Utopian reality! My journey is complete

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Utopian reality! My journey is complete

Postby Shoe Slave88 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:09 pm

Independence Day 2017 marks the end of my journey.

It's been nearly three years since my fiance and I have started our Chastity Journey. You can read back through my previous posts and see how it's been a slow progression and my fiance had her hesitations here and there but we have reached a point we are on the same page. Approximately two and a half months ago she informed me that I would only be released once a year maximum but that's not a guarantee. Her and I have always had a very good communication. Before we started our chastity Journey we were both very much into BDSM. Because of this our communication has always been great. Her hesitations are usually just her way of gradually getting used to new ideas but eventually she ends up liking everything more than I do.

About a year-and-a-half ago I first introduced her to the idea of cuckolding. Of course she was hesitant to the idea and was pretty adamant about not wanting to pursue it but she was willing to talk about it and tease me during texting or fetish play. As time went on it became a common topic of discussion and there wasn't so much of an uneasy feeling about it.

About a year ago I started gently nudging her into social interactions with other guys for the purpose of making me jealous. Little by little she became more comfortable with light flirtation and eventually it got to the point where she would send me random pictures of herself sitting on the lap of random guys or light physical interactions.

About 6 months ago we decided to make a weekend trip to a nearby state college town about an hour and a half away. The purpose was to go to a dance club so she could dirty dance with other guys while I set off to the side and watched. We got a hotel room and she ended up enjoying herself so much that she kept my face buried between her legs for nearly an hour after we got back to the hotel room.

Since then we have taken advantage of every opportunity to go spend weekends in that town and each week she has gotten more and more comfortable interacting with other guys. First it was dancing then it was a lot of touching and grinding some light inappropriate touching and it really made me jealous when I would see her take the guy's hand and guide it between her legs while they were dancing so he could feel her up.

I believe it was two weekends after she told me that I wouldn't be unlocked but once a year was the first weekend that she asked a guy to come back to the hotel room so she could fuck him while I watched. She asked a couple different guys but not all of them were into it but she found one who didn't seem to have a problem at all.

On a side note, I have found that those metal detector wands aren't always functional. Some of them are just for show lol they have wave them over my cage and nothing happened but then other times they go off. I just tell them that I have piercings and a lot of jewelry. I carry a pistol with me anytime I leave my house so I usually check my pistol at the door and then when the metal detector goes off they have no reason not to believe that it's jewelry since I already checked my gun. I've even gone through the metal detector at the County Courthouse. They checked my pistol there as well but when the metal detector goes off I have to go into the side room and they pat me down in order to make sure it's not a weapon. I voluntarily offered to just show them because I'm not shy or embarrassed about it and as long as they deem it not to be a safety issue they have no problem letting you through. I actually know several of the sheriff's constables that work the front door so they are used to it now.

My fiance and I have discussed cuckolding at length for months and months and months coming to agreement about our hard lines and what we are and are not willing to do. Most of the rules are hers LOL she doesn't want to know their names she doesn't really want to get to know them and there's absolutely no kissing on the mouth. There's a few other ones but I like the fact that she made these rules because it lets me know that she's actually doing this for me. Don't get me wrong, she's enjoying the hell out of getting fucked Silly by college kids on the weekends. (BTW, I'm 30 years old and she's 24 so she fits right in with the college crowd) the last two times she's been asserting her dominance even over the guys she brings back to the hotel. Being kind of bossy and making sure they know that they are there for her pleasure and not the other way around. She's even made me be the one to go ask the guys if they would fuck my fiance. It's really humiliating but really hot at the same time lol

So back to Independence Day.... we were on a bridge over top of a large Creek near our house watching the nearby towns fireworks. She told me ahead of time that she had a surprise and after the fireworks she took out the keys to my cage. I wear a zz cage from red chili which has a security screw and also a padlock option. She started to undo the screw and I thought I was going to get released and since it was kind of dark I couldn't see exactly what she was doing. She was also making it a point not to let me see what she was doing which I didn't realize until afterwards. after about 30 seconds or so I realized that cage was still on and she let go with her hands and said "there we go". She held something up in her hand and gave it to me and I realized it was a bottle of super glue! :-) she had removed the screw most of the way out and soaked it in glue and then put it back in real tight and then filled the padlock with glue and after it finally sank in what she did to me she looked at me with a giant smile on her face and she threw all the keys to both the padlock and the security screw into the creek!!! Talk about mixed emotions. I had come to terms with only getting one potential orgasm a year but knowing that the keys were around always gave me hope for other opportunities but now both the screw and lock we're glued and the keys were gone. She commented to me that she hopes I was serious about all the stuff that we had talked about over the last 3 because she was finally ready to make it reality. She said that my penis would not feel another vagina as long as I am with her. In fact it won't feel anything at all besides the metal cage. And now that she's getting dick from other guys she doesn't need mine anymore so she's completely content with her decision. I always wondered whether or not I would regret any of my fantasies but so far our relationship is the best it's ever been and as long as we're both continuing to be happy we're going to keep this going indefinitely.

My fantasy Journey has finally reached utopian status
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Re: Utopian reality! My journey is complete

Postby EDAS » Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:14 am

This is an incredibly powerful description. Your chastity is the kind I envy.

Am I to understand that you never bring her to orgasm either orally or manually? I know you don't have orgasms at all, save maybe once a year. Is this correct?

When was the last time you were inside a woman's cunt?
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Re: Utopian reality! My journey is complete

Postby Shoe Slave88 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:49 pm

I definitely give her oral. Probably 90% of her orgasms come from my mouth and toys. Whenever she is in the mood for a real life penis that is when we go find her another guy. We have very defined rules when it comes to the cuckolding. She's not allowed to do it unless we previously discussed it. There's not allowed to be any secrets. And unless I agree ahead of time I have to be there to watch. That's actually more for her safety than anything else.

This has all just come to life within the last couple of months and it's going well. She said that the only opportunity I might have to ever have an orgasm again his every year on our anniversary. But that's not guaranteed.

It's been a few months since I've been inside of a woman. Probably sometime towards the beginning of the year like January or February.
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