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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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a little bit spicy.

Last Friday evening Sandra and John came to put the last dots on the i because of the upcoming summer holidays.
Although Miss R had said to be naked in the weekend and to wear her sexy jewelry .
Had she decided to stay dressed and do none of that.
When I said something about it, she said I can decide for myself when I do it and not.
That's the nice thing about being in control.
I've noticed that she's become stricter lately.
Just recently, she said that I hadn't folded the towels properly, or that I hadn't mopped properly.
Something I've been doing for years and she had never said anything about it.
I don't know if she is competing with Sandra, who is the best key holder.
But it is noticeable since we have friends who also practice chastity, she is changing.

When Sandra and John came,
Sandra also wanted to undress and go naked.
Miss R said let's stay dressed just the two of us so we can enjoy our caged men extra.
When John had undressed , Miss R said what a nice little cage . It was round shaped and had only a slot in it for urination. John's balls saw through that bigger they were nice and warm .said Sandra.
Sandra grabbed John's cage and said, yes he is beautiful and his balls come out much nicer that way.
May I said Miss R , of course darling said Sandra .
And Miss R walked to John and grabbed his balls .
Delicious and soft , Sandra said .
John enjoyed the attention, and judging by his balls he got excited.
I said shall we continue with the planning of the holiday first .
If you go grab a drink and get everything ready, we can enjoy for a while.
Good plan Sandra said, and grabbed John's nipple.
John moaned a bit , and Miss R likes it. I went to the kitchen and got drinks for everyone.
When I came back Miss R also played with John's nipple .
I put down the drink and got a slap on my buttocks from Sandra . nice buttocks she said.
You can't see that he's hard at all, Miss R said. there is no skin protruding between the bars .
Maybe you should too , this cage Sandra said to me .
Then you are a set and we can see who has the most beautiful and biggest balls, Sandra said.
You are also a fan of balls if I said Miss R. Yes, we are more alike than you thought, Miss R.

John said, I've never had so much attention.
The longer you stay in it the better it gets darling, Miss R said to me.
I nodded yes and said, shall we continue with the planning first.
Miss R said I think one of them is jealous . No , I said , but it actually was .
John walked over and grabbed his laptop and flipped it open . Suddenly Sandra said to Miss R you haven't seen anything yet. Get up John and turn around and then bend down .
Miss R said right at the back they are already a set and laughed .
John had a led butt plug in , and I knew now I also need the same chastity cage .
Sandra hit John's buttocks with a strong blow .
And she said he likes it when I do that , so does yours .
Miss R answers yes he loves spanking and looks nice red buttocks.
Miss R had never hit my buttocks so hard that they were red , and she didn't want to .
Miss R saying that confirmed my suspicion that she is competing with Sandra , and Sandra with Miss R .
In the end, we did get to talk about the vacancy.
In the beginning we were not quite sure which one we would go to and how long we would stay.
Since the first is a day trip , we decided to stay there for 8 days , for the second for 7 days and for the other 6 days .
We found out which caravans were available and booked our holiday.
We also immediately looked at what there is to do, but also to beautiful hiking areas.
We also agreed that if they wanted to go somewhere.
That we don't expect each other to always go with the four of us.
Although we have been on holiday together, Is it the first time we went for three weeks .
The last 6 days the four of us share a caravan.
This is because only one was available.

Afterwards I got everyone a drink and poured it .
When I poured into Sandra, she said nicer buttocks and she slapped my buttocks.
And said they looked even better in the harness.
And she rubbed the place where she had hit . I thought poor John he must be spanked a lot at home.
We toasted our holiday and hoped we would have good weather.
John said erns and to our freedom, yes I said to our freedom. The ladies laughed , and said the cages just go along .
And they are simply worn outside the campsite.
I said to John then we will stay at the campsite.
He laughed and said yes can they go out together .
We chat about other things afterwards.
And at one point Sandra said , come on baby let's go home . Let's do some other nice things together , and she rubbed John's balls .
They got up and John got dressed again .
And Sandra said are you going to use the dildo as well , she said to Miss R .
Yes, she said, treat myself nicely.
Sandra slapped my buttocks again and said do your best.
And they left for home.

