Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

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Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby Matt81 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:08 pm

I have two somewhat simple problems with a new Steelworx CB-Zero. The combined effect of problems leads to impossible situation.
The device itself is top quality, and came as ordered.

One thing is that 40mm A-ring is too small. My ballsack swells from bodily fluids overnight. That can't be healthy. 42mm A ring is so loose that the device slips down and I can pull out. I bet that less than half of me stays inside the cage when it's slipping down. Pulling out is really easier than turning the key in lock.

Second thing is that the cage diameter is almost too small 31,5mm. I might get used to it, I don't know yet. Probaply it's no good for longterm becourse there's no extra room inside. Except when the device is slipping. I also bulge out between the rings in cage part, which irritates skin after few hours. Peeing is still ok.

The hard part is that I can't downsize A-ring or the cage any smaller to prevent pull-out and on the other hand, I should get a bigger cage for proper fit. Seems impossible with any sizing!
It seems that I just have an impossible combination of small flaccid size and really low hanging balls.

I don't have piercing, and I'm not going to get one. So there's almost no options. Different size device just
seems to be no solution.
Perhaps the only option is this fabric waist belt from Steelworxx CB-zero ultra?
Other thing is that I could try to tighten the cap size by bending the A-ring a little.
I might just abandon the whole chastity idea...
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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby wishful4 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:00 pm


It is the right spacing between the bottom of the cage and the bottom of the base ring that grips the scrotum and holds the device in place firmly. It's almost counterintuitive, but by going to a larger cage you can actually get a better fitting device because you decrease this spacing. If you can't go smaller on the base ring, your only options are to close the gap or get a larger cage. Don't feel too bad if you don't get it right the first time. I bought my first MM device only to have to sell it and buy another for a better fit. Even with meticulous measurements, it's really a crapshoot to get it right sometimes. Don't give up. In the end, it is worth it.
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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby Matt81 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:48 pm

Well the slipping problem now exists with both rings. The small ring is already too tight.
I will try to wear only the smaller ring without the cage for next night and see if I get the swelling issue.
I think the spacing between the A-ring and cage is the too tight fit and causes the swelling issue.

So when going to larger cage shouldn't it become more easy to pull out?
Just tip the cage forward and down.

It seems to me that the only solution is to somehow force the A-ring to stay in place.
But how to do that?
Anyone have the Steelworxx waist belt?
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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby Locked4Xtine » Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:24 pm

It's strange, my steelworxx always used to slip, but I thought it was cos my tube was way too loose.

If you say your tube is a bit tight, then my guess would be the gap size you have is just too big. Unlike Mature Metal devices, I'm not sure if you can get different rings with different gap sizes, you may need to send it back and try a new gap size until you find something that works.

Your 42mm ring or a 41mm ring with a smaller gap may be comfy enough for your balls but tight enough not to slip so easily.

What kind of balls do you have? My low saggy balls mean that when I wear a metal device and the weight that comes with it, I need to have a tight tube and small gap to make sure it stays on.

Another thing about the steelworxx is unlike the CB series or Mature Metal, the tube is level with the ring. whereas on the other brands the tube is mounted lower than the top of the ring. I personally think this also helps hold everything on, whereas to me the steelworxx is kind of like a sleeve.
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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby wspony » Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:01 am

Just one thing I read on another forum. If you want to try out a waist-band feeling with your Cage device that is quite easy to archive.

You need a chain (perhaps a rubber hose to protect your skin) and one additional padlock. When putting on your device before connecting the cage to the A-Ring simply slip one end of the chain over the left metal-bar that comes from your device and goes to the A-Ring. Then loop the chain around your hip and slip the other end over the right-metal-bar of your cage. Then connect the device to the A-Ring and lock it. You can now not remove the chain from the device and the chain goes around your hip. However it would be easy for you to simply slip down the chain and remove the device. To prevent this you need the additional padlock. Simply choose two chain-links in front and connect them with the padlock, one from the left chain-end and one from the right end.
If you do this right and choose the right chain length and links to connect you will basically have a chain around your hip and the device chained to the same chain. You will not be able to pull down the device anymore.
I think this is a good way for you to try out the feeling of a waist-band type of device without starting a huge investment.

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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby Matt81 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:33 am

So I measured the dimensions:
A-rings 40mm and 42mm.
Cage diameter is something like 30,8mm, bit hard to measure.
Gap between cage and a-ring is 12mm with smaller ring and 14mm or 15mm on larger ring.

