[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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After my orgasm, I felt a bit more normal, not quite so wired, but still Semi aroused.

I was offering my opinion on some decor and furniture placement, and C said "shush, if I want an opinion I'll ask for it. All I need from you is to do as your told, when your told. That's it. "

"Oooh, hot stuff Mrs C"

"There will be little or no hot stuff for you if you don't"

"yes miss"

C allowed me to stay free for the weekend. Because she had decided she would prefer another fuck sunday morning and then have a night cap Sunday evening when freshly shaved.

Sunday mornings fuck wasn't mind blowing because I came yesterday, I was told not to come, but it wasn't going to happen anyway.

C did say "you can cage up now or later, but either way I want you caged before you go down there"

And then a few minutes later "actually, cage up now, and it might get a treat later.

The rest of the day was a blur, so many tasks.

As I climbed into bed C was singing " I'm coming now, Your gona make me come, make me come.
and your not coming out la la la la la"

I got the idea, I thought I would be coming out, so a bit disapointing, but my cage filled up instantly, so part of me really wants this.

C "Cmon, sort me out."

So I kissed Cs lips, shoulders kneck, Breasts.

"Stop putting off the enevitable and get down there."

C was soft and smooth, I loved being down there, I put all my effort into a slow build up and C came massively.
Another breast grabbing shuddering orgasm.

I lay and watched, ran my fingers over C, flat stomach, Cs back was still arched.

"still coming"

And eventually the orgasm subsided.

C"Wow that was good. "

" It was amazing for me too, might I have earned a tiny edge? "

" uh uh, No"

"But you mentioned a treat earlier"

"I said maybe"

"Just a drop out, on a nipple, I'll clean it up. I'm really horny again."

"Hmmm. It had sex when? This morning. That doesn't seem a long time ago does it?"


"So No, your staying locked, I don't need it, so you'll have to wait. Maybe I'll let you out for an oily edge in a day or two, if your really good and do as your told and shut up."

"Ill be good"

"And I said maybe. But you lost tonight's ball massage for asking after I said No"

I felt quite crest fallen

"Awww, poor baby looks all sad,
Didn't want to be Locked, Shouldn't have given me the keys.
Night night lover'

And now I stroke Cs beautiful butt while she sleeps.

Thanks C, your quite an amazing woman
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Monday night C sent me down AGAIN!, I'm not complaining, I'm just amazed, it's almost an everyday request now.
The evening progressed as follows

C " should I let you out for a play and an oily edge, maybe milk a bit of cum out, or should I send you down there so I can have another orgasm?"

C was jingling the key in front of me.

This was a hard one.. Literally, maybe a test.

"I love pleasuring you, more than having pleasure for myself"

"I'm so glad you said that and not me, I'm just trying to decide if I need one or not, well obviously I don't need one, I had one yesterday and the day before, and the day before.. Oh my, I can't remember when it was I didn't come?
Whatever. Do I want another one or should I oily wank you"

Time stood still for me, it's hard to describe what goes through your head during a time like this? It's like yes no yes no yes yes no no arrrrrrgh!

"Yes, I think I would like another orgasm, someone has to come right" ?

"Yes, of course, Thankyou" .

" won't be needing this then"

And the key appeared to vanish in a puff of smoke.

So once again, I drew it out as long as I could and C had her orgasm.

I was surprised when I came backup to see C had the key again, smiling.

Very nice, you seemed to enjoy that, but should I let you have another treat maybe?

C then took approximately 23 years to come to a decision, this is how long it felt.

"OK, yes you can unlock, I'd like a play with it.

" thank you so much "

" no orgasm ok? "

" yes, of course, I mean no"

"I want to milk a bit out, so I'll edge you very slowly, only one edge so I'll make it last, but say stop just before you come"

And so I was edged, slowly, very slowly and eventually brought to the boil, at such a slow pace, holding it back sents lightning bolt all over my body, like my entire body is about to come.

My back arched, every muscle started to contract, I couldn't hold back.. "Stop!"

C let go completely and waited, head cockled as if checking the results.

A few seconds later clear cum started to ooze out and then it turned milky and kept flowing out, one long contraction rather than pulses, there was a lot, but what could I do. A slow, steady continuous stream of cum just oozing out.

C "that's far too much, stop it"

"I can't help it, I'm not even coming?"

"Yes you are, it's still coming out" .

I know, but I'm not actually having an orgasm.

