough and I was always scrunched in the base portion. The Jailbird is a hundred times more comfortable. Because the base ring is steel, it is much less obtrusive and bulky than the plastic CBCurve is. This makes walking and bending much more comfortable. Also, the cage lines on the JB are thinner than the plastic, and there is more open space.
I had contemplated getting two rings on the cage. In talking to the Mrs, she said get whatever I want. I finally decided on one ring.The cage is 4 1/2 inches long, this makes for a long way of openness and I can touch more than I could with the curve. So if she had strong feelings of me not being able to touch myself, then I would have gotten two rings. I do like the look of one ring near the tip, it makes the whole cage look sleek and cool.
So we get it all together and then we put the screw in. I ordered two holes, one for the screw and one for our padlock. Mrs Cage immediately made the decision to forego the lock.
I made it through the night just fine. I was a bit worried about it because I have had a "vacation" from the cage lately. I was out for Valentines weekend, then in. Then I was out for the last week of February as we were on another holiday. And with the expected arrival of the jailbird, Mrs Cage was kind enough to let me be free. But now, I have no idea how long I will be locked. Mrs Cage is not the kind of KH to tell me how long I will be locked. She doesn't play any calendar games. When I'm locked, I'm locked. No discussion, end of story. She is really great at the mental game of this lifestyle.
So I feel like I am at a new place now. We have been locked for one year (at the end of this March) and have "graduated " to the metal cage. It looks like this is going to go on for awhile. That's fine because, "it's good to be caged"

In fact, just today, I found myself vacuuming. Then when Mrs Cage got home, I told her all the things I did today. She smiled and said, "it's working already."

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:16 pm
by MrCage
jailbird living

So now, what? This is it. The finality of the decision on this lifestyle. Mrs Cage is definitely "All in". And, of course, so am I! We have arrived on this journey to the place where there is no strange feelings of kink, aberrant, different behavior. This is our life. This is our life with chastity. It's an everyday, ongoing deal. The jailbird looks and feels like jewelry. The adjustment to chastity is complete. We both feel very normal with this. Going about the days and nights without much thought as to anything being different. It feels normal. I am secured and feel secure. The adrenaline rush of this being kinky isn't really on the forefront of our brains.
Being caged has so many facets that to boil it down to a few words is impossible. Suffice it to say, this is us.

I introduced Mrs Cage to "Queening" last week. Of course she liked it.It turned her on and she had two intense and overwhelming orgasms. I was turned on and aroused by her pleasure. This will likely become a regular event. Lucky for me, she is very affectionate and loving in her KH role. While I was queening her, she stroked her cage and teased and sucked her balls. She stopped when she climaxed. I wonder what her thoughts will be when she posts here.
I think it is great to read all the other posts of people to see the transformations of lifestyles.It is great to think that we will grow and change as time goes on. It is surprising to read that many couples have been ding this for years and some for decades. Tonight, we were talking and joking about it a little. Mrs.Cage said," I'm going to keep you in that cage till you die. I'm going to bury you with that on! Ha ha haaa!" So funny. But there is much truth said in a joke. So the journey continues.
Sleep soft my friends.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:57 am
by MrCage
one year locked: first "Chastiversary"

Well well we'll it's been one year. What an incredible adventure. We are in a Jailbird and it fits fine. I think I should have gone with a 1/4 shorter than I have, but it is still cold and wintery here. This summer will probably have it fit just fine. The weight of the jailbird pulls down and gives a little space sometimes. It is 4 3/4"'long. Abut half the time I am snug. I will keep it as is through the summer then decide if I want to return it for a shortening.

The past year has been quite an adjustment to the lifestyle. At first, it was unusual and kinky' then it became more normal and everyday. Now it is a security and enhancement of our love. We enjoy sex and the orgasms are SO MUCH MORE INTENSE FOR BOTH OF US! Last night, we had PIV and it was incredible. It had been about two weeks since we had had intimate relations. Mrs Cage left last week for a trip to Florida to see her girlfriends. Being alone wth the cage was a new experience. I went crazy with frustration at not being able to masturbate. I was horny as hell for her when she got home. Before she left I asked if she would leave a key in a signed evelope in case of an emergency. She declined the idea saying," There shouldn't be an emergency. If there is, you can call me and I will tell you where the hidden second key is. There was some nervous trepidation on my part, but it was in her hands. So I drove around VERY carefully. It's funny how you can be more cautious about life when caged, isn't it?

