Generational Chastity

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Generational Chastity

Postby kdubb » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:43 am

This is a fictional story that I wrote some months ago. I've posted it on other chastity sites so I thought I'd post it here also for your enjoyment. I have two other chapters (or sequels) to this story and are working on more. Please let me know what you think.

Generational Chastity

Fiction by: kdubb.

I’ve been locked in a male chastity cage since the onset of puberty. I’ve never masturbated. I did not have sex before marriage. I’m never unlocked unless granted by my keyholder (which was my father from the time of puberty until I got married and the keys were then handed over to my wife on our wedding night, and she became my keyholder). I’m now 36, my wife and I have three sons (11, 8 & 5) and we see no reason for me to orgasm ever again. I will lock my three sons when they reach puberty. At that time I will become their keyholder until they marry. I have a twin brother (unmarried) who lives the same lifestyle. In fact, all the males in my family, whether related by blood, marriage, or adopted all live this lifestyle.

Let me give you a little history to frame my story. My father has been locked in chastity since puberty, as was his father and his father before him. I’m the fourth generation. This has become a way of life for all males in the family. It’s not a religious thing but just the way it is. Some of the many reasons are to prevent teen pregnancy, unplanned children--inside or outside of marriage, etc.

My great, great grandfather noticed the downfall of society where sex was concerned. He decided to put an end to it, at least for his family. At the time he was 27, married to the girl of his dreams and he had two young sons of his own. After a couple years of research and planning, he came to the conclusion that the only way to stop this sexual downfall was to control the male orgasm. He purchased a sizable plot of land with money that he inherited, moved his family onto the land and built the building where the ceremonies are held. He devised the lifestyle that we all live and have lived through the generations. He created his own chastity cage and gave the keys to his wife. Together, they came up with the vows and ceremonies, which he performed with his sons when they hit puberty and was their keyholder until they were married. At that point, their wives became the keyholders. He and his wife decided not to have any more children, so he was chaste from the moment he installed his first cage on himself—never having an orgasm again. He strongly believed that it was necessary to lead by example, so he was the first in a long line of men to die with his cage locked on his body (he was 98 years old). The land has been kept in the family ever since. Every ceremony has been held in this facility. Of course as the family grew, the building has been expanded several times over the years.

Once any male in the family enters puberty, (this varies greatly by the individual boy and is watched closely by all the adult males) all the males of the family are required to gather for the “piercing and measuring” ceremony. The females of the family are not allowed at the ceremonies, nor in the building for that matter—NO EXCEPTIONS. The ceremony starts with all the males stripping naked, exposing their bodies and their chastity cages (if they’re old enough to have had the honor of receiving theirs). The boy is stripped naked by his father and bound hand and foot, standing spread-eagle. The boy’s cock is pierced with a prince albert (all males are circumcised at birth for this reason). The boy’s septum (skin between the nostrils) is also pierced during this ceremony (the reason to be explained later). One adult male in the family is designated and trained as the “piercer” who is a licensed physician. The “piercer” does his duty to every male in the family as long as he lives. The boy’s cock and balls are measured for his future chastity cage. The boy swears these three simple vows while the male family looks on:
*He will live a life of chastity by wearing a cage on his cock and balls for the rest of his natural life.
*He will never orgasm without the cage removed, and then only if given permission by his future wife and only then for the purposes of procreation.
*He will not masturbate while his chastity cage is fashioned.
After the boy swears to uphold these vows before the male family witnesses, the boy is released from his bonds. One of the adult males is designated as the “watchman” the purpose to be explained later. All the males acknowledge that the vows were sworn by the boy, then they all dress and the ceremony is over.

The next few weeks are called the “waiting time.” During this “waiting time” the boy is not allowed to be alone—ever. At least one adult male is with within eyeshot of the boy at all times—NO EXCEPTIONS. This ensures that he keeps his vow of no masturbation. The “watchman” is charged with making sure the boy does not masturbate during the night while the boy and everyone else sleeps. This “waiting time” also allows the boy’s father to ensure the piercings heal properly.

