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SOLD - Device for Sale - Lori #145 Spiral

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 5:06 pm
by bcc
Lori #145 Spiral (2011) - similar to the Model #15

WAS $100 - NOW $75! To a US address.

Very Good Condition. An intriguing device with a bold spiral wire cage that is open at the end for just a little “fun and frolic”. This is an early Lori device that does not have the refinement of later designs, but it is sturdy and “polished smooth” shiny!

316L Stainless Steel. Lori described all products at the time to be 316L. The lock is not stainless steel.

Dimensions (English as ordered):
  • 1-¾” ID Base-Ring - actually just a little smaller about 1-11/16” ID average - the ring is a little bit taller than it is wide - the ring is fashioned mostly from ⅜” W x ¼” H bar stock that has been machined a little thinner and a little narrower
  • 1-¼” ID Spiral Cage with four turns of ⅛” wire - The cage leaves the base ring on the left-hand side to accommodate a smaller left-side testicle with a narrower gap and a larger right-side testicle with a wider gap. Most right-hand people have a larger right-side testicle…
  • 1” ID x 5/16” W x 1/16” H End Band at the end of the cage
  • 2” Cage Length from the lock to the outer edge of the end band
  • ⅝” Widest Gap on the bottom / right-hand side - much narrower on the left-hand side
  • 2-½” total device length
  • 130g / 4.5 oz
ID is Internal Diameter; CS is Cross Section; W is Width; H is Height; Oz is ounce; g is gram; “ is inch; mm is millimeter, 1 oz = 28g; 1” = 25.4mm

Features and Extras:
  • Cage Dropped to Center of Base Ring to improve security by reducing the widest gap at the bottom
  • Integrated Round Lock with 2 keys
  • 2 Additional Locks with 2 keys each (all locks are keyed the same)
Full Disclosure:
The wire cage terminates at the base ring with a small barrel nut threaded on the end of the wire that is impossible to find and replace. The device originally allowed the wire cage to turn freely in this barrel nut letting the cage swing wildly up and down at the base ring - I’d slip right out of the device, so I applied Loctite 263 and screwed the nut on tightly just after I purchased it from Lori. The cage now rigidly locks to the base ring. If you try to extend or compress the cage, and you break the nut or break the wire at the nut, you will be hard pressed to repair the device. Same consideration with the end band. You can adjust the cage length by pinching or spreading a turn at a time, but avoid applying any stress to the barrel nut or to the end band if you try to adjust the cage.

Worn for about 1-½ years total time. I normally wear this device for a month at a time without removal. The device is very discrete under clothing, but the edge of the end band is noticeable in a wet swimsuit. Washing in the shower is a simple matter, and you can easily pee standing up. This is a great device when you are “on the go”.

My partner says, “Put the Spiral on!” when it is almost time for me to cum (could be right then or in a month…). This is a “fun” chastity device with an open end that allows teasing and edging, and eventually cumming without ever removing the device if that is the game. It is casual, discrete and comfortable. The spiral cage just barely contacts the full length of my flaccid penis, and any hint of an erection immediately fills the cage with just the tip of my penis extending out beyond the smaller band at the end of the cage. Because of the way the spiral cage is intimate with my penis with the same dimensions, I cannot grow thicker or much longer than the cage. Infuriating!

A fun device that is just as good for foreplay as it is for longer-term lockups. And peeing while standing “easy-peezy”!

Lori Oblique View
Lori Oblique View
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Lori Profile View
Lori Profile View
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Lori in Pieces
Lori in Pieces
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Lori with Everything that Ships
Lori with Everything that Ships
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Re: Three Devices for Sale - Lori #145 Spiral

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2024 12:36 pm
by bcc
Still for sale. I have dropped the price 25% and revised the original post accordingly. To a US address by PayPal.

Re: Three Devices for Sale - Lori #145 Spiral

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2024 11:15 pm
by Fastredcar
I'm interested in buying it.