The contraction stopped. There was a lot of it.

Me, "wow, that was new and unusual"

some cum was quite watery so some little rivulets ran down the side of her breasts.

I hadn't had an orgasm, so was rock hard, horny and up for cleaning simply because I was now craving C's breasts, I really wanted to lick and suck them, the cum was in my way, but it wasn't gonna stop me. I felt a hunger for them.

"your call honey"

C looked at me, then again at all the cum.

While I was wiping "I need to suck them" OK, clean the rest off, there isn't much now.

And while I was doing that C said "that is not what I wanted, I said a bit, not a sink full. That's it, lock it up"

"Um, when its gone down a bit, it's rock solid"

"a bit? A bit? You don't seem to know what that means, lock it, Now! , force it on"

So I wrestled with the damn thing and nearly tore my balls off, it was seriously painful, but I managed it.

"here honey, the keys"

"hmmmph! Might be 'a bit' before you see these again"

C and I then fell asleep.

Just a note to self

C has wanted a lot of sex recently with me locked or otherwise.
Every day for a while now, (Wednesday C had a day off) but made up for it with twice on Sunday.

I try to get my head around this I really do, but it makes no sense.

Our relationship was at Loggerheads 2-years ago . C was asking for once a week preferably twice and month, but could do without all together.
I wanted more, but in reality I actually wanted more intamacy.

I pushed, got what I wanted only to realise it wasn't filling the void, sex when given begrudgingly or as a chore doesn't feed the soul or mend a relationship.

What we have now is what C wanted, and she could decide on a twice a month or once a week or Never period.

Instead I think she sees it as sex on tap, when she wants it, and for me when I've earned it or whenever she feels like it.

The outcome is, C 'could' do without, but she seems not to want to. 😁
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Locked by (rather than for) C for the first time

It was a long cold day at work, when I got home and mentioned being cold C said "Well, I have the perfect thing to warm your ears up."

"oh really?"

"they will be nice and warm when your head is between my thighs later"

So I headed off to the shower with a warm glow.

C was too tired to be interested and went to sleep, but instead of saying that, she said "I think I would rather keep you locked and horny", and that is exactly what happened.

What a difference changing a few words can make. So much better than being told "I'm too tired" like in the old days. No resentment, no feeling left out or unwanted, in fact it feels more like an unusual reward.

The following morning C released me after I gave her an explosive orgasm and then offered me an edge, which I willingly accepted.

Part way through the edge an urge took a grip on me and I pinned C down,

"stop that"

Grunting and panting, C had three more orgasms and I came also.

C had a migraine later that morning and blamed it on the orgasms and my primal behaviour.
She didn't ask me to put my cage on, didn't ask for anything.
"I'm having a break from orgasms, that migrane made me very wary. It wouldn't have happened if you'd done as you was told"

On Saturday C asked if I would like her to play with it.
"Yes please"

I came again and C was not impressed, she marched around the bed, opened my draw, got the cage and key and then, for the first time ever, fumbled and forced the cock back into its cage and locked it.

"that was the last straw, you've gone all Rebellious again, that is staying on."

I was a bit stunned "you locked me up, when I didn't want to "

"you deserve it"

I was still that way later when I said "I didn't lock it it up"

"oh yes it is"

"I mean, I didn't do it, you locked it up, It feels different"

"Hmmm, yes, your my prisoner now"

And C has reminded me a few times since that I'm her prisoner.

But my punishment for misbehaving seems to be no pussy access, which is much worse than being locked.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C came out with a line I thought was a classic.
We were in the garden waiting for the sun to peak out from behind the clouds.

C "It's coming out any minute now" .

Me "Yup. I know how that feels" .

C "Awww. Never mind, you'll soon forget"


Sunday night the pussy ban was lifted

"I'm quite tired and a good night's sleep would be lovely, so, for good behaviour I'm allowing you access again"

"Thanks C, you're so kind"

"I know. (big smile) So now your allowed to go down there and give me an orgasm."


"well? Get to it then"

I didn't take long, C hasn't had an orgasm since Thursday, three days without coming rarely happens to C these days.

I lept under the covers as excited as a mouse in a cheese factory and started gentle tongue strokes everywhere but the turbo button, very light teasing licks and flicks while gently caressing with my hands and moanis of joy.
C's parts responded instantly, lips swelling, clot bulging, hole opening, and lots of juice. It was incredibley erotic for me.