Sleeping with the smaller ring was no problem at all.

So, closing the gap, getting smaller A-ring, getting bigger cage are all bad options that result either pull out or swollen ballsack at night.

I think my balls are the very low hanging kind of. I think I could wear some kind of ball-stretcher device with the CB. Anyway the CB gets pushed out and then it stays there when things get back to relaxed. Then I'm half way in.

That idea of testing the waistband effect with some kind of DIY think is really good!
I might do it with rope or string, as the escaping factor is not important right now.

Right now I have the feeling that I would need a larger tube that is held tightly to body with a waistband. So pulling out wouldn't be a problem or supporting the device with friction.
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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby Locked4Xtine » Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:03 pm

i still dont see why u think a bigger tube will help it stay on.

With low balls i find that the device needs to grip onto the cock as much as the nuts, with an inch or more of loose scrotal skin between your cock and the top of your balls, the ring sometimes isnt enough to hold a metal device on.

If you can slip out of the tube easily I think you will have more slippage with a bigger tube. The Mature Metal tube I ordered is only a little bit wider than my smallest ever flaccid size, so it's almost always tight on me, and as a result I cannot pull out with a dry cock unless it's very very relaxed. This helps keep it on me when my balls are hanging especially low.
A bigger tube will just leave your junk less surface area to grip a device with.

And a 12mm and 14mm gap is like 1/2" - are you sure it's not the rings being too tight that's causing the pain at night? Cos that gap is pretty big for a loose sack IMO

With my loose nutsack I would use a 1/4" gap (6mm) with the plastic CB6000S and on the Mature Metal I have a 3/8" and 1/4" gap on the 2 rings I have.

a gap like that would never work on my low balls, if your's are low too then I really think it's the gap size thats causing all the grief

You may find the bigger tube will provide a smaller gap at the bottom of the ring, but the loss in dick-grip may mean you end up with a similar problem, the ring slipping down to your low nuts instead of remaining at the top of your scrotum

You say the 40mm ring is too tight and the 42mm ring maybe too tight if it still hurts with the 14mm gap it has.

If it were me i would try:
a 42mm ring with a 9mm gap (maybe a 9mm upper gap and 12mm lower gap)
a 44mm ring with a 6mm gap (maybe a 6mm upper gap and 9mm lower gap)

I take it you never tried different sizing options with a CB series?
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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby Matt81 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:04 am

I don't think the bigger tube will help staying on, except the cap-size.
I think the bigger tube is better comfort wise, but that will lead to increased slipping problem.
Now the tube is like as tight as possible.

I checked my order and e-mails, and it seems that the cap-size with the different rings got confused. I was asking the standard cap 12mm at the lower side with the larger ring. Now I got that cap with the smaller ring. Somehow this sizing did not register in my order or something.

So the problems are focusing to the cap sizing issue.

I didn't do the fitting with CB-series. I tried to take the measures from Bon4 device.
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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby Matt81 » Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:36 am

I have been testing the device more not at weekend. I have no interest to wear it at work, at least now.

Anyway, when the device is slipped down there's like 50mm between the A-ring and base of cock. That's more than half of the overall length of device. It also looks stupid heh. It seems all my skin is very loose and able to move a lot. When I took the tube off and left only the A-ring on, I could move the ring almost this 50mm distance without skin loosing it's grip to the ring. No sliding between skin and ring. And this is possible when hard.

I think I'm going to adjust myself the gap with the smaller ring. Then I seriously consider getting the waist belt. It's not that expensive to retrofit to old A-ring.
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Re: Difficult sizing problems with new Steelworxx

Postby Locked4Xtine » Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:22 pm

the belt will just be more stuff to make you uncomfortable, maybe best avoided, although a belt will allow a nice loose ring which will be more comfy at night time.

Regarding your current set up:
The ring will slide down like that cos your balls hang low...your scrotum only gets wide at the balls and with 5cm of loose skin the ring can't grip it to stay on, unless you had a very tight ring.
I had a very tight ring that stayed on securely but I couldn't sleep in it, the base of my erect cock would fill the ring completely and make it feel like i've been kicked in the nuts.

A looser/same size ring with a smaller gap is worth a go with that tight tube.

Weight is also a factor with saggy balls IMO...with no balls to grab onto until the device is hanging off, the lighter the device and the more it can grip your cock the better.
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