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Carrara Concept Belt + Spikes for sale (32 inch waist)

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2023 1:12 pm
by nyguy4567
This is a used Carrara Concept Belt from Carrara for a 32 inch waist.
Includes "Spikes" insert for penis tube.

Photos of belt:

Please note, Carrara Concept Belts are highly adjustable on the waist and string parts so it should accommodate some fluctuation from 32".

More Details:


Carrara Concept Belt for 32" waist (with ball protectors, string part, integrated lock)
"Spikes" insert with additional padlock
2 keys
All tools included to adjust belt
... everything you need!

Belt is in good condition but I need to sell it because I lost my job and need the money.

This item is sold as a novelty item only.

Asking $900 + $40 shipping to US via PayPal.
International shipping available for $25 additional.

[email protected]