During these few weeks, a stainless steel chastity cage is custom built for him by the “builder.” One adult male in the family is designated and trained to be the “builder” and is a very skilled metal and plastic craftsman. Once the cage is fashioned, the “waiting time” is over. All the males are required to gather again for the “shaving and fitting” ceremony. Again the males strip naked. The father stripes his son naked and the boy is bound hand and foot, standing spread-eagle. He is lovingly shaved by his father from head to toe. Absolutely no body hair is allowed on any of the males. While the boy is being shaved, he swears these two simple vows while the male family looks on:
*He will remain completely hairless for life—shaving himself no less than once a week.
*He will surrender complete chastity (and all that entails) to his father until such time as he is married (at which time the son vows the same complete chastity surrender to his new life partner).
After the body shaving, the father removes his son’s prince albert piercing and lovingly installs the chastity cage. The father then installs the prince albert again, this time through the end of the chastity cage. The father locks the cage on his son. The father swears this one simple vow while the male family looks on:
*He will be his son’s keyholder (and all that entails) until marriage.
The father can only be released from his keyholder vows to his son at the time of his son’s marriage. If the father dies or is otherwise unable to fulfill his vows to his son, an uncle or other suitable adult male can assume the keyholder’s duties and all that goes with it. Either way, the son will be kept chaste by an adult male in the family until marriage. Once all the vows have been sworn, the boy is released form his bonds. All the males acknowledge that the boy and the father have properly taken the vows, they all dress and the ceremony is over.

One of the two keys is handed over to the father and the other is kept with all the other male’s spare keys in a common safe. The boy will never, ever have access to either of the keys for life. The boy will never again touch his cock while it is outside the cage for life. One adult male in the family, known as the “keeper” is charged with the security of the safe.

Each boy eagerly awaits his “lockup date” as it is a family honor and tradition. They’ve attended every ceremony since they were out of diapers. It is an honor to be pierced and surrender their manhood to lifelong chastity. It is an honor to proudly wear their septum piercing and sport a completely hairless body as an outward sign to the world of their vows. It is an honor to swear off orgasms except for procreation. No male has ever refused his “lockup date” in the last four generations. If there is more than one boy entering puberty at the same time, each boy is given his own “piercing and measuring” and “shaving and fitting” ceremonies. The “waiting time” can be combined with the other boys going through the ritual at the same time.

The “piercer” the “watchman” the “builder” and the “keeper” positions are handed down through the generations. The “keeper” is never allowed to surrender any of the spare keys in the safe. If a medical emergency occurs and if the original key cannot be located, the “keeper” will bring the correct key and unlock the cage. The “keeper” must physically be present while the male is unlocked. While the cage is unlocked, the cage’s owner will be restrained by the wrists in order to ensure the cock and balls were not touched. The “keeper” is responsible to relock the cage and return the spare key to the safe. If the original key is ever damaged or lost, the “keeper” is charged with verifying this fact. The “keeper” then makes a spare key, but only at his discretion.

For the first few weeks after the boy’s cage is installed, the father keeps an eye on his son’s progress. Every couple of days, the father performs an inspection of the boy’s new cage. He binds his son, hand and foot, standing spread-eagle, removes the cage for inspection. The father inspects his son’s cock and balls for proper health as the boy’s body adjusts to its new cage. The father also inspects both piercings for ongoing proper healing. If there are any adjustments that are needed to the cage, they are done immediately and on site by the “builder” and the cage is locked on the boy again by his father. Once the adjustment phase is complete, the cage is only removed once a month thereafter by the father. The father is responsible to monitor the cage size and fit as his son’s body matures, grows and develops fully.

