Grower needing some advice and suggestions about PA devices

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Grower needing some advice and suggestions about PA devices

Postby sable_twilight » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:44 pm

I am a grower and gain a bit of girth when aroused. Unfortunately, that girth gain seems to be a problem with it comes to finding the right PA device. I currently have a 4ga PA and when aroused while locked, my growth seems to want to push the device off which then puts a lot of painful strain on the piercing site. Inevitably I end up having to remove the devices because of the strain. It seems like the opposite issue from the one Thumper talks about in his blog review of the Rigid Chastity Halfshell in that the strain does not come when I get cold but when I get more aroused.

I have tried two PA devices so far - a Impaler 01 by Rigid Chastity and Cage Seven by Evolution Wearables - and of the two I liked the Evolution the best. It was super light - which put the least amount of weight and felt really secure. However, thus far, I can only wear it a few days before I have to remove it. I am not sure how much if it might have to do with the roughness of the portion that goes through the piercing itself.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, where you able to find a solution?

I really prefer PA secure tube or tip cover devices over trapped ball devices. I have tried non-PA secured trapped ball devices in the past. Unfortunately find it's far to easy for my testicles to escape the base ring. Any ring tight enough to prevent that is too tight to get on. I don't like how the trapped ball devices tend to push my testicles forward so much. So unfortunately it does not feel like Mature Metal or the trapped ball Steelworxx are options. I would really like to get a solution figured out before I sink another $300 or so into another device.

Thanks all for any solutions you might have for this situation.
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Re: Grower needing some advice and suggestions about PA devi

Postby slave d » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:02 am

May not be much help but the size of the A ring is probably not why your balls escape but the gap between it and the cage, that’s where the balls are “trapped” not by the A-ring. Sorry though i don’t have a PA so i can’t help with the rest. Oh, one thought would be that stainless steel is smooth and if i had a piercing that’s what i’d want a device made of rather than any rough plastic.

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Re: Grower needing some advice and suggestions about PA devi

Postby _lj_ » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:29 am

I would just add to slave d's comment. The gap is the critical part, but bear in mind the gap is determined by the three-dimensional characteristics of the device.

For example, MatureMetal use what they refer to as a 3/8" gap, whereas this 3/8" is actually the gap viewed at right angles to the ring, the difference in height if you like. But if you increase the ring diameter, and keep this "height" the same, the distance between the adjacent edges of the ring and cage also increases. To keep the actual gap constant, you have to vary the "height". I messed around with a CAD programme to determine this. It's made even more complicated if you use the oval ring variant of, in my case, the JailBird.
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Re: Grower needing some advice and suggestions about PA devi

Postby Jon Descer » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:27 am

My guess is that your PA setback is too large or the tube is just too long. If I pull on mine, I can feel some pain in my piercing, but otherwise I don't. You are probably getting the same pain naturally, so relative to the piercing, the whole cage needs to be shifted backwards. I think the golden rule, with or without PAs, is that it's better to be squished towards the tip than to have too much space. Hope that helps.
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