Miss R said right when she closed the door, this is what I always wanted.
Friends who come over the floor, and where it can sometimes get a bit hot.
Strap on the strapon , I'm so horny .
And fuck me nice and hard and good with your nice cock .
She pulled up her skirt and already bent over and felt her pussy . She was indeed soaking wet, and it smelled very horny.
I went upstairs and came back with the strapon .
She was leaning over fingering herself already and she moaned, hurry up fuck me hard and deep.
Without lubricant I slid the dilde in , and said delicious darling of me .
This is what Sandra and John are doing too, but go deep and fast.
I did what was asked and when she came she said again .
I myself was also all sweaty and quite horny.
My cage pinched so much that it hurt a bit. The second time she came violently .
I don't have enough yet want one more time, what a wonderful cock you have is always ready.
I said I need to catch my breath.
And turned around to sit down.
I immediately received a hard blow on my buttocks, never thought she could hit so hard. It did feel wonderful. I think it was because of my own horniness.
And turned around and shoved it back in.
Faster faster she shouted , and I was completely broken afterwards.
Miss r came and sat on the couch with me and grabbed my balls. It was delicious baby and took my balls in her mouth and sucked them .
They are delicious and deliciously full. And she grabbed the dildo and said, your cock is nice and big. It almost felt like she was jerking me off .
Something I had never experienced before, but it was delicious.
After sitting for a while we went to shower and to sleep.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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A little shorter.

I thought Miss R was joking when she said, it would be nice if you and John were a set.
But this turned out not to be the case.
Last Wednesday she said there is a package ready at the post office.
And it 's for you and when I get home I want you to wear it .
I picked up the package and actually already knew what was in it.
When I got home and opened it, it was what I suspected. It was a different cage and thought it was quite small.
And I wondered if it was the same as John was wearing .
I googled and saw that there were different sizes in length.
The one Miss R ordered micro the Nub .
It looked the same as John's, also with a concealed lock, which looks nice.
I noticed that it weighed quite a bit , more than my own .
The pre-shaped wide ring also looked slightly different.
When I got home I went to change the cage. and i noticed that my balls were a bit more difficult to go through.
And took the ring off again and compared it with my own ring . It was narrower in places.
I stuffed my balls through again and grabbed the cage.
Since I'm not circumcised, I have to stuff the skin of my penis in there too. I or Miss R do this with a cotton swab.
I finally got it closed and put the lock with the keys in Miss R 's drawer .
When I looked in the mirror I thought he is very short and also feels heavier.
But my balls are really big now I thought.

When Miss R came home she first wanted to see how it was . She said it looks beautiful , the cage is completely closed and your balls are great .
I said this one is smaller than John's . Yes she said I saw the sizes and thought you can handle that , and that way you are a set with him , she laughed .
She played with my balls for a while and they feel great and have a great weight now.
I noticed that everything was much tighter , and that it was a bit tight .
I said that to Miss R and she said it just takes some getting used to .
The first few days I got the phenomenon of burning balls. Fortunately, I knew how to solve that by using fine skin oil. Which I took with me in a little spray bottle.
Because my balls could now retract even less, I noticed that I sat on them more quickly.
And so everything squeezed much more , and made me more aware that I was wearing a cage .

I also felt the weight well when walking or working.
Because I wear a kilt everything is not locked in a pair of trousers , but hangs loose .
Miss R is completely satisfied with the cage and my balls , and that 's what matters most is that she is satisfied .
After all, it is her property.
I also notice that I stay excited longer and also get excited more quickly because I am more aware of the cage.
Because now there is no movement at all , when I am excited . It blocks the erection even more , and everything gets much tighter .
Which is a bit painful at times, but that will probably come when I have to get used to it.
But that doesn't stop Miss R from playing with my balls.
Last Thursday she lay with her head on my chest.
And she played with my balls and fell asleep with my balls still in her hand.
It was a wonderful and special moment.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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To get used to .

