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PRICE REDUCED - For Sale: Vice Mini - Locked in Lust

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:25 am
by sirmebane
PRICE REDUCED FROM $120 - $99 (9/15/2020)

I bought this with the intent of using it when I needed to go through metal detectors. I tried it on once and put it in a drawer hoping my wife might stop unlocking me for travel. I put it on again for her inspection and she... hated it. She doesn't like the enclosed cage and that's the extent of my story and history.

We all stopped traveling for COVID and it hasn't been touched since. I checked the website and noticed they are out of stock so maybe there is someone who'd like to take this off my hands.

$99 and includes standard UPS shipping to any of the continental United States. Payment will be required before shipment and I'll happily accept Venmo or Paypal.

All parts are there and intact as shown in the included photo. There is also a felt drawstring bag to keep everything handy and organized.