C Came hard and for quite a while, she looked beautiful as always after her orgasm and very relaxed.

"ahhh.. Time for sleeps"

Me "Thank you C, that was wonderful"

C "Yes, yes it was"

I snuggled up with one hand on C's breast and cage between her smooth ass cheeks and we drifted off.

We both slept well and woke up fresh and ready for the day ahead.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It took a long time to get to the point where C could send me down to give her orgasms without feeling obligated to give something back. And just as long for me to learn to be patient enough not to push afterwards.
A second night in a row certainly gives the impression that C is getting comfortable and has shed any guilty feeling about keeping it locked up while she has orgasms. After all, this really 'is' what I want.

Last night could have been one of those perfect moments, where the next piece clicks into place.

But then there's the "kids" factor.

Monday night, C asked (Whilst holding the key, slightly hidden )

"Right, I let you give me an orgasm last night. So tonight, you can either go down there again. Or..."
C paused and gave me the look, then started again.

"Go down again.. Or..."

"Ill go down there a..."

I was instantly cut off with "OK." and the key swiftly disappeared.

"get to it then, I'm all ready for you"

C was in fact very ready, and it was obvious that the choice I had wasn't a choice at all.

I was pretty horny already, and some contact would have been nice, but making C come is the real prize, and my being even hornier was my new reward.

C has had me pleasure her two days in a row before, nothing odd about that. But she will always let me out after a second time because let's face it... Its the fair thing to do.. Isn't it?

This time, the key disappearing so quickly, it made me wonder if we had just hit another milestone, and I wanted more than anything for this to be right, and for C to enjoy a second good night's rest, guilt free, after descending from her orgasm into sleep.

C Got there quickly again, another large orgasm.

just as C reached her climax and her whole body arched.

Knock knock knock, Mummy? I can't sleep.

The whole moment came crashing down in an instant and instead became a mad rush to hide toys. Look innocent..

C "Um, one minute, we were just..."

Me "looking at cars on Facebook"

C looked at me and I whispered "explains the vibrator noise"

The little darling had been outside the door 5 minutes waiting to knock, so the reason for the odd sounds need to be at least feasible.

So eventually we got back into bed, panic over.

Me "I don't suppose you'd had any plans for" and I looked down towards penis.

"Nope, didn't have any plans for that at all, you've had what you wanted and that's enough for one night. It's staying locked. maybe it'll get a go tomorrow.. Maybe.
I'm going to try to get some sleep now if I can"

"OK honey, me too, nothing kills the moment faster than a suspected bogey man hey? "

C " true, I'll just worry now,

"night honey, love you"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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The maybe tomorrow remained just a maybe and seemed to result in 'not needed' .

Despite C having a restless night as a result of the untimely disturbance, she was in a good mood today, and has on a few occasions grabbed my balls and squeezes enough to make me yelp. On one occasion while squeezing C said "Mine."

C also referenced my being locked, so I said
"you locked me up"
C stopped and replied.
"oh yes I know, don't worry though, I'll let you out some day"

"I'm not worried honey, I'm loving what you did and what your doing with me".

"Ha. like you have a choice "


I'm pretty horny today I must admit, but I don't normally start feeling amped up until day 5, tomorrow. I'm aware now that if I can get through that the preasure seems to drop off a bit.

So for now, what ever I'm offered is good, and if given a choice like last night, between my pleasure or C's. It's an instant C. Please.

If I want this to progress, it seems the best way is to leave the door open and let C find her way. I feel she is wandering in that direction naturally.

In the evening I was to stroke C's ass while she read "that's very nice, I considered sending you down again, but I'm relaxed enough now".

The echo of last nights and today's 'maybe' was still in my mind, but I didn't push it'

And despite my hopes, I was offered nothing. I don't think it entered C's mind at all.

So I snuggled up ready to sleep, but for me sleep didn't come.

This morning I'm tired and a bit down, but it will pass.

Being locked, owned.. Whatever. Has strange effects on what I want. The obvious is that I want sex, I want to come, I want my beautiful wife to want some real cock.

But when I run the scenarios in my head, C denies me again and asks me to make her come. In fact any scenario where C teases or denies me and has yet another orgasm without considering one for me excites me more that it should, it makes no sense, some other persons nightmare.

