[SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

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Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Postby sirmebane » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:48 pm

8 Days locked
8 Days since last orgasm

December 3 my dear wife removed my cage for some fun and put it away for the holidays. I have to say I was a little disappointed to get that news but I am still committed to let her lead so I did as I was told. We enjoyed each other and slept well that evening but I didn't realize she truly took a break for the remainder of December.

We only had one trip where it would be close quarters for the holidays and no metal detectors to worry about but she left it in the drawer. I really began to miss the cage and took advantage of my freedom to have a couple of solo sessions (just two) but really wanted to be locked up again.

I thought long and hard about hinting to her that I would be happy to gather it all up and bring her the key. My worries became more intense as the new year began and there was still no discussion of my chastity. Having just spent the money on a custom cage (Jailbird), I felt like it might all be falling apart and she had lost interest. Maybe I should hint. No, I need to tough it out and let her decide. I hate this being unlocked and not knowing. It is almost as bad as being locked and not knowing.

The new year began and still no discussion of chastity until finally a weekend where she brought up the topic. "I want you inside me and then I'm going to lock you up." I could see fireworks and my heart was light. We enjoyed some warming up and I climbed on top of her for the main event. She was enjoying it but I knew I couldn't last so I offered to change it up and lick her. She agreed and down I went to spend some quality time between her legs. Her needs were met and I went back up to slide back inside her which we both enjoyed immensely. I was able to last much longer the second time inside which we both enjoyed and she finally did me in by grabbing both nipples and planting her fingernails sharply into the tender skin. I was done.

We cleaned up and slipped on the cage satisfied that I had just had an orgasm and I WAS BEING CAGED! I had kept my mouth shut and let her come back to chastity, she did it all her own. I'm so proud of her and so excited she wanted to start another session.

The week rolled by with minimum teasing or mention of the cage but there was one moment where I reached for her as we woke up to get ready for work. My plan was to cuddle with her a little and she says, "You don't initiate. Back up. When I want something I'll let you know." I was so turned on by her I got vapor lock between my desire for her and her command to back up. <shudder>

Sunday morning while I was getting dressed she offers up, "It is Sunday and good things can happen on Sundays." I agreed and knew right away that she had something in mind for the evening. Would she want sex? Would she leave me locked? So many ideas running around my head I didn't know which path to follow.

Later that night she wanted a foot rub and I gave her one as requested; I go until my hands give out. She sat up and then detailed her plan. "I'm going to unlock you. You will edge yourself three times for three minutes each time. I will tease and suck your nipples. You decide when you want to start the next session. You will NOT come. I will then lock you back up."

It happened just like she said. She started the clock, I edged, she made me want to come, the clock ended the edging. Repeat. When the cage went back on I was very aroused and the sound of the padlock clicking the Jailbird closed again was spine tingling and I told her so.

I'm horny, I'm locked and I'll I can do is think of her.

I love my wife!
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