[wifewatcher33] Oh How I Like to Cum - My lil Story

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[wifewatcher33] Oh How I Like to Cum - My lil Story

Post by wifewatcher33 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:15 pm

Part One - Background
My wife and are happily married now for almost 16 years. She’s 37 and I’m 36 with three kids from 8 to 13. We were both born and raised in still reside in a smaller town in Texas. She and I are both college graduates with my wife working as a teacher and me as an Attorney. For the most part we lead pretty normal lives i.e. school, work, extracurricular activities with the kids, etc.

The sex life between my wife and I has always been good. My sex drive is ten times what hers is and that led to lots and lots and lots of masturbation by me behind her back. Don’t get me wrong though. I adore my wife and love her with all my heart. However, if she’s not in the mood for sex, then after she went to bed, I would go to my mancave (or in previous houses the office or bathroom or wherever had a lock) and masturbate while looking at porn.

As a child, the first porn I can remember looking at was my dad’s old stash of magazines he had left in a box in our unfinished upstairs room. The first time I remember jacking off to porn was when a friend loaned me a cheesy ass porn movie on VHS. One note I do think is important here – there was a dominating woman that looked goth like who ordered the man to do what she said to do. I remember specifically hearing her say “Did I say you could lick my pussy yet?” Then she placed his head right in front of her pussy and rubbed it for a few minutes making the guy wait and watch and then she finally said “You may now lick my pussy.” I do not know if that turned me on to dominant women in bed or I was born that way. It might have been a little seed planted in my head though about doing what the woman says to do in bed.

My wife and married before our Senior year in college and “officially” moved in together right before the fall semester started. We were high school sweethearts and as it turned out – we were virgins. Yes – when my wife and I were married we had only had each other. I still think that is one of the more special things about our relationship.

Back to porn - the first computer we bought was right after marriage. I remember way back then finding porn images to download late at night and masturbating at the PC even though my wife was a few feet away in our bed asleep(small studio style apartment didn’t allow for much privacy). My interest in porn continued while in law school but now we had the PC in a different room. Plus, DVDs were finally getting cheaper. I found that I was drawn first to amateur videos and eventually swinger porn and Fuck my Wife videos. I bought several of those and fapped way too much anytime I could.

Once the internet started giving porn away in volumes if you knew where to look – I started looking for wife porn. As I mentioned previously, I adore my wife. When I viewed porn, I masturbated to the thought of my wife getting pounded by the porn star. I never imagined myself fucking one of those girls in the video. It was always the thought of my wife getting pleased by one of those big huge dicks that got me turned on (at least in the last ten years anyway). I am over six inches long myself when erect but I couldn’t get past the notion and thought of how my wife would feel if she got one of those huge dicks squeezed inside of her. Her pussy is exquisite – perfectly pink with her outer lips perfectly symmetrical and the taste – oh my god her taste is divine.

My interest in chastity began by viewing those swinger videos with the husbands wearing CDs while the wife got fucked and humiliated the poor hubby. I even like my wife throwing comments my way now and then regarding my “lack of size.” I’m confident in what I can do for her with my dick so the comments are really playful to me and turn me on.

Then in recent years, chastity appeared more and more frequent on the internet as I guess there are enough of us with interest in it that porn producers noticed and have catered to it. I loved all of it. The whippings, denials, teases, wife having some other big dick in her while hubby is tied up watching – loved it all – and jerked off to it way too much.

Part Two – The Meat of It

I remember back in 2008, I offered my wife control of my orgasms at one point. We didn’t have a CD or anything but I loved her so much and the thought of her controlling my orgasms was such a turn on. She said sure and then let it fall by the wayside. Looking back on it now, I wonder if I saw then how my frequent masturbation had began affecting our lives. It was this time too that I pushed her - and she reluctantly agreed – to start flirting with one of my best friends from high school. She knew him too and trusted him and that made it a little more comfortable I guess. My wife had a tummy tuck and got new boobs in 2008 and she was feeling totally confident in her body.

It is a story for another time but basically I sent a few naked pics of my wife to my friend, it evolved into more pics from him to her and her directly to him – nothing behind my back. Then, it evolved into us finally swinging with that friend over a 6 month time frame which included my wife having sex with him about five or six times. It was really fun but we both determined that lifestyle was not for us. We don’t regret what we did though. Part of it was me wanting my wife to have at least one other dick inside her to see what it was like. It was already predetermined by wife that I would not be allowed to put my dick in another woman ever. And I didn’t and don’t want to either.

