[SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

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Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Postby sirmebane » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:38 am

Doing a double post here, another new post right before this one as I forgot to post it when it was written.

Travel gets in the way again and I was sent out for a week in the nation's capitol with a fresh orgasm and no cage. We have no desire to taunt the kind folks at TSA and there were plenty of metal detectors along my path so staying caged or reapplying the cage after the flight wasn't even worth mentioning. On the way back home, the TSA folks were running dogs through the airport and one took an extra second at my bag but then moved along without incident. There was a guy about 10 people behind me that was too interesting for the dog and he got a second pass which the dog also found interesting so the guy got some quality time with TSA. Hate it for you, dude.

When I made it back home, I had been so busy there wasn't any serious consideration of self service so my thoughts of "When will she lock me back up?" And "will we have sex before she locks me back up?" And "will she give it any thought at all?" I got home and caught up with all of my chores, did some decompression from the trip and played with the kids. Her normal habit is to focus on intimacy on Sunday night when the calendar is the least burdened and she is the least stressed.

Sunday came and went with no result. Hmmm.

Monday the work week started up and the normal schedule resumed. There had been no discussion of sex, cages or other things (I'll admit to making eyes her way) over the weekend but when I got home from work, she greeted me with "I have a plan." It had been a week since our last encounter so I was ready for her invitation. I had been good on my trip, honest.

We enjoyed each other and I was on top of her when she uttered what every man loves to hear, "I love how this feels. So good." She spurred me on and I lost control as nature intends to enjoy an orgasm. All the hormones filled my head and we recovered for a few minutes. When my wife got up to get dressed again, her first words to me were, "we need to get you locked back up now." My two weeks of freedom were over and I didn't prompt her, hint or suggest anything. I'm always curious whether she does this chastity thing solely for me or because she enjoys it too. I'm still not sure but she does take charge when she is ready which is amazing in and of itself.

Locked up and satisfied, I wasn't able to stay awake too much longer so we rolled up into a serious snuggle and went to sleep.

She followed up the next night with some teasing while I stayed caged, the next several nights were uneventful when the weekend arrived. I had only been locked for six days but when Sunday arrived but I was looking forward to sex. When you get it, you want it. Sunday night came around and she let me know what would be happening.

"You're going to stay locked and I'm going to use the vibrator." She has such a strong 'duty' to give me pleasure it always astounds me when she is willing to openly deny me. It is so hot when she denies me, I wish I could explain it... even more so when she tends to her own needs.

I was teased and became as aroused as the cage would permit when she rolled onto her back and turned on the vibrator. She let me watch her warm up and get into the sensations along with her response to it. When she got close to the peak, she started pinching my nipples hard which doubles any arousal I might have at the time. She enjoys hearing me moan and pant when she is excited and working my nipples guarantees a response. The vibrator did its job and she rolled from orgasm to orgasm until she was done and switched it off. I was debating my participation in chastity as I struggled to break through the cage and reminded her that I was willing to tend to my own needs if she would hand over the key.


I spent the following week highly energized and loving every moment of it. I had given a lot of thought to discussing a much longer lock up to beat our five week personal best. My mind kept searching for ideal dates like my birthday, Marine Corps birthday, Halloween... something to put me into the range of about 90 days.

90 days. What am I thinking? Can I do that? Would she be able to stand me groping her that long? I can get more clingy after a couple of weeks. I might be a quivering mess after 90 days, I'm not sure I have ever gone that long since puberty hit.

The weekend came around again and I wanted to talk to her about my plan but I kept chickening out. She woke up on Saturday morning with her fire lit and got out of bed long enough to grab the key and return.

"I want you to lick me, for a little bit, and then I want you inside me." <shudder> I love living this life.

My next 30 minutes were devoted to getting her the best tongue lashing I knew how to provide and she then summoned me upward. "I was thinking about going for a longer lock up this time." I was climbing on top of her, so she was eager, I was eager and the timing was poor to have this discussion. "If I come, I'd have to start over and it has already been two weeks."

She was firm. "Not this time, you're going to come and then we can talk." I awkwardly told her that I would 'do as I was told' as I began thrusting. My orgasm happened quickly because she was into it and my own fire was lit so I couldn't hold off too long. When we had recovered for a while, she reminded me to lock up but neglected to tell me where the key was so I couldn't complete the task. I was okay with being unlocked and she had moved on being Mom so the cage was put away.

We had a wonderful weekend and when we snuggled up on Monday night for bed, she very uncharacteristically ran her hand over my groin. "You're not locked?" I explained the key wasn't in my reach and she told me where she had put it and we let the topic end there.

She got up the next morning, got ready and went downstairs to make coffee. It was my turn in the shower when it hit me that I was ready to be caged again. I wanted to be caged again. I showered, shaved and took the opportunity to shave everything below before it was locked up again. I locked myself back up, got dressed and headed downstairs myself. My wife was putting something away in the refrigerator and I trapped her between the door and myself. "I need to make sure you have this." My hand reached out and slid the key into her hand.

