Taking cuckold fantasy one step closer

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Taking cuckold fantasy one step closer

Postby AdoringHerAlways » Wed Dec 21, 2016 5:48 pm

I started out by making her favorite drink and getting her a little tipsy, which usually gets her a lot horny. This time was no exception. We have been delving into tease and denial and she had been enjoying the usual effects of me being more attentive, more affectionate and just generally putting forth an effort to be a better husband and lover. During several of the many tease sessions she came to realize that one of her husband's many fantasies was cuckolding. Neither of us is ready to make this particular fantasy a reality, however I thought I could take it one step closer...and therefore several steps hotter.

I took her upstairs to the master bedroom where I had already laid out the accouterments. After some heavy kissing and petting I removed her clothing and told her to trust me and just go with it. I placed a blindfold over her eyes, got the velcro cuffs and put them on her arms and legs. The arms I clipped together and put them over the center piece of the headboard and the legs I attached to straps that were pre-tied to the footboard posts of our four poster bed.

After more kissing, petting and playing with her pussy I told her that I met a guy at the gym we frequent that saw us together and told me what a lucky guy I was to have such a hot wife. After a few weeks of seeing him there and exchanging pleasantries I learned he was single and said he was going through a bit of a dry spell with the ladies. After seeing how well endowed he was in the steam room it made me wonder why. His cock in it's flaccid state was the size of mine fully erect. I then told her he was outside right now waiting for me to let him in but I had to lick her and really get her wet and ready for him. He and I both agreed she should keep the blindfold on so that she would never know which guy in the gym is her new stud. I went down on her for another 15-20 minutes being careful to go real slow and not let her cum. Then I grabbed the cock sheath, left the bedroom and went downstairs and opened and closed the front door. I removed my clothes, slide the sheath over my aching dick (which hadn't cum in over two weeks) and went back upstairs.

I told her that her husband has wanted this for a long time and that he was so excited I had to leave him downstairs with his hands tied behind his back so he wouldn't masturbate while I fucked his wife and that maybe next time I'd let him watch. When she heard my voice she relaxed a little but played her part well saying, "I've wanted it for a long time too". I put a little extra lube on the sheath and told her not to worry, I'll take it really slow. I rubbed the head up and down the openning of her pussy. Then I slowly worked the head in and I heard her take a quick deep intake of air. I pushed in agonizingly slow an inch or so at a time then back out stretching it like no other cock has. I think she was surprised by how good it felt as she always told me my 5 1/2" average sized dick felt great to her, but I always suspected it was because she had nothing to compare it to. The great thing about a cock sheath is once you wear it for awhile your body heat warms it up. I think some women have an aversion to dildos because unless you warm them up first not only is it a foreign object, but it's also cold. I finally worked it all the way in and I had already decided I was going to start with a slow, deep stroke and work my way up to a hard, fast pounding.

She was already beginning to breathe heavy and I encouraged her to get vocal. "Your husband wants to hear you getting fucked", I said as I started picking up speed. Then I told her that I had a special gift of not cumming for a very long time. She was starting to get louder as the thick 8 inches of dick pistoned in and out of her now stretched pussy. About half way through she started screaming, "Yes!, Yes! Fuck Me!, Yes!" then the moment I had hoped for, she came...hard. She has never come from just being fucked I generally have to go down on her...which I love doing, but this was a milestone. I thought she might pass out as her pussy squeezed down hard I was glad I had the sheath on because without it I would have surely cum as well which would have all but ended the festivities. She was soaking wet by now and that's when I really started the fast hard pounding I new she needed.

You like that big dick don't you? Yes! You like getting fucked by my BIG dick don't you? Yes! Fuck me with that big dick she screamed. Who owns this pussy? You do! That's right I do, and your husband doesn't get to fuck it does he? No, only you get to fuck my pussy. That's right, so the next time you wanna get fucked you tell your husband to call Marco and I'll come over. Now what are you gonna tell you husband? Call Marco, I need to be fucked. Very good. Now I'm going to cum on your pussy and leave. On my way out I'll untie your husband so he can come lick you clean, and tell him to be very gentle because your pussy is so sore from being fucked by Marco's big dick. After another 15 or 20 minutes of hard fast pounding I pulled out, took the sheath off and jerked off all over her pussy and watched as some started to run down to her ass. I'll take care of that in a few minutes I thought. I got up and left the room, went downstairs got a drink of water, opened and closed the front door, then headed back upstairs.

When I opened the door I saw my gorgeous wife laying there still tied up covered with a sheen of sweat and my cum on her pussy. I untied her and she said Marco left you a present. As I started to lick she said be very gentle my pussy is so sore from getting fucked with Marco's huge dick. I cleaned all around it first, then dipped down to her ass before working my way back up from the bottom of her lips. By the time I got to her clit she was writhing again and she had another strong orgasm. I continued to lap her juices until the shuddering stopped. Then I crawled up next to her and we spooned until she fell asleep.
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Re: Taking cuckold fantasy one step closer

Postby wraith » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:50 pm

Very nice! Very hot!! I've thought of doing exactly that, but I was going to put a belt on and leave my pants on to make it seem even more real.
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Re: Taking cuckold fantasy one step closer

Postby Tom Allen » Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:54 am

I'm generally not a fan of cuckold, but that was a pretty good scene. Well written.
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Re: Taking cuckold fantasy one step closer

Postby AdoringHerAlways » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:10 pm

Wow, thanks for the kudos. Tom I've read quite a bit of your stuff as well and I believe we have similar interests and intellect. Glad you liked it.
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