Needless to say – the pics and videos I shot during all of that time were masturbated to by me too many times to count. Not too soon after that, I noticed that my frequent masturbation left me not in the mood when my wife was in the mood – i.e. I couldn’t stay hard at times - unless she started talking dirty to me about her fucking someone else with a big cock that could stay hard and cum on command. That always got me hard but eventually led her to think that is all I was interested in. Or, that it was her fault somehow that I was going soft.

(As I’m typing this – my wife is sitting in a chair beside me eating breakfast and said just now “I think it’s time to put your cage back on, there have been dishes in the sink for two days.” I got to have sex with her and cum inside her on Saturday – and she has left me “free” since then. Oh how she turns me on!)
She knew I masturbated but just not the frequency of it. Every year my wife and kids go to my mother in law’s house for a week in the summer. What this had meant historically for me, is that the first night they were gone, I would go to the porn shop and buy some toys. I usually would buy some sort of dildo in the hopes that this is finally the one my wife will like. I have bought probably close to ten in our time together and she has a hang up on things that are not real giving her pleasure. She came several times from some glass ones I had bought but in the end they collected dust in our toy box. I also bought toys to use on myself – masturbators, cock rings, a new DVD, a little whip I hoped she’d use on me, etc…

Part Three – Chastity Begins

This time when my wife left town, I went to the store and finally – after looking every time I’d go to any of these stores, they had a CB6000. I didn’t hesitate in purchasing it and brought that and a prostate massager too home for use. I tried the prostate massager and thoroughly enjoyed it but my real find was the CB6000. I played with it that night and was locked up the next morning which was a Tuesday in June. I still looked at porn that week but with heavy concentration on the chastity lifestyle. Needless to say I was not masturbating even though I could unlock myself had I wanted to.

After reading Sarah Jameson, Keptforher, and several other blogs and sites offering guidance and advice, I think that is when the tide turned so to speak. I realized full on that my masturbation was getting out of hand. I texted my wife that Thursday and told her “I was bad.” Who knows what she thought but I then followed that text up with “I bought a cage for him” or something to that effect. I got the usual “Oh brother” from her and the usual disdain from her regarding anything sexual that is not my penis.

I then opened up to her and told her the reason I wasn’t hard the night before she had left town was due to my frequent masturbation. We then argued via text for a while until she was tired and told me goodnight. I went to work on Friday and then thought of an idea. My wife has to come back through the town where my parents live so I asked my mom that day if she wanted to keep the kids for a while and let my wife and I have some time alone. She said yes and I relayed that to my wife later in the day. So, on Saturday, she dropped the kids off with my parents and came home alone.

Of course there were some uneasy feelings between us but we talked – and communicated and talked some more. Tears were shed. Feelings were hurt. But we both knew we loved each other fully. Chastity came up and she wanted to see my cage. She didn’t know I still had it on. It made her chuckle a bit but it was all good. I had sent her an email with stuff I had cut and pasted from the internet that talked of chastity from a woman’s perspective. She seemed inclined and even receptive to the whole idea.

Then, as we were about to shower I showed her the prostate massager I had purchased and she flipped out. We got in the shower and soon ended up on the floor of the shower while she had a breakdown crying the whole time saying it was all too much at one time for her. Things calmed down and we got out of the shower in good spirits. We ended up going to a local bar and grill for dinner and she had three drinks or so which is more than enough for her. We came home and had the most amazing makeup sex we had had for some time.

She had unlocked me when we got home and I sat in our Chase lounge while she got on top of me and started riding me to her first orgasm. I, believe it or not, held out pretty good for being locked up for three full days. When I came, I gushed all inside of her. With her on top, it all ran back down covering my balls and even seeping down my asscrack. When we got up to go clean up I felt like she does at times after I cum in her – on the way to the shower, cum began to run down both of my legs down to the knee on one. And my ass cheeks were slipping and sliding together as I walked being that I was coated in cum.

I usually don’t have huge loads but this by far had to be one my biggest ever. We cleaned up and ended watching a movie and going to bed.

The next day, we had a little chastity talk and I even showed her some the things I look at on the internet when I masturbated. I have tons of chastity captions on Imagefap saved and started going through those attempting to show her that I am not jerking off to pretty slutty porn stars but that I truly imagined my wife as the female in all that I watched. She was after all – still my number one thing to fantasize about. I don’t remember to many more details from that day but I do know we ended up having really great sex again that day sometime.