My wife's smile was bright and generous. "You locked back up?!" I nodded. She gave me a kiss and put the key near her purse. We both went about our days and ended up at nearly the same spot in the evening while she was getting dinner ready. Curious if she had put the key away, I walked over to her purse and found it in the same spot from the morning. I made no secret of picking the key up and walking out of the kitchen with it.

"Where are you going with that? Did you need to make an adjustment? Is there a problem?" I made no excuse, offered no reason for needing the key and she took it back from me and put it in her pocket. "You don't need that, I'll put it back where it belongs." I love these little games she's willing to play now. Love it!

This week she has teased me every single night since I locked up and caged erections have been frequent. My sleep pattern has been mildly affected when the cage wakes me up. It has been a wonderful week and I don't want to be gutless about going through with a 90 day lock up. Longer locks have been on my mind constantly and I'm going to bring it up to her in the next 24 hours.

Maybe I'll suggest it in 30 day bites, we go 30 and reevaluate to see if we want to go further. If it is too much for either of us, we'll come up with a new plan. I want this to happen, I just need to see if she is willing.

I love my wife!
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Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Postby sirmebane » Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:17 pm

August 5th - 5 days without an orgasm.

My wife brought up a topic that I needed to discuss with her and the fact that she remembered my comment was pure relationship gold.

"You mentioned the last time I unlocked you that you wanted to go longer this time."

It has taken me a while to work up to this but after a playtime that included a satin panty tease and edging that had me shaking, I asked her thoughts on locking me longer. Much longer. Our previous record was 5 weeks.

"I'm glad you keep track of these things." <eye roll>

I was thinking... <pause> <swallow> 12 weeks.

<laughing> "That's not up to me. Can you go that long?! Do you mean just locked up or what?"

No orgasm. Teasing needs to be part of this, maybe 1-2 times a week. You decide what you want to do or if you want to do it.

"I'm not sure if you can make it."

We can schedule a check-in every 30 days and decide if it needs to end or whether we can keep going. She laughed again and confessed how great I felt after the teasing session we just had and how I didn't want to be anywhere other than with her, right here, right now.

"Well, that's a good thing and that makes me happy. Happy wife, happy life, am I right? I'm going to take a shower and you need to calm down so we can get you locked back up."

Score! Now I'm terrified that I'm about to get what I asked for and this will be the longest I've gone since I hit puberty. November 1 will be the first opportunity for me to have an orgasm, that seems like a really long time away right now.

I love my wife!
If my comments don't annoy you, follow my exploits here. I started all of this April 2016.
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Re: [SirMebane] I'm excited for chastity, MAYBE SHE IS TOO!

Postby sirmebane » Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:49 pm

August 14 and now 14 days without orgasm

So now when do I updates? There isn't a nearly guaranteed weekend liaison so I'll have to decide when to record my thoughts while I figure this out.

We've started a 90 day period of being locked up and chaste. I didn't get her to ever say she was willing, eager or determined to see this through, all I could work out of her were questions about what I wanted. Not a no but nor did I get an enthusiastic or even a tepid yes. Such as it is with most of my requests, she takes a while to warm up to it and 'tolerates my silliness.'

I am encouraged that she is willing to do this enough that I no longer remind her, hint or mention the cage. She tells me when to lock up, when she'll be open for teasing and when I am to orgasm. She understands my desire to be chaste and I think genuinely appreciates the way it has drawn us together. I have made it plain that I don't want her to do something she doesn't enjoy and as much as she hates bondage (which truly excites my psyche) she is willing to entertain this game.

We don't make it a major part of any day so I enjoy it when there is a reference to chastity between us. It has become a fun little secret between us that gets a smile from time to time. We've had two opportunities to eat at Asian restaurants recently and both had a great double entendre for us.

Fortune cookie experience #1
He got "Be patient. Good things come to those who wait."

She got "An act of charity will be appreciated more than you realize. Do something kind for someone today."

We laughed openly and the kids didn't get the joke which is a good thing.

Fortune cookie experience #2
"Stay focused on your long term goals. They will be rewarded."

Sunday night when she is most receptive to some sexy time, I asked her what she wanted to do. There was no hesitation. "I'm going to get a foot rub and then I'm going to use the vibrator. You're going to stay locked up."

Well, I was thinking... "No." But it has been a while and maybe we... "No." I may have pouted a little.

She got her foot rub and she used the vibrator with success to 4-5 orgasms until she was satisfied. I was treated to a visual show and reminded how small my cage could be. She did not go out of her way to show off, it was truly about her needs and that was enough to excite me. It was real and it was all her needs being met the way she wanted them met. My cock was throbbing but she was giving me exactly what I asked for and maybe more than I asked for so I stayed denied.

It is going to be a long 90 days.

I love my wife!
If my comments don't annoy you, follow my exploits here. I started all of this April 2016.
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