Happy NOvember!

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Re: Happy NOvember!

Postby SteveT » Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:33 am

Well I was locked on 22 July 2017 and am unlikely to be released this side of Christmas. So in this respect I have done Loctober and will almost certainly do NOvember. However, if NOvember means NO cumming (rather than NO release... I’m never sure what it’s supposed to be...) then I’m afraid I probably won’t make it.

My last orgasm of any sort was on 25 August 2017 and this was a ruined orgasm in my cage. Sadly my cage does not completely prevent my from climaxing and I will often cum at moments of high excitement - such as the instant my Wife orgasms while I’m going down on Her. I classify these as “ruined” orgasms because I am not fully erect, still in my cage, and unable to really pump myself... Prior to this I have never gone even as long as a month without cumming - so if NOvember means NO cumming then - I might try, but - I think it’s unlikly that I’m going to last that long!

What *does* NOvember mean?
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Re: Happy NOvember!

Postby Tullyboy » Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:41 am

SteveT wrote:What *does* NOvember mean?

Ha! I’m wondering the same thing. I’m pretty sure in my case it means whatever my wife decides it means. Probably no orgasm since, like you, the plan is for continual locking. But we shall see! She could be bluffing.
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Re: Happy NOvember!

Postby mrrigid » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:33 am

I think I coined the phrase 'NOvember' here, but if there's any doubt, it means exactly what your wife/SO says it means. I wouldn't want anyone to get in trouble!

For Mrsrigid and I, the heart of NOvember means no ejaculation, and all the wife-pleasing attention and goodness that goes along with it.

I will say I was somewhat inspired by this image originally from (I think) the sadly defunct malechastityblog:


Celebrating the joy of "No".

So thanks to everyone who's responded - however long you go, may you enjoy your frustration and give your wife/SO all the pleasure she can handle!
Ejaculation is for babies.
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Re: Happy NOvember!

Postby happilylockedman » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:45 am

I'm having a different November experience, more like YESvember and I like it. Yes I do :-)

Yesterday morning my wife and I had just woken up. As usual, I was nude besides my cage. She snuggled next to me and I asked her to take off her pajama top so I could feel her skin. She did, resumed snuggling and the next thing I knew she started playing with me. I swelled up in the cage, she liked the response and continued. She took off her gold key chain, unlocked the cage, removed the cage but left the base ring on and continued to fondle me. Oooo, I was loving it! She asked me if I wanted lube and I said "It's OK with me if I don't come".
She replied "How about if I want you to?" I moaned "Sure" and we were off to the races. She gave me a great orgasm!

I just love that she initiated the whole thing.

After, she said that with me still wearing the base ring she could feel what was going on with me in a way that she never had before. (This was the first time she got me off with me wearing the ring) Since then she's been wearing her key chain out of her blouse, exposed. Before, she always wore it tucked away. I haven't commented on that but I read it as her "owning" my chastity more than before.

I like it! I love her!
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Re: Happy NOvember!

Postby Tullyboy » Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:22 am

happilylockedman wrote:I just love that she initiated the whole thing

How does the old song go? “I want YOU to want ME!”

That’s the key to everything for me. It turns me on, makes me feel loved, increases intimacy... the list goes on. For my wife and I the bottom line is really, does this increase intimacy. We’re new to it all so we don’t know yet, but I’m glad that your November experience has been a positive one!
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