After that – she said we needed to lock him up – or I said it and she agreed – fuzzy details. Regardless, I was locked up. Before she left to get our kids on Thursday that week, she let me lick her for a little while and then masturbated in front of me before I had to go to work. Now she was getting the hang of it! Previously, she would have felt “obligated” to satisfy me somehow by quickly fucking her or jacking off while watching her. Not this time and I think that was what she was thinking of as she rubbed one out.

Then, the kids came home and I had not seen them in way too long so all sex stuff was pretty much put on hold until that Father’s day weekend when she unlocked me and started stroking my dick. She would notice when I got close and then she would stop. She was learning edging. And man is she good at it. A little shy devil looking grin crosses her face now when she does this to me. After only about 15 minutes of teasing me, I exploded (we were sitting Indian style facing each other on our bed) all over her, me and the bed. It was another huge load from me. I was impressed with the strength of my orgasm and my load.

I even got another handjob like that the following day in our bathroom while the kids were playing and shot a similar load. With my cravings for porn containing creampies and guys forced to eat their own cum running wild in my head – I simply was impressed with how much I came. It turned me on even. After that, I was told to shower and put my cage back on. She clicked the lock and man o man is that a turn on!

Then, on June 30, 2012, we were all going to a friend’s house to watch some fireworks and I asked if she wanted to fool around before we left. She knew I had been locked up since the previous Monday and so she said yes. I knew, and she admitted later that this was one of those obligated sex sessions. She wasn’t in the mood but she wanted to make me happy. We had a quickie in our closet which was great but I could tell then she wasn’t into it all that much so it also cut my enjoyment of it down a bit. I’ve never been one of those guys that just wanted to bang her and use her as my own personal living masturbator. If she is not in the mood it is evident and turns me off most times. Not that I didn’t finish my orgasm most of all those times mind you.

I asked to be locked back up the next day as I knew my feelings to “serve” or “make her happy” or “pleasure only her” attitude when you are locked up had gone way down. That was July 1, 2012. During the week, she had me rub her ass several nights as we fell asleep. One night, she got turned on by me rubbing all over her and reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She made great teasing comments to me that night such as “I hate to waste a wet pussy – might as well rub myself.” “If you weren’t locked up I could be fucking you right now.” “Snuggle up close while I do this so you can hear and feel me while I cum.” After she was done, all I got was a “sleep good baby.” And I was truly happy for her getting to cum!

That week too, I had noticed after reading lots of CD reviews that a 6000s might be a better fit for me so keptforher was all to kind to oblige for only $70. Oh my god what a change – it fits perfect. I can pee without getting all the inside of the 6000 regular all smelly and dirty. With the 6000s, I can even squeeze a finger inside there and scrub all around in the shower for daily maintenance. I still need to remove it every now and then for a good cleaning but four or five days is not a problem at all without being let out. After reading all of your comments here, I want stainless – mature metal is definitely appealing to me. (I showed her a picture of a queen’s keep a minute ago, and, as with all other sex toys bought in the marriage, she gave a role of the eyes and then even said that looks scary and was told that I will not be ordering anything else. Sigh)

Saturday rolled around and we found ourselves fooling around in the shower together. She was edging me repeatedly for probably around 15-20 minutes. I think that is all she intended to do at first but then she got horny. She put my dick in the water stream and washed the soap off and pulled me towards her to enter her. It’s pretty difficult for us to have sex standing because I’m 6”2’ and she is 1 foot shorter than I am. We ended up on the floor of the shower again and she grabbed my dick and lowered herself onto it. She had a soaking wet pussy. I mean it seriously felt like I had already cum inside of her. She got that turned on by edging me – all the while with the little evil grin she wears when teasing me.

She rode me and rode me but I was so close to cumming the whole time and she got tired of stopping so I could calm down. She finally sat all the way down and just started rubbing her pussy with her hand until she had an explosive orgasm. It was so amazing to see her eyes role back in her head and watch her cum so hard. She didn’t let me though. And the miracle (from some blogger post) happened again – I was totally calm, happy and content that she came. I felt as though I had an orgasm. You guys know what I’m talking about and it’s truly heaven.

That was the last time we fooled around that week until the following Saturday – July 14, 2012. I had been locked up for 15 straight days with the only time out being the shower tease the previous week. That is clearly the longest I have gone without touching my penis. The control is intoxicating. The fact she has the only key hidden and is in complete control of my masturbation and orgasms is so frustrating yet so sweet.
On the 14th, we had got up that morning at 5 a.m. for our garage sale and we were done and in the shower by 1 p.m. She surprised me when she got in the shower with me and produced the Key. I put my hands behind my back (I bought some handcuffs the week she was gone and I still hope one day to use them but it’ll probably never happen) and she unlocked and undid the puzzle that is the CBx. She then got her Dove moisturizing soap and proceeded to wash my cock and balls – what an amazing feeling to be unlocked and have her do all the touching and cleaning!