She was visiting her best friend and topic of chastity came up. Her friend said that her and her husband have some trust issues. Mrs Cage said, "I can fix that." She told her about our new lifestyle. Her friend was all for it. But her husband wasn't so sure. She showed them pictures online of various devices. We agreed that he will likely be caged in a few months. We aren't caged for trust issues, but it does give a sense of security. There's more to trust than just a cage, that's for sure.

I told Mrs Cage that with the chastiversary, I ordered her a gift. I ordered Mistress Ivey''s key holder handbook. I told her that I would also like to see her post here more often. She agrees. Having the forum is a good place to think and explore the chaste life. We will see what she does. She is very intelligent and has great ideas. She is also very good at giving advice. I bet she could help people here. I hope she participates mor often. She has only made her introductory post so far.
In the years ahead , it is a forgone conclusion that I will always be caged. I'm all for it!
Sleep soft my friends.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:25 pm
by MrCage
queening: a good licking

Well, my KH, Mrs Cage got a good licking today. It was all her fault really. This morning as we were getting ready for work, she dressed in her usual sexy underwear and flaunted about the bathroom putting on makeup and drying her hair. Then she put on a very cute and sexy top with some tight jeans that accentuated her lovely feminine curves. I told her, "really, you have to do this to me today? I'm so horny for you and I'm all locked up! This isn't fair. You better watch out woman." So we go to work and keep our professional airs on. When we got home, we only had 40 minutes until the school bus arrived with the kids. I told Mrs.Cage on the way home that she was going to have to do something, as I was so aroused by her presence. We brought our bags in from the car and then I told her to go to the bedroom for some "Queening". She scoffed. For some reason she just does not like the term, but as she says,"I like how it makes me feel." I told her that I could find some other term to use. Anyway, we get to the bed, off with the pants for both of us. she positioned herself over me. she said, "let me get myself in a position so I can watch you." She really gets turned on by watching us during sex. So, I worked myself into her, she groaned and writhed and came. Then she fondled the cage while I continued with the licking of her very wet self. She rose to a climax, sucked my balls which really thrilled and drove me crazy. We both had intense desire for the cage to come off. But we didn't have the time. Final licking and sucking, and another orgasm. Only a few minutes left before the bus. She laid back, trying to catch her breath as she had just had two powerful orgasms. Embracing me,"I want to feel your cock inside me so badly. But I know we don't have time." I replied,"I know dear. But doesn't it feel good to have me caged while you get your orgasms?" She smiles, "yes, it drives me crazy." I say, "It's good to be caged." She smiles. I pull her black satin bra down, engage in one nipple with my mouth, then treat the other the same. I pull away, looking at the amazing beauty of my love aglow with the satisfaction of her orgasms written all over her face. I am so craving her love, wanting to make love to her and thrust deep inside her. I place a finger in her. She smiles, She is hypersensitive now. Then she reaches down and fingers her own clit while I continue stroking the inside of her vagina. And she comes again. Now the minutes are really upon us. We jump out of bed, leap into our jeans and its parent time. She is so happy and has such a big smile on her. It satisfies me. The cage keeps my arousal up, will for a few days. The bus arrives,Dinner, TV time, and bed. It's been a good day caged.

So in thinking of a term for Mrs Cage to feel better about the aforesaid treatment of her hysteria, I think I will abandon the term "Queening" and adopt "A Good Licking" ....hey, it's time for a good licking Momma! That's what I will say next time.
Sleep soft my friends.

Re: [MrCage] the beginning of a new lifestyle

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:43 pm
by MrCage

If you read this and don't believe it, I won't blame you one bit. I still can't believe it myself, and it happened to me. The first real edging I have received was absolutly mind blowing. Where do I begin?

Well, last night, the kids were in bed. I was tired. Ready for bed. Ready to say goodnight to my lovely Mrs.Cage. She lay next to me. I was reaching for my book on the nightstand. I heard a funny "jingle-tinkle" sound. I turned back around and Mrs Cage was smiling at me and shaking her keychain around. oh crap, really? I just have to say that I was recently I'll and missed work, so I really was tired and not exactly up for sex. But, what's in the cage is hers. At her beck and call. And she beckoned.

