long term electro chastity device?

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long term electro chastity device?

Postby uncumfortable » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:08 pm

I am wondering if anyone has found or any experience with long term wearable chastity device that combines estim with locking it up? I have come across the Zeus but this looks like it would be best for short term fun.

I dream of a secure chastity device that can be worn long term that combines electronic estim technology that can both cause pain or pleasure (that inevitably would become painful).

In a related but opposite area. I have an interest in forced repeated orgasm torture as well. In my mind being stimulated and denied mixed with forced repeated orgasm is the most sinfully masochistic and interests me. I know this would have to be done via some sort of machine as after a few orgasms with my body, mrhappy will loose interest and not stay hard.
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