The Bathroom Experience

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The Bathroom Experience

Post by Adam444 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:29 am

Forgive me if this is a little blogish and long winded, I just wanted to share my experiences.

Being new to all of this I had taken my cage off for work mostly because my job involves a fair amount of physical motion and I had no idea how my body parts might respond plus I wanted to give everything a little fresh air. Got home and put it back on with the plan on relaxing on the Internet when I realized just how tired I was. Thus far the device has been very comfortable, no pain or irritation so how about I just wear it to bed and if something happens the key is on the nightstand….

DING!!! WTF, oh hell, I forgot to put the phone on silent! I roll over and realize there’s a bit more between my legs than I’m used to. Hmmm. Everything feels ok, that’s good. Reach down and everything seems in the right place. Great!

As I’m laying there my penis starts to grow. Up until then I hadn’t really felt my penis inside the tube, probably because it has been overridden by stronger sensations in my testes and scrotum because the ring pulls everything tight and out of their normal positions. I felt my penis sliding inside the plastic tube and knowing that I’ll run out of tube before I run out of penis wondering how comfortable that might be. Beyond a slight tugging on my balls and a feeling of constriction the erection wasn’t uncomfortable at all, even slightly pleasant.

Now I have to pee and pee badly. Hop out of bed, walk toward the bathroom, look back at the key on the nightstand and keep walking. Not knowing how this is going to go and not wanting to spray around the bathroom I sit down and pee. Just like every, other man I hold my penis when urinating. I can point left, right, up, down, pee my name in the snow, and shake when I’m done but in a few seconds my lifetime of normalcy just evaporated. I'm peeing but I'm not touching and, maybe more importantly, not controlling anything. I was left sitting sitting there wondering what the hell just happened and while I can’t completely articulate how emotional the experience was, it was an absolute mind fuck.

Understand that I’m “chaste” completely of my volition and control. I guess when I started this it thought it might be erotic, maybe wear a cage for as long as I could stand it and then jerk off. When you hold your own key, as long as “I can stand it” takes on different meaning than for a lot of folks around here. I also understand that for some there’s a sissification aspect to all of this and while it's not something I am into, I could see being forced to sit playing a big role in some kind of FemDom relationship but what happened in the bathroom had nothing to do with any of that. What happened yesterday was just so incredibly different.

Lest you think I’m not a complete pervert… It was probably some combination of endorphins and fatigue but after the “bathroom experience” I was horny a hell. I’m no stranger to anal play and one of my favorite things is a woman shoving a dildo in my ass while I play with myself but yesterday I wanted to get fucked, as in the fuckee. Cage on and just fucked. I’m not gay but for about 30 minutes yesterday if a good looking guy had shown up at the door I would have let him plow my ass. Of course, a woman with a strap-on would be been better. ;) Unfortunately neither materialized...

This is so damned weird...
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Re: The Bathroom Experience

Post by Tom Allen » Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:26 am

Hi Adam444 -
First, I moved this post to this subforum from The Journey, which is reserved for those who are keeping a blog there. When you're ready to set up a dedicated blog, just let us know if you need help.

Second, your experiences are normal. For men, not having control of your wabbly bits is an I teresting condition, and affects them in different ways.

Third, there's no feminization or sissyfication, or even BDSM that is inherently associated with this. Those with such inclinations manage to find a way to work it in, and those without such inclinations will wonder what you're going on about.

Most of the men on this group will tend to just enjoy the transfer of control, without the other kinks being a necessary involvement.
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Re: The Bathroom Experience

Post by Steve2059 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:17 am

Hi Adam, interesting read.
I think one thing to realise is that while we have things in common - in this case, chastity - we're also all different and individual in how our kinks work as in other aspects of our personalities.
One thing that has happened to me since I became locked longer and more often is that new bits of my body have become much more erogenous; particularly my anus but also feet and nipples.
The term "pervert" is IMHO pretty much for vanillas to use (except for extreme and illegal cases such as paedophilia). The sexual spectrum is pretty much endless, especially when one starts to mix'n'match kinks and fetishes - and that's pretty great. Carry on and enjoy, the only rule, same as doctors, is "do no harm".
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Re: The Bathroom Experience

Post by MeanChristine » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:36 am

When I first read the title I thought this would be about the issues I man has urinating while lock in a chastity device. While I can't speak on that topic first hand my husband had some learning experiences after he was first put into chastity. He is typically in a stainless steel pa device... But enough on the pee

I think what up experienced is natural. You were cut off from the means of gratification you've had all you adult life and your mind seeked out other natural means to release those urges that you typically delt with through sex or masterbation. I don't think having a gay thought or even experience due to your situation makes you gay. I don't know what bound you've set for yourself, if it total orgasm denial or just penile stimulation. My husband uses mindfulness (it's like focused meditation) to keep things in control. Best of luck
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Re: The Bathroom Experience

Post by Bird in a Cage » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:23 pm

I have two comments related to similar conditions I experience:

1. In my mind, there is a key difference between being horny and being a pervert (my definition, not Oxford’s). Sexual desire, especially when enhanced by denial, makes for horny males. Acting inappropriately on those horny impulses is perversion. Being horny is wonderful, but acting out on them in public makes someone a pervert.
2. For anal play, to each their own. I enjoy it to some level, but my wife doesn’t like to participate. She doesn’t like the potential “dirt” that can appear. That’s fine, I can live without it. However, when she leaves the country for two weeks each quarter, anal play is the only form of self-teasing that works for me. It’s not a sexual orientation thing, it’s a form of physical stimulation that eases the sexual frustration but not enough to provide an orgasm.
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