She started to stroke me and probably would have let me cum by the way she was acting but my stupid dick failed to get hard. Don’t ask me why this time – no I hadn’t cheated or anything. She noticed it too and stopped after a few minutes and said “I guess we’re done here.” She then bathed and got out and headed to bed with me in tow. We took a good long nap and when I woke – I was hard as a rock! I nuzzled her and after she awoke I asked her if she wanted to make love. She sarcastically (but really meaning it) said “sure but I’m not doing any of the work” and proceeded to throw her arms and legs out wide as if to say come on and get on with it. And get on with it I did. I wet the tip of my dick and slowly slowly slowly entered her. I thrust as lovingly as I could as I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I was.

Then, of course I got close real quick and would have to stop over and over. She wrapped her legs around me and every time I got close she would pull me into her stopping me from withdrawing and going more. She got that little grin again and basically she started edging me with her pussy – which at this time is making loud squishy sounds letting me know that, yes, she is indeed enjoying the teasing part of this. I ended up cumming inside her so hard that I had to bury my face in the pillow to keep the kids from hearing me.
After I pulled out – I was treated to that awesome image of my wife lying before me legs spread- cum oozing out of her and rosy cheeks to boot. Oh how I love that look of my wife. Two weeks and that was one real good orgasm.

That was two days ago and as it stands right now, she has not made me put the CD back on. I don’t know where the chastity lifestyle will lead us or even it ever will, but it has definitely made us closer and made me a better man. I truly feel good when I please her whether it being making her cum, or by doing the dishes, or cleaning the whole house which has happened a couple of times already. I love her being happy with me. I love pleasing her.

I’m two days in to my next cycle of no orgasm and I have no clue what to expect going forward. On Saturday – I had said “I haven’t cum in 15 days as of today!” She giggled and said ”Let’s see how long we can make you wait” with that evil grin she gets. I imagine by the end of the day I’ll be locked up. In the back of mind though – I think she wishes all of the lifestyle could be had without a CD. I can’t be trusted though and don’t know how this will all play out. As it does though, I’ll share it all with you guys.
Thanks for having such a wonderful website and I’m glad to be a part of it.

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Re: [wifewatcher33] Oh How I Like to Cum - My lil Story

Post by wifewatcher33 » Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:57 am

Well it is now Thursday and I am still uncaged. I even cheated and had a rub out session two nights ago looking at porn again after my wife had gone to bed.

Yesterday, after grabbing my crotch, my wife asked how come you aren't locked up?" I told her simply because she hasn't made me yet. I asked her if she wanted me to put it back on and she shrugged her shoulders indicating a could care less attitude.

I had asked her if she thinks the whole thing is weird to which she replied yes, but that she liked how I acted and treated her when I hadn't cum for several days. She asked if I had cheated and masturbated and I was of course honest with her. She didn't even get that upset.

My fear/thought is that my wife again thinks I'm some perv and that this whole chastity thing is too much for her. She teased really good during the previous month or so and seemed into the whole denial thing and control aspect, but in the back of my mind, I'm thinking that my wife may be too vanilla for this.

I still don't know how things will proceed.

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Re: [wifewatcher33] Oh How I Like to Cum - My lil Story

Post by deepj15 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:45 am

Thank you for posting your story - I found it very interesting and there are a lot of similarities in my relationship with my husband & I.

I let him cum last Saturday night and Sunday he was a bear and just mean and nasty....keeping him chaste totally changes his attitude towards myself and our kids. I had never made the connection before last weekend but now that I have - it will be a while before I let him cum again.

We have been married for 18 years and discovered chastity about 5 months ago and have been experimenting with that and a female led relationship. I am learning slowly to be more firm with him and make him do things for me.

Good luck with your journey..I'm sure it will bring you where ever you are meant to go.
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Re: [wifewatcher33] Oh How I Like to Cum - My lil Story

Post by Finn » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:40 am

I can totally relate to the part about feeling calm after the wife orgasms. When my wife has an orgasm, my body reacts like we both came. My wife doesnt like the mess of semen, so for the past 15 years or so, we share her orgasm and I dont cum during sex. We have incorporated some Tantric ideas into our sex life and the idea of the guy refraining from orgasm is often part of that. I'm not so good with all the chakra energy and such, but it's been our standard practise for many years now.
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