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Couple questions for the Admins

Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 4:05 pm
by MaleDenial
Hello Admins (and anyone else viewing this), my name is Justin or MaleDenial, my new job is Social Media Marketer for which has me creating captions and banners about The Vice cock cage. My first question, is it acceptable to (infrequently) post about deals and also giveaways? Is there an area I can upload captions/banners? All captions and banners can be kept in the same thread so it stays minimal on the board. If the captions are allowed, is it ok for them to include the url/logo of the company? We would not be spamming at all as we would not repost things, bump, or create several threads.

I ask these because I don't want to create any problems on this site and we would prefer to get and stay in good standing.

Re: Couple questions for the Admins

Posted: Sat May 20, 2017 7:15 am
by TwistedMister
Tom will probably have the final say in this matter.

I'm not sure what you have in mind regarding captions and banners, generally I am not in favor of it. We do have a 'Marketplace' forum where something of this sort *might* be permissible.

If you would like to participate in chastity discussions of a general nature (not simply advertising), providing appropriate and relevant input, and have a Sig line with a link to the site, this would most likely be acceptable. The nature of posts to the Marketplace forum, and what sort of 'captions' or 'banners' may or may not be allowed will need to be worked out with Tom.

In the past we have had some folks whose sole purpose seemed to be to attempt to cause users to leave this site for their own, without providing any meaningful participation here- this has been discouraged; and at least one who posted multiple advertising messages repeatedly, without regard for which forum they were being posted in and without providing any meaningful participation related to the forum, this too has been discouraged.

I have reviewed your site and do not find anything objectionable about the site itself, in fact,I am somewhat interested in the product as I have an old CB-3000 which has been repaired a number of times and I am considering replacing it. (Note: I am NOT 'fishing' for free product, just indicating that I find this device interesting enough to be considering it for a future purchase.)

Re: Couple questions for the Admins

Posted: Sat May 20, 2017 7:33 am
by TwistedMister
Oh, and I want to add that I am favorably impressed by the fact that you made this enquiry *first*, rather than just going ahead and posting whatever wherever.

Re: Couple questions for the Admins

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 9:00 am
by Tom Allen
Hey Justin -

Sorry, I've been away for a few days. I agree with TwistedMister: We keep ads, including banners, off the site. However, a URL and a couple of lines in your signature block is fine. If you can keep the promotional posts down to once a month, then I don't see any problem posting them in the Main or Devices group, and more frequent items can be posted in the For Sale group.

Not sure what you mean by Captions; however, we would prefer that pictures be hosted on a different image hosting service, because our own space is limited. Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any other questions.