The boy lives at home until he is married. While living at home, once a month, the boy is bound, hand and foot, standing spread-eagle by the father. The father removes his son’s cage and inspects the cock and balls for proper health. The father also performs the monthly cleaning and shaving of his son’s cock and balls during the inspection time. There are no allowances for orgasm—NO EXCEPTIONS.

Over the next year, the father will also oversee the spreading of each of his son’s two piercings. The father determines the proper and ultimate gauge size of these piercings for his son. Usually the piercings are an identically matching set, crafted by the “builder.” Once this process is complete, one final ceremony is held by all the males in the family. This is called the “man ceremony.” All the males in the family are required to attend. They strip naked as in the other ceremonies. The boy is stripped naked by his father, bound hand and foot, standing spread-eagle. The boy is then inspected head to toe by all the adult males. Once the inspection is done and the approval is given by the majority, the boy’s cage is removed by the father. The boy’s prince albert piercing is also removed by the father and a segmented ring is installed. This ring cannot be removed without special tools, which are kept by the father and the“keeper.” The segmented ring is adorned with a stainless steel tag that is stamped with the following:
Father’s Name:
Son’s Name:
“On this date, the adult males of the family now declare this boy to be a man. His chaste life is now under the control of the father until marriage.”
The cage is installed on the boy. The boy swears the following simple vow as the male family looks on:
*He will uphold all the vows he has taken for his entire natural life. The penalty for violating these vows is full and complete surgical castration (which would be performed by the “piercer”).
Wet dreams are frowned upon but not punished. Edging and milking are not part of the lifestyle and are strongly discouraged as they are strictly taboo and can result in castration. After the vow is sworn, then all the other male family members (young and old) swear to enforce the vows that the boy has taken, to encourage him and to support him when he is weak. After the vows are sworn, the boy--now a man is released from his bonds. A naked, full-body photo is taken of the son with his father, sporting their shaved bodies, piercings and chastity cages--a tradition started by my great, great grandfather. These photos line the walls of the ceremony building. All the males acknowledge that the vows were properly sworn, then they dress and the ceremony is over. The son is now considered a man by everyone in the family. The newly minted man begins the process of preparing for his future life mate. His task is to learn how to be a good husband and father.

Over the last few decades it became necessary for the “builder” to take on one more task for the other males. During the “man” ceremony, he takes one more measurement of the cage. He takes those measurements and crafts a plastic duplicate cage that can be used temporarily for airport security, metal detectors in government buildings, etc.

Once the time has come, (usually around the age of 18) the father and mother begin the process of searching for a suitable mate (male or female) for their son. Described here is the scenario if the son marries a female. If the son marries a male, that scenario is discussed later on. If the prospective wife is acceptable by the father and mother, then they are sat down for the “meeting.” The father, mother, their son and the future wife attend this meeting. The father and mother explain that their son is chaste. The son then shows his chastity cage to his future wife. The future wife is informed that the son will remain chaste for life and that on the day of their wedding, they keys to their son’s chastity cage will be handed to her by the father. The wedding vows will include the son surrendering his chastity to his new bride only under the following terms: The bride will keep the groom chaste, allowing him to be unlocked on their wedding night for only 3 hours and only after the groom is bound securely. The wife also vows to unlock the husband for one hour, once a month for health inspection, cleaning and shaving. Of course the husband’s wrists are bound so that he cannot reach his cock during these times. During this hour the wife may allow her husband to enter her, performing intercourse, but only for the purposes of procreation, which would be discussed in advance between the couple. Otherwise, intercourse is strictly forbidden. The wife now controls her husband’s orgasms for the rest of their married lives. Any other sexual duties that the wife requires of the husband will be done without question. The couple is free to expand their sexual lives as they please (within the boundaries of the chastity vows). The husband humbly accepts these vows from his wife with the same penalty of castration. At this time the father strips his son naked and removes the original tag of his ownership. The new wife then installs a new tag stating her ownership of her husband. The wife then dresses the husband.

