Titanium Chastity device

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Titanium Chastity device

Post by Bomd »


I have a Titanium device custom made for me a couple of years ago. I used it for a while, but I've moved away from the whole chastity thing so don't need this anymore. Polished titanium, it is a beautifully finished device with an integrated lock. It comes with two keys. I have worn it for a few weeks at a time and it is comfortable. I recall reviewing it on here somewhere.

Weighs just 107g

Ring = 45mm
Gap = 6mm
cage diameter = 35mm
Cage Length = 5cm

I'm in the UK, would send it abroad buy would have to charge shipping.

Price = £175 - it's titanium, it cost considerably more.

Of course, it will be sterilised before shipping.

I can also supply the manufacturers email address, if you want to have it adjusted.
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Re: Titanium Chastity device

Post by filltee »

We are interested but we really would want to have more bars both horizontally and vertically would you mind letting us know the make and model please we'd like to ask them how much to modify yours for me.
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Re: Titanium Chastity device

Post by AngusWNY »

Still available?
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