Uncharted Territory

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Uncharted Territory

Postby wishful4 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:44 pm

I have just passsed the four month mark of denial and am locked 24/7, except that she will let me have a few hours out during the day if we will be together and she feels assured I will not have the opportunity to self-pleasure. She also mandates no unlocked showering and I am locked overnight as well. She has not relented on either of these. This is uncharted territory for me as the longest I have been denied before is a little shy of three months.

For male chastity to be successful, it seems that every Keyholder eventually must find something about MC than turns them on. For my spouse, it is the tease and denial, especially the denial. She tells me often that she just loves denying me. In the distant past, she would often feel guilty after having several orgasms and unlock me and allow me to cum, but no more. Using my tongue, her Wand and the Vixskin dildo, she gets complete satisfaction without the need for my penis. My denial seems to fuel her lust and usually I am not even unlocked for our lovemaking. Afterwards, as we lay cuddling, she will often rub my penis through the cage which drives me nuts.

Last evening, I was being a little whiny about my denial as it has been about 4 months and a week and she had alluded that I would be allowed an orgasm at the four month mark. She quickly replied, "Quit your whining. I told you it would be up to me. When I finally do let you cum, you will enjoy it that much more". Later, I thought about our journey into MC. It has taken so long to get to this point (over 7 years). We have had lots of ups and downs. Out of frustration, we would often go many months without doing chastity at all. Now, each time she locks me, she wants to go longer than we did before. It both turns me on, and frustrates the hell out of me, but I would not want to go back and I don't think she wouldn either. I am happy that she has found something in this lifestyle for her.
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Re: Uncharted Territory

Postby sirmebane » Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:56 pm

It is great she has found her role and her voice in chastity. My own wife is still in the 'guilty and conflicted' stage when I don't come. She rarely lets me go beyond two weeks without unlocking me for sex. Her love of giving me pleasure is a big part of our relationship. I would love to give her oral every other day and stay locked for a longer and longer stay.

I really don't get why I am so turned on by this but it has affected me so profoundly, I'm going to suggest we start a 90 day lockup and start LOCKtober tonight.

Now I need to convince her my whining isn't genuine and I truly do get off on being denied. She has danced the dance really well so far but is so empathetic, it becomes difficult for her when I'm constant aroused and letting her know I'm ready to service her.
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