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by JustStarting
Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:03 pm
Forum: Fiction
Topic: The boudoir photo session.
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The boudoir photo session.

The pandemic is to blame for my predicament. I have been locked in a chastity device for a month now and I don't know when I will be free. Let me go back to the beginning of the story. I have been a wedding photgrapher for ten years. However, once the pandemic started, my contracts were all cancelle...
by JustStarting
Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:34 pm
Forum: General Chastity Chat
Topic: "Hello world" thread
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Re: "Hello world" thread

Hello all. I'm new to chastity. I've been married for more than 20 years. My wife is extremely vanilla. I have been reading the forums since March. I have read many of the posts in the general section going back to the beginning in order to learn more. I have enjoyed reading about others experiences...