Since I wear the Nub with a pre-shaped ring, it takes some getting used to.
For the first time I experience what it's like to have burning balls often.
Especially now that it has become a bit colder here and i wear the kilt in traditional way, my balls can't retract properly.
The skin then folds under the ring, which causes the burning sensation.
With the Nub everything is good and tight, which also gives a nice feeling at normal temperatures.
Miss R absolutely loves the cage , especially because my balls stay so much bigger .
Yesterday while showering , I noticed that I have a chafed spot at the bottom of my penis .
At first I thought how come, but now I know.
Because the opening between the ring and the cage is small, not much movement is possible there.
But because Miss R likes to play with my balls, she often pulls them a bit bigger.
And precisely because of this, a scrape is created.
To be able to wear the Nub again it will have to heal first . Although I thought I would not wear a cage for a week , Miss R did not agree .
And now wear another open cage that is a bit more spacious. Which allows it to heal. I apply sudo creme twice a day on the scrape.

To prevent the prom burning I use udder ointment.
This ointment works best and ensures that the skin remains supple and does not dry out due to weather influences, but is also water-repellent.
When the scrape has healed, I will also use this ointment to rub everything in after showering.
So that when wearing the Nub everything remains smooth. And it can no longer occur due to sweat or other moisture.
Miss R will have to take it easy with my balls , how difficult it is for her .

In three weeks we will celebrate that we started the chastity cage one year ago.
Miss R already indicated that on that day she wants to expand it further and also want to take the reins even more.
I will spoil her extra on that day, with a weekend away with an overnight stay at a large sauna complex.
Where there are also nice massage treatments, and a good restaurant.
It is also for her birthday , which is a week later .
Hopefully the temperatures will have risen a bit and we will have wonderful spring-like temperatures.

Tonight Miss will announce what new rules she has set up, so that she will have more control and according to her it will be a full FLR relationship.
The friendship with Sandra and John probably gave her that little push to explore it a bit further .
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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New rules .

Tuesday evening when I got home,
Miss R was already home, she was on the phone.
I undressed completely as usual, and asked her if she wanted coffee.
She nodded yes, and went to the kitchen to make coffee.
When I came back she was still calling , and asked who is it . She said it's Sandra, and I said okay give them my regards. Miss R did so and over the phone heard Sandra say I'll leave you alone and good luck tonight.
Miss R replies that will be fine and let you know.
I asked Miss R afterwards and she said nothing but smiled . Suddenly I thought, Miss R would give the new rules tonight. So they discussed that with Sandra .
After we drank coffee together and discussed our day together , we had dinner together .
During dinner Miss R said you are such a nice thing, and I am glad that I can enjoy you every day.
Thank you, I said to her, you are also a hottie and love to see you too.
After dinner I cleared the table and made some more coffee . While cleaning up she grabbed my balls , and she said what a wonderful toy I have .
I stopped to give her the opportunity to play with my balls , and said yes it is your toy .
Exactly she said it's my toy , and with her other hand she slapped my buttocks.
And those nice buttocks are also mine .
I answer yes, my buttocks are also your property.

After I had cleaned up everything we sat down on the couch together and drank coffee , meanwhile I had already lit the wood - burning stove . And it started to get nice and warm.
I have noticed now that I am always naked at home ,
I know much better against the cold .
Although it does not cool down quickly in the house , it is 17 degrees in the morning and it is not even really cold .
Miss R thinks it is cold in the house .
And in the morning I get up a little earlier to light the wood stove.
So that during breakfast it is a bit warmer for her.

