Short conclusion on my Queen's Keep (and follow up question)

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Short conclusion on my Queen's Keep (and follow up question)

Postby RBC » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:06 am

First, I wanted to thank everyone for helping me choose the right sizes on my custom made belt (Unfortunately, I can't load my old thread, otherwise I'd go ahead and link it). In any case, I ordered a Queen's Keep a couple of months ago and received it around Septembre. Since then, I've been wearing it every now and again.

In the end, I must say I've worn three different devices before and they didn't come close to the comfort of wearing a custom made belt. Initially, me and my wife were a little sceptical, since compared to other cages a custom made one (naturally) costs considerable more. On the other hand, "Tease & Denial" is a hobby of ours, which is why we decided to go ahead and order one. (Although that being said, I believe if a custom made one would have been my very first cage, I'd have definitively) picked the wrong size. However, a few issues remain.

Issue 1: I can't seem to get it on "right". Either I push my foreskin back and push my penis in or I put it on using the sock method. If I use option one, it is a little more comfortable to wear during the day and urinating is less messy. However, when wearing it over night my penis is able to grow more at the root, which ends up in painful nocturnal erection(s). If I use option two, my foreskin gets pinched occasionally and urine gets stuck. At night, my erection isn't able to really grow, which is more comfortable, but after wearing it more than two nights in a row, my foreskin starts to swell. At the moment, I push it in with the foreskin pulled back and after the cage is on, I pull some of the remaining foreskin in, which leaves the head of my penis exposed. This seemed to work fine, but when I was released after wearing it for three days, I noticed bruise on the bottom of my shaft. This is probably a result of nightime erections, pushing the cage away and crunching the foreskin on the bottom against the metal cage. (When I pull my foreskin in the cage after putting it on I only pull at the top). Any ideas on how to wear it properly?

Issue 2: After wearing it for three days, I noticed the skin on my balls and shaft being very dry and I'm also loosing a tiny amount of skin all over my penis and my balls. Do I need to moisturise it daily?
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