Do we Really want Orgasms?

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Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby braddogg4345 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:57 pm

Does anyone else get a feeling of disappointment after their KH gives them an orgasm? The last couple of orgasms I have had, that is how I felt. I mean, the orgasms felt amazing, and I was very grateful for it, but I was a little disappointed afterwards that my KH allowed me one. It feels to me like we put a lot of effort into denying me (on average, we go about 3-4 months between my orgasms), and then after the orgasm, we have to start all over again.

I remember reading posts from other members saying that they go a year or more without orgasm. And I thought that they were fucking crazy! But at this current time, I am over 6 months without an orgasm, and I want to go longer. When my wife teases me, I beg her for an orgasm. But I feel like if she did give me one, the 6 months would be wasted. So while I beg for an orgasm, and I legitimately want to have an orgasm in the heat of passion, deep down I really DON'T want an orgasm.

I would like to think that I reached some kind of turning point in our chastity relationship. I think I legitimately enjoy the tease & denial aspect, more than the orgasm. I get more pleasure in giving her orgasms, than I do having orgasms myself. Is this a normal step in a chastity relationship?
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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby TwistedMister » Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:41 am

Well, I know that *I* certainly want them. However, it has seemed that after along period of reduced frequency, they become partly or mostly 'ruined' and by the next day it is almost as if I didn't have one at all...which sort of solves both issues- it keeps me still desiring them, which is used as 'motivation', without killing libido.

Perhaps you should practice having only 'ruined' orgasms for a time?
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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby slave d » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:53 pm

Personally i don't want orgasms really as it reduces my level of arousal and that's where i get my pleasure. That said i tend to reach a point where (this happened yesterday in fact) i become so aroused over a long period of time that when MsM is writhing in orgasm after orgasm riding a dildo strapped to Her cock-cage, i simply lose control, no touching, no unlocking, no erection, but suddenly i reach the point of no return and squirt MsM's seed. It's not a full orgasm as such because of all the factors mentioned and as a consequence i don't become as "low" as when i have a full orgasm but it still drops my level of excitement a bit and that takes a day or two to rebuild. It's years now since i had a true full orgasm, that is unlocked, erect and being directly stimulated but i know that the after effect of that (this is just in my personal case of course) is that it takes weeks to build back up to my "happy zone" again.

So, do i want to have orgasms ? NO, that's precisely why i am locked 24/7/365. i realise that this doesn't suit many, particularly younger men but it certainly is exactly what i do want and it's taken years to persuade MsM that everything is better all round if i am orgasm free (the rare unexpected ruined "squirt" accepted).

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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby attentive_husband » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:02 pm

I both do and don't want them (like you). When she has me worked up there is nothing more I want. When she then (usually) denies me it's the most intense sexual experience of my life. But it's so intense because I want it with every fiber of my being.

She's evolving on the prick tease part and now thinks nothing of making me go 4 weeks without an orgasm. I think she may now be enjoying orgasms with her vibrator and me desperate to cum significantly more than having me make love to her. She says they're different. Not better, just different. But I think in another couple of months she may be willing, for her needs, to never let me cum.

I'm not sure if I want that. Never having an orgasm again is a scary thought. I'm also worried if she ever keeps me orgasm free for even 3 months the top of my head will blow off when she gets me worked up.

* I've been locked (mostly) for 1 yr 10 mo.
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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby ilikebond » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:05 pm

When she has me tied down and all worked I want it worse than ever. But when she stop the stimulation and puts the cage back on me the feeling of the power she has over me is way more intoxicating than a mere orgasm. And it last longer as well. Once she unties me, still locked and ragingly turned on, I will do anything for her.

A few times I just wouldn't leave her alone, trying to let me give her more orgasms, that she had to bind me hand and foot so she could go to sleep.
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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby braddogg4345 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:39 am

Thanks for all the replies! It is good to see i am not alone. My wife does give me ruined orgasms. Like mentioned though, it does take a few days to "bounce back" from one. Thats why my wife only gives me a ruined orgasm once every two months or so. And it is strictly for health purposes.

I dont think that i am quite to the point of going completely orgasm free, but hopefully someday, i will get there.
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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby cuyahoga » Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:09 pm

In the past, when my wife would deny my orgasms, it usually lasted one or two months tops, and then wouldn't happen again for almost a year. Under those circumstances, her allowing my orgasm, while amazing in the moment, was always a let down the next day.

This past spring, we went much longer (three months, I think), with the understanding that when she let me orgasm, we would be going back to denial much sooner. Those two factors contributed to three memorable feelings I'd never experienced before.

When I'm denied orgasms, and not caged, I'm not denied permission to masturbate, as long as it's not to fruition. In the past, when I did this, my thoughts were never on an orgasm, but simply edging. Well, sometime during this spring, I reached a point in the denial where that changed, and I actually began to want an orgasm. That was new for me.
When she finally did permit me, it was not a let down at all, and I spent quite a few days masturbating to fruition every chance I got. And the third new feeling was that when she denied me again, and 'turned off' my permission for free orgasms, I was frustrated. I didn't want it. That is the first time that her denial was not "mutual."

We all know that everyone is different, but those three new feelings were what I'd always been searching for ... a truly unpermitted desire to orgasm, a true relief and joy at being permitted, and a true frustration at subsequent denial. I was so happy.

Hopefully, she can take me back there soon, and keep me there for a while.
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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby Cueball » Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:14 pm

I can't speak for anyone else, but for me the answer is "Yes, but not yet."

The best analogy I can come up with is the marshmallow test where you give a kid a marshmallow or some other treat and tell them that they can eat it now or wait some amount of time and receive a second marshmallow.

For me, when it's time to orgasm I'm faced with a similar choice: (well, I would be if it was my choice, which it isn't) an orgasm right now, or wait until later, say 24 hours.

A male orgasm lasts about seven seconds; compared to 24 hours of being aroused and horny those seven seconds are nothing. So, of course I'd rather delay and experience another day of "the bees" or "carnivorous butterflies" than spurt now. Of course I would.

The thing is, after the 24 hours, I'd be faced with the same decision, and of course since the decision criteria remains the same, my decision would remain the same, which would result in day after day of delayed orgasm. It would never end. Except that it does in practice - when she says so, and not before. (c:

Like so many things in life, the anticipation and then the memory of a pleasant event is as strong or stronger than the thing itself. Life's funny that way.

So, of course I want to. But I'll enjoy it more if I wait.
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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby VinnyDee » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:56 pm

After a few years I began to regret my orgasms. In fact, most were given against my wishes but I had to abide by what my wife wanted. Now she is fine if I never orgasm again but smart enough to now that without the hope of an orgasm, I lose that wonderful feeling of anticipation. I used to beg for an orgasm or say yes when my wife asked me after a few months of denial. Now I just tell her it is up to her as always and I am fine without an orgasm.
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Re: Do we Really want Orgasms?

Postby Tom Allen » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:12 am

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