At one point Miss R said what a beautiful and special year we have had.
And she asked if I regretted agreeing to practice chastity.
I told her that in the beginning it was like that and sometimes it had frustrations.
And that it really took some getting used to not having to play with my cock anymore or to cum.
Miss R said it took some getting used to not using your dick anymore .
But my girlfriend helped and advised me a lot with it.
It's nice that she did that, they are also a special couple.
And it was special when we had been there.
Yes he said she showed how they play it .
Yes I said and for me it was nice that there was another man who also wore a cage.
But I never expected it from them.
But I did not expect more things , that our friends would accept it , let alone that John the tough bear would wear one . I
asked Miss R was it really an accident that when we gave the party, you left me in a cage.
Yes she said it was really by accident , and it was exciting when everyone suddenly came .
But that has made me realize that I find it excited to show other people like this .
When we went to the locktober party I also found it exciting to let you walk around like that , and was afraid that you would be the only man .
I also found it exciting to be there like this, but I got used to it quickly. Yes said Miss R and the nice thing was that other people just touched it .
It turned me on so much, to see others teasing you too.
Yes I said it was very nice for me that attention and laughed. We chatted for a while and drank a glass of wine.

Suddenly Miss R said I promised you new rules and she took her list .
She said it's in addition to the things we're already doing.
First of all, she said it won't start until we've celebrated together that we've been busy for a year now.
This way you can prepare for what is to come .
And Miss R gave me the list .
There is no longer pinned but get household money.
Must submit all receipts and also hand over the small money.
I am only allowed to use a debit card to refuel and she also wants a receipt for that. I also have to make sure that her car is fueled , and has priority to park in the garage .
The household is now complete for me , and she doesn't have to do anything anymore .
If it is not good according to her, there will be a punishment.
I looked at Miss R and said punishment.
Yes she said a punishment now read on.
In the morning I make sure that she goes ahead with her, and that I help her get dressed and brush her hair.
She decides which kilts and the rest of the clothes I wear .
I also have to prepare her clothes for that day.
When we go to the sauna, nude beach, or naked swimming, the cage and the butt plug are removed on the spot and when we go everything is undone again.
No more doing everything off and on at home.
At an unofficial nude beach, it is first checked whether it is responsible to continue to wear the cage.
Even on vacation, it is worn all outside the campsite.
During the holidays you are not allowed to touch yourself, except with a shower.
The butt plugs are replaced by butt plugs that stimulate the prostate.
You make sure that you also have different colors of it.
For an evening walk, make sure you have the light up butt plug in.
During the weekend you wear the remote control butt plug.
You make sure it is charged and that there is a replacement . Leaking or cumming is only allowed with my permission. If it does, you will be punished.
We cook with semen once a year, during spring break.
To have the right amount, I'll milk you in advance. I fill it up during the holidays.
You make sure that the taste of your seed is good and that it stays on target.
During milking on vacation you just sit in your cage because it is not for your pleasure but for my pleasure.
When the temperature allows and we are walking in the woods.
And the place is suitable I can force you to get naked. Penetrating me is only done with the strap-on, which I consider your cock.
When I think you are not trying hard enough to spoil me, you will also be punished.
When we have visitors you are also subservient to me . If you don't do it right, punishment will also follow.
The punishments consist of slaps on your buttocks, you make sure I have a paddle to punish you with.
I decide how many hits you deserve.
In a year's time we'll see if any adjustments are needed and we'll talk about it again. And then celebrate that we are working on it for the second year.

