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Lori's #7 For Sale!

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:06 pm
by lthrmitts
I have for sell a Lori’s #7 with 2 P/A sizes. Not sure what gauge they are I am not pierced and these have never been used. See photos.

There are 2 pins/spikes on top of the ring and 2 more on the bottom of the tube. When you lock the tube to the ring it does 2 things. 1. Makes it secure so I never needed the piercing and 2. If you try to shake out an orgasm those spikes rub at you and start to hurt, detouring you from Succeeding.

Cage diameter: About 1 1/8
Cage length: about 3 inches
Oval base ring: About 1 7/8

Lori can resize the ring for you if it’s not the right size.

Has extra bars and costs around $900 and you wait several months.
Asking $650obo. Free shipping within USA. You pay shipping and insurance outside USA