The winning scenario is an edge, where C gets me to the point of insanity and then stops. sends me down to give her an orgasm with firm instruction not to touch cock at all. Leaving me hard as a rock, frustrated and longing for more. But knowing when it does finally collapse it will be Locked away.

So today, tired and down. I wonder if C is planning on the full week, or if C will relent tonight, or will send me down with plans to let me out in the morning after the kids have gone to school.

And the truth is. I have no idea?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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OK, Reading this morning's post and I am now beginning to wonder?

Did C say she would let me out someday, or had I misheard and C had actually said Sunday? I was doing OK until that popped into my head.

So day five started off pretty well, and I thought hey this isn't so bad, maybe I'm getting used to it.

An hour later and it started to fall apart, was it Sunday? The more I play it back, the more it sounds like it.

At this point I am frantically trying to remember if I have said anything that might have prompted C to do this? Surely not. We tried 5 days once and I fell apart, C got power lust then I needed a week to recover. No way would I ask for a week with no release of any kind, I'm too horny, my balls fill up in a day, shit shit shit..

So I concentrated on getting jobs done, especially those that I knew would please C. And I held it tohether until C came home and walked through the door.
C, my very attractive, erotic jailer, whom holds the one thing that could release me, my body wanted to consume her right now, was desperate to have, her now..
my stomach turned over, pulse went up. My cage filled and I started to leak.. Just by looking at her.

Shit. shit.. Desperate and needy is one thing C does not like.
Desperate is OK if C wants me desperate only. Needy she finds repulsive.

Me "Hi honey, I'm just finishing this job, I'll sort you coffee out in a tick.."

The usually normal hug was like electric and chocolate, I could feel every molecule of touch and took in every scent of her.

I played it pretty cool for a while and then a comment from C made me fall over my tongue.

" Oh wow, you did that job for me, I didn't want to ask with your having so much to do already"

"Yeah, I really wanted to go the extra mile to impress you today"

"oh silly. You know I'm always impressed with what you do for me" C gave my balls a little squeeze then continued while I was off guard

"uh? Why what"

"the extra mile?" eye brow raised.

"oh, uh, it's just something you s.. ."

"I said? What did I say? "

That look, oh my god not the look, my bottle just went, Pickle the caged coward rides again..

"it's.. Its not import"

"spit it out"

"oh god, sorry, its.. I was hopeing.. I mean. Well.. Yesterday, yes yesterday when I.. You.."

"Your gibbering, am I not going to like this?"

"yes, no, I don't know, I mean.. Nooo"

my head in hands is no match for C's hands on hips.

"calm down, take one big breath, and spit. It. Out"

Big breath followed by sonic speed talking, kind of like when Stan laurel messed up and goes high pitched.

"when I mentioned I was locked you said something about might let me out someday but I wasn't sure if you really did say Sunday, or maybe said Someday and freaked cos I was locked Saturday and five days I fell apart and I've been desperately trying to do jobs to please you so that I could at least take a day off and make it Saturday in case and now I'm not sure I should be talking". Breath.

"Wow, that was a lot from a single breath"

And then C visibly deciphered what I just said in her head.

"Omg is that all you think about?"

Shit. Shit. Shit

"I can't help it C, I look at you and all I know is I want you. I was just hoping I might do enough to knock that one day off and turn Sunday into Saturday?"

And as C turned to leave the room

"Well I suppose you can always live in hope can't you"

And from that point in time I am both excited and very terrified. And still, I have no idea what C is thinking of.

So made coffee, caught up with chat for the day and got back to the job at hand.

C popped her head in and said, I'm having a shower, ill leave the door unlocked.

Did that job in half the time I did. and got to the shower just in time to see C in all her glory.

C "you want to touch? "


"shame your all dirty then, stand back"

C got out of the shower, so I got in, leaking precum at a stupid rate.

C did allow me one kiss of each nipple.

So, clean and jobs done, balls aching, precum leaking and head full of desperate C lust, terrified excited. Just another normal(ish) day.

C is clean and shaven, I know I will have a job to do later and .. Well. I can hope. C said so.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Butterfly's in my stomach, I feel sick, waiting for something to happen or not?

I don't know if I actually feel this way because I want relief, or simply because I dont know what is going to happen next.

I think, no matter what happens, I'll feel better once I know what is or isn't required of me. So it makes no sense to say feel this way.

Time is like treacle and moves slowly into the evening.

I had a break from reality, it was D&d night and last weeks session ended in the middle of a battle with my character battered and bruised. So joining my fellow nerds and nerdettes was a welcome distraction.