When I had read it I said to Miss R not that much has changed after all, except for no more pins and getting punished.
That's right, said Miss R, only now the rules are fixed, which gives me self-confidence and power.
I asked her why they introduced the punishment.
She said I want to experience if I can be a little more dominant towards you .
I said it has nothing to do with what Sandra said, that you want to hit me on the buttocks.
Yes she said it also has to do with that, according to Sandra you feel even more powerful.
I can imagine that is the case.
I have enjoyed the past year how you have taken the reins, and if you want to develop further I can only applaud that.
There may be one more thing I'd like to discuss with you.
How would you like it if I had sex with another man who penetrates me.
I looked at her and said, you know I agreed to that before when we went to a swingers club.
That's right, Miss R said, but she still wants to check.
Do you already have someone in mind , I asked her .
No, not yet, but just in case, I won't turn it down.
You may also need to put it on the list so that it is fixed .
She wrote it on the list and took it and put my scribble on it . We chatted for another hour while enjoying a glass of wine and sounded at the new measures.
That evening I spoiled her with the strap-on dildo, with the back of my mind that she was doing it with someone else. It turned me on so much.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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new plugs.

After Miss R drew up new rules last Tuesday , you can tell by her that she is busy taking on the new dominant role . Although so far it's still very small things, like saying something in a stricter tone, or a slightly angry look.
Is she going to live her own life more as a dominant key holder. So she asked and you have already ordered prostate plugs , because the ones you have now are soon forbidden for you . And do you put enough cream on the scrape, because the Nub has to be put back on as soon as possible.
You have too much freedom in that open cage.
I replied I ordered some plugs today (Wednesday), and hope you like them.
She asked how many colors are they.
They are 5 colors , they answer so little .
Yes, unfortunately there are not that many colors of stones available.
That 's your problem , they have to match your kilts just like the others .
I know and will see what I can do.

She unhooked the open cage and examined the abrasion . Looks good, the Nub can be put on again on Friday evening. The first few plugs were ready at the collection point on Thursday evening.
Since Miss R works close by, I had them pick her up. I finished work early and was already home when she came home. Although the rules are not yet in force , I had mopped the kitchen in the meantime .
And when she came home I was busy cleaning the wood stove .
She saw me kneeling in front of the wood stove , and she said there you have a nice ass of mine and she gave it a big slap .
I stood up and greeted her , she immediately grabbed my cage .
And she said there my other tasty toys are safely stored as they should be.
I got coffee for the two of us , and she unpacked the package . Oh she said they are sets with different sizes.
Yes, she could not order separately from Amazon.
She took the largest one out of the package , it must be the right size .
She took a good look at the plug and she said , they look nice and shiny .
Can I look at it so nicely when you clean the wood stove further.
She unpacked the others and laid them side by side on the coffee table .
Which color shall we do first , now you have a blue in .
I think the one with a red stone , she said , will match your red kilt tomorrow .
Finish your coffee and switch it up.
I finished my coffee and went to the kitchen with the red stone plug. I took out my plug and rinsed it with soap and water under the tap. I wet the new one with water and slid it into my ass .
I felt how the thickening on it touched my prostate.
The weight of 165 grams also felt good .
I walked back to the living room and immediately noticed the difference with the normal butt plug.
Miss R said let's see , and turned me around .
Nice, she said, it looks much better on you than the other one. You can see this much better with that T piece on it, it shines much nicer.
And it fits nicely between your buttock cleft.
I said , nice to hear you like them .
And proceeded to clean the wood stove on my knees.
This is a nice view and my ass looks nice, I am completely satisfied said Miss R. Suddenly she was behind me and she pushed against the plug and moved it up and down .
And what does my ass say now , it is delicious I said .

It takes some getting used to when your prostate is stimulated like this , a very special feeling .
Nice said Miss R that's what it's for, so I can tease my ass even more.
And with the Nub on it is such a beautiful set, and even with the tiger cage on it looks beautiful together.
I like to see my property looking nice and well cared for, said Miss R. After I had cleaned the wood stove in the living room , I lit it .
The all burner was already on , but that takes a while before everything is warm .
So now it will soon be nice and warm for you.
And can I mop the living room after dinner. I'll do that after dinner Miss R said.
Can you do the bathroom.
I said I better do it myself right now , then I can get used to the fact that I always have to do it later .
If you don't do it right, you will also be punished from now on.
I thought oops, and said okay I'll do the bathroom and you the living room.
She laughed and said afraid of getting punished. I'm already looking forward to punishing you , have you ordered a paddle yet .
No, not yet, I said.
That must be there before everything goes in , otherwise I have to take other measures Miss R said in a stern tone .
The rest of the evening went on as normal.
And when we went to bed she couldn't resist playing with my balls and new plug.
I had a hard time when she worked my prostate with the plug and hoped no semen would come out.
Because I don't have control over that myself yet, and I don't know if you can control it.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Extra new rules the beginning off.