I am in a Jailbird now. So the key is not cute and not the type she can wear on a necklace. The other key that we used for the CB-curve was. Also,the jailbird requires some attention to unscrew and free the fleshbeast. So I lay there as she unscrewed me. Not realizing for a second that I was going to be TOTALLY SCREWED !!!

She freed me. Then in an unusually stern voice she commanded,"Go to the bathroom and take that off. Wash up and make it nice and clean." I was aroused by the mere tone of her voice. I leapt to the bathroom. I took off the cage and pulled out of that cage hard. I washed with cold/lukewarm water because I couldn't wait for the hot water to reach the tap. The cold water had no effect on my rapidly growing hard-on. She watched me from the bed as I excitedly fumbled with the towel. She giggled, "what is THAT all flopping around? " Back in bed. Wow, she is beautiful. Without makeup, a naturally beautiful and attractive woman. I am so lucky to have her.
Laying down next to her. She looks at me with eyes that say something of a different sort. Something I know she is not used to saying and I'm not used to hearing. As she climbs on top of me and inches towards my lips. A little kiss, then a nibble on my lower lip. She speaks, "I want you to fuck me, but I dont want you to cum, okay? Do you understand me? Don't cum. If you do, you will be locked up for a long time. And..." Stunned speechless, I was. What the fuck did she just say? She didn't want me to cum? I have never heard that before. "What if I do cum? What if I cum by accident?" She shakes her head no and says, "you don't want to cum. You don't want to know. You won't like it." Shit. I think to myself, can I do this? I can if I pace myself. But when I climax, I can't make any promises. As I think, she rubs her hands across my chest and moves her head towards her clean and free cock. Now the sucking begins. Mrs.Cage gives a mind-blowing blow job. Every time. I don't know what it is. But she is incredible. Holding my arms down. Licking and kissing and everything. I don't usually cum when sucks me,but I was awfully close. She stops. Looks at me. Thinking how close she got me to climax. She is right.
She knows me. She feels my orgasm rise. It's her instinct and intuition to know. Resting for a minute. Then with me still on my back. She mounts. The thrusting begins. Oh God. I am overwhelmed. And then she slows. Knowing that I am close. She has an orgasm. Then she slides off. She teases and sucks me. She lets me rest. We roll and I enter her again. I'm on top now. I climax. So close to cumming. As it starts to rage and flow to my cock, I pull out. Literally two more thrusts and I would have cum. The fear and uncertainty made me leave her tight wet throbbing space. I had to hold the end of my penis. Knowing that I was about to leak. Thankfully, I kept it inside. She had orgasmed while I was in her. I felt it. That is what drove me to the edge. She is panting quickly now. Trying to recover from her two blasts of O. I am completely focused on reaching an orgasm and finishing inside her.She won't let me in her. I bow my head to her crotch and start tasting the juices that came. God I love this woman! I want to please her like no ther woman has ever been pleased. She fingers herself as I am licking and sucking and while my finger is inside her. She comes again. Couple this intense activity with the mental, emotional, spiritual connection we have. I feel her passion and she mine. This is GREAT LOVE-MAKING. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. This is incredible, she is done. Spent. Breathless. And so am I. We cuddle,kiss lightly and look into each other's eyes.

After a calm is restored, she says, " I would let you go to sleep without the cage tonight but that probably wouldn't be a good idea, you'll wake up in the night and masturbate. Or you will go do it in morning when you wake up. I can't let you do that. You will have to put it back on. I'm sorry. I just can't let you cum honey. You'll understand. You have to learn that it's not your place." I can't argue with her. She is right. No man could not control himself after what just happened. But wait, what did she say? My place? What does that mean? I let it go. I've learned that she does not like questions. But that was new.

I go to the bathroom, reeking of sex. I obediently place the cage. Return to the bed where my key holder waits. She jingles her keychain. I lay on my back, look at the ceiling and say nothing as she puts the screw to me. I'm screwed. Time to sleep. As I try to fall asleep, locked in my cage, all I can feel is the sensation, imaginary but feeling real, the sensation of cumming. I could feel it. Feel the desire of the orgasm that I was denied. This is new territory for me. I have been teased and edged by a master. Mrs.Cage=3 Mr.Cage=0
Sleep soft my friends.

Post-script: This all happened yesterday. Today, I was pretty tight in my cage all day long. Thinking about cumming. Feeling like I had to. Intense desires to orgasm. This denial of my orgasm has given me sensations and feelings that have lasted hours and hours longer than the orgasm itself would have. Wow. Just wow.