Bedtime came.

C "gosh I'm tired"

"Me too, the frustration from being with someone I want so much has worn me out"

"Aww poor baby, gets lots of sex served on a plate, just how he wants it, and still complains"

And that is very true. C gave me the option of getting or giving (kind of).

"Not a complaint honey, more a thanks and a baby you got it"

"ooh thank you my lover man, I know I've got it. question is. How much do you want it"

"Desperately, but with you looking after me, I can survive"

"Desperate to come out or to come,? "

"Yes and yes" .

"so your desperate to come already? But you came the other day."

"Saturday morning"

"only five days? Well that definitely isn't going to happen again so soon. "

"OK. I'd be content with hugging you, or a kiss." that would help. "

"Well, I had planned on sending you down again, especially after you thought I'd said Sunday ha ha"

"you didn't?"

"No, but I thought 'hmm, why not? Send him down all week, see if he can survive, thanks for the idea but no, can't happen now, I'm showing down there, again, already"


"So, as luck is on your side and not mine, would you like a little oily edge" .

"Oh yes I please" .

"But you can't cum, not a drop, and do as your told or there will be severe consequences" .

I was straining before I was unlocked, and as C had turned the key on this lockup she felt it only right to unlock it herself.

The contents sprung out and were doning cage shaped indentations, much to C's amusment. "wow it really does get crowded in there, better if you don't think naughty thoughts I think"

"It's OK, it actually feels better when I'm straining against the bars, a relief almost"

"plenty more of that to come then"

C Edged me until super rock hard and straight to red "Stop! "

C "So fast? Hmmm. Stroke "I'm going to lock you up again" stroke "you're going to make me come" and come" stroke "and come"
stroke , "but you", faster strokes "do" strokes "not" strokes "cum"

"Stop, stop, let go" !

I concentrate on breathing, anything..

"Oh fuck, oh fuck" .

"Dont you dare!"

That made it more difficult?

"Fuck fuck..."

"Ill put you at level one, and I mean 'serious: consequences" .

"OK,. OK. Breath. OK, I didn't."

"Good. OK that's it."

"Whaaat? No way. Only two?"

"One edge for each orgasm I've had, I think it's completely reasonable. Two for two. Want more, you should give more. Complaing?"

"No, absolutely not, thank you, very fair."

My hand had absentmindedly drifted down to cradle it.

"Get off that!"

I let go immediately.

"Sorry, its so hard, it's aching. And I can't remember the last time I touched it" .

"Your not supposed to touch it, isn't that the whole point? But good boy, did as he was told so one more treat" .

"Wow thanks" .

"You can touch it for a 30 seconds".

"OK, thanks".

Hand straight back on to help ease the aching.

"But if you do so much as touch .."

Damn, a trap.

"you have to edge it and not cum"

"Um.. Ok, thanks"


"OK.. Thanks, and why are you grinning at me?"

I just got that feeling, C wants to play a game, but what?

"Twice. Before my phone counts to thirty. Not a drop out and it better be so close to the edge it dances for me" .

"I'm not sure I.."

"Go" .

So started a frantic wank.
I made it easily, but it was difficult to stop so close without something coming out. especially when C is impersonating giving herself an orgasm while I'm at it.

It remained too erect to be Caged again before C fell asleep, and I followed closely behind.

It's amazing how an edge and big lump of horny as fuck can take the edge off. Like my body still hasn't registered I didn't actually cum. So I slept soundly.

I was woken up to C staring down at me whilst straddling my waste.

Me "uh?"

C had discovered my morning wood, which considering I've been caged for the last six months is now a novelty.

C "It's still hard, I didn't get any last night, so why waste it."

And with that C put her whole weight into it and slid the whole lot in.

"I'm not woke up yet, my bladder is busting"

C just started riding me.

" go back to sleep then, I don't need you awake, just hard"

As C began to warm up and make those oh so wonderful sounds of pleasure, I came to the boil, and began to struggle to relax and hold back.

C "Cumming, oh, oh"

Omg holding back was so, so difficult. C's orgasm subsided, but she continued sliding up and down slowly and then notice my signs of struggling and grimacing.

C "Mr P.. Are you being naughty?"

And that was it, the straw that broke the camels back, my body heaved and my prostate gave an almighty belch.