.A lot of things have changed in the last week.
Miss R didn't want to wait until after the year in chastity cage party.
Although she had set new rules, she has added new rules over the past few days. I have to earn to spoil her .
To earn it I must not make mistakes .
She also wants to be able to milk me , and she has set up a whole program for that .
The goal behind that is that I can eventually milk myself when she asks.
She had seen videos that it must be possible .
Her training consists of sitting on a dildo.
Last week I also had a few punishments for the first time , and she enjoys punishing me .
She continues to tease and arouse me daily by playing with my balls and prostate plug.
When she does that I am not allowed to cum, which is very difficult.
A few drops of semen came out a few times already .
The blows on my buttocks are not soft but hard enough to turn them red.
And I must admit that I do enjoy being spanked on my buttocks .

During an evening walk that we did together , she turned on the LED butt plug and she left it on all the time , even when we met people she left it on .
I felt a bit uncomfortable with it , you can see the light shining well when it is really dark . I don't know if people saw me wearing an LED butt plug.
But Miss R enjoyed it very much , and of course she hoped she did .
Later that night she said it's Dildo time.
At first I didn't really understand what she meant. She said go get the big 23 cm dildo , and I did and gave it to her .
She took it and put the dildo near the fireplace .
She went upstairs and came back a little later.
She was wearing her leather short skirt , red lips and nail polish , and her necklace with nipple clamps .
That's how she said time for a little show.
I thought she's going to ride the dildo on her own.
But that soon turned out not to be the case .
Take off your prostate plug , and she took the paddle .
She waved it , you now sit on the dildo .
She grabbed the dildo and lubricated it.
Come here and sit on it she said .
I hung over them and they guided the dildo into my ass .
Slowly he slid in, I stopped at one point.
Immediately got a slap on my buttocks , all the way in .
Get on your knees Miss R ordered , and finally he went all the way in .

What a beautiful face Miss R said ,
I should have thought of that much sooner .
She took a pillow and put it under my balls .
That's much nicer, she said.
My cage rested on my balls, and she laid everything down nicely.
She grabbed my arms and put them behind my back .
Yes she said that's how you look the most beautiful.
She went to get herself a drink and something nice and sat down in front of me.
She pulled up her skirt and started playing with her own.
Take a good look, you have to earn to be able to play with it. And this week you didn't deserve it, she laughed.
She let me sit like that for a very long time, and came herself with loud moans.
When she came she put her finger in her pussy , and walked to me .
She grabbed my head a bit rough , she ordered to lick .
She put her finger in my mouth , you missed this .
Suddenly she grabbed my tight balls and pulled them up .
So I had to move along.
She went up then down again, and fucked myself.
Well , she said , but I could not follow anything but her .
At first it was small pieces, but she kept going up and then down.
I felt that 23cm in and almost out.
When I was at the highest point, she slapped my buttocks.
In the beginning I felt good but after that not anymore.
At one point a small drop of semen landed on the red pad .
She took the pillow and said this is the goal , that your sperm is milked out . She pushed me all the way down on the dildo .
She walked away and came back a few moments later.

