[lockedformywife] my first chastity device

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[lockedformywife] my first chastity device

Postby lockedformywife » Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:34 pm

So last week I gave my wife a chastity device for our wedding anniversary. our anniversary was on V-Day, I made her a romantic dinner and when it came time to go to bed I surprised her with the gift. I was surprised she loved it and put me in it right away. I also gave her a bag of dice and told her to roll some and she did rolling 4 and getting a 14 for 14 days locked up.

after giving her and orgasm with my tongue I asked if I could get some and she said "after the amazing night I was going to give you some but you wanted to try my new gift so no" guess I should have waited to give her the gift but I had put it on her pillow earlier in the night.

the next night after giving her another orgasm with my tongue she let me out and allowed me to masturbate because it was my birthday and then right back to being locked up.

the rules are If I'm not nice or helpful to her satisfaction she gets to roll the dice again so last weekend she rolled one more and got a 5 so upping the total to 20 days. I have 7 days left.

Honestly I love wearing it, its really comfortable and being out in public with it on under my clothes is rather erotic.

When I gave it to her I told her she could put me in it as much as she wants and whenever she wants so this could get interesting.

we've played sex games in the past where she rolled dice and held out giving me sex for X number of days/weeks but I was still able to masturbate as needed/wanted but not anymore now my orgasms are completely in her control.

I also got her a digital safe that only she knows the code to lock up the key so there no getting out of this thing once she puts me in it unless she unlocks me.

the hardest thing so far has been when I get excited and get an erection and swell up in the device and can't do anything about it.

the biggest surprise is how into it she is, I really thought she was going to say it was silly or a waste of money but she likes it (I think she really enjoys torturing me but wont say it)

I will keep this updated as we go along. wish me luck and I hope I get out in a week for at least a night of pleasure with my wife before she locks me back up again.
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Re: [lockedformywife] my first chastity device

Postby lockedformywife » Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:59 am

well she is upping the standard for helpfulness/niceness and even though I thought I was very helpful and nice to her the last few days she said it wasn't good enough and rolled the dice this morning. lucky for me she only rolled one die and only got a 2. So now I am up to 22 days.

I asked her to come up with a word that she can use during the day that would let me know I need to do better so I don't get more days added on.
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