C speeded up, and I emptied out completely, all that frustration turned to pumping and belching cum deep into my beautiful C's tight pussy. And with it, every ounce of strength I had.

"You're a very, Very naughty man"

And honestly, at that point, post orgasmic bliss, I didn't care and while distantly aware of the sound of lots of tutting and "how you will pay" etc. I went back to sleep.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I've been locked and on the naughty step since Thursday morning.
C is on, so can't do what she wants to do.
C had an erotic dream.
This is unusual, C does not have erotic anything usually, doesn't have any fantasies or have lude dreams.

It would be nice to think that while C can't do. it is to some level on her mind.

I did offer to give C a clit vibe, but she isn't feeling it at the moment, and feels generally awkward about anything along the masturbation lines.
It's OK for men to wank or to be wanked, but not women.. This I don't get. Don't agree with and would very much like to change.

Monday evening I was allowed out for one edge and to let a drop out, C said "one drop only, just to keep you from getting too annoying" .
I have been reminded a few times that I have been naughty, so it is likely part of the consequences that I get minimum pleasure for my efforts.

I worked long and hard for that drop.

Tonight I asked C if she might want an orgasm yet?

"nope, that would be too big a treat with your being naughty, but you can stroke my ass while I fall asleep"

So, yep. I'm still on the naughty step.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Thursday morning. Its been a week since I was 'naughty'. I cant belive I'm a week in and not falling to bits.

C is teasing again, and is beginning to think I have paid for my naughtiness (ish) .
But C wasn't impressed with my attitude yesterday.

I had gone past the desperate mark, I was tired and grumpy.
(all I did was come?, C did this to me)

Honestly I see no point in taking me past five days, but C seems to be doing another test while she is out of action.

C has been strict this week, she is on so has no need for an orgasms herself. And due to not giving C orgasms I'm not as crazy horny so able to last longer.

Yesterday I got bored, grouchy and felt the punishment was unfair.

But today I feel C was trying to get me to that moaning stage where she normally gives in, and then see if she could get my attention back on her and on the ball.

Which she did, and quite well.

This morning I was still a bit miffed and impatient until C suddenly got the key out.

I thought 'Oooh.. That's a good sign'

C "I thought you might like an oily wank, maybe over these"
C pulled her top off to show her incredible breasts, "would you like that?"

"Yes, very much. Please"

"Hmmm. I'm just trying to decide if you've earned it though. Well, have you?"

"erm.. I have worked very hard and tried to.. Well, you know?"

I had nothing to add. Yes, I'd worked hard all week but was grumpy yesterday. I knew it was about this.

C "Why don't you massage them for me" .

"Yes, of course". And so I began to massage, loved it, love them, love her.

C "Maybe you would like me to ride you? Lie back" .

C straddled me and then leaned forward, mouth so cloce to my cage I could feel her breath, and then started Speaking to the cage in a child's voice "Should we let you out, naughty thing, are you very sorry for what you did? Should I let you get big and slide up and down you? "

I think I stopped breathing at this point, but managed a "Um.."

C "I Wasn't talking to you" .

"Sorry" . I shut the fuck up.

C "Hmmm, last time I did that though, you defied me and spewed all your stuff out. Hmm, it's a trust thing really, do I trust you?
I know, how about" .

And then C Straddled me with her pussy lips against the cage and asked for the vibrator, which she then put against the cage, and started rocking.

I had a slight panic at this point, it reminded me of a time C had nearly broken me.
I instantly bulged under the cage, it looked quite ridiculous.

C just sat there, vibrator on cage, seemingly unconcerned.

C "OK, now it seems I have your attention again. Any thoughts what you would like? "

I wasn't chancing it. I didn't want this ride, I wanted out.

"Yes please, I think I would like an oily edge" .

"I think maybe you'd rather wait" .

"No, I really would like it now, I promise not to come" .

C noticed I was leaking a river all over my balls and the vibrating head.

"That's more like it, straining in your cage leaking and eager to please, I thought you'd had enough", and then "Anyway, You promised not to come last week. And then what happened" ?

"Um... But you didn't st.."

Eyebrow shot up, shut the fuck up.

"I mean I didn't stop".

Big, smug, C smile.

Key was put away?

"You better be very happy and nice today then."

"Maybe tomorrow you can let a drop out, but only a teeny tiny drop. Show you can control yourself and I'll think about lettting you orgasm at weekend."

Needless to say, I have been on best behaviour all day.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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