If the couple gives birth to, or adopts any male children, they too will enter the chaste life as described above upon puberty. If the couple gives birth to, or adopts any female children, when the daughter is old enough to marry a male, that future husband must undergo the “piercing and measuring” and “shaving and fitting” ceremonies described above before the marriage He will be sworn to keep these vows with the penalty of castration. . An adult male will be designated in advance and will stand in to perform the fatherly duties during the ceremonies. If the daughter and her husband give birth to, or adopt any male children, they too will enter the chaste life as described above upon puberty. If the daughter marries a female, and they adopt any male children, they too will enter the caste life as described above upon puberty.

If any marriage ends in divorce, they wife must surrender the husband’s key to the father. The father will again be the keyholder. The father will take the vow to again be his son’s keyholder and will install a new ownership tag. This will continue until the son marries again. The new wife will also follow the vows of marriage as described above. The same follows if the son married a male and their marriage ends in divorce. Any male children from a dissolved marriage will remain under their father’s chastity control unless the father loses legal custody through the courts. At which time, the male children are released from their vows of chastity.

If the son chooses to marry a male, the new male partner must undergo the “piercing and measuring” and “shaving and fitting” ceremonies described above before the marriage. He will be sworn to keep these vows with the penalty of castration. The son will stand in and perform the fatherly duties during the ceremonies. The son will assist his male partner during the piercing healing period and the cage adjustment period. The son determines the proper and ultimate gauge size of the piercings for his male partner. The two males will take the same marriage vows (except for the orgasm for procreation part) and will become each other’s mutual keyholders for the duration of their marriage with their respective ownership tags installed on their prince albert piercings. Each partner will perform the monthly inspection, cleaning and shaving ritual on each other. Of course the male that is out of his cage will be bound appropriately. Neither of the males will be allowed orgasms for the duration of their marriage as orgasms are strictly for procreation only. If the couple adopts any male children, they too will enter the chaste lifestyle upon puberty. If the couple adopts any female children, they will follow the appropriate vows for the female as previously described. If there is a divorce, all parties will follow the same rules stated above.

If a marriage ends by the son’s mate dying, the father again will assume the son’s chastity and become his keyholder and will install a new ownership tag. If the son dies then the chastity of any male children of age will fall to the son’s father.

On and on it goes, generation after generation. We’ve never known anything different. We’re all in this together. Each male gladly and humbly surrenders his chastity to someone other than himself. He’s never allowed to touch his cock while it is outside his cage. He never has control of his orgasms—EVER. There have been only three divorces and one castration in all this time. This lifestyle does not hinder any other aspect of life. Males in the family have grown up to become doctors, lawyers, judges, anything they desire. Most of the family lives in the same sleepy town near the family property, but others have lived all over the country. The male life is rich and full and supported by the family. We are proud of the heritage that was handed down by my great, great grandfather. So far there have been over 100 males in the family that has lived, or is currently living this chaste lifestyle, and we’re still counting! The oldest male in the family (uncle Frank) was 102 when he died. He hit puberty at 14--that’s 88 years of wearing his cage. He had 5 children—all boys. There have never been any long term health issues directly caused by this lifestyle. The male wears his cage for life and is buried with it still locked on his body.
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Re: Generational Chastity

Postby Iakintos » Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:07 am

Hi friend,
I just joint this forum and I read your story. It look of fantasy because the people don't believe a man can stay a life without have an orgasm but in the story we know there was people forsed to do that. The eunucs in China or Turkey was "cutted" jung and without the penis but with all the rest was living all the life in a forsed chastity. By the document we have we can know usually they could become also very old without big problems. Who sed the man can not live withaut cum is an ignorant (or an idiot).
I didn't see a suite of your story. I will appreciate.
Good bye
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Re: Generational Chastity

Postby TwistedMister » Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:01 pm

It look of fantasy because...

...because it is. You appear to be new and not a native English here's a helping hand- the focus of this particular forum is "fiction", in other words, "stories that are made up, not true".
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