The Choice

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The Choice

Postby elwoodinchastity » Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:43 pm

I had been thinking about that day with increasing anticipation for 28 days. It wasn't the longest I'd ever been continuously locked up but it was sure as hell the most difficult. A full week prior I reached a level of frustration I'd not known was possible. Every waking moment was filled with lust and love for my wife. Work was a strange relief. For almost an hour at a time, I could forget how horny I was. By mid-afternoon however, I was looking at the clock every ten minutes. Tonight is the night.

The drive home took. for. ever. It seemed like the traffic was conspiring against me, preventing me from getting home to see my wife and start our romantic evening together. I took every shortcut I know, trying hard to not speed but I was in a *hurry* dammit! By the time I pulled into the driveway, my heart was beating faster and I was giddy like a teenager whose parents are out of town for the weekend. I looked at my watch. The eternal drive home had taken all of 17 minutes.

My wife typically works later than me and on most days I arrive home about an hour before she does. I kind of enjoy having that little bit of time to myself at home in the evening. Not infrequently, I would use this time to surf some porn, catch up on the male chastity blogs and more often than not, end up breaking out a toy or two and masturbating.

That was until my wife caught on and put the question to me directly. "What have you been doing at home when I'm not there?" I did my best to avoid the question or change the subject, and gave some serious thought to outright lying about it. Problem was, she already knew the answer (this was not the first time) and just wanted to hear me say it. I realized that I was just going to have to swallow the embarrassment and fess-up.

"I masturbate." I mumbled.

"What? I couldn't hear what you said."

"I masturbate." I said as my cheeks flushed.

"What else?"

"Sometimes I play with some of our toys, but that's all! I just get worked surfing and then can't help myself." I stammered.

"Go get your chastity device and put it on." she said flatly. "And bring me the key when you're done."

That was four weeks ago. FOUR WEEKS had gone by since I'd seen, let alone touched my cock. My wife made sure I thought about it every day too. After the first several days, when the horniness really started to set in, she began wearing her sexiest lingerie, making sure I caught a glimpse as she got dressed and undressed every day. Little whispers from her in my ear about how long I might have to wait and what she would be doing to me when I finally got out, became part of our routine.

Tonight was to be the night. She likes it when I'm "squeaky clean" so as soon as I got home, I jumped in the shower, shaved myself smooth and cleaned my chastity device thoroughly. (There's nothing like finally getting your chastity device taken off only to be met with the smell of urine to kill the mood.) I put on some sexy underwear she gave me and some pants that made the bulge of my chastity device almost obscenely obvious.

After getting dressed, I got dinner started, put out some fresh flowers, and checked in with her online to see when she would be home. I had about 40 minutes. Perfect.

Dinner was ready just as she walked in the door. I met her with a chilled glass of wine and some none-to-subtle pawing before collecting her bags and escorting her inside. She reached down and gave my package a little squeeze and asked "What's for dinner?"

Honestly, I don't remember much else of dinner. Having her home...finally, flirting with me, leaning over just so and then catching me staring at her cleavage, the intoxicating smell of her was all too much. My world was visible only through a lust-soaked fog.

"Why don't you go run me a bath and get dinner cleaned up? Be in the bed and ready for me by the time I get out of the bath." she added after thanking me for the meal and planting a lingering kiss.

The kitchen was clean in no time and I literally sprinted up the stairs, nearly tripping over my own feet in anticipation.

I'm always a little reluctant to put out toys when we're getting ready for some play time. I don't know why really. I think it's because I'm the one who usually brings them home and I'm concerned that she sees them as all about me. Tonight however, I took the liberty of getting out my favorite wrist restraints and fastened them on as best I could by myself. I wanted to feel helpless, in her control, when she took my chastity device off.

She emerged from the bath completely nude. After a brief pause to let me drink it all in, she came over to the bed without speaking and fastened my free hand.

Without missing a beat she straddled me on the bed with her knees up by my arm pits and her pussy inches from my face. "Is this what you want?" I actually shuddered. "Oh god yes...Please." I could feel the warmth of her radiating and just caught a faint smell of her as a single drop of her juices descended, landing on my chest.

She looked down and spread her lips with two fingers, collecting more of her natural lubricant, and watched intently as it began to run down her finger. Glancing back at me she said "Mmmmm. You look delicious."

I couldn't take my eyes off of her, my attention darting between her face, her pussy and her hand. I thought she was going to stick her fingers in my mouth. Instead she just barely touched my lips. I leaned forward in anticipation, reaching for her hand with my mouth. " don't get this. Not yet." She stuck her fingers in her own mouth, licking them clean. I nearly lost my mind.

"Tonight you're going to get a choice." she said. "Or more accurately, a false choice. I want you to remember tonight next time you want to masturbate. Understand?"


"You're so much more agreeable when you're locked up.", she grinned.

From somewhere, I don't know where, the key appeared and I was unlocked. My cock sprang from the tube and thwacked against my stomach. My wife giggled and said "Oh I see! One would think you're anticipating something. Would you really like to come tonight?"

"oh yes. yes please"

She scooted back and lowered herself until her lips were just touching the tip of my cock which was slick with pre-cum. Without any further warning, she dropped her hips quickly, thrusting me deep inside. I gasped. Oh my god she felt good. The warmth of her pussy around my cock was, without question, the most amazing feeling I'd ever experienced. The rational side of my brain, what was left of it, tried to object but was silenced when she ever so slowly raised herself back up until my cock was free. I was blind with lust. At that moment I would have done anything she asked, promised whatever she wanted.

That was when she gave me the choice.

"Do you want to come tonight?" she asked.

"Oh god yes. Please. Please let me come tonight."

"How about I make you wait another week? Would you like that better?"

My eyes went wide. "Please no. Please don't make me wait!"

"We'll see if you stick to that story. Here's what's going to happen. I'll make you come tonight. And it will be good. I know how horny you've been and I know how to make you beg. It will be very good."

I couldn't take my eyes off of her face as she spoke.

"But if I do, I'm going to lock you up immediately afterwards for a *minimum* of eight weeks. Do you understand?"

It felt like an electric shock went through my cock. Before I could answer she added, "Or. I can lock you back up right now and next weekend, I'll finish what I started."

"You decide."
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Re: The Choice

Postby mikecb » Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:53 pm

*fans self*

Very nice! :-)
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Re: The Choice

Postby Tom Allen » Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:00 pm

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Re: The Choice

Postby elwoodinchastity » Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:43 pm

Thanks y'all!
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Re: The Choice

Postby LockedByBD » Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:04 pm

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