She brought a glass and her magic wand.
She grabbed my balls and rubbed them with the magic mitt . The vibration went all the way to my prostate.
I started to move on the dildo by myself.
It was a wonderful feeling.
At one point she held the glassf or the opening of my cage. And she just kept going.
When I looked I saw that sperm was coming out of my cage. An amount that I would never have sprayed with just cumming It just kept going and a huge amount of cum filled the glass in front of me .
I myself had no idea that I was coming, I kept feeling horny. Nice said Miss R that is the intention , being locked up works well she laughed .
She kept going with the wand , and finally I was empty .
She got up and just let me sit .
When she came back she said now you can get off and take a shower and clean the dildo.
I did as I was asked and was still completely amazed at what had happened.
When I came downstairs Miss R said we will practice more often , as long as you can manage yourself .
We had a drink together and then went to sleep, still very horny

Although Miss R has fucked me with a strapon once .
Always wash it with a 15 cm dildo.
I myself used the 23 cm dildo on her , and was surprised that she could handle it .
I never thought I would have to use it on myself, let alone that it was possible.
But I have to admit honestly it felt wonderfully filled in the end. Although I felt vulnerable , it was wonderful to experience how Miss R treated me .
And I never thought she could be so dominant , and that I secretly enjoy it .
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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What was done with the semen?
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Last year during our naturist holiday,
Miss R came up with the book The Natrual Harvest Semen based recipes.
I became or had to get ready , and the semen used Miss R .
She looked up recipes for cooking.
We found that when it had a load of cum in it you couldn't really taste it.
This year she wants to stock up in the freezer.
So that we can take it with us , and add fresh semen to it .
Only this year there is no more masturbation for me.
During milking I have to turn my cage.
She figured out how to milk me. It's better for me so I don't have a relapse.
In addition, according to Miss R, it has the advantage that more seed comes out.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Photos naked caged men , clothed women .

Last night Miss R and I had a discussion about why she likes that I'm always naked.
Now it is often the case among naturists that the man is naked at home before the woman.
Now it is not the case that those men are always naked at home, except for a few cases.
Her answer was that it is proper for a man to wear a chastity cage.
I asked why it was supposed to be like that .
Her answer was because you can't do anything now and it's nice for a woman if he doesn't walk around with a boner and eventually wants something.
And besides that I like to show you in all your vulnerability.
And that others can see that I have your sexual drive under control .
She took out her phone and showed me lots of pictures of women with their husbands naked.
And where they themselves were dressed, and in all those pictures men wore a cage.
This is beautiful, she said, the women are proud of their husbands that they do that for them.
I had to agree with her , that it does have something .
She said , you men always want a woman to dress sexy and provocative .
So that others can see it , and that you hope for sex .
And usually get so annoying if you don't get it, that many women do it just to get rid of that nagging.
Or you masturbate just to cum.
Usually after that no attention is paid to us women.
I said to Miss R you are right about that .
And I think you like it yourself and like it that way.
I asked how? Because you don't say it yourself it goes too far for me.
I had to think about that for a while. And you're right about that for the most part. I think it 's because I want to please you in a different way .
Right said Miss R , now that you are in a cage and have given your domain to me .
Do you treat me very differently , you have become more attentive you do what I ask you .
And besides that I really enjoy being able to decide on everything.
And loves it when other women touch you.
While I don't have to worry about anything, and you can do something.
Everything is safely stored, Miss R laughed.
They can enjoy and touch you , and then watch you struggle with it.

Is that why you also love that Sandra and John also practice chastity .
Yes, one of the many reasons, she said.
It 's great that we can show off each other 's men among ourselves .
I also discuss a lot with Sandra , and we both have the same . Okay I said , and your girlfriend in Groningen then .
Of course, she said. But they live so far away .
Your punishments and the dildo come from both Sandra and my girlfriend .
What's so nice about that then, I asked Miss R.
Punishment is meant to form you even more and gives you more power in my opinion.
Just like the dildo does.
You asked me before , that you liked to see me play with the dildo .
That's right, it's exciting to see.
Well then I find it exciting to see you on a dildo too.
And especially when the red pillow is under your cage, it all stands out so beautifully.
And knowing that you will be pinned to the ground and cannot get off.
But I'm not stuck I can just get off.
It's about the idea, said Miss R.
You are to me then a living statue in skin.
Okay I said, totally understand.
How nice would it be if you and John were both sitting next to the fireplace like this .
I thought she would like that.
Which man wouldn't like it if two naked women were sitting like that, so she understood her thoughts.
But didn't say anything else, so as not to stir it up further. I asked her why the 23cm dildo.
She laughed because it goes deep and you can't just get rid of it.

