New Cobra Guardian XL

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New Cobra Guardian XL

Post by williebdenied »

I recently received this device, tried it on, but it doesn't fit me. The link to the device is: ... dard-sizes

XL: 100mm/3.93inch / 53mm/2.08" + 60mm/2.36" / Black

It cost me $72.45 shipped. I am asking $30. I will ship anywhere in the continental US for FREE (USPS). PayPal only.
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Re: New Cobra Guardian XL

Post by TwistedMister »

Damn. Too big for me. :(
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Re: New Cobra Guardian XL

Post by veryaware »

Do you still have the Cobra Guardian for sale?
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Re: New Cobra Guardian XL

Post by Sienna »

also interested
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