I never thought Miss R would have his thoughts .
Let alone that she would enjoy it so much.
And wondered how far will it go. they eventually go , and how far am I willing to go to please her.
And in my mind I saw me and John already sitting in front of the fireplace.
While Sandra and Miss R were there with many girlfriends.
And John and I had to take turns serving them, and then go back to our place. In between we were also groped and humiliated.
It kind of turned me on.
Miss R noticed that , and said how come you are excited .
Oh I just think you look nice.
Yes yes she said I don't believe it.
She grabbed my balls and squeezed them .
They are starting to get nice and full again, she said.
Tomorrow we will practice with the dildo again she said .
How so practice I said he's going in anyway.
Yes, but it has to be faster, she laughed.
He has to go right in at once .
I don't know if that will work, I said to Miss R.
Of course just practice, I can have it too.

When I have the dildo ready I don't have to ask to sit on it.
You take the red cushion, put it under your balls, which you then make bigger.
And rest your cage on your balls , that looks much better .
You sit on your knees and with your hands behind your back and don't say anything.
I thought I would never be able to get them in at once. But didn't say anything else if I do my best.
We drank another glass of wine and went to sleep.
That night I had the strangest dreams and woke up excited.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Dildo Time

yesterday evening it was time for me to have my dildo time. After dinner when my work was done , Miss R had put the dildo ready and put the red pillow ready , there was a black rose with a note .
The note said because I love you with a kiss.
And explain what she wanted from me.
I went upstairs and took an anal doche.
And then came down.
Miss R was sitting at her laptop with a glass of wine I had poured her earlier.
I felt quite uncomfortable sitting next to the fireplace.
She had previously punished me because there were still streaks of mopping on the floor.
I lubricated the dildo and sank over it.
Placed the pad under my balls and pulled them forward a little so that my Nub rested on it.
Placed the black rose next to it and put my arms back.
Miss R did not look back or up .
Although it seemed erotic in my fantasy, that was not the case now. It felt uncomfortable
I wasn't there, no attention, no look or anything, not even a compliment.
When Miss R finished her work and closed her laptop,
I thought now I can get off and she says something.
She threw another log on the fire and looked at me for a moment .
She knelt before me without looking at me.
She grabbed my balls and massaged them ,
I got excited and everything became tight .
Nice, she said and walked back without looking at me.

She got a new glass of wine and put on some music . Wonderful that rest, she said, and she pulled up her skirt and sat down with her legs wide.
She stroked her own pussy and sipped her glass of wine.
She didn't look at me or give me the signal I was hoping for. She sat quietly enjoying her own .
By now almost an hour had passed and I enjoyed the spectacle .
How beautiful she looked.
Although I longed so much to be allowed to lick her, this was also heavenly.
I even enjoyed that I had some rest after a busy day.

Was that ultimately the intention that I would also get some rest?
And that Miss R didn't have to be the dominant key holder for a while.
When her wine was finished she walked to me, she gave me a French kiss.
And said we're going to sleep well tomorrow is another day. She grabbed under my armpits and I moved upstairs . I
wanted to clean up the dildo, and she said never mind. Tomorrow there's another day .
We went upstairs together and got into bed.
She grabbed my balls and played with them , and said I really enjoyed sitting there .
Tomorrow again she said , and she laid her head on my chest. Gave her a kiss on her head and she finally